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275 of 283 people found the following review helpful
on 16 March 2014
I did loads of research before buying this because of the cost. The 2 things that slightly concerned me were the battery life and the reported lens problems. Firstly, if you get one, you'll be amazed by the power this little camera has. The resolution and options for photo and video capture are remarkable. Your main problem is going to be that you'll constantly be trying to think of how you'll mount it to the next thing ( thankfully there are plenty of mounts to enable you to do this ). It's brilliant fun and you'll find that you will actively start to do activities just to see how well it copes.
So, to my two main issues. Apparently the lens issue has been completely resolved now and the focus on the one I received is perfect, whether you're up close and personal or filming landscapes. Secondly, I have to admit that I've already had excursions where the battery has run out just after I've been using it. This was on max resolution with wifi on so there are ways of lengthening it's overall life. To be frank, for a camera this size with the amount of power it churns out, I'm very impressed with the battery life. It will last over 2 hours and you can eek out more using tips from the website.
There are 100s of positives to this unit and I struggle to find any negatives.
Once you buy one join the GoPro community on their website and watch out for tips and tricks aswell as examples of how theyre used which will soon influence the way you film.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 October 2013
This is just a brief heads up for people looking to purchase this product. Product now 4 Stars with the new Update (see below)

I reviewed the GoPro 3 when it came out and complained about the battery life, I'm happy to say with the new battery and Wifi hardware in this camera you get a much better recording time. Up to about 110% longer in some modes (30% more in others). The biggest gain to be had is when you are using Wifi, with it recording 1080 50fps and Protune on you can now record for 1 Hr 13mins as opposed to 30mins on the previous camera.

However there is a big issue with the lens on some of the cameras, the one I had for testing was focused as about 2 feet (60cms) as a result anything further away looks a bit soft. GoPro are aware of this and are looking at the problem, however if you get a camera with 0913 in the serial number (digits 6-9) you will probably have this issue.

There does also seem to be buffering on the video output over wifi, the latency is better but this means that the output is not as smooth, which might be important for some. I'll report more once I get a camera without the focus problem.

My advice, hold off on buying one for the moment unless you can guarantee you'll get one without the focus problem (or you don't mind)

**Update, GoPro now have cameras with the fix available (27/11), I've had a look and they have improved things with regards to focus. Also to note the colour accuracy of the 3+ is better than the 3. If using Protune Mode please be aware that your pictures may look a little soft, this is deliberate as sharpness can be added later in post production if required. ProTune is designed to give the most accurate pictures with the most latitude for adjusting later. There is buffering on the Wifi Output which has the effect of making it look quite juddery, it seems to spit out 6 frames at a time, pause briefly and then do the next 6. Some people won't mind and it seems to be the price you pay for better battery life .**
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on 20 June 2014
I have used this camera for diving and when it worked it was excellent, however when I installed the upgraded software last month (May 2014) the camera froze and would not function at all. I looked on youtube and there were lots of customers with the same problem. The upgraded software lets you transfer all of your footage to your iphone wirelessly and you can store it there or upload to facebook etc. All in all its a great camera, light compact and good playback. I would recommend this camera but the only problem I had was it freezing. I am waiting to have it repaired by gopro which is in the usa so might wait long enough.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
I received GoPro HERO3+ camera to use it for few days to be able to write review and in general this is best camera you can get for your money.

First of all, it's full of feature that people who are involved in sports or some adventurous discipline will especially appreciate, and with its view field of 170° or 120° enables even to record 4K video at 15 frames per second.

Second, this camera comparing to its previous models and its competition as well, in this price category, regardless of whether it's day or night shooting, is way ahead providing fantastically looking sharp pictures and videos.

Its design wasn't changed a lot, besides it's a bit thinner and lighter, being waterproof and having locking mechanism that is better than in previous models.

The user will have ability to use its mini USB and Micro HDMI ports, the 3.5mm microphone jack is missing, although adapter cable can be additionally bought.
Also the media format has changed, instead of normal SD cards, this new camera edition is using Micro SD cards, with capacity up to the 64GB.

Its operation is still the simplest possible, having only three buttons, one for start/stop shooting, second for settings and menu navigation and the last one for turning Wi-Fi on/off.

It would need lot of space to describe all of its shooting settings, but most important user can choose between 4 shooting modes: Movie, Timelapse, Burst and Still.

Its only drawback is battery life that I was able to use only for about 90 minutes recording at 1080p resolution that is a bit or even much lower than competition.
Therefore purchasing of additional batteries and Battery BakPak is recommended.

GoPro HERO3+ is great action camera, probably the best one ever made, perfect for people who need device that will record their adventurous events.
Therefore I can fully recommend it to all such people taking into account its price and need for additional batteries that still don't reduce the overall excellent impression.
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167 of 201 people found the following review helpful
on 19 November 2013
I bought one from the UK a couple of weeks ago, I was assured by the supplier, (not Amazon), that it was received the day before from their wholesaler and was the latest issue without the focus problem.

When it arrived it has an 0813 serial number. which from the US website forums also potentially has the problem.
Mine is really very sharp & clear focus at 50cm from the lens gradually out of focus from there. Not a lot of use to me as I bought it to use with a quadrocopter for aerial property photos.

Seems they have set it up for those who want to take arms length "Selfies" of their own face in various situations at the expense of the rest of us. You have to wonder what percentage of their customer base this represents.
Not a lot I would think as most of the videos on their Twitter page are action shots, presumably not taken with the 3+ as they are generally in reasonable focus.

There is also talk on the US forums of people "doing the Focus Mod" along with pic's of the lens cover being forcibly removed with a large pair of pliers - Drastic or what !

At the price they charge for this I don't think it is unreasonable to expect at least software autofocus !

IMHO GoPro have really shot themselves in the foot here.

************** EDIT ******************
I contacted GoPro who told me to clean the lens and asked for a photo illustrating the problem. So I set one up using a 1 metre rule which clearly demonstrated that at the centre point of the depth of field the fixed focus point was only 30.15cm / 11.87 inches from the lens. Far worse than I thought! to be fair everything was super sharp at this point (as it should be).

I questioned this ridiculously short focus distance with them and their reaction was - I quote;

Thank you for providing the photo to help verify the image quality. I was able to review the image and it is up to par with what the customer should expect from the use of our cameras.
(and) The camera was designed to give you a close up view of what the user is doing. The camera was not designed to zoom in and out to take video and pictures from far lengths. - (I assume by zoom they mean crop & enlarge here)

I find this annoying as I made a point of querying with them before buying exactly what I wanted it for. Their reaction at that time was;

GoPro has designed the HERO3+ with a new lens to improve focus and sharpness for both video and photos. The new camera is optimized for improved image clarity at all focal ranges - edges, center, close and distance. If a customer is experiencing loss of clarity or focus at a distance, this is not an expected outcome. It's possible that there may have been an issue with the production of that particular camera or that a camera software update is needed. We will troubleshoot the problem with the customer according to the specific issue that is being experienced and find a resolution. (Clearly not the case!)

Make up your own mind before you buy - me? - I've now got an expensive paperweight.

I subsequently bought a Mobius action cam for my quad. Lighter with far superior image quality and under £60
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Brilliant. This is my first GoPro, and I have been delighted by its versatility.

I don't intend to write about what it can do - the description does this well - but just to say that, as a first-time user but an experienced photographer, I have really appreciated the versatility of the GoPro 3+ black.

The wireless capability means that the remote control (included) mirrors the back display of the camera itself; perhaps even better is the capability to control it with a smartphone (using the GoPro free app) which allows you to see what the camera is taking as well.

I have confidence in the waterproof housing, and was impressed byt he number of mounts that come with the camera. In addition, I've purchased a floaty back and a telescopic pole - and doubtless there'll be more. But this is actually a testament tot eh versatility of the GoPro.

I've not had any trouble with the reported focus problems of early models. I don't use this for selfies - most of my videos and shots are long range - and I have been very impressed by the quality.

In short - I'm excited by the potential of this compact miracle.
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on 13 May 2014
The GoPro Hero 3+ is a great camera that hasn't failed to impress with its high quality picture and huge range of applications. As an owner of one of the earlier HD Hero's (version 1) I can say that it has been considerably improved in both size (much smaller and lighter) and in the number of features as well as the image quality.

The Wifi powered remote control is a great addition and the use of the iphone app with minimal camera delay makes setting up shots pain free. As others have commented the wifi is a bit of a battery drain though!

Videos can be edited with ease on an ipad with imovie or using gopro's pretty decent free software from their website.

The only thing holding this camera back from a 5 star rating is that mine was supplied with a few bits of dust behind the actual lens of the camera (not the waterproof housing) which shows a bit of sloppiness with build, in fairness though their support team have offered that if it causes a problem they'll take it in,

All in a ll a great buy that i don't regret at all!
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 4 September 2014
Cheap quality for the housing. The black clip (plastic) on the top to close the back door broke with the waterproof back door after 3 uses (and I have been very delicate with my new toy), as a results, I couldn't use it on my second day of holiday!
the GoPro is good though but I am just extremely disappointed because the diving backdoor is probably to thick or difficult to close for the system to work.
As I can't contact the seller for other than the delivery, I thought I would share my bad experience, especially because the any GoPro accessorizes are quite expensive.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 9 October 2014
Disappointed. Had too many issues of freezing and malfunctioning, finally managed to get an exchange done by GoPro but the process itself has been disappointing and compares very negatively versus the Amazon exchange method. Communicating with GoPro customer services has been a big headache. Yet to receive the replacement.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 26 August 2014
Happy with the product, does and is what its supposed to be, was worried because i saw a lot of talk in the reviews about serial number being removed and this voiding warranty( something to do with parallel importing ) but in the case of my go pro its legit and also saved me a fair few quid, dont be discouraged ! buy now!
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