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4.6 out of 5 stars548
4.6 out of 5 stars
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I bought this primarily for the 3D version although I am a fan of Dr. Who as well.
First the Doctor, I am old school Dr. Who harking back to William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton in the sixties.
I have been a little disappointed by recent Who shows with young dynamic Dr's that can win every situation with a flick of their
sonic screwdrivers.
However this episode was exceptional, worthy of the anniversary edition, decent story, plenty of good humour and some great performances. I am excited by the prospect of Peter Capaldi coming next.
Then there is the matter of the 3D version.
Outstanding, this is amongst the very best 3D discs I now own, top quality from a top quality producer, the BBC.
If you are like me both a Dr. Who fan and a lover of 3D, then you must buy this, you'll watch it over and over again.
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on 16 August 2015
The ultimate question that rests upon the mind of Who fans everywhere (and everywhen) - what happened to, and at, Gallifrey back in the era of the Time War - is answered in the most divine, sublime, heartbreakingly beautiful and brilliant way possible in this, the most extraordinary and watchable episode of DOCTOR WHO ever made.

It starts out with a bit of James Bond-esque parody and fun, with the TARDIS being innocently picked up by helicopter and returned to UNIT HQ - but with Clara and the Doctor still inside. From there, a note from Queen Elizabeth THE FIRST is hand delivered to the world’s favourite time travelling super hero, and then the action simply never lets up.

The episode is brilliantly structured and plotted on several different levels. Earth is under attack from shape shifting aliens in their own truly brilliant way and its only the Doctors with a little inspirational help (from Mega Babe Clara Oswald) who can come up with the perfect solution to beat them at their own game. But the story is not just about an alien invasion.

The overall solution to it all is so overwhelming and satisfying, that at program’s end, you don't know if you should laugh, cry, stand up and applaud your television set or even send love letters to the British Prime Minister for creating the BBC in the first place. I suggest that you calm down, and watch the whole thing again. That is what I did.

As an epilogue to the episode, there is a cameo from a famous Doctor from the past (or is that the future?), but this is more than a mere cameo. It is the icing on the cake, but even that phrase fails to do its effect on the viewer justice.

The role and performance of John Hurt as the man who started it all, in his attempt to thwart those dastardly Daleks back during the Time War, sets the story telling bar so high that you may need your own oxygen supply just to keep track of it. Doctors Ten and Eleven work so well together, that you may think they have always worked that way. And even standard, everyday Whovian technology such as the humble sonic screwdriver is given its own flash of genius by the scriptwriters in one of the show’s pivotal points.

Doctor Who has always been about fun mixed with science mixed with fiction, but this episode is at times laugh out loud funny. Emotion overall plays a strong role, too; at various points you may find yourself gripping your armchair in awe as massively significant historical facts are revealed which leaves the viewer with goosebumps on their goosebumps. And when Clara has tears of disappointment running down her cheeks near the show’s end, it is hard to keep your own face dry from the same sentiments.

THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR is so good that it is ridiculous. As i have said at the top of my review, it answers the ultimate Whovian question in typically brilliant style, but leaves the viewer wanting (and getting) more.

Never have I loved television so much as I do right now. The BBC rules my world!!!
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on 29 November 2013
Very rarely in life when something is hyped up so much for such a lengthy period of time can it actually deliver, in fact it's more likely the case that the lower your expectations the more chance you are going to be pleasantly surprised. Given the diverse history of Doctor Who, the plethora of script writers, the myriad of different characters who played the role (often poles apart) whoever was going to be given the task of writing the 50th Anniversary Special was on a hiding to nothing. So hats off to Mr Moffat on a truly stupendous roller coaster ride of an episode in the life of the most brilliant sci-fi series ever to grace this planet. It's not without it's faults & it was never going to please everybody but I for one was delighted to have some of the gaps filled in with the mini prequel showing Paul McGann's regeneration (included in this set) & John Hurt's regeneration in the show itself. The best kept secret of the surprise cameo appearances of the 13th Doctor & Tom Baker at the end was a stroke of genius. Yes, it would have been great to see Christopher Eccleston reprise his role but he has always made it abundantly clear he was never a fan of Doctor Who, this was an acting job he did with great relish eight years ago & he politely declined to take any part in a celebration of a show he never watched as a child. My other regret is this wasn't given the full movie treatment & a timing to match. I truly believe it would of benefited greatly if it was closer to a two hour affair as the plot did seem rushed at points & certain characters would have benefited for having their roles fleshed out. There, I hope I have managed to lower your expectations just a little if you haven't already seen it so you can enjoy it for what it is ... a love letter from a fan to Doctor who. Here's to the next 50 years.
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on 4 December 2013
I absolutely loved THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR and was looking forward to owning it on blu ray. Watched it tonight and it appears the quality control folks were off having a tea break when the audio for this was being put together. It sounds fine via a 5.1 surround set up, but appalling via television stereo speakers. The best way I can describe it is that the music takes on a tinny, warbly effect that is very distracting. There's definitely a problem here that needs to be addressed. I've read of the same complaints reported elsewhere so hopefully people will let the BBC know and something will be done to get this issue sorted and replacement discs issued.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 June 2016
I loved this episode when it was first televised and watching it again made me realise just how much! It is a great episode with its darker moments - did you count how many children were on Gallifrey that day? There are also the light hearted and amusing moments. I did so love John Hurt making fun of Matt Smith & David Tennant pointing their screwdrivers at everything - exactly what the fans had been saying for a few years!
The star of this episode was John Hurt by several miles. He put the others to shame with his great acting, that gravelly voice and saying so much in a look. He just took command of every scene he was in.
I had been slightly irritated my Matt Smith's clowning around but this episode really does make sense of it. Trivialize everything to try to forget. In fact, having recently re-watched the Matt Smith episodes, there is more darkness in his character than I first thought. The scene where the three of them are in the dungeon of the Tower of London had some very significant comments. When will the Doctor get his screwdriver to work on wood?
I loved some of the amusing scenes - 3 Doctors and none of them thought to check the door? The reaction to a multitude of Doctors by the Gallifrey High Command was great!
This was a great episode which did fill in some gaps. It also paved the way beautifully for the more serious and darker Peter Capaldi to enter - a Doctor who remembered rather than fought to forget.
It is such a shame that we only got this one episode with John Hurt as the Doctor - he would have been fantastic.
I also liked the bow to the past tradition of special episodes having more than one Doctor in them - this actually managed at least a glimpse of all of them. It was so wonderful to see Tom Baker again - he was my childhood Doctor. I am not entirely sure of the logistics of his being there but who cares - he was there and it was great to see him again!
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on 21 June 2014
I absolutely love this episode in the Doctor Who saga with the three Doctors, the comic timing of all three actors was spot on and it's one I absolutely recommend even if you're not an avid fan of the show. In my opinion it has the edge over The Time Of The Doctor, with the brief glimpse of 13th Doctor Peter Capaldi at the finale being the briefest yet most effective way to get us fans wanting more.
Now here's my gripe. I've viewed three copies of this dvd bought from different stores in Britain and there's one problem that persists. What have they done to the music soundtrack(Try watching it with headphones on to see what I mean)?
It begins with the opening shot of the original black and white Doctor Who visual effect where for some reason the music only comes out on the right hand side. Voices come out with no problem, though there is evidence of sound effects weakness from the left. Throughout the entire episode the more bass music is again over to the right which is a distraction, yet if you try the Audio Navigation these problems disappear. Why this wasn't corrected before they released it is astonishing. I haven't had this problem with any other Doctor Who dvds, so suggestions to adjust my audio settings (as one BBC Complaints Dept advised me when I finally got a reply) are pointless.
I understand the Blu Ray version also has audio problems. Come on BBC!! You charge us enough for these things, shouldn't you get them right before you sell them. Whoever was responsible for setting the audio for the dvd needs sacking!!
When it's shown on tv there are absolutely no problems.
I urge everybody who bought this dvd, and the Blu Ray if the problems are the same, to bombard the BBC with your complaints and let's get The Day Of The Doctor re-issued with all the audio and, if needed, visual mistakes sorted.
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on 29 December 2013
I will admit, I have not been a fan of Dr. Who primarily due to lack of exposure. I am familiar with the story and this was my first experience to watch an episode all the way through. What grabs you is the brilliant writing, the way it deals with complex anomalies in simplified ways and terms. And while being humorous, it deals with serious issues such as the use of WMDs, the decision to sacrifice innocence to stop evil.

The characters were splendid. I understand there was talk about Helen Mirren playing the title role. Now that would indeed make me a "whoey."
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on 29 December 2013
As if this DVD needs a review! Watched this episode in theatres with fellow Doctor Who fans with their 'scientific instruments' whirring before the movie started and since I am a collector, (an amateur at that but still) I could not just sit and do nothing. So I pre-ordered it right away. Pre-orders are a thing I usually not bother about, but I could not wait to see it over and over again which made this an exception. It is that magnificent. Looks like the producers finally answered our prayers. I will not give any spoilers (not that it matters at this stage), but I will say that if you are not a Doctor Who fan, there are very high chances that you will immediately get hooked and become a 'Whovian' as they call it.

Product is amazing, with all the mini episodes preceding this one as well as a short behind-the-scenes with commentary from Colin Baker, the sixth doctor (haters will hate him but what the hell). Packing was excellent as usual and it arrived on time, no questions asked.

It is a timeless epic, just like the Five Doctors special and well worth the money. More so if you are a Doctor Who fan. Brilliant!
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on 6 December 2013
After the chore of season 6 - with the gradual redemption in season 7, This is Stephen Moffat back on form. I loved how he took various criticisms of the Doctor's sometimes puerile behaviour and weaved it with humour into the show. 'The man who regrets and the man who forgets' summed it up greatly. And standing up against the deservedly well-loved portrayal of David Tennant's Doctor and John Hurt's solid and stalwart acting credentials - hats off to Matt Smith in this 50th anniversary. I now realise in compare and comparison, he really has made the Doctor his own. Therefore in some ways now. it's such a shame he's going just when he's put a stamp on it. As for the Blu-Ray 3D. Some scenes work well in 3D. Other's just appear quite 2D. But that's the curse of setting and circumstance I suppose? And considering all the 50th anniversary spin offs from Blue Peter to a Peter Davidson documentary, such a celebration was deserved of a bumper Extra-Extra's edition with this disc. But alas we don't even get a commentary. Just trailers, a quick behind the scenes and Doctor Who explained for an American audience. That said - this Tv movie feel of Dr Who is an instant classic.
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on 9 February 2014
This is top flight TV and any fan of Doctor Who will love it

Its quick clever and quirky the casting writing directing and performance or spot on

The story is not at all complex or tricky and if you have seen the work of the writer before see Press Gang Coupling Jekyll and Sherlock you will see the clues hints and possible future plots

Have to point out though and I get the BBC put it out as a HD3D film but at its core Doctor Who is a Television Show and that’s how you should view it and review it

This is a worthy 50th Birthday present and I hope we get on with another series soon the Death of Mats Doctor is for another day and like I said we were giving some hints as to possible future Doctor Who plots in here with a fun and thoughtful story

This one can stand along side and be fairly compared with Planet of the Dead & The Waters of Mars the other two Who specials

So bye this one it is a worthy addition to the collection
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