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4.0 out of 5 stars Would have like more extras
A good movie-styled episode.
The Only criticism is that John hurt wasn't that "evil" or "war-like" as he was described to be.I would have preferred a bit more action and for Moffat to stop making monsters friendly!!! e.g sontarans,silurians,zygons,hide creature...errghhh don't get me wrong, I love strax but if ever I saw a sontaran again I would think...
Published 2 months ago by Mrs. Sharon B. Roles

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great story, but blu ray has sound issues.
I absolutely loved THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR and was looking forward to owning it on blu ray. Watched it tonight and it appears the quality control folks were off having a tea break when the audio for this was being put together. It sounds fine via a 5.1 surround set up, but appalling via television stereo speakers. The best way I can describe it is that the music takes on a...
Published 4 months ago by Sean Brady

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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Would have like more extras, 25 Jan 2014
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A good movie-styled episode.
The Only criticism is that John hurt wasn't that "evil" or "war-like" as he was described to be.I would have preferred a bit more action and for Moffat to stop making monsters friendly!!! e.g sontarans,silurians,zygons,hide creature...errghhh don't get me wrong, I love strax but if ever I saw a sontaran again I would think they are harmless!

Would have been nice to see all the extras from the convention in London though including the 5 drs reboot
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5.0 out of 5 stars Spoiler Alert!, 29 Nov 2013
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Very rarely in life when something is hyped up so much for such a lengthy period of time can it actually deliver, in fact it's more likely the case that the lower your expectations the more chance you are going to be pleasantly surprised. Given the diverse history of Doctor Who, the plethora of script writers, the myriad of different characters who played the role (often poles apart) whoever was going to be given the task of writing the 50th Anniversary Special was on a hiding to nothing. So hats off to Mr Moffat on a truly stupendous roller coaster ride of an episode in the life of the most brilliant sci-fi series ever to grace this planet. It's not without it's faults & it was never going to please everybody but I for one was delighted to have some of the gaps filled in with the mini prequel showing Paul McGann's regeneration (included in this set) & John Hurt's regeneration in the show itself. The best kept secret of the surprise cameo appearances of the 13th Doctor & Tom Baker at the end was a stroke of genius. Yes, it would have been great to see Christopher Eccleston reprise his role but he has always made it abundantly clear he was never a fan of Doctor Who, this was an acting job he did with great relish eight years ago & he politely declined to take any part in a celebration of a show he never watched as a child. My other regret is this wasn't given the full movie treatment & a timing to match. I truly believe it would of benefited greatly if it was closer to a two hour affair as the plot did seem rushed at points & certain characters would have benefited for having their roles fleshed out. There, I hope I have managed to lower your expectations just a little if you haven't already seen it so you can enjoy it for what it is ... a love letter from a fan to Doctor who. Here's to the next 50 years.
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4.0 out of 5 stars 'Gallifrey Falls...No More!' - Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who, 24 Jan 2014
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This review is from: Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor - 50th Anniversary Special [DVD] (DVD)
23rd November 2013

It's strange to think how much time has passed since that very date. We've had the 50th anniversary. It's come and gone. So much happened in the lead up to that very special day in Doctor Who's history as well as the actual day and night that happened with all of its celebrations. I was away in Chichester for the anniversary weekend when I watched what was on that very night.

Before I go on to talk about `The Day of the Doctor', have a look at this.


Watch this before you watch `The Day of the Doctor'

I was not expecting this in the two weeks leading up to `The Day of the Doctor'. I found out about this little prequel on the Big Finish website and saw the announcement of something they recommended us Big Finish Doctor Who fans watching as it's something we would enjoy. I'm not one for watching `prequels' before the actual episode, but for this occasion and as it was the 50th anniversary, I took my chances and decided to watch it. Not knowing what was to come, there's the surprise appearance of a returning Doctor. Who am I talking about? Paul McGann returns to play the Eighth Doctor in his second official TV appearance since he did the 'TV Movie'. Yes! Paul McGann is the Doctor! Probably not the one we were expecting!

I got to watch this six-minute special prequel over and over again on the BBC Red Button service in the lead up to the 50th anniversary special. The story is straight-forward. The Eighth Doctor rescues a woman pilot on a crash-landing ship named Cass, whom he befriends and takes her away. They return to the TARDIS, and once Cass discovers the Doctor's a Time Lord she backs away in disgust and horror. Cass hates the Time Lords for what they are doing already in the Time War. The Doctor tries to persuade Cass that he's `one of the nice' Time Lords, but she doesn't listen locking him in the hold where the TARDIS is. Despite the Doctor's pleas for Cass to listen, the ship crash lands killing both him and her instantly.

But the Doctor wakes up to find he's still alive as he's been revived by the Sisterhood of Karn as it happens he's crash-landed on Karn itself where he was on before in 'The Brain of Morbius' and recently in the Eighth Doctor audio story `Sisters of the Flame'/'The Vengeance of Morbius'. The Sisterhood offer him life to help and save them from the Time War by giving him a new life and allowing him to choose whatever he wants to become a warrior or a doctor, or to become young and old. The Doctor, after much persuasion, decides to become a warrior, and takes the drink of potion to help him regenerate.

Before he regenerates, we hear Paul McGann's Doctor mentioning his past companions from the Big Finish audios - Charley, C'rizz, Lucie, Tamsin and Molly. For me, this was a great thrill to acknowledge the Big Finish adventures Paul McGann has since he has had so many adventures and it's nice to have his companions mentioned for the 50th anniversary. The Doctor then regenerates once he takes the potion regenerating from Paul McGann into a young-looking John Hurt. He's become a warrior and his last words are - `Doctor, no more!' ...


So, did I enjoy Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special - `The Day of the Doctor'? Yes I did enjoy it, on some level. But if I was perfectly honest, I enjoyed `The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot' by Peter Davison more than I enjoyed the actual anniversary special. That's not to say it was bad. Far from it. There were things about it that were really good and exciting. It's just that it didn't fulfil my expectations as I'm sure it didn't for many fans as I was missing the `classic Doctors' and expected this to be like 'The Five Doctors' party-like celebration.

This story celebrates the new series of `Doctor Who' whereas the Big Finish anniversary story 'The Light at the End' celebrated the classic series and I enjoyed that more than this one as well. It's a real shame they couldn't get all the actors who played the Doctor and various companions to appear in this as it would have made for me the 50th anniversary celebration. I suppose it would have been difficult to get a huge cast involved with things to do and Steven Moffat would have found that very stressful, but surely they could have got around that somehow. A story like what they did with 'Zagreus' (the 40th anniversary special) would have been sufficient.

But talking about `The Day of the Doctor' there are things to enjoy in this. First we have the meeting of two recent Doctors played by Matt Smith and David Tennant. We also have the wonderful Jenna Coleman playing Clara again. We have Billie Piper in this who played Rose Tyler in the series, which was great to have her in this one. And we are given a new complexion on the Doctor's life as we get some revelations on his involvement in the Time War and a whole new spin on his regenerations as we meet in this story a new actor to play the Doctor - John Hurt as the War Doctor. Yes this is a story that celebrates the 50th anniversary of `Doctor Who'. It's just it's a new direction and complexion on it from the writer's point of view.

I like how the story opens as it begins with the original William Hartnell 1963 titles and music to commemorate the 50th anniversary of `Doctor Who'.

Then we have the opening shot of a policeman walking along the entrance to the gates of 76 Totter's Lane, matching the opening shots of the first ever episode of `Doctor Who' - 'An Unearthly Child'. But it's set in November, 23rd 2013 as we come to Coal Hill School, Shoreditch, London in the modern day (I'm sure it's a school in Cardiff where they filmed that). Clara has now become an English teacher at Coal Hill School, since she left being a nanny a while ago. It's a great way to open the story and a nice touch to blend in the original and modern day settings of `Doctor Who' by going back to where it all started at a school in London and a `mild curiosity in a junkyard'.

The story itself is about the Eleventh Doctor and Clara reuniting with each other in the TARDIS, only to be hijacked and taken away by a U.N.I.T. helicopter which takes them to the International Museum in London (Cardiff museum actually, which I explored recently before this). There the Doctor meets Kate Stewart again (the Brigadier's daughter) who leads both he and Clara into the museum to solve a mystery involving the credentials of Queen Elizabeth I. These credentials include a painting of Time Lord art in 3D depicting the Time War, which horrifies the Doctor and various other paintings with glass shattered from out of the painting rather than in. It all leads up to a unexpected meeting with the Doctor's past selves - the Tenth Doctor who's with Queen Elizabeth back in the 15th century and the War Doctor who fought in the final days of the last great Time War.

I enjoyed watching Matt Smith's Doctor in this special episode of `Doctor Who'. I've grown to like him recently and has improved for me as being a good actor to play the Doctor. I love his relationship with Clara in this story and I also like it when he meets up with the Tenth Doctor, since Matt and David are good friends and are able to work together on `Who' properly since the last time when they did the regeneration scene from one to the other. Matt gets to wear his fez in this story and rightly so as it appears prominently throughout this story. I like how the two Doctors work together and seem to be like brothers with each other.

I was so pleased to see David Tennant return to play the 10th Doctor in this story, and I'm sure he enjoyed coming back to play the part for the 50th anniversary since he last left in 'The End of Time'. This story is set between `The Waters of Mars' and `The End of Time' after he's been summoned by the Ood and before he goes off to regenerate.

David is one of my favourite Doctors so it was a real treat to have him in this, and it feels like he's never been away. He's having a flirtatious relationship with Queen Elizabeth I and gets kissed by her a lot which didn't go according to plan since he's ended up marrying her, as we now come full circle as to why Elizabeth wanted the Doctor's head off in 'The Shakespeare Code' since he left abruptly as soon as they were married. It was fantastic to see David again as the Doctor, and working alongside Matt was equally delightful. I laughed when David had that Patrick Troughton line in the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS and said `Oh you've redecorated! I don't like it!' That was sheer bliss and made me laugh to hear him say that

The two Doctors - David and Matt - get on well, although they do bicker amongst each other when trying to work together. David's Doctor can't believe Matt's Doctor forgot what happened during this adventure, and Matt complains that David wasn't paying enough attention. They both try to `reverse the polarity' on the time fissure in space, but it turns out they're confusing the polarity since David's reversing it but Matt's reversing it back. It was very funny. I like how the two Doctor's compare with each other with their sonic screwdrivers and the glasses they wear and both liking them. If it was just these two Doctors in this story it would have been great to enjoy to see how they handled the story themselves.

But there's obviously a bit of friction between the two of them as they have their certain differences. When asked by the War Doctor whether they counted how many children died on Gallifrey, Doctor 11 doesn't remember. This shocks Doctor 10 since he knows as he's counted and challenges Doctor 11 on how he could forget over the 400 years of his life. Doctor 11 defends himself saying he `moved on' but Doctor 10's not having it. He doesn't like what his future's bringing and wants to know where he's going, but Doctor 11 refuses to tell him. It's great scene and a highlight for me in this story as the Moment (played by Billie Piper) describes both these Doctors beautifully. David's the Doctor `who regrets' and Matt's the Doctor `who forgets' since their actions during the last Great Time War. But it's great to see these two together, to see how they outweigh each other in terms of their similarities and differences.

Jenna Coleman returns to play Clara Oswald, the Doctor's current companion with Matt Smith. I love Jenna Coleman in `Doctor Who' as she's so lovely and such a great leading lady to watch. Clara is no longer the `impossible girl' mystery character we get to see in this story since the last season, and it's such a relief to have her being a clearer character and a good friend to the Doctor. I love that scene when she arrives in the TARDIS on the motorbike, meets Doctor 11 and they both have big hug and reunite after not seeing each other for so long and giving each other a high five. Clara gets to have an adventure when going to U.N.I.T's Black Archive building in London and escaping the Zygons with Captain Jack Harkness' vortex manipulator. I love it when she observes all three Doctors (10, 11 and War Doctors) and how she criticises them for the decisions they make in saving the world as well as saving the home they lost. Clara's got a voice of her own in this story, and it's so nice for Jenna to be in this `Who' story as I'm sure she was a lucky person to be in that anniversary special.

Billie Piper returns to `Doctor Who' as well, as she's well known for playing the Doctor's companion Rose Tyler. But she's not playing Rose in this one. Here Billie plays the character of `the Moment'. The Moment is a weapon of mass destruction that the War Doctor takes with him stealing from Gallifrey and takes the form of one of the Doctor's past/future companions and ends up as Rose. The Moment was an interesting character and wonderfully played by Billie Piper as she challenges the War Doctor in the decision he makes to blow up Gallifrey and stop the Time War. It's a shame Billie's not actually playing Rose in this one as it would be nice to have her with David Tennant's Doctor again for an adventure. But it's great to have Billie in the 50th anniversary all the same since she was the first companion for me to bring the show back in 2005.

The biggest guest star I'm sure for many in this anniversary story would have to be John Hurt who plays the War Doctor. John Hurt previously appeared in `Doctor Who' towards the end of the finale of series 7 before this - 'The Name of the Doctor'. I wasn't sure what to make of this Doctor and didn't understand it at the time. It turns out John Hurt is the 8½ Doctor as he's in between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston. He, as Doctor 11 describes, is the Doctor who fought in the Time War.

I imagine this would have been written for Christopher Eccleston had he agreed to take part in the 50th anniversary special since the dialogue and character would have suited him. It's a shame Chris didn't take part in the 50th anniversary since it would have been nice to have seen his Doctor with David and Matt, and it would have saved a lot of continuity blunder that Steven Moffat seems to have placed in my opinion. For one thing, it turns out David isn't the 10th Doctor anymore and Matt isn't the 11th Doctor since Steven Moffat's used up all the Doctor's lives with Peter Capaldi ending up as the 13th Doctor rather than the 12th. This is something I'm not entirely happy with and I wished Steven Moffat hadn't bothered, even though it adds more light on the gap in between when the show went off air and before it came back.

But saying that, I actually found John Hurt very engaging to watch as he does a remarkable performance in playing the Doctor. Here he's a grumpy man who's war-beaten and tortured with the decision of destroying Gallifrey when using the Moment. He wants to make the right choice and needs some help. He comes across his future selves - the 10th and 11th Doctors and is shocked and horrified when he sees them since they're much younger-looking than he is. I like that line John Hurt makes when he says `Am I having a mid-life crisis?' I liked it when he gets annoyed by Doctor 11's catchphrase 'GERONIMO!!!' and Doctor 10's 'Allons-sy!' when they're saving Gallifrey.

The War Doctor gets to work with David and Matt's Doctors even though he finds them intolerable. It's an interesting combination where we have the `old' Doctor working with the `young' Doctors, and I'm sure it would have delighted long-time Who fans at the time who were watching this seeing the contrast between `young' and `old'.

For the 50th anniversary, we get to have Daleks in this story. And the Daleks are fighting the Gallifreyans in the final days of the Last Great Time War during the Fall of Arcadia. I'm glad we get to see battle scenes of what the Time War looks like since we were left in the dark for a long while as to what this mysterious piece of Who history was like. And the Daleks look great as it seems there were tonnes of them falling out of the sky attacking Gallifrey and its children. It like it when a Dalek gets blown up or smashes through the painting of `Gallifrey Falls' or `No More' in the U.N.I.T. Black Archive building.

Also in this story, we have the return of an old monster from the series - the Zygons. These are shape-shifting and ugly looking monsters who appeared in `Doctor Who' before in the story 'Terror of the Zygons'. It's really nice to have a monster in `Doctor Who' from the classic days appear for the 50th anniversary and this is the Zygon's second outing since their first appearance in the 70s on TV (honest!). And David Tennant's mentioned the Zygons are his favourites so I'm sure he was glad to be up against them particularly in this story, when one of them's Queen Elizabeth or when they dress up in shrouds in the under gallery.

The guest cast also includes Joanna Page playing Queen Elizabeth I (who's well known for `Gavin & Stacy' and has worked with David Tennant before in the Christmas movie `Nativity 2: Danger in the Manager'). I find Joanna lovely in other things, but I'm not sure whether she was miscast to play Queen Elizabeth in this one or whether costume and make-up have made her look chubby for some reason. There's also Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart (the Brigadier's daughter) who appeared last time in `Doctor Who' in the story 'The Power of Three' and it was a lovely touch to have the Brigadier's daughter in this one.

A highlight for me was in the Black Archive when we get to see U.N.I.T. photos of all the Doctor's companions on display both classic and new ones. There was a lovely photo of Nyssa (played by Sarah Sutton) who's my favourite companion and I saw her photo a couple of times in this and was glad to see it in the 50th anniversary special. It was a treasure to see her photo, and I'm glad I spotted it.

Towards the end of the story, the three Doctors (10, 11 and War) have worked it out. They know how to save Gallifrey since they've had over 400 years to work it out. They've seen Gallifrey burn but are now going to stop it happening. They're going to freeze the planet in time before it gets blown up with the use of their TARDISes. And it's not just those three Doctors, but it's all of them. All thirteen of the Doctor's incarnations from William Hartnell to Peter Capaldi (yes, even he gets a cameo in this one).

For me this was a nice touch but I couldn't but feel a little cheated. This is because we don't get to see the past and current Doctors on screen for all that long and they were only archive footage from previous episodes and audio soundtracks. It was a bit of a disappointment and despite that they credited on the end credits, it felt to me like those past Doctor weren't in it and didn't take part in the story. Even Chris Eccelston's Doctor cameo from `The Parting of the Ways' didn't do it for me. I know it was to acknowledge all the Doctors saving Gallfrey from being blown up, but I couldn't help but feel let down by this. It was a nice touch, but disappointing all the same.

Afterwards we get the 10th, 11th and War Doctors with Clara meeting up in the London museum for one last time with a cup of tea and looking over the 3D painting of `Gallifrey Falls' before saying goodbye. The War Doctor goes knowing that he won't remember doing the `right thing' as he'll still think he's destroyed Gallifrey once the time-stream's restored. But he's glad to be called 'the Doctor' by his successors and knowing he did the right choice instead of the wrong one. He goes off in his TARDIS and is on his way to regenerating into Christopher Eccelston (I really wish we could have seen it through towards the end to actually see him becoming Chris). Then the 10th Doctor goes, asking Doctor 11 one last time what's going to happen to him and he's told he's going to end up on Trenzalore. David's Doctor says goodbye to Clara, kissing her hand (which was sweet) and says goodbye to Doctor 11 knowing `his future is in safe hands'. As David goes, he looks around one last time with his final words `I don't want to go!'. I don't want you to go too either David. It's been great to see you again!

Clara leaves the Doctor going into the TARDIS, as he waits in the museum for the curator who wants to talk to him. The Doctor is by himself and he talks about wanting to become a curator himself and thinking he would be the Great Curator. A voice speaks behind him. The Doctor turns to see who it is. He is amazed! He gets up. Goes to him. He is delighted to see him. He never forgets a face. It's Tom Baker who played the Fourth Doctor during the 70s. Here Tom Baker is the curator of the museum, and it's great to see him in this. It's been a long time since Tom last appeared in `Doctor Who' and it's great to see him again for the 50th anniversary. And he's playing a different character in this. If only they could do that for all the other actors/actresses that were in `Who'.

Here Tom Baker as the curator is with Matt Smith's Doctor and they talk about the painting. Tom asks Matt what he thinks of the painting's title and Matt's Doctor is unsure since it's either called `Gallifrey Falls' or `No More'. But Tom tells Matt that it's all one title - `Gallifrey Falls No More'. Matt's Doctor is intrigued. He wonders if this means something. If it means they were successful and that Gallifrey's still out there and that he should go off to find it. Tom Baker leaves Matt's Doctor with some words of encouragement, and it's great to see these two together comparing differences with each other on who they are before they part way with Tom leaving the museum and Matt walking back into the TARDIS. It was a great sequence and a nice tribute to acknowledge the classic days of `Doctor Who'.

The episode ends with a dream sequence with Matt Smith narrating, as he steps out of the TARDIS on a cloud and joins his other selves from 1 to 11, including the War Doctor as they look up at the sky filled with stars and seeing the future. It's a nice way to end the episode. Even though I could tell these were doubles that weren't actually the Doctors with CGI make-up and photos put on them, it was a great way to end the anniversary episode to acknowledge 50 years of `Doctor Who'. We have a new end credits and new theme music to close off the anniversary episode, with all the faces of the Doctor imposed during the end sequence.

After enjoying watching this anniversary special, I continued to watch more of the anniversary celebrations. On BBC Three, there was the live After Party featuring many of the classic Doctors and companions as well as the new ones to celebrate 50 years of `Doctor Who'. Although this was rather rushed, poorly organised and didn't do well for being just an hour (it should have lasted longer), I was glad to see many of the companions and Doctors taking part in the celebration even though not many of them got to say much (which was rather disappointing). I was pleased I got to see Sarah Sutton at that party and she got to say something even though it was for a fleeting moment, and what she said put a smile on my face.

And as I said before, there was that wonderful anniversary special that was a spoof written and directed by Peter Davison called `The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot'. That made the 50th anniversary for me as we got to see many of the Doctors both classic and new as well as many of the companions to appear in this half-hour spoof that was really funny and gently mocking that we were denied seeing both classic and new Doctors and companions in the actual anniversary special. It was great to watch it over and over again on the Red Button and I got to see it again on BBC iPlayer afterwards when I got home from Chichester. I hope they'll bring this out on DVD so I can get to review it.

On `The Day of the Doctor' DVD, there are a number of special features on the 1 disc. There's the aforementioned `The Night of the Doctor' prequel on this as well as another prequel called `The Last Day' set on Gallifrey in the last days of the Time War. There's also a `Behind the Lens' documentary focusing on the making of `The Day of the Doctor' with interviews from cast and crew and narrated by Colin Baker (who played the Sixth Doctor). There's also `Doctor Who Explained' which is a documentary that explains what Doctor Who's about also featuring interviews with cast and crew from both classic and new series (Sarah Sutton's not interviewed on this which annoys me). There's also some trailers for `The Day of the Doctor' that were shown before this story came out.

So there were lots of 50th anniversary celebrations happening in that year of 2013. `The Day of the Doctor' was the highlight for many people. It's not the best anniversary special in my opinion, but it served its purpose and it was great to see Matt Smith and David Tennant. It was a memorable day for me whilst I was in Chichester watching this and all of its following celebrations. I found other celebratory things more enjoyable like `The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot', `The Light At The End', the `Destiny of the Doctor' series, etc. But it was worthwhile watching this particular adventure as it does what it does to celebrate 50 years of the show. Here's to the future, as there's more 50 years to enjoy and celebrate of this amazing and fantastic show.

The next adventure for the Doctor and Clara is 'The Time of the Doctor'.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Great story, but blu ray has sound issues., 4 Dec 2013
Sean Brady (Victoria Australia) - See all my reviews
I absolutely loved THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR and was looking forward to owning it on blu ray. Watched it tonight and it appears the quality control folks were off having a tea break when the audio for this was being put together. It sounds fine via a 5.1 surround set up, but appalling via television stereo speakers. The best way I can describe it is that the music takes on a tinny, warbly effect that is very distracting. There's definitely a problem here that needs to be addressed. I've read of the same complaints reported elsewhere so hopefully people will let the BBC know and something will be done to get this issue sorted and replacement discs issued.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great knowing winks., 6 Dec 2013
W. Beckett (Kent, England) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After the chore of season 6 - with the gradual redemption in season 7, This is Stephen Moffat back on form. I loved how he took various criticisms of the Doctor's sometimes puerile behaviour and weaved it with humour into the show. 'The man who regrets and the man who forgets' summed it up greatly. And standing up against the deservedly well-loved portrayal of David Tennant's Doctor and John Hurt's solid and stalwart acting credentials - hats off to Matt Smith in this 50th anniversary. I now realise in compare and comparison, he really has made the Doctor his own. Therefore in some ways now. it's such a shame he's going just when he's put a stamp on it. As for the Blu-Ray 3D. Some scenes work well in 3D. Other's just appear quite 2D. But that's the curse of setting and circumstance I suppose? And considering all the 50th anniversary spin offs from Blue Peter to a Peter Davidson documentary, such a celebration was deserved of a bumper Extra-Extra's edition with this disc. But alas we don't even get a commentary. Just trailers, a quick behind the scenes and Doctor Who explained for an American audience. That said - this Tv movie feel of Dr Who is an instant classic.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Extremely good, 25 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Steven Moffat had to write an episode which was to be broadcast simultaneously in 94 countries over six continents, on TV and in cinemas. It had to appeal to everybody - adults, children, casual viewers, diehard fans, people who have been watching the show since its 2005 reboot and people who have been watching since its 1963 creation. He really did succeed. It is an extremely well written script - clever enough for the children, simple enough for the adults as old Douglas Adams apparently used to say. Humour, emotion, excitement, action and everything in between. And this does celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who as well!

If you're watching in 3D you're in for a treat. The use of 3D in this feature length story is truly incredible and Nick Hurran is a really good director. The production values look high and the visuals are fantastic including some exciting stunts and explosions. The music here was also of a good volume - often in Doctor Who it's way too loud, but here, the dialogue was easily audible.

The actors also do a great job - you've got John Hurt, Matt Smith, David Tennant and Billie Piper in the spotlight as well as some very capable supporting actors. The only notable absence is Christopher Eccleston. Although he has absolutely no reason to come back in the sense that it was just an acting job he happened to do nine years ago, he was my favourite Doctor and he would have added to the show, even if just in one scene. BUT in a way it was a blessing; unlike Russell T Davies' finales and specials, which tended to be crammed to the brim with as many cameos and inclusions as he could possibly manage, Steven Moffat's episode here basically has for the majority of the time only two monsters, three doctors and a few other characters. A good thing, too - how would he have decided who to put in, when he has 50 years to choose from? Yeah, there are nods to the past, but this is a new story, one which doesn't require 1000 familiar faces. And it's great that he managed not to turn it into a complete fanfest.

Overall a really good episode which can be enjoyed by people of many different ages.
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4.0 out of 5 stars As a Doctor Who fan since 1973, buying this was a given!, 2 Jan 2014
Jersey Customer (Jersey, Channel Islands) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor - 50th Anniversary Special [DVD] (DVD)
That's not to say I liked everything about it - I didn't - but that's not the point of this review and not why a low star rating should be given for a product like this. Whether or not I liked the plot or the way it was presented on TV is subjective, and I always try to be fair and give product reviews first and foremost, not a personal critique on the story per se. I would expect that anyone looking to buy this DVD already has some sort of investment (emotionally or intellectually) in the whole Doctor Who world, so will be looking to buy this DVD to enhance that. So, as a product, it does what it says on the tin, plus a few extras.

The only subjective comment I will make is that the "special feature" extras weren't really all that special because they were mostly (all?) made available to viewers as part of the celebrations in some form or other. It would have been nice to hold more back that was for the DVD alone, or to have included more unseen footage, behind the scenes tidbits, outtakes, mini documentaries, different options for commentaries from different people (e.g. one with the actors, then one with the director/writer/key production people who always have a different take on why certain things were done a certain way). Without a doubt the 'Five-ish Doctors Reboot' should have been included!

So it's not a full five star rating from me because of the extras lacking enough 'oomph' (only in my opinion, of course - others will disagree). I also hope, for the most ardent fans' sakes (my best friend is married to one such ardent fan!) that this DVD is 'it', and won't at some future date be added to a 'collection' of some sort that will include all the 'Name of.. Time of.. Day of..' episodes and the whole 50th anniversary hoo-hah, but with (at last) some tantalising 'previously unseen' extras added... or am I being too cynical for my own good? Ignore me!

However, if you're like me, and just want to have the 50th anniversary episode in your collection because of its significance as a milestone, and you enjoyed it when it was broadcast, then you won't be disappointed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Exellent Episode Honours Doctor Who,50th Anniversary, 24 Nov 2013
timelord007 (England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor - 50th Anniversary Special [DVD] (DVD)

Matt Smith, David Tennant & John Hurt share a wonderful chemistry as the Doctor's in this 50th Anniversary adventure.
This plot is one of intrigue setting up series 8.
Cameos from Peter Capaldi & the legend that is Tom Baker.

The Zygons were more a misdirection than actually part of the main plot & maybe this storyline should have concentrated on just the Doctor's & the Time War & left the Zygons for another adventure, Although they help the War Doctor in his observation on what to do next.

Watch the 7 minute prequel Night of the Doctor first it is a extra on this dvd along with the other mini episode The Last Day as it set's up events prior to this story.

This 50th Anniversary story was never going to please every fan was it?

But Day Of The Doctor comes pretty damm close & is one of the best storys of the recent adventures that captures the essence of classic Doctor Who.

From the start complete with the original opening titles to the walking policeman & seeing Clara as a teacher at Coal Hill school writer Steven Moffat captured the nostalgia of the original episode of An Unearthly Child.

The plot is about really about the Doctor's consequences as the Doctor ended the Time War & in doing so killing Billions of lives in the process & this story focuses on him having to go back & experience that moment once again.

There is also a sub plot concerning a painting of Gallifrey were the Zygons hide inside of until escaping in 21st century earth as the Time War destroyed there planet so the seek earth to be there new home.

The minor quibble i had was the Doctor & Elizabeth, The wedding & that earlier lovey dovey picnic scenes that slowed the narrative of the main plot alittle.

But there are more good points than bad in this adventure as Matt Smith gives his all here in a wonderful performance as the Eleventh Doctor, I've been a little harsh on Matt's portrayal at times but in this episode he earns his stripes.

Tenth Doctor David Tennant just carried on like he's never been away & one can see this isn't a job for David it's a labour of love as he clearly loves playing the Doctor & is a true fanboy of the show.

Let us not forget the War Doctor John Hurt who gives a conflicted yet emotional performance in this adventure & is responsible for some of the exellent humourous jibes at the other Doctor's.

Sadly Christopher Eccleston appears via clips & CGI during The War Doctor's Regeneration, Would it have hurt his ego to have filmed a cameo as he is the only actor seemingly against a return, Maybe he thinks he's bigger than Doctor Who now, Anyway his non apperance didn't affect the story's narrative at all.

The two fan pleasing moments in this story was a cameo by new Doctor Peter Capaldi who's glare sent chills through me, I for one cannot wait to see what this exellent actor will bring to the role as i assume a darker Doctor is on the horizon but that's for another time.

But what did bring tears to my eyes was Tom Baker appearing as The Curator at the end, This had echoes of Shada in some way of a retired Doctor looking after the museum artefacts & chosing a face from the past to acknowledge his former self & what a wonderful understated performance Tom brings to a minor part & one thinks this was for us fan's as a way of apology for his non apperance in the Five Doctor's as Tom is back as the Doctor for Big Finish making amends & having the time of his life apparently.

This story concludes with the Doctor changing history of sorts as instead of destroying Gallifrey he instead saves it by joining with his 13 incarnations by moving Gallifrey to another part of the galaxy & in doing so the Daleks destroy one another & Gallifrey lives.

But no doubt this will be a on going factor for the next series with the 12th Doctor as there as surely going to be repercussions for these universal altering event's & as Gallifrey isn't all innocent to the events of fighting in the Time War as infact makes them worse than the Daleks as the Timelords do have the freedom of choice to decide against fighting in a war with the Daleks but the High Council of Gallifrey chooses too go to war with them.

The First Doctor quoted in The Aztecs "You can't change history not one single line of it".

The final image of all 12 Doctor's standing side by side was a fitting tribute to all the actors who gave there superb performances in there different incarnations as the Doctor & a great way for the episode to conclude.

Whatever's next for the Doctor this has heightened my excitement for more adventures with the madman with a box & Christmas can't come soon enough as we say goodbye Eleven & hello Twelve.

This is a exellent 50th anniversary adventure that delivers shocks & surprises on more than one occasion & a must by for fans old & new of Doctor Who.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Crying time, 19 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor - 50th Anniversary Special [DVD] (DVD)
A must for all Who-fans, many answers to lots of the questions we have. All enemy from the Doctors is there, and a swansong for The Doctor in this regeneration!
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5.0 out of 5 stars 50 years, 16 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Already 50 years. I almost cant believe it. Especially this movie becomes the highpoint of everything until now.

The meeting of three doctors. The comeback of David Tennant. Also the comeback of River Song. At least the happenings of the end of Gallifrey. Finally some things become more clear.

I really love it and recommand it for every Doctor Who fan.
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