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203 of 212 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars nokia 1020 - great phone - great camera - top buy
hi there and thanks for reading my review on the Nokia lumia 1020 , i didn't purchase the phone from amazon but was lucky enough to get a 64gb one from o2 and have owned it for two weeks exactly so feel i can give an early review on it and advise any buyers with any questions they may have through the comments section below

i will split this review into two...
Published 11 months ago by buxz777

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars overall good apart from few niggles and v poor battery life
Ok this is an honest review of my impression of my Nokia Lumia 1020.

First up I would give it 4 stars but the battery life is pretty bad for a new-ish phone. is hard to live with and have to think about when it might die and plan for charging it.

The actual phone:

It looks very classy and well build, nice plastic texture (I keep wanting to...
Published 2 months ago by Ian

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203 of 212 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars nokia 1020 - great phone - great camera - top buy, 9 Oct 2013
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 1020 Sim Free Windows Smartphone with 41MP Camera - Black (Electronics)
hi there and thanks for reading my review on the Nokia lumia 1020 , i didn't purchase the phone from amazon but was lucky enough to get a 64gb one from o2 and have owned it for two weeks exactly so feel i can give an early review on it and advise any buyers with any questions they may have through the comments section below

i will split this review into two parts , i will keep the start as a bullet point list for those that like to keep it short and sweet , i will try to cover most common bases that people would ask questions about or think about when buying a new device . I will then write a summary of my usage of the device and how it compares to some other phones i have tried , i hope you find it handy , i do tend to waffle so you may want to grab a coffee and sit back and have a good read ;-)

so here we go with the bullet points

# great camera - high quality optics and sensor , great xenon flash , full manual controls , great interface/ui to work with , great sharing options it really can eliminate your point and shoot camera , its not quite as good as the 808 but trust me its the best camera on a phone that you can easily buy and it can compete with high end point and shoots no problem . Wow Nokia have done an awesome job with this camera , i am a keen photographer and am a sucker for a good camera phone this going all the way back to phones like the Sony c905 , n82 ,n86 , n8 , 808 . Just lately i have been trying to replace my Nokia 808 the best camera phone ever made but a little lacking sometimes in the smart phone world . I have tried the s4 zoom , s4 , s3 , 920 and always ended up going back to the Nokia 808 even though it was a little lacking in the smart phone department id rather have that awesome camera with me to capture that moment forever in the best quality i could rather then capture a blur of a person because they moved a little and the lighting was poor on say the s4 or s3 . The lumia 1020 is the 1st phone that lets me retire the Nokia 808 and sell it on for someone else to enjoy , the 1020 quality is great , not quite as good as the 808 in terms of pure quality and high iq levels but it makes up for this in little ways like better high ISO quality , ois built in to let me get just over 2 seconds exposure time without blur and shake free videos . Now when i say the lumia 1020 isn't as good as the 808 in terms of pure image quality dont let that put you off , i am just being honest , it isn't as good but lets face it the 808 is a phenomenal camera phone and the 1020 gets so close that even coming from the 808 you don't feel like your sacrificing a quality usable shot like you would trying to use a s4 or s3 or iPhone to replace a high quality point and shoot camera , the 1020 does an awesome job and because of the big back lit sensor , high quality lens , ois and powerful xenon flash this camera is very versatile , it offers a nice depth of field to shots meaning you can pull of a nice bokeh effect and if i have to have one complaint about the camera it would be that the camera choses the wrong settings in auto mode sometimes . For example an xenon shot the camera might chose ISO 800/1000 and set the shutter at 1/30s , now for an xenon shot the iso is to high and the shutter speed to slow meaning that the image is not as good as it could be . Nokia have been notified of this via their forums and a mod has confirmed Nokia are looking into it

# great design and build quality - the phone looks striking , in any color you chose i can guarantee when you feel the phone in your hand you will be like ''wow'' it screams high end , the soft touch poly-carbonate plastic isn't a Samsung galaxy job and doesn't feel cheap to hold in fact it feels great to hold , it hides finger prints and because its a solid color all the way through it hides scratches and blemishes really well , there are no creaks when you push the phone and the phone is just a joy to look at and hold , its like a rolls Royce cross military tank of phones built to last yet beautiful to look at . The camera hump is also very clever in the way its done , i have tried an s4 zoom and to be honest that was cumbersome to hold the 1020 is a big phone but the camera hump doesn't effect that and is hardly noticeable

# good audio quality through headphones and Bluetooth - i listen to music all day at work and it sounds a lot better then my old 808 through the same headphones

# great signal and phone book - well the 1020 might be a great camera but its a phone 1st and i find the signal to be great , it supports 4g/3g/2g , the call quality is very clear , the people app is the phone book and its a great little app that brings all your contacts together and then syncs them to Hotmail so they are safe , i found the 1020 to be a great phone as well as being a great media device and camera etc

# lovely little touches - the 1020 is running the latest windows 8 version and has lovely little touches like double tap to wake the screen , glance/peek feature , apps that can customize the lock screen etc and these all add up to a very nice user experience on the Nokia 1020

# extras you can buy - i was lucky to get all the extras for the 1020 because i pre-ordered it , you can get a cool camera grip that also has a 1050mah battery in it and it connects to the phone so that it tops up the phone battery which is very handy on long days out where you might be using the camera a lot , a wireless charging pad but you will need a wireless charging case as well the two of them combine to offer the 1020 wireless charging which as some 920 users will tell you can again be very handy , there are also many cases and screen protectors on eBay and amazon for the phone

# screen - the screen is of the amoled variety and is just over 720p in resolution , some people will moan it isn't 1080p and i will admit the s4 and phones alike screens are very nice indeed but the 1020 is no slouch , it offers a very high refresh rate , sensitive touch so it can be used with gloves , popping colors that can be tunes to your liking via Nokia screen app in settings . great blacks , the 720p also means that the phone is more battery friendly when using the screen yet still maintains a very decent ppi and looks great

# loudspeaker - the loudspeaker is pretty decent , it isn't no htc one boom sound but it maintains a good clarity at its highest level and is handy for playing a quick tune , watching a video , sat nav and is more the adequate for a phone , its also worth noting unlike a lot of phones the speaker is not on the back but the bottom of the device which helps when the phone is laying back down where many devices would have their sound blocked and muffled

# windows 8 - i am going to mention this as a positive because i enjoy it , i am not a fan of a particular o/s in fact i like them all and they all have pluses and negatives , i used Symbian for years and loved it , used ios and enjoyed it , loved tinkering about with android on high end flagships but i find windows a middle ground between android and ios and find it fresh , easy to use , fast , slick , fun , different . It is more customiseable then ios but not as much as android and certainly a lot more like ios in the way its locked down but for me it just works . Dont get me wrong it isn't perfect and some things could be better but isn't that the same with every o/s? i think we would all have different ideas of what the perfect o/s should be and would be but for me windows is great and works well . Its nice to see people buying into the windows 8 eco system as well phones like the 520 and 620 are selling like hot cakes at around 100/150 and phones like the 1020 and upcoming 1520 will help even more . Its also nice to see another o/s tuned to hardware this phone fly's off its spec and people will say yeah but its not quad core ..... trust me it doesn't need it to run nicely and the user experience isn't effected at all

# battery life - the Nokia 1020 packs a 2000mah battery in it , it runs a 4.5" screen amoled screen , dual core cpu , decent gpu , so although the battery seems small to say the s4s 2600mah battery the 1020 doesn't have to push as many pixels and is running on a more efficient platform , you also have the luxury of an amoled screen so if your using dark back grounds then a lot of pixels will remain off for total blacks and decent battery savings . so how does this relate to real world usage i hear you ask ..... The 1020 is pretty decent if your using the camera all day and downloading games and watching videos you will kill it within a day like any other high end large screened phone out on the market however i play music all day , do a bit of social networking snap a few photos , use a bit of sat nav and then top it up while i eat my dinner and the phone lasts all day easy . Like all lumias it features a handy battery saver in the settings options and this will save battery even more ie it stops live tiles connecting unless you open them , dims the screen right down etc etc

# gps - The lumia 1020 didn't struggle picking up signal in my house , it locked on quite quickly and seemed stable . On a short drive the 1020 followed me precisely . Worth a mention here is the great software that Nokia provide with their phone , its called here maps and here drive and you can download any map for any country via wifi right through the phone as you need it . This is a great feature and on other phones fully downloadable maps like this would cost a fortune . You certainly cant fault the 1020 for gps and gps apps , there are also Google maps 3rd party apps in the market place that work well

# Microsoft Eco system - i have now dumped Google completely as i am really enjoying the Microsoft Eco system . You have Xbox , Xbox music , skydrive , office , one note , Skype , internet explorer then Nokia have their offerings with great camera apps and games and sat nav and mapping its a great eco system and even if it isn't it feels much less intrusive then Google can sometimes seem with some apps from Google marketplace asking for some crazy permissions just to run on your phone .

# market place for games and apps - a lot has been said about this and you will hear many people saying '' windows phone has no apps'' this is a complete joke and anyone who has used windows phone will tell you about the high quality apps that are in the store , for example there isn't an instragram official app however there is one called 6tag which has more options then the official instragram client , its the same with sound cloud no official app but the 3rd party ones offer more then the official ones on android and ios. There are high quality games to tide time ok not as many as ios and android but defo enough to kill time although i will say if your into gaming on a mobile i would buy an iPhone as their gaming catalouge is huge and also very high quality however windows phone is very underestimated in terms of apps and the ones i use are really polished and fluid and work great , if you hear people say that windows phones is lacking in apps then check it for yourself on a demo unit in store and use the store search to see if you can find the ones you use you will probably be surprised. I think the store could do with some books and movies too a bit like xbox movie rental service etc but that will probably come in the future

# storage space - i think Nokia messed up here i really do . There are 2 versions of the Nokia lumia 1020 a 64gb model and a 32gb model , now most places will only ever see the 32gb model as Nokia signed a deal with telefonica (o2) to sell the 64gb version . This wouldn't matter so much but Nokia have once again failed to include a micro SD card slot , yep that's right no micro SD card on a 32gb camera flagship ..... someone at Nokia needs to have their head checked. Now i understand the sealed unit argument but they have designed a nice sim tray design why not expand on that and build a dual tray with micro sd as well or a separate slot just like the sim tray . Now there is skydrive and you do get 7gb free when you sign up , the prices to extend the 7gb also aren't to shabby however if your a little old skool like me you will always prefer hard storage rather then using the cloud and the more memory the better right? Now whether the 64gb model is just a timed exclusive or whether it will remain an o2 exclusive is yet to be seen but to most people the 32gb is the only option and of that about 27gb will be available to the end user you at home reading this , i thin a lot of people would also rather have the option to spend 50/75 more for the extra 32gb of memory rather then it be tied to o2

I think that covers the basics of what most people would cover , if not and you want to ask something more then please feel free to ask in the comments below and i will get back to you asap

So how does the phone perform in real useage and would i recoemend it to perspective buyers ..... Well is real useage this phone is great it has a really good spec , it is built really well with a premium solid feel to it , from the design to the camera , to the screen and speakers the hardware works together like a team of rowers going for an olympic gold . The phone doesnt lag at all and performs really well . It offers some great little features like the camera grip and wireless charging and there is no doubting that the camera is a major asset to have even if your not a keen photo taker like me the shots you do take will be awesome quality and worth looking back on in years time rather then wishing that youd taken that important memory with a better camera or remebered to bring your point and shoot with you that day.

For me honestly its distinguishing features like this camera that set phone apart i mean most of the high end phones pretty much all do the same things don't they? some a little better then others maybe but not so much youd chose a specific phone because of that slightly better app or slightly better way it does something but when you look at something like this 1020 camera its not just a little difference but a major difference to have a camera with you at all times that can be used in all types of conditions and still get great shots ..... how many times have you taken a photo of a loved one only for the photo to come out blurry because they moved a tad when the shot was taken , well not with the 1020 and its things like that for me that make this phone the best on the market . Like i said earlier on in this review i tried many devices before the 1020 and just wasnt happy with image quality from them after the 808 and now its so nice to have a phone that ticks all the boxes (bar micro sd slot)

i use this phone heavily all day every day from my alarm clock , to sat nav , to mp3 player , to sports tracker , to time killer via media or games , for catching up on tv , listening to pod casts , internet browsing , social networking , internet shopping , camera , video recorder etc etc and it has yet to let me down and even after 2 weeks every time i take a pic or use it a still get that little kid at Xmas smile on my face

the 1020 a photographic gadget lovers dream convergence device ..... lets hope this pureview tech and great camera development doesn't get lost in all this transition at the minute and lets praise up the teams that managed to squeeze all this tech into phones like the 808 amd 1020 when the s4 zoom is huge and still doesn't match the 1020 in terms of image quality ..... Nokia the 1020 is a job well done

what would i like to see improved on the nokia 1020?? well ill make a little list below

# as big as sensor as you can fit in a mobile device a record breaking 1" would be great although bigger then the 1020s and 808s would still be great

# quad core cpu not because windows needs it but it would help speed up the camera processing and also future proof the device a bit more

# waterproof design like the z1 or even a nano tech liquidpell that can be seen on you tube , it would be great to use the 1020 in the rain and not worry it would also make a tough phone even tougher

mhl out and usb2go - all done via the USB port so wouldn't spoil the lumia curves and design language , would enable users to offload pictures quickly to pen drive and also connect to tvs via mhl-hdmi , things like this would just make the 1020 a bit more versatile in different situations

battery increase - maybe a full camera centric windows device with a thicker design allowing bigger sensor and bigger battery for the ultimate camera phone

Thanks to anyone that managed to read till the end and i hope you found it useful , all of the above is just my opinion on the device , if you found it useful please don't forget to vote it up

have a great day and happy shopping
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4.0 out of 5 stars An amazing camera phone with a disappointing battery, 18 July 2014
Shaun Dowdall "Shaun Dowdall" (York, UK) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   
The Nokia Lumia 1020, a beast of a handset wielding a monster of a camera. Some would say it's crippled by its operating system, whereas some truly enjoy the Windows Phone ecosystem. I decided to give it a try, taking the phone for a spin and giving Windows Phone a chance on a high end handset. So what did I think?

Look and Feel

The Lumia 1020 is a big phone, but it feels nice in the hand. It has curved edges with no horrid sharp corners like some phones have, making it much more comfortable. The polycarbonate shell looks fantastic and promises to keep your phone looking smart throughout it's life.

Despite Nokia getting the curves and the look right, the phone is chunky. One major area that makes this device uncomfortable to hold is the camera lens. Granted, its one of the phones best features, but it comes at a cost, sticking out of the back of the phone and making it awkward to hold in one hand.


There's a lot to say about the camera on the Lumia 1020, but I can sum it all up with just one word, wow. This device takes the best pictures I have taken on any smartphone currently on the market. The picture quality is absolutely outstanding and the range of shooting features really is impressive.

The biggest thing for me that really stood out is the xenon flash. There are no situations where it's too dark to take a picture with the Lumia, the flash helping to capture brilliant photos even in extremely low light conditions. The pictures aren't void of life, or washed out like they are with a standard LED, and this feature has really come in handy.


Here's where things take a turn for the worst. I'm used to smartphones and their tendency to drink battery, however the Lumia may as well be a landline phone! At best I'm lucky if I can squeeze 12 hours from my device, and that's with relatively low usage. For anyone who needs a phone to last the day then look elsewhere, or at least stock up on battery packs.

What I liked

There are a few things that really impressed me. Obvious the camera is right up there, but the Nokia Here Drive feature offered amazing sat nav. It has a whole host of features and hands down blew every other devices built in GPS out of the water.

What I disliked

The battery! This is by far the most disappointing aspect of the Lumia 1020, ruining an otherwise great phone. I've tried all sorts, lowing my brightness settings, turning off most of my wireless functions, but no matter what I do, the battery is just poor.


So I thought I would hate this phone, only enjoying the camera, but oddly I've found myself growing very attached. The camera is great and I've even grown to like windows phone, something I never thought would happen.

The major things people need to consider when deciding if you want this device is the size and the battery. Phones are getting bigger, but they are also getting slimmer. The Lumia is big and relatively fat. The battery will most likely be a deal breaker for most people. Luckily I work with chargers all around me, but if I didn't have constant access to the mains then I don't think I could put up with this phone despite how much I love everything else about it.

If camera and price are at the top of your list, then give this device some consideration. If portability and battery are at the top, then turn away now.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Nokia Lumia 1020, 22 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Hopefully the below is useful and can appreciate this may not be everyone's thoughts...

The camera works very well and it's 41MP hardware serves as a great selling point but also allows novices who know very little about photography settings to play around and produce some amazing results. There is a great help walkthrough when first using the phone. The software that comes with the phone is very good and you could get away with not downloading any further apps however the app store does provide a great variety of photo editing software (+ others). The camera is not completely instant at taking a pictures and moving to the next take. Feels like the apple phone is faster at taking one picture to the next but then it doesn't have such a large photo file to process and save, but its not a huge deal as it only takes a second or two and your onto your next snap. The options available for the type of shots you can take clearly outweigh the timing issue (huge array of differing shots available). Holding down the camera button will take you straight to taking the picture even when the screen is locked so you wont miss a moment. The application the camera opens up in is customisable as your able to use different apps depending on the type of picture you want. If your thinking of this or an SLR then there is no competition - An SLR which designed only for photography would be the way to go. But as phone camera there is nothing out that competes. Question is whether you want to carry an SLR with you and phone or will your shots mainly come from your phone.

Having not owned a windows phone before and predominately coming from Android this was a smooth transition. The windows operating system is minimalistic that makes the dual core processor easy to multi-task. Very easy to use the operating system and plays well with efficiency but leaves room. One thing that was missing from windows is the notification bar that Apple and android have but this can be avoided by arranging your tiles i.e. email tiles at the top so you can instantly see if you have any new mail. The software for emails feels much more cosy then google and apple- unread emails are clear and grouping of mail can be expanded much more easily. OneNote is an amazing add-on and very clear and simple to use. Of course being windows you also have office (mobile version).

Windows has had negative feedback about the volume of apps available, which I don't think is fair as much of the app stores in apple and android although they have larger quantity seem to also attract a large volume of rubbish apps. Windows shop/ app store feels more tidy haven't felt like the store doesn't compete with apple or android (Just depends on what you want from an appstore). They have some catching up to do to compete in the long-term but for now the apps available are varied and include much of what you expect: Youtube/ facebook/ Twitter/ Vine (beta)/ Instagram (beta)/ candy crush/ angry birds etc. Can expect this to grow as Windows strategy has been to grow there apps.

The touch screen keyboard is very good and responsive - possibly one of the best used on a phone and auto-correction is very clever.

The battery lasts about a 1 day- 2 days with medium to heavy usage but this doesn't seem any different from the other phones in the market. There is a battery saver option and things like Wi-Fi automatic turnoff when phone is locked to save on some juice. Would have been nice to have a 2500 MaH instead of 2000 but that would most likely make the phone much heavier, so this is most likely for the better.

The quality of the screen is superb and colours appear vibrant and picture is clear for movies/ trailers etc. Comparison between S4 and 1020 would be slim to tell the difference but preference proved to put my vote for the 1020, softer feel.

The phone is solid and speakers are great. very clear when making and receiving calls and phonebook does an excellent job of giving the option of linking entries (just like Android). Does well at managing multiple email accounts and setting these up was effortless.

Even when the phone is locked I seem to have a digital clock that is always on. Not sure how to remove this but doesn't seem to use much battery power but keeps my phone lit up night. update: this can be changed from the settings screen and suprisingly you can vary the digital clock to peek or off.

Navigation is fantastic and is a life saver when lost on route somewhere. Much better then most phones (my opinion is that its much better then Google and Apple navigation). Maps can be downloaded and uses GPS and you can avoid data usage. So you can take this internationally without being charged for data usage.

Phone is bulky but seems all phones are getting larger screens but still feels light enough to keep in your pocket. The phone is not flush from the back and camera does stick out but if your buying a case for the phone then look into getting one that will correct the back to bring it flat.

the normal size is 32GB which is larger then most phones but the 64GB would have been a better option considering the picture sizes. But with all apps etc installed I had about 20GB free for my media. There is no expandable memory here but 32GB should be enough for any normal user.

Overall thoughts:
Phone is very good and does the job with an excellent camera to boot. Feels solid and hardware combination works well and there is no feel of lag etc. If you have an xbox account then you can even earn achievement points for the games played on the phone. The phone offers great multimedia device with great functionality. Nokia have shifted the goal posts here and putting emphasis back to camera phones. Skype calling is also amazing quality, beats the quality of my tablet.

The phone is full of suprises and its much better then just being a superb camera phone.
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3.0 out of 5 stars overall good apart from few niggles and v poor battery life, 17 July 2014
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 1020 Sim Free Windows Smartphone with 41MP Camera - Black (Electronics)
Ok this is an honest review of my impression of my Nokia Lumia 1020.

First up I would give it 4 stars but the battery life is pretty bad for a new-ish phone. is hard to live with and have to think about when it might die and plan for charging it.

The actual phone:

It looks very classy and well build, nice plastic texture (I keep wanting to eat it!) plus the camera hump is not that big an issue.

Size - I am not used to big phones, it is same size as the S4 just thicker, but the flat ends do make it uncomfortable to use one handed. Attachment for a camera leash is great idea and makes it safer to hold without dropping.

Good Screen - The screen is good quality

Speaker - Is ok but base is not amazing and speaker position is poor at end of phone (think will get dirt and sand from beach in speakers! have to be careful)

Video Recording - Pretty Brilliant 1080p video recording!! (love the 4x zoom) and sound quality is so crisp! (prior to the previous 2 faulty phones I initially had)

Great Camera - I nearly forgot is the reason you will want this phone, it takes really good photos that have good depth of field and do look more like photos taken on a proper camera and not on a phone :) I love taking photos on this and are very happy, feels like a camera to me :) My only negative on the camera is that if the subject is moving (say a dog or small child) then because it takes a second or two to autofocus on the subject by the time its done that and you hitting snap the subject has moved again so you end up with out of focus photos. BUT.... when you do hit on one thats in focus, its amazing quality!! :) so just keep snapping! ;)
The time saving photos, shot to shot time is not an issue whatsoever :)

Battery Life - Um. Well this is the main reason I give 3 stars. It is not very good. My friend has iphone5c? says she gets 2-3 days! I may update this review after further use but so far battery drains 10% just overnight (on standby) and web browsing drains battery at a rate of 7% in 10minutes!! I have to charge it in the morning and then again in evening/night for 1.40hrs, which is long time and it is a bit frustrating. I would not recommend this phone due to this. Only reason I can recommend it is if you love photography and its camera quality.

Windows OS - Well I was not wanting to get the phone due to it being windows but on the whole first impressions are I have been pleased. It is actually not so bad and I can get all the apps I had on Android (Twitter, TV Guide, iplayer, ITV player, TuneIn Radio, Weather).

Windows OS the Bad - Windows (or Microsoft) do not think as normal people so I am finding out their odd ways of working...

Emails: if you download your emails on your phone and then check them on your PC it will then remove the emails from your phone! and you have not option of saving a copy. This is unbelievable that Microsoft can't do this and my 3year old Android could. It is like the stone age and as Microsoft sell themselves on being for businesses and this is unbelievable.

Web Browser: is ok can get round most things. But you will find in Windows Phone 8 that forms and drop downs don't work on 50% of the websites! (this is crazy) Other annoying issues are having no Home Page or option to have one and no forward button! (has a recent viewed button just found)

Music: Still not sure why but all my mp3s just display Unknown Artist on windowsphone not helpful, display fine on my Android phone and in Windows desktop. I have given up trying to use as MP3 player as its a mess, it should work but again Microsoft can't be bothered to address the simple things.

Volume: currently v8 only one volume for everything, apps, calls, text.. its stupid that this is overlooked on designing a phone and why has it not been fixed? also volume 1 out of 30 is actually still to loud!

Verdict: I had to return the first 2 Nokia 1020s I brought as first one had hissing on video recordings and the second replacement had light bleed from capacitive button. All have a black blob at top of screen and current one has black doughnut blob shape in centre of screen when you view a black screen at night. This is defect in manufacturing and although it should not be there I feel if send back with my previous luck a replacement might have worse issues.

I hope Microsoft will fix the things wrong (but don't count on it, not sure what they think sometimes)... Battery life is the only thing stopping me recommending this phone, for me drains to quickly when browsing the web etc. But if you want it due to the camera and like photography I recommend it, as camera is good and you will be happy with. (just note if use camera full time it will be drained from 100% to empty in 2hrs! ;))
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5.0 out of 5 stars Really good!, 6 Jan 2014
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 1020 Sim Free Windows Smartphone with 41MP Camera - Black (Electronics)
-Easy to use
-Good camera
-UI and design very good
-Smooth, not laggy
-Has all your day to day apps

Overall very good phone.
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32 of 36 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars How did they do this??, 4 Oct 2013
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 1020 Sim Free Windows Smartphone with 41MP Camera - Black (Electronics)
Really amazing camera....I mean REALLY amazing. Puts my digital camera to shame really. The on board after-shot editing suite is particularly nice, no need to mess about syncing images to my PC when I'm feeling a little arty. No problems with battery life: I get a full eight hour working day making calls, browsing, sending email, etc. without any issues. Highly recommended if you want to be different.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Consider a smaller phone + compact camera combination., 4 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I owned this phone for a week before I returned it for a refund because the focus had jammed at infinity. I could have asked for a replacement, but I read on the internet that other people had experienced the same fault, which was apparently a hardware issue, and so I decided, probably unfairly, not to risk a repeat fail. Instead I purchased a Nokia Lumia 520 and a Panasonic Lumix TZ60, which cost approximately the same, and I am more than pleased with my decision. This review is written on the assumption that the fault with my phone is not representative, and reflects my experience in the first week of use.

Windows Phone: I already owned a Nokia Lumia 710 which runs on Windows 7, and I was delighted with the improvements made in Windows 8, especially 8.1. I also own an iPad and although the selection of apps with Windows is more limited than Apple, it is more than adequate of my purposes and the Nokia apps, such as Here Maps and Here Drive are superb. However, and there is a however, you get Windows 8 and the Nokia apps throughout the Nokia Lumia range and so the Windows experience is not a valid reason for choosing this top of the range model.

Screen: Large and bright with great resolution. I was impressed and began to question whether I needed my tablet for internet browsing, email etc.

Camera: This is the only valid reason for buying this flagship phone, rather than a significantly cheaper Nokia. It is not just good, it is amazing. With 41 megapixels I was expecting a lot of noise, and compromises with image quality. Instead the images were bright and vibrant, with an amazing depth of detail. There is no mechanical zoom, and the idea is to just point and click and then afterwards, either in camera, or during external photo editing, trim down to the required area, and still have a lot of detail The reason you can do this is not just the number of megapixels, but a relatively large sensor. In practice you can achieve 3-4x zoom with acceptable image quality. So in practice, there is no need to take a lot of time framing the shot, just point, click, and then trim later. As well as the 41mp image, the phone also creates a 5mp image which you can easily forward for social messaging etc.

File handling: The simplest way to get the photos onto your computer is to simply plug the phone in via a USB lead and you can then view your image files through Windows Explorer, which couldn't be easier, especially when compared with all the fuss required with Zune in Windows 7. This is a huge improvement.

Battery and Memory: Disappointingly, the battery is fixed and cannot be replaced. Although with normal use it should last the day, with a lot of filming/photography it would need to be topped up. Also, there was no slot for external memory, which after loading up a decent selection of apps, will only leave approximately 15-20GB for photo/video storage. Again, for most purposes OK, but if you are a prolific video maker, then you will need to find a way of uploading some of your creations during the day. Even with WiFi this would be slow, and you might need to consider USB transfer - to a laptop, perhaps In contrast the much cheaper Nokia Lumia 520 has a removable battery and a slot for a memory card.

Physical Handling: This was an aspect of the phone which I found frustrating. I had the idea that I would substitute my Nokia Lumia 1020 for the phone and compact camera which I usually carry around on holiday. For holiday snaps, the Nokia Lumia 1020 would be quite acceptable and it would be much easier to carry just a phone. Or would it? If I carried a bag, or wore a jacket or cargo trousers all the time, then it would be - but with shirt and jeans, not quite. The phone is physically a little unwieldy to fit in a shirt top pocket and I was worried about carrying it in a jeans pocket, without a case which protected both the screen and the lens, and this was an issue. Most of the cases left the lens, which is raised from the body, exposed, and so the only option would have been a pouch. I also thought that if I was going to use this camera a lot during the day I would need an external power pack to keep it topped up and so the only option was a belt pouch or a bag. At this point the advantage of the single phone, over a separate smaller phone and compact camera appeared far less compelling.

In summary, and ignoring the mechanical fault with my particular phone, I was loved using this phone and impressed by the technology involved, although I found it awkward to carry around safely. However in practical terms it is possible to achieve the same results with a much less expensive Nokia Lumia phone and a sub 100 compact camera. If, as I did, you choose to purchase a superzoom camera together with a Nokia Lumia 520, you get much more than the single Nokia Lumia 1020 can offer for around the same price.

In the end, the decision comes down to whether carrying the larger phone around is likely to be an issue. If you wear clothes with enough large pockets to keep your keys and phone separate, or carry a bag, you might consider the convenience of having everything in one package is worth going for. Otherwise, consider the smaller phone/compact camera option.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A great cameraphone and so much more., 17 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 1020 Sim Free Windows Smartphone with 41MP Camera - Black (Electronics)
I've been "on board" the good ship Windows Phone since Nokia announced they would be moving to Microsoft's platform and have owned a succession of phones. As you'd expect they have steadily got better and undoubtedly reached their peak with this one. Bigger screen and slightly better battery aside it's really difficult to see how this phone can be improved on.

Don't let the biased review sites bemoaning the "lack of apps" on Windows Phone put you off. Everything you realistically need is in there. If not the original app then there are some excellent third party alternatives (6snap being a good example).

The Windows OS is fast and fluent and the extra customization that comes with 8.1 matches, or indeed beats, anything that Android has to offer.

Nokia's own apps - Here Drive, and the various camera apps are just the icing on the cake. There aren't enough superlatives to describe the camera on this phone. Looking at some of the snaps I've taken people very rarely believe they were taken on a phone.

The only slight niggle is that the battery life isn't great. However, I still get through a day with reasonable usage so it really is a minor complaint and not worth knocking a star off.

There really isn't much not to like about this phone, especially now that the excellent Windows Phone 8.1 is readily available. Very highly recommended !
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5.0 out of 5 stars 'After the buzz' review - three months of owning a 1020., 13 April 2014
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 1020 Sim Free Windows Smartphone with 41MP Camera - Black (Electronics)
If you are even considering a Nokia Lumia WP8 phone, you're probably a fan of being a little different. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is certainly that - more camera than smartphone, the Lumia is an odd beast. It is a perfectly functional smartphone, capable of streaming HD video, playing HD music, streaming, fast internet browsing and now - inclusive of the most popular apps (e.g. Snapchat, Vine etc.)

However, the processor is not the quickest, nor is it the lightest phone. The real reason for buying a 1020 is the camera, and so much has been said, but even now I take shots and I'm shocked as to how good this thing is. I haven't used my digital camera since buying this phone - it is a more than adequate replacement for my camera and a quite staggering technical achievement. This camera monsters the Apple shooter, regardless of what apps you dress it up with (ex iPhone 4S user and have played about with a 5) and even bests the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom's camera. For me, a keen photographer, I tested both the Zoom and the Lumia before laying down the contract. The Nokia's camera seemed more vibrant to me, and sucks in colour beautifully.

Nokia include two excellent camera apps to choose from, Camera Pro - which is a fully adjustable camera suite and Smart Cam, a sort of Instagram/Lomo plus app, with many effects and tricks to choose from. Both are easy to use and fun to experiment with.

The one thing that may scare people might be Windows Phone, and I have to admit I was apprehensive after only owning iPhones for the last seven years - it is a nice OS. It isn't as slick or as intuitive as Android or Apple, but it is aesthetically pleasing and can do pretty much everything iOS and Android can. Gaming is enhanced by Xbox ID support - so I would argue that WP for gamers would be an excellent choice.

Overall, if you aren't a keen photographer, I may recommend one or two other phones above this (The HTC One is a fantastic phone for example) but if you are, this is hands down an astonishing piece of kit. I'm still very pleased with my decision to go for something a little unusual, and in the bright yellow casing it turns heads. If the camera matters to you, you can't do any better than this for the current Amazon price.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Fed up with Apple & Android too? Consider the Nokia 1020, 30 Oct 2013
Would I recommend the 1020? Yes and some - it's a very very good phone for the reasons started in other reviews.

I had the 920 and loved it (even if the first went wrong within 3 weeks and I had to have it replaced), but the 1020 is better really because of the camera.

I also use a Note 3 and HTC One (also an iPhone 5 but we won't mention that out of date over priced phone). I too bought one from O2 - only because I wanted 64gB. Big mistake doing an exclusive with O2 on this Nokia, look how many potential non-O2 customers you have missed? If you buy off O2 (Only 528 inc VAT) with a 12 month contract (which I have anyway including unlimited calls and texts & 2gB data), you can unlock the day after you bought it free, allowing you to use it / sell it on any network. Considering the 64gB ones are fetching 550 on EBay you can't really go wrong if you don't like it.

Windows 8 - Great. Lack of Apps? Maybe nine months ago but not now. W8 is kind of half way between the IOS & Android platforms and that's why I like it. Initially it looks a tad old after coming from Android but it's easy to use and more direct - I wouldn't be surprised if W8 overtakes one of the other two platforms eventually. Either way I thought Nokia were mad to take W8 instead of Android but actually maybe they did the right thing, although now it's pretty academic.

Would I recommend the 1020? 100% yes. Camera is fantastic, battery life is brilliant, audio good, sensitivity good and feels well made if not slightly drab - the lens area of the 920 was picked out in a lovely glossy alloy finish. The 41mp camera area of the 1020 is one big boring looking piece of plastic. It would have been so easy to make this attractive rather than a big flat wart on the backside.

If you are unimpressed with the new IOS 7 offering from Apple and its titchy 4" screen and totally boring blobs for icons then consider the 1020, bet you like it lots.
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