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4.6 out of 5 stars727
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 March 2014
I thought that Vikings would have been mainly focused on endless invasions/battles against England, bloodthirsty raids and so on. Instead I was delighted to discover a gripping tale about the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok (who, by the way, reminded me so much of Jax Teller!) determined to pursue his vision: explore (well, attack) the west lands. Challenged by his local ruler, Earl Haraldson, a man with no initiative and quite content to continue raiding the usual east lands, Ragnar has to deal with a number of exciting events. We follow him as a warrior, as a leader, as a husband and father, as a brother and meanwhile discover traditions of the Viking age.
Like all historical drama, it might not be 100% accurate (Michael Hirst also wrote the Tudors, which was criticized in terms of historical accuracy), but the show well reflects the Norse legendary sagas and is definitely a high quality product. Enjoy!
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on 23 March 2014
No more Kirk Douglas jolly Norsemen here, its down and dirty with these guys! At last an excellent portrayal of how Viking raiders should look and act according to historical accounts. Fabulous costumes, gripping storyline with heroes and villains, betrayal and mistrust, thrown into atmospheric sets with myths and legends throughout.
If you enjoy accurate history portrayed in historical film or TV with an exceptional script, then look no further.
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on 22 December 2013
Vikings is the best show of it's genre and one of the most spectacular television series' on-air today.

The cast is astounding, every last one of them. No matter which scene I was watching the acting had me hooked to the point where I actually watched the series all in one go in one day.

The locations and sets are breathtakingly inspiring; I could almost smell the fire in the Jarl's hall, smell the salt air of the north sea and feel the weight of an axe in my hand.

Then there's the soundtrack. The opening title music is so emotive and I think captures so well the physical and psychological hardships and culture of the viking high period. Throughout the show the soundtrack serves to re-enforce the acting and scenery. Sometimes you don't even notice the soundtrack and sometimes it's full on in your face; the soundtrack does exactly what all the great one's should do.

The x-factor on this show for me is the costumes. Thank goodness the 1950/60's ideas of hollywood viking costumes are dead and burried. The costumes appear to be very realistic. Some are simple, like the ordinary, everyday attire. Then there are finer costumes for festivities which look so convincingly authentic, and the battle gear looks awesome.

This is an absolute must own for anyone who enjoys a great story!

If you enjoyed the hobbit/lord of the rings or game of thrones then you'll love this!!!
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on 30 August 2014
Wow! The series seems so realistic. The eye for detail is fantastic! Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok is inspired. I'd certainly want to be in his team. His looks of murderous intent / content are quite chilling.
The first series has real depth to the acting talent, from the male and female roles right through to the child actors and actresses.
Floki! Brilliant! Lagertha! Be MY shield maiden!
The Vikings' lack of fear in battle and death and their love of ‘the fight’ is highlighted in the scene where they return to the beach with their loot only to be confronted by a larger enemy force. They hardly break step, put down their goods and continue to the beach to sort out this inconvenience!


Roll on series 2!
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on 28 February 2014
I was ill for two weeks in December of 2013 with the dreaded chicken pox, picture the scene,
there i was, shivering with fever and covered in pox looking for something to take my mind off the sickness, when i stumbled across the tv series, The Vikings.
i watched the whole first series in one massive sesh, and after gorging myself on the entire first series ,ended up needing more, more, more i tell you.......
Great job cast and crew , Fantastic, can't wait for the 2ed series witch coincidentally starts later today .......
Brilliant, Bloody Brilliance.
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This is an amazing series and if you haven't watched it yet I highly recommend it and would say go and watch it as soon as you can. Travis Fimmel is an amazing actor with just the right touch of everything for Ragnar Lothbrok and Katheryn Winnick is simply stunning as Lagertha and makes you want to go back in time and take up the shield alongside her as a shield maiden. I have been hooked since thinking I would just check it out and see what the series was like and now can't wait for series 3 which apparently is due to start filming. I absolutely love the monk Athelstan and his relationship with Ragnar and also Ragnar's brother Rollo.
I'm sorry for sounding like some mad fan person ranting on about how amazing the series' are but they truly are brilliant and each episode has left me on the edge of my seat and immediately switching to the next episode until obviously the very last. The series delves into ancient Viking customs such as their 9 yearly sacrifices which had me in tears and I never cry at films or series. Seriously if you are a fan of series such as Spartacus and films such as 300 etc then please check this series out - AMAZING! My final words on this are Bald Eagle oh my word!
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on 9 April 2014
I really enjoyed this and even though you are watching from the side of the vikings, you do realise what bloody and vicioius people they were... The series is quite graphic and it certainly does deserve its rating. I love the title music and imagery at the beginning of the DVD. I think I could watch just that bit alone. Thankfully the content and story line does ensure that I watch further.

I'm not sure if it is very historically accurate but I just don't care. I got into this on a long haul flight and bought it. I think my teenage daughter and I must have the same taste in men as we both fell for the charms of the main character ;-) The hairdressing department for this series must have had a lot of fun braiding and beading not only hair and beards. Very impressive and wonderful location. Makes you want to live there if you weren't so susceptible to having your head cut off.

Cannot recommend enough. It is definitely one for a darkened room and booming speakers.

Please make more soon....
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on 24 December 2014
Held off watching it for a long time as I wasn't 100% sure I would like it. However, once I started, I couldn't stop. Watched series 1 and 2 within three days. I would have done it in two but work got in the way. I absolutely love it!! I love Game of Thrones but sometimes feel it's a bit excessive at some points like killing babies etc yet the story and characters bring you back for more. Vikings is like that. You have the awesome story and compelling characters that just have layer after layer added with each episode without the killing of So in my opinion I prefer this to Game of Thrones. Well worth a watch!!

On another note the scenery, cinematography, scripting, acting, sound track and general direction within the show is phenomenal. Plus the cast kind of make you sick with their perfect physiques. Makes you feel like a leper yet at the same time inspires you to go to the

I cannot wait for season 3 next year!
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on 8 July 2015
The start is slow, and Vikings heaves its way through some uncertain plotlines before it finally finds something that sticks but once it finds its ground, there's a lot to enjoy here. One area that is particularly praiseworthy is the inclusion of female warrior, something that is both historically accurate and well handled. The shieldmaidens are not confined to a stale 'female warrior' trope, they are allowed to be mothers, farmers or even earls in their own right and are completely accepted by their society, not ostracised in a way that is used in other historical or fantasy dramas. The shieldmaidens are also never made out to be masculine. Females in this show can be warriors without being given masculine traits, there are no Arya Starks or Brienne of Tarths to be found (these characters are in no way bad but they are often set apart from other female characters) but rather women who are complex.
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on 4 May 2014
after watching this as my husband had heard it was good. I am so glad we did.
everything about this series is amazing,
from the story, to the acting, the scenery and the fighting.
one that makes you need to watch them back to back as you need to know what is happening in the next episode straight away.
every actor was fantastic, made you really think about what it was like in those days and I think they have done justice to history.
I have not seen a great programme like this except game of thrones that had me completely engrossed the whole way through.
I have just finished watching series 2 and that is also gripping, fantastic, marvellous..... the list could go on.
a must see.
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