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4.6 out of 5 stars115
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2013
The Z30 is a beast and has a quick response and also some android apps like my banking start quicker then on a HTC ONE and that is weird but it's just a blink. Also the camera was quick on the Z10 but the Z30 is quicker and the screen is with games and movies much beter. The sound quality is superbly good and I compare it with the HTC one with the same songs and it's almost a tie but soms songs where best on the Z30. I think because the speaker using the table/flatunderground to spread the sound at the back. So the music has more body (can you say that?).I test music from therapy, king of leons and Editor.

The camera quality is very sharp and good and love the movie editor. the timeshift is great to make pictures from the kids in action like skipping or running. The box (hub) is great all your social media and email in one place and love the new share function in 10.2 and works great for facebook,twitter,blogger and email and it has also top 10 most used contact. The keyboard was allready great but with 5 inch it is the best. The Design looks great and it feels good in the hand.

I love the HTC ONE design but I dig the Z30 much more and I love streaming my music every day to my surround set and the battery life is much more than HTC one and 3x times more then iphone 5 and also the reception is 2-3 times beter then the iphone 5. It's a beast to use and love it.
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on 11 December 2013
I have been looking for quite some time at replacing my phone with a smartphone, but everytime i entered a shop to test what available in the market, I found myself frustrated at how the market produces fancy gadgets that miss big times on the key functional requirements for a business user: long lasting battery, fast and easy interface, true multitasking, solid reception in every situation, clear voice and loudspeaker ....... i.e something that the old nokias (you might remember the 6310i) or Motorola, or Blackberry (Bold) used to provide

After so much looking around, I have finally found all this in the Blackberry Z30 .... and more.....

I know that Blackberry brand is in tatters, mostly because they are unable to play catch up with Android and IOS (and I would be surprised if they would be able to get in 1.5 years the number of applications that the competitors have accumulated in 7-8 years ...) however, if you forget all the media hype and look at the product, the Z30 is a top notch phone.

Let me tell you few things that really make it standout from the crowd and above Galaxy S4 and Iphone:
- The battery is fantastic .... I manage to do 3 days with a reasonable amount of calls and internet browsing, more like 2 days if i also watch movies and play (which I rarely do)
- The Audio and speakers quality is absolutely the best (I tried iphone and samsung S4, but there is no comparison)
- the menu is extremely intuitive and you can do all basic functions (such as opening or closing documents, closing apps, having notifications on the main screen, etc ... with a simple swipe ......
- The keyboard is outstanding ... extremely large, auto-adjusting, fantastic predictive text with swiping of the words, reducing the typing to an absolute minimum ..... so much so that I compare it to the best of physical keyboards I had in the past (Nokia and Blackberry)and makes typing absolutely effortless
- browsing is extremely fast ...... even in 3G
- speakerphone is crystal clear, as good as my professional landline polycom conference phone
- security is second to none..... you can get you emails encrypted, your phone coded etc

Being unbiased, let me tell you what is less good than competition:
- the screen is not HD .... but it is very good indeed, and being amoled it saves on battery
- the CPU is not quadcore ..... but it has a quadcore dedicated GPU, so you will struggle to find a videogame (or indeed a business app) which will put the Z30 in difficulty
- It's a bit of a weighty thing, but you get used to it
- and then there are the apps ... which are clearly less than what you can find in Android and Iphone .... however
there is more than enough out there to get entertained, download all the utilities you need, satnav, media players etc. Besides, if you really want an android app, you can sideloading it and make it run in a protected environment,
which works a breeze and can be done by anybody

So, all in all, I've eventually found a real business phone which is worth its price and will use for few years without the desire to constantly look for something new just because what I have is not good enough (I guess many of you have been there as well ...).

I hope that Blackberry will succeed to restore its brand and strong sales, as the Z30 is brilliant and shows how ahead they are from competition in understanding the needs of business or heavy smartphone users. As for myself, I'm sure I will use the Z30 for the foreseable future, regardless what happens to them and I do not hesitate to recommend it to whomever looks for a solid phone.
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on 12 March 2014
I'm old school Nokia user when phones lasted weeks on a charge then moved to android. Since OS versions change support is dropped and forced to buy a new phone. I chose Blackberry for functionality, it is intuitive, ease of use and get a good day and a half of charge. You get OS updates as you do for Apple, something that's missed on android or rarely experienced. Don't knock this phone till you've tried it. Okay I read a lot of folk saying there's not enough on the app front but it seems most people have an iPad or other form of tablet so there's your fix for apps there. For a phone with required functionality for texting, emailing etc. great! Thanks Blackberry, don't give up yet...
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on 1 March 2014
What more can I say? This phone is truly awesome! Why? Because it does everything you want a phone to do and more. As a communication device you can't fault it; Call quality is excellent, crisp and clear, SMS(txt), BBm, email etc is fast and responsive. I've never really been into Apps, but all the std apps are there from social media to games and more. And with the latest software 10.2.1, you can now install any android apps onto your Blackberry 10. For those of you who have only been use to a physical keyboard and are apprehensive of typing onto glass, let me assure you that within a few days, typing without a physical keyboard will become second nature-seriously, I've always been use to a smartphone with a keyboard and although it is different typing on glass, you'll soon get use to it and with the predictive words and the way the keyboard 'learns' how you type, it really is second nature.
I've now had the Z30 for just over 3 weeks and just love everything about it! My friends can't believe its a Blackberry......The BB10 operating system is so responsive, delivering everything you need quick and efficiently, it truly is a marvellous piece of equipment. If this is the start of the Blackberry revival then I cant wait to see what devices will be available to us in the near future!
Folks, go out and buy one now, you won't be disappointed.
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on 3 January 2015
Got this just over a couple of weeks ago, and I have got to say this is so much better than my HTC ONE that got robbed. Don't get me wrong about the HTC its very good, camera has a few issues especially in bad light, but this is just a brilliant phone.
The operating system is not android which is why I fancied something a bit different but after 24 hrs. of use, its so easy to use, bigger screen for use , you can download android apps from Amazon ,which I did and now I can watch Show box on my TV, after buying a HDMI cable from Argos, and downloading films through my phone
The stereo speakers are on the back , not like the HTC, which I would say match each other punch for punch .
Camera is very quick and decent photos .
Blackberry are having some problems but this will surely help them get out the mire. It is such a great phone its worth the money, I also bought from Amazon .com (USA) a phone case that the phone sits into and it has a cover that slips on/off but also on the back it has belt clip and when you push out the belt clip that makes it a stand . Brilliant. Bought this from a uk dealer and had it 24hrs later.
Between the 2 phones( HTC ONE , Z 30) the BLACKBERRY WINS IT FOR ME.
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on 29 December 2013
Every task is so easy and fluid. Awesome intuitive keys makes things so easy when typing. Ideal for emails, social, browsing in fact anything. Totally recommend.
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on 3 October 2013
the new blackberry z3o is amazing 5 inch screen three hd speakers super fast internet and blackberry hub this phone beats any phone on the market help save blackberry buy buying it
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on 15 January 2014
I replaced my iPhone with this. First I was very apprehensive because of all the talk about Blackberry going bust. And also because as a consequence I had not seen a single one of these handsets in real life. Not even one phone shop had this in Sheffield which was frustrating. I just spent weeks researching it on the net. It is actually my first Blackberry phone. Previously I was given one at work and I hated that.

There are also so many nice sets in the competition.

However, having bought It, I'm in love!
Everything on it flows very smoothly. The Hub is my favourite feature it eliminates the need for opening individual apps to check if you have a message etc.
Having used iPhone I'm used to having a physical Home button, so I wasn't too keen on the all-out touchscreen. i thought it would take a lot of getting used to. But I was wrong because there's nothing really to learn that much. And the gestures are very logical as well as consistent.

This phone syncs perfectly with my Macbook pro, a week ago I would've never imagined that. My iCloud calendars and contacts are all in sync! Moreover, I can access files and media on my mac wirelessly from this phone when the Macbook is connected to the Wifi. For example, a bit earlier I was watching an episode of Blackadder on my Z30 that is actually stored on my laptop.

The screen on it is large, especially compared to the iPhone's. But it is a treat for searching the web, and watching videos. The speaker sound is very unique, every time I listen to something I'm pleasantly surprised because it just sounds so damn good. I have never heard anything like it in all the S4s and iPhones.

My only gripe is that I there aren't enough apps. Now I'm not an app person... ever since I turned 21.... but there are some apps that are important to me, for example the RBS mobile banking app. On the iPhone I used mobile banking a lot. Transferring money, checking accounts, and seeing if a a certain payment has been made. It just saved me a lot of hassle of logging in on a computer. I hope this app will be coming to the BB OS soon.

As for games well the Z30 isn't really that good if you want a phone to play games on, there just aren't that many games, not even the popular ones. In my case though, I play all my games on Playstation3, and to me a mobile phone just doesn't cut it for gaming no matter how good it is. (The snake game in Nokia is an exception though)

Anyway nothing has stopped me from liking this phone, because a new BB update is just around the corner, its called 10.2.1, (its already been leaked) there are some fantastic improvements in it. And one of these is the ability to easily install an Android app, on the Z30.

Thank you for reading the longest review I've ever cared enough to write. tata

[EDIT]******. Updated to BlackBerry's latest version of 10.2.1 and it is just as I wished for. I have the banking app now. It's really easy to get android apps installed. Though I'm not an app junkie, and rather wait for native apps :) Ive noticed not all apps designeded for android run and look good on BB10. Now you can create Groups in the Contacts app. What's really great is that you can now text or email to a group of contacts en-mass. I have around 200 customers that require twice a week text update. You cannot do this on any other phone without an app.
Also in the Hub there are lots of sweet touches for example now you can pinch on the screen and it shows you all unread messages. [EDIT ]*******
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on 7 November 2013
Despite the fact that the general public seems to have forgotten about BlackBerry and moved to android or apple so they can play more games on their phones, BlackBerry continue to put out some excellent devices in their new rejuvenated BB10 operating system. The Z30 is the best phone the best one yet (and as a previous iPhone and Samsung Galaxy owner, I can say without any doubt this is a superior phone to either of those two).

The screen is large and clear, sound quality is excellent both for calls and listening to music. The dual antenna provides a strong reliable signal and I've not yet dropped a call or had poor call quality (both serious problems with iphones).

The build quality of this phone is first rate and feels sturdy and confortable in the hand. The glass weave back of the phone feels grippy and pleasurable to touch.

The browser is very nippy indeed, and renders Web pages very quickly. While much is made of the supposed lack of apps, most if the big names are available and where they're not, a web shortcut works just as effectively due to the speed of the browser (e.g. Tumblr)

Also worth noting is that this phone has what is far and away the best touchscreen keyboard on the market at present. It's very easy to type quickly and accurately, and the OS learns very quickly how you write and the more you use it the better next word suggestions become (in up to 3 languages simultaneously - I use English and Italian and can switch from one language to another absolutely seamlessly.

All in all, this is easily the best phone I've ever owned or used.
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on 26 December 2014
I've had my z30 for almost a year now, and still amazed at how good it is compared to others.
Girlfriend has an iPhone and can't believe how fast my Z30 is, the operating system is just awesome. The text input is way better than ios and android (although both are catching up) .
Battery life is an easy full day of heavy usage.
Great for making calls, and using as a speaker phone for work on several occasions has proved clear.
Apps are usually everyones downer for BlackBerry, but you have everything available in either bb world or amazon.
Recommend to anyone who likes great phones without the expensive i in front of the name.
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