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4.0 out of 5 stars Lovely Big Screen Device, 11 Feb. 2014
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
Look & Feel
If you've ever seen the HTC One, you'll have some idea about what the One Max looks like. It's essentially the smaller phones older brother. It resembles the original in almost every way, apart from a few small exceptions.

The device rings in at a massive 5.9", suggesting it's here to face up to the likes of the Galaxy Note series of phones and the Xperia Z Ultra.

One of the biggest changes the Max has over its sibling the One, is the removable back cover. This brings about two things to think about. The removable cover means HTC have included a microSD card slot! For me this is a massive win, it's hard for me to use a phone that doesn't have expandable memory, simply because I'm a massive data whore. So props on HTC for adding this in. However, this also means that the phone isn't made from one continuous sheet of metal, impossible to do really if the back cover needs to be removed.

The battery isn't removable on the Max, I have to say this decision did shock me. If you make the back cover removable, how much harder is it to make the battery replaceable? I'm not sure as to the exact reasons behind this decision, but HTC may say that the massive 3,300mAh battery means you probably won't be needing to replace the battery! (It's an argument I might even agree with!).

The next change from the original One is the shift in position of the power button. Instead of being on the top of the device, it's now on the side. I guess HTC thought the top of this large phone may be too far to reach. It's a welcome change, I'm a big fan of the power button being on the side of all smartphones, regardless of their size. The IR emitter still resides on the top of the device however.

The rear of the phone includes something a bit special, a fingerprint scanner. This lets you add an extra layer of security to your phone, but in my use I have found it a little frustrating due to the position, as I don't tend to place my fingers in such a manner behind the phone. The accuracy works great though.

The One Max sticks with the Boomsound speakers found on the One, but they are almost super-powered! The volume level is great, I assume it may be to do with the size of the speakers.

One of the best things about the device however, is the screen. It's simply wonderful, and has made the Max my media device of choice (the IR port and nice TV app also helps).

The One Max comes with Sense 5.5 running on top of android 4.3. Well, running on top is perhaps in inaccurate way of describing Sense, HTC have fully integrated the two to make what could be called their own "version" of android.

Sense on the Max is simple and easy to use,and the dark styling should appeal to most (as it does to me). There is a great coherency between all the stock Sense apps that we sometimes don't get from other manufacturers. HTC knows what it's doing on the UI side of things for sure, things feel... refined.

The Max also includes the controversial Blinkfeed. The default homescreen is an ever-updating feed hooked into all your social networks and news sources of choice. It's like marmite, you either love it or hate it. Me? Well I guess I appreciate why people like it.. It's good at what it does and it makes no bones about it. I will say that it looks fantastic on the big screen the One Max provides, enhancing it's position as a pretty damn good media device.

HTC have made other slight changes to the stock android experience, the other notable feature is the modification of the recent apps list. A double-tap on the home button brings up a card view 3 cards wide and 3 cards up. The screen previews are full-screen and provided in great quality, but it doesn't have the premium feel you come to expect from Sense inn my opinion.

The camera on the Max follows HTCs new direction. A camera with comparatively few pixels (4MP), but the pixels that are there are larger. Now, I won't be going into the megapixels argument right here, that has been discussed, and discussed, and then argued about too many times already. I will say that the camera on the One Max is comparable to the camera on the small HTC One.

The camera does well in low light as expected, however I did have some issues in well-lit light, noticeable when I tried to take a photos in an indoor arena at TV event. The bright light from the stage area blew the photo's out and made the photo throw-away. However the photo's I then took outside the event in the dark were much better and showed off the benefits of the Ultrapixel sensor. I do question the lack of optical image stabilisation on the Max though. This does sometimes lead to more blurry photos, especially if you have a shakier hand like me.

The camera interface is exceptional as we should expect from HTC, there is a reason Sense is well-renowned in the android world.

The biggest factor is deciding whether you will buy this phone is the size. That can put some people off, but for others it turns just another smartphone into something special. I have a feeling this may be an excellent device people purchase as a second media device, perhaps a more portable option instead of a tablet. Or maybe just those who want a One but with more screen space.

*Big thanks to the guys over at HTC for sending me a device over to review!*
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5.0 out of 5 stars Supersized to the Max, 25 Jan. 2014
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
now being a person that used to carry around My PDA in the early naughties, I loved the use of it so already had it pre-programmed that I'd be ok with the Max.

So onto testing and discovering what the Max has! Firstly I was wowed by the screen size so was desperate to try it's cinematic mode, (full HD and boomsound) the screen was perfect, even in 3G which I mainly use day to day on my network it was just excessively awesome, from downloads to YouTube all the way to streaming this had to be what buying a HTC one Max was worthy of, if just for movie watching. Then you have the social media side, this is what my job is, communication and journolism and without a handset that could keep up with my demands and flexibility then there would be no point, the HTC one Max surpassed this, as this blog will testify it allows me to get out everything needed.

Other great things have to be the battery life, personally I get a full 8 hours, but for less heavy users you'd easily get 10-15 hours, it holds up to usability standards and doesn't cut you short.

I've enjoyed having the Max, the only downsides are that one handed messaging just won't work however much you try and charging the huge battery up takes time so invest in a battery bank in case you forget to plug in the night before. Then there's the finger print scanner, personally I found it awkward to use and think HTC fell into the finger print scanner fad.

The HTC one Max isn't complicated to use, it's probably one of the best user friendly devices on the market, HTC really have thought of the user throughout from every age group who would use this, the only major issue you'll have with the Max is the fact it pulls attention and people will ask you constantly to show them what it does and how big it is, its definitely a conversation piece.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Bigger IS Better, 24 Jan. 2014
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
HTC One Max UK Sim Free Smartphone - Silver
If you are looking for a supersized brilliant HD display and unmatched stereo sound in a mobile phone, then the HTC One max is for you. Seriously this phone rocks! The images that are produced by the 1080p 5.9" screen are crisp and the colors accurate to real life. The stereo speakers blast out clear and clean sound including more bass than I have ever experienced from and single back speaker device. This is also the first device where I have to keep the volume at half power on average for the ringer to prevent me from jumping out of my skin every time I get a notification. It's that loud.

The screen and speakers are not the only things that shine on this phone either. Both the front and rear cameras are amazing! I'll start with the front. It's a 2.1 MP shooter but the cool thing about it is it has an extremely wide shooting angle. Normally you can only fit a friend or two in the "selfie" shot and that's with you squeezing tightly together and trying to stretch out your arm as though you made of rubber to get the whole shot. Pretty standard, I know, but with the HTC One max I was able to get selfies that included things like the entire family Christmas dinner with everyone at their seat and me in the shot, and beautiful surroundings while out for a hike. It lets you turn Selfies into Everybodies! The back camera is no slouch either. Even though it "only" 4MP the size of each pixel is close to that of a higher end digital camera. The benefits are noticeable too. For starters this camera lets me make surprisingly clean shots in very low light without a mass amount of grain that is normally found with this shooting condition. Daylight shots are also very clean and accurate. Being a 4MP shooter, sharing photos online is a much faster process, and you can store many more on the phone without running out of space so quickly. There are many more advantages that this camera has like the ability to shoot 20+ shots in a row at an alarming speed then do all sorts of fun edits with the built in software like make a sequence shot or remove unwanted people. You can even make a GIF right on your phone with your shots! Video recording is also great. It shoots full 1080p with both front and rear cameras, you can make and edit Slow Motion videos, and there is even a dual capture mode that lets you record with both cameras at the same time. I have been having a lot of fun with the camera. My only complaint is that with the lower MP you aren't able to zoom in very much. Not a big deal for me because I never use zoom on mobile phones.

The weight and size surprised me. I was expecting this thing to be a behemoth, now don't get me wrong it is huge, but it feels very comfortable in the hand with a perfect balancing point set lower to the bottom so there is less effort needed to hold it. It also still fits perfectly in my pocket. I you are a skinny jeans user then you will probably have a hard time with this fitting. Also this is not a one handed use design. If you are hoping to do all things one handed then get the HTC One instead. This is for two hands. That being said there are things you can do one handed, the power and volume controls for example are placed on the same side for quick access. Over all it is very comfortable to use.

Another feature I like is the fingerprint scanner. I have read other reviews on it and they had a hard time with it. For me I think it's great. I will say when setting it up pay attention to how you naturally hold it and set it up with that grip in mind. I am getting about a 98.9% first scan unlock, so that is perfect in my eyes. The only reason I have switched to a pattern unlock is because its very cold out now and I need gloves. I say give it a try you might like the extra security it provides.

In all I feel this is a wonderful device. I have found myself using it far more than then my laptop for all my computing needs. It has a great camera ecosystem, tremendous screen and sound for all your multimedia needs, and its good looking too. If You are looking for a new massive phone then the HTC One max is for you.

I want to thank HTC for providing me with this amazing device to review. I am beyond humbled because I am just a regular long term customer not a professional reviewer. HTC has given me the best Customer / Company relationship experience ever. Thank You HTC.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Everything I expected, and more!, 27 Mar. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
Well it's here and I have been getting to know it! Have to say it is everything I expected it to be and more. It looks great, and now I have the hang of holding it just below the on/off switch, which is on the side, rather than on the top where I had been used to finding it on my old HTC, I am managing not to switch it on and off by mistake, and I have ordered a case for it which I hope will make me feel more confident in not letting it slip out of my fingers, which I do worry about as it is very sleek! Mine did come with a frosted plastic case to clip onto the back to protect it when it is lying on a desk surface or whatever, and this helps to prevent the camera lens and fingerprint reader from getting marked. I shall have to remove this when I get the new case mentioned above.

The weight and size is taking a while to get used to, but I expected that, with my last phone being the tiny HTC Wildfire. The Max takes better pictures than I could have imagined, and all the camera effects and editing software look very exciting. Pictures look great on the big screen. However, much as I like the main camera, I don't like the front camera for selfies at all - I know I am getting old but it seems to emphasise every wrinkle, blemish, uneven skintone, and bags under my eyes. But maybe I really do look 99 years old and never realised it before.

Have not had chance to try the phone yet as we live in a no signal area and I have to link it to a gadget called a Sure Signal which so far has not recognised that I still have the same phone number but the SIM card contents have been moved to a new card in the new phone. However, I have held the phone to my ear as if making a call and I do like the balance of it and agree with another reviewer that the ear and mouthpieces, if you can call them that. are well placed.

It was no trouble at all to set up email and internet, and I like the live feeds and the fact that there are other screens that can be personalised with shortcuts to things you like to use a lot. Have not tried out the speakers for music yet as have had too much else to investigate. Can't believe the amount of stuff on this amazing piece of technology! It is going to take weeks to properly personalise it as I seem to keep finding new bits and pieces and getting side tracked from what I was doing. And I thought I was an organised sort of person!

Reading the screen is such a pleasure after my little 3" one with which I was really struggling. Can't wait to get the Kindle app installed.

There is a good amount of storage on board and I have added the micro SD card from my old phone for if I need more.

I may be reviewing this a little early, since I have not had chance to try everything out but I am pretty sure I am going to agree with all the other positive comments about it. I am glad I made the choice to go for the Max - it's brill! I can't imagine I would want to go back to a phone with a smaller screen after this.

One thing is puzzling me though - can anyone throw light on it please - in the box were two plain white sticky labels (on backing paper)....????? What are they for?!

ETA: I bought mine from BuyDayUK who have recently started selling on here and I found them to be very helpful and pleasant, and actually dispatched my phone when they said they would. I would also like to add that my phone from them is a genuine UK model - I checked that out with HTC themselves before I took the box out of the shrink wrap.
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5.0 out of 5 stars HTC go One better, 7 Feb. 2014
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
(Disclosure: I was sent the phone by HTC to test)
I had the HTC One previously and loved it, it was the best phone I had ever owned. When the One Max was announced I knew immediately that I wanted one. I take and edit a lot of photos on my phone and often got frustrated at the size of the screen for viewing and editing… While some people moaned that the 5.9inch screen would be just TOO big, I was relishing the thought of using it. I wasn’t disappointed! Within 2 hours of powering it on I was hooked and when I picked up the One to Bluetooth some files across I realised I was already used to the size of it. The build quality is as premium as I have come to expect from HTC and the attention to detail on the One Max is second to none.
Though the One Max has less pixels per inch than the original 4.7 inch HTC One, it is hard to tell, everything displayed on the One Max screen is beautifully crisp. I like to show family and friends images taken with my Dslr on it and they look amazing. Videos are also a joy to watch on it and I have found myself using Youtube a lot more lately because of it. The dual front speakers and ‘Boomsound’ are even louder than on the One and are way louder than on my laptop.
Talking of which, my laptop use has declined since I got the One Max as it can do everything my laptop can do but is obviously a lot more mobile and despite its size still fits in my hand comfortably. Websites are easier to view and social media is a joy with the large screen too. I purchased the official HTC Stylus as well and use that to type quite often, it also comes in handy for photo edits where I need a precise point to ‘draw’ an effect on a picture.
One feature of the One Max that has drawn a lot of attention is the fingerprint scanner. In my opinion it is located in the right place in regards to how I hold the phone. It was easy to set up and is easy to use, the only time it doesn’t read a scan is if my finger isn’t in the right position, 99% of the time it works first time. I have it set up to read both my index fingers to unlock and the middle finger on my left hand to start up the camera and am more than satisfied with it.
The camera, though without OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) is on a par with the Ultrapixel camera on the HTC One and I have had no issues with it, it does what I need it to do and when paired with the third party apps I use to edit, makes great creative images. Zoe’s and Video Highlight are much improved in Sense 5.5 and now allow you to set a longer time and add your own music as a soundtrack.
HTC have put a 3300mah battery in the Max and it will last me all day long, I don’t have to worry about finding a plug for my charger anymore, I can get 8+ hours screen on time out of it! All that from a large screened phone powerful enough to run any app or game with no lag!
All in all, the One Max is every bit as great as the One but suits me and my usage even better as it does it all on a larger scale. Though I appreciate it won’t be for everyone I would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a larger device.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Maximum Screensize, Maximum Experience., 30 Jan. 2014
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
I'm a person who constantly changes phones, forever upgrading as newer ones are released but I've had the same problem with a lot of phones - size.
This year I've had the HTC One, HTC Butterfly S, a HTC One mini briefly before giving it away and a Nexus device, all of them felt too small for the size of my hands. That's where HTC swooped in to save the day and sent me a HTC One max to test out on their behalf.
I must say I fell in love with the phone instantly, while using the Butterfly S I missed the premium feel of the One, but that's exactly what the Max is. The screen is perfect for any kind of media, watching YouTube videos or playing games from the Play Store, but even better than the screen is the improved Boomsound speakers which seem to sound louder and clearer than the speakers on all of HTC's other models of 2013.
Battery life is great, easily lasting me a day or two depending on how much I can force myself to stop watching videos on it.
All in all, I don't think I can return to a "normal" sized phone and would recommend it 100% to anyone who suffers from the same problem as myself.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best phone I have ever owned, 5 Jan. 2014
Mrs Rhian Reilly (Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada) - See all my reviews
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
I had an I-phone and Samsung tablet which I used to lug around everywhere. Since changing to the HTC one max I just need one device for everything.

I have now ditched my wallet because I have just bought a flip case which holds phone, cards and money.

The specs, speed, music and camera are all amazing! I had not even heard of HTC before I was recommended by a friend. Turns the HTC one is the top smart phone in the world by critics.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best phone I've ever owned, 1 Feb. 2014
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
This phone is whole heartedly the best phone I have ever owned. With no shadow of a doubt. My first impressions when this device was announced is that it was FAR too big, I’m not really a “phablet” fan, however owning this device has changed my mind in a big way. There’s a few little issues I’ve had with it, but nothing too significant. I’ll go in to detail about that later on however.
Where to start?! The size would be a good starting point. Do not let the size put you off purchasing this phone. The size was my biggest concern about this device (I thought my HTC One X+ was a big phone before owning this device!). I was worried I’d look silly with it, that I’d be unable to keep it in my pocket or it’d take up too much room in my bag. All silly things to worry about. Yes, the phone is big, with its massive 5.9” LCD3 touchscreen, but you WILL fall in love with the size after a while, and all other phones seem tiny and unusable after a while. The bigger screen is amazing. The colour and clarity on this device is better than my recently purchased laptop! It’s on par with an iPad retina display. At first it was difficult to handle the large screen, and I found myself stretching more to use it, but you soon get used to it and will learn to love it. When playing games on this phone, I found not only the excellent CPU speed, but the bigger screen makes for a better gaming experience.
Next we have the battery, there’s nothing I can fault about this battery, other than the fact you cannot remove it. A standard charge will last me on average 2/2.5 days depending on how much I use the phone. I always leave powersaver on and make sure mobile data is off when I don’t need it, and the screen brightness turned to auto. The battery is just phenomenal. Compared to all other smartphones I’ve used, I’ve no worry of this device dying on me when I need it most.
This handset comes with a microSD slot for memory upgrade (it can take up to 64gb), which I definitely would recommend you purchase a good sized microSD card to go with. I tried using just the stock 16gb memory, however, I couldn’t get anywhere near as much on the phone as I did on my HTC One X+. I now have a 16gb SD card in as well as the stock memory.
The camera has to be one of my favourite parts of this phone. I love taking photos with my phone. After a recent move to the Scottish Highlands, the camera on this phone has been whipped out at every given opportunity to take photos of the stunning scenery surrounding me! I thought the camera would be lower quality than what I was used to with the HTC One X+, however the 4 megapixel with Ultrapixel technology is just amazing. I personally feel the camera on my HTC One max is superior to the 8mp camera on the One X+. There’s loads of fantastic options for image adjustment, as well as Zoe. Zoe isn’t something I’ve used as much, but definitely a good feature to have. The clarity and colours the camera picks up is just amazing. Again, no complaints there.
There’s just so many cool tricks and features that come with this phone. Not only does the great screen allow for easier photoshopping/adjustments via 3rd party apps, but the phone also comes with a few neat little apps also, HTC Scribble and HTC TV. The TV app doesn’t work with our Sky box, however it works perfectly as a remote control for our television. Scribble is a good little app also. It recognises your handwriting and converts it to notes for you, still in your own handwriting.
The fingerprint scanner is one thing that I have not got along with. I found it to be unreliable, and within the first few days of having it, got myself locked out of the phone because it wouldn’t recognise my fingerprint! There is the option of putting in a password, but me being silly, I forgot what the password was! Luckily I remembered and managed to unlock with no issues, but a word of warning would be to remember what the password is as you will need it if the scanner fails 3 times! I turned the fingerprint scanner off in the end, we just don’t get along!
Another feature I’m not too keen on is BlinkFeed. Thankfully the HTC One max has the option to turn it off however. I prefer my homescreen with my customisable wallpapers, and my apps! I did find BlinkFeed more reliable on this device though than the upgrade for the HTC One X+.
This phone comes with a hardcase for your device in the box. This is definitely a must until you get another protective cover, and I would highly recommend you do get one, mainly because the size of it, it can fall out of pockets a little easier. The case that comes with it is certainly a good temporary cover, however it’s not very good for long term use. The corners on mine have cracked and the case is slowly falling to bits. The in-earphones that come with the device are great quality also. I do still prefer my Dre Beats though. BoomSound is another good feature of this phone. The sound quality that comes with it is just amazing, you can hear the bass a lot clearer, and it doesn’t sound as tinny as a normal set of phone speakers would.
This phone is definitely worth every penny. I’ve fallen in love with it and will not be parting with it for a very long time. I would like to thank HTC for giving me the phone to test out. It was a massive privilege and lots of fun!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic phone/phablet, 7 Dec. 2013
BHP (UK) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
I also have an HTC One and my husband has an HTC One Mini. I also have tried several Samsung phones over the years and a couple of iPhones. I must say that the HTC One Max is the best of all.

Professional reviewers complain that it doesn't have the latest Snapdragon 800 processor, that there is no optical stabilisation for photo taking. Both are true but a) the Snapdragon 600 is more than sufficient: this phone runs even better than the HTC One, and the HTC One is the smoothest phone I have ever had (no lag as with the Samsung Galaxy) and b) a slightly lower speed means that battery use is also lessened. After a full day of heavy use (I spend half my life checking emails, looking at work documents, browsing the internet etc, it seems!) I still had 55%. That has never happened to me before with any phone. And I haven't noticed any difference with photo taking, even in low light.

At the end of the day, what matters most is not technical specs, it is the comfort of use, and for this, the One Max is unbeatable (by contrast, for ex, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has significantly higher specs, but it stutters, just like the S4 itself). So here are the strong points of the HTC One Max from a heavy user's perspective:

- wonderful screen, clear and crisp, and so much space! It makes reading, browsing, watching films, videos, looking at photos so much easier. Your photos don't look like blown up stamps anymore, you can actually see (and edit) details. It also means that the keyboard is a little bigger, which makes for better typing. The native keyboard is good but do yourself a favour and get Swiftkey...

- size: yes, it takes space, but it is SO worth it. I am a woman and I don't like handbags, so the only way I can carry the Max with me all the time is at my belt (but that's what I did with my HTC One anyway). But if you get a holder with a belt clip (PDair does good ones) and then the size and relative weight are no inconvenient, while the benefits are so significant. You can fit more apps on the larger screen (and so need fewer screens), every thing is more spacious and comfortable. By contrast, even the One (4.7 inches screen) looks crowded.

- Productivity: it is the first time in my life that I don't cringe at the thought of looking at yet another Excel or Word document on a tiny screen. Then are actually legible, comfortably so. If like me you do a lot of work on the fly, it's invaluable. Also the Kindle app now looks like a small book, it's so nice to read and you don't need to turn the pages so often. In case you wonder, I also have a Samsung 7'' tablet, so fairly similar in size. But it is not half as well designed, nor half as fast, and I don't like working with it (plus the slightly bigger size makes a big difference when it comes to carrying the device around: I can still carry the Max on my belt, and my male friends were more than eager to slip it in their jeans pockets (front pockets, though)!)

- design: like the One it fits in the hand very well due to its thin edges, curved back and generally excellent ergonomics. And I have small hands (glove size 6), so if I can hold it comfortably, almost anyone can. And it's beautiful.

- software: Sense 5.5 is fast, intuitive, and aesthetically very pleasing. None of the terrible colours and design of the Samsung TouchWiz. And you can turn off Blinkfeed. Sense is now streamlined and has lots of very helpful little tweaks. For some reason it runs even better on the One Max than on my (updated) One. No bugs, just the pure pleasure of an intuitive and pleasant to look at interface. There is also an incredibly useful transfer tool which allows your old phone to push all its contents to the new (that's true of all HTC One phones). You get everything, contacts, photos, gallery, videos, music (etc) and most importantly system settings, down to the name of your phone, in about 10mn (I have a LOT of stuff on my phone).

- It has a slot for an SD card. Quite rare for HTC phones. It's not a deal breaker because you also get 25GB of free space on Dropbox but it's handy nevertheless.

- smoothness of operation: everything just runs so well in the background you don't notice anything except what you're doing, which is ideal. Nothing interferes with your work or enjoyment.

- sound: it doesn't have Beats but with Poweramp and a few equaliser tweaks you get an even better result (Beats tends to overemphasise the bass). Needless to say it blows any other phone out of the water, it's one of the features that everyone who has listened to it agrees on, even die-hard fans of other brands. That's with serious comparisons, ie same tracks, same headphones (or rather same set connected to both phone).

- clarity of calls: the new technology really work, it dims background noises and emphasises the clarity of voices.

- great photo gallery. Zoes are really useful (3s short films which the software will decompose in 20 frames to allow you to select and save the best pictures). I don't use 'Highlights' so much but it's quite fun.

I could sit here writing for ages but I'm going to stop here. If this doesn't convince you nothing will! In short, the One Max is the best combination of form and function in a phone (or phablet) that I have seen since I started using them, and I still remember the times when these devices were slow and clunky. The weight remains very reasonable (243g) and the plastic edge that reviewers complain so much about actually makes the phone easier to hold. Yes, the One Max is pricey. But it is SO worth it!

PS: for UK users: there is a super deal with Phone4you at the moment (Dec 8, 2013), you get the Max free, 3GB data and 4G for £26 per month.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Best phone on the market, 1 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: HTC One Max UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (16GB) (Wireless Phone)
I am going to write an honest review.
In the past I have owned an Nokia N95 Black, an iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Mega and the Sony Xperia Z.

This has been the best phone I have ever owned and thats even accounting in the fact that I have already had a replacement due to the battery swelling and being unable to fit the back cover onto the phone.

First things first this feels like a premium phone, it's made out of an aluminium and plastic combination. You have to take the good with the bad there. I will say it feels heavy in the hand at first but you definitely get used to it, you begin to enjoy the sturdy feel.
Even though you can remove the back the phone feels solid and due to its size people have confused it to the new iphone 6 plus.

This is better. The screen is beautiful and watching movies on Dice player is a joy at full 1080p. The experience is only improved by the two speakers on the front of the phone.

This phone fulfills all my needs as a user, great screen for watching movies, 6 inch screen which is brilliant for emails, texts, browsing and even games.

Pros: Great battery life, premium quality, premium feel, amazing full hd screen, expandable storage up to 128GB, 6 inch screen, HTC's version of Android is the best in my opinion. It's a sturdy phone, that isn't slippery or feels cheap like the other phones in the market. Also it could be used as universal remote (brilliant).

Cons: The back cover and the non removable battery. What was the point?. This will be frustratiing for everyone because it is very difficult to get the back cover back on. This coud ave all been avoided if they just made slots for the micro sd card and micro sim on the sides like the HTC M8.
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