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3.9 out of 5 stars103
3.9 out of 5 stars
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There doesn't seem much point in telling you what's available to watch as that's already been described well enough so I'll just let you know the quality.

The box itself is surprisingly small at 160x140x130mm. Compared to the amount of room the blu ray packaging would normally take up it may seem a little underwhelming but actually it works beautifully. The box lid is fully removable & fits snugly.
There is foam either end to keep the cases tight. The discs are held in card digi-paks which is how it all fits in so small.
Instead of just reproducing the original artwork each title has a unique portrait of one of the films main characters. So for instance Toy Story 3 has Lotso, Wall-E has Eva & finding Nemo has Dory & Monsters inc has Boo etc. None of the images are of the main character which is a nice touch.
Added to this is that each film's discs are colour coded with the cover background and the inside of it's own packaging & are unique to that film & to the box set.
The spine of each case has the title, date of release & a colour coded star that matches the films own packaging.

The booklet, while printed on nice paper, colourful & with a few facts on each film, (not sure how useful knowing the box office takings for each film is?), is really little more than a gap filler. Nice to have but little more.

This is a weighty little item & there is something very pleasing about the package as a whole.

A star is lost because the sound on Ratatouille & Wall-E remain non-HD. It wouldn't have hurt to have a bit of re-mastering for this set. Also, although not flimsy, it won't stand up to the bashing little hands are likely to give it.

All in all this is a really nice item. All Pixars films to date for less than a hundred notes is a bargain. This set tempts the viewer to try them all in date order and see how things have changed in the world of digital animation. It also highlights just how great Pixar can be at their best.

Packed to it's lid with loveable characters, fun stories, humour, in jokes, extras and hours of not just awesome animation but some truly classic movie making, this box set is impossible not to recommend.

If you have some of the collection but haven't gotten 'round to getting them all then here's you're chance & if you know someone who is a fan then this a present to bring a smile.
Great value for money.
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on 29 November 2014
I'm reviewing the box, not the included blu-rays/movies

The item arrived within 4 days of purchase to Sweden. The box set itself is gorgeous and I highly recommend this set. I managed to get it through Amazon lightning deals at £54 which is a bargain considering it includes 14 feature length movies and ALL of the short movies as of yet (2014).

What I don't like, and you can see this in my pictures, is that it seem that they have had some accident (damage to the box) during the production of the box. The reason you can tell it happened during production is that it only have affected the top lid. everything underneath and above (the plastic) is unaffected of the damage. I have also seen several other pictures of the box which has the same type of damage.

Because of this I will remove a star from a box set which otherwise deserves a 5 star review.
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on 25 September 2015
Not only does this boxset contain all of the full-length films we've come to know and love from Pixar (at least up until Monsters University as I ordered this before Inside Out was released), but it also contains all of their short films, including those from their very early years, as well as tonnes of interviews and making-of featurettes which really gives you an insight into how the company grew and the many changes it has gone through over the years, such as the losses of Joe Ranft and Steve Jobs. Sure, Cars 1 and 2 are mis-steps in an otherwise flawless collection of films, but Pixar has produced more perfect films in its lifetime than other companies could produce in 10 lifetimes. Definitely worth the money even if you're familar with only a few of the films.
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on 17 December 2013
It should be noted that I also preordered this set under the guise that the discs were region-free. They aren't. There are enough complaints, and mine would add nothing new.

So instead, let's review the actual product:

A collection of wonderful movies in a convenient storage box.

The Movies

If you don't know these movies, you are missing out on some wonderful story telling. Great watches for the entire family.

The Box

Minimal packaging is appreciated. Sadly, one child stepped on the cardboard lid and broke one side so it no longer fits snugly. Hardly the fault of the product. Cardboard movie sleeves may become an issue over time but more than likely, all will be fine.


Excellent collection and a must-have for families of young and old alike.

Note to US buyers

I converted the collection to digital via Vudu. (There are other services out there, Vudu happens to be my preference.) This solved the issue of not having digital copies included as well as converting the non region-free movies to usable content. This is my preferred means of media consumption, so while it may be a great remedy for me, it may not be for all.
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on 31 January 2016
A superb set, you're getting so much value for money here. 14 feature films, each of which look stunning on my PS3, with loads of shorts and each film full to the brim with special features. The box is great too, smaller than you'd think and is really minimalist in design: it looks brilliant. It's everything PIXAR have done up to Inside Out, so if you're a fan this is the set to get!
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on 18 June 2015
Gave this set as a gift. It has all ypur favourites in one box!
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on 14 March 2015
Perfect for any Disney Pixar lover. Bought for my 20 something year old daughter for those long winter days so she can snuggle up on the sofa and feel like a child again. All the best films are Disney Pixar! Great value for money
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on 4 September 2015
Pixar...come on its brilliant, what's not to like.
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on 2 February 2016
Absolutely great value. I got these on prime sale down from £80 to £50 and then amazon sent me a £7 refund on them (must've been by mistake as no complaint regarding) making them £43. Absolute great value. My son loves them
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on 30 December 2014
Fantastic collection and only downfall is the box that the DVD'S are in, its a bit cheap and can easily be damaged or break, Have to be extra extra extra careful. would give it 5 stars if the box was stronger.
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