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4.7 out of 5 stars66
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2010
I had some doubts about purchasing the DVD's because there are so many negative comments about the series being ruined with vast quantities of cuts in the episodes.

Hopefully I can put some potential buyers minds at rest with the following!

Series One is identical to my BBC VHS Release from the 1990's - the only cut being the removal of Pink Floyd to the music in the episode "Cash and Curry" and the theme/titles changed to the well known version from Series 2-7.

I think its fair to say this does not "ruin" the Series :)

The DVD transfer seems ok - the picture quality is not outstanding but I really did not buy it to examine the pixels...
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on 5 April 2015
When Only Fools began in 1981 it wasn't that well received,its a shame as the first series is terrific and sets it on its way to the legendary status it had a few years down the line.

The classic story is of course Derek'Del Boy'Trotter(Sir David Jason)and his dipstick younger brother Rodney(Nicolas Lyndhurst)who live in Peckham,London with their Granddad(Lennard Pierce)and their home is Nelson Mandela House council flats.They struggle to get by every day and Del who is a market trader is always thinking of ways to make a quick quid in his hope of one day becoming 'millionaires' but it normally doesn't end very well.
We see the first entrances of mates like Trigger(Roger Lloyd Pack)and Boycie(John Challis)along with their legendary local pub The Nags Head and many of the funniest moments happen in there.
Big Brother-'After the brothers have a row after buying some dodgy briefcases Rodders decides to leave for Hong Kong and it would of worked if he hadn't of forgotten his passport'.This is a fabulous start to the show and introduces all three characters very well and even straight away the chemistry is evident.We also see the first scene with dim witted Trigger 'who doesn't carry a gun but looks like a horse'and his moments with Del and Rodney is the best sequence in this episode.Funniest moments include 'wanting their beer in glasses or it dribbles through your fingers' or Granddad playing drafts on a talking chess game or Rodney bringing Granddad back a cheeseburger and he wanted a emperor burger or Del and family treating his mum's pregnancy with Rodney as a ulcer.This episode is such a strong start with so much laughter and chemistry between the three main characters and a great first scene with Trig.5 stars out of 5.

Go West Young Man-'After selling a Australian a wonky car the brothers head up west in Boycie's posh Jag where they bump into two crossdressers,meet two pretty girls and discover Rodney likes the police uniform a bit too much'.A very strong second episode with some of the funniest moments and dialogue in the series history.Like the first episode we have another of Del's mates introduced in the form of second hand car dealer Boycie and though she isn't seen his wife Marlene is mentioned.This episode wouldn't get away with some of the things said nowadays.Funniest moments include Rodney having a girlfriend 'with fat thighs' or Del thinking that Rodders dream of drowning means he actually wet the bed or Del being called a cockney villain by the Aussie or Del having a cocktail from 'Live And Let Die or is that Holiday On The Buses'.A much funnier episode than the first with laugh out load moments a plenty.5 stars out of 5.

Cash And Curry-'Del and Rodney get between a dispute between two Indian businessmen who are at war over a pricey statue that both say should belong to their families but as Del thinks some money might be up for grabs is everything as it seems'A lesser episode than the first two with it verging on silly a few times but still some very funny moments including Del having a black belt in origami or the brothers selling a rented tele or when Del thinks 'Macbeth said something to Hamlet in A Midsummer Nights Dream'.As i said before this isn't as good or funny as the last two episodes and is missing Granddad but still a top episode.4 stars out of 5.

The Second Time Around-'One of Del's many ex fiancees Pauline returns to Peckham and even though Rodders thinks she is trouble after upsetting Del before they get engaged again but before long her true colors come to the surface and was her ex husband really a victim of food poisoning'.This is a stronger episode than last time with the brothers relationship tested by a manipulative ex who wants Rodders and Granddad out the way.Funny moments include Rodney thinking if a third husband dies on Pauline 'she can keep the match ball' or meeting a woman who may or may not be their auntie or Del thinking 'pork scratching's sounds like a pig with fleas' or getting through to Tim the talking clock.A top episode with a evil ex on the warpath.4 and half stars out of 5.

A Slow Bus To Chingford-'Del gets into the tourist trade by getting a bus for Rodney to drive tourists round London and its called Trotters Ethnic Tours but with Rodders doing two different jobs for Del so is worn out and no people seeming to turn up how is Del going to get people to come'.This is a fantastic episode and the best since the second one with so many top moments crammed in.Funniest moments include Del telling how the Elephant and Castle got its name or planning to take the tourists to where Jack The Ripper was buried and to the house where Sherlock Holmes was born(even though he was fictional) or Rodney telling Del its not a good idea to put 'Trotters Independent Traders' in fifty foot lettering.A standout episode and proves the actors talents for humor.5 stars out of 5.

The Russians Are Coming-'Del buys a load of lead with a view to selling to builders(or butchers or a chemist)but when Rodney says the lead is fact a diy nuclear fall out shelter they decide to build it and test it out along with Granddad,thats if they can get there in time'.This is a classic episode and one of my favorites ever with some truly side splitting moments and a very clever idea and proves the future potential of the show.Funny moments include potential missiles going over Sweden(though only just left Siberia 20 seconds ago)or Rodney having the 'mind of a plain brown envelope' or being chased by the cops even if the siren won't switch off or even in a nuclear war there has to be somewhere to get rid of your toothpaste.This is the best and most funny episode in this first series and the one i have seen most.5 stars out of 5.

Christmas Crackers-'Christmas comes around for the Trotters but after a bag inside the turkey,burnt Christmas pudding and only the circus on tv Del and Rodders go out to the Monte Carlo club but even that seems to go wrong'.A top way to end the first series and possibly the best Christmas special the show has had and proves Christmas isn't a great time for the Trotters.Funniest moments include Rodney having a book on body language or Granddad loving his money from Del but not giving him anything or whether to stay in and watch 'The Sound Of Music' or telling some ladies they fancy about the 'giblets'or asking some other ladies if they were going home yet though Del might just want their table to sit down or the funniest moment the catastrophe of the ruined turkey which is like 'looking into the jaws of hell here' and it contains 'sage and molten plastic and things,its like Irish night at the delicatessen'.This is a real classic to stick on at Christmas time as it will always make you chuckle.5 stars out of 5.

All in all this is a fantastic start to this unbeatable television show that even though it is stronger in a few years time with more characters introduced,funnier lines and moments and genuine moments of sadness(unheard normally in sitcoms)along with truly stunning episodes this first series still shows its potential and even then everyone knew what a series this could turn out to be.

Don't be a tart you plonker and watch a series that changed history.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 May 2008
I very much enjoy watching these earliest episodes of the nation's favourite sitcom, where we were introduced to the irrespirable Del Boy and his gormless younger brother Rodney, as well as their loveable old granddad.

Although the modest ratings that this series achieved upon it's original airing showed no indication of just how huge 'Only Fools' would become, and indeed none of these episodes stand out as any of 'the best', they showcase a sitcom with plenty of potential. The three main actors have brilliant chemistry, almost as if they had been playing these parts together all their lives, and were brilliantly supported by a host of colourful characters, including super brag Boycie, and air head Trigger.

David Jason is a master of his work, and created one of sitcom's best loved characters in Del, a cocky, unlucky in love, fast talking wheeler dealer. Nicholas Lyndhurst had a great teacher in David, and has matured into a fine actor in his own right, although if I'm honest, I still believe his best portrayal has always been Rodney.

This DVD contains all six episodes, plus the Christmas Special which were originally broadcast on BBC One between September-December 1981.

The episodes are:
1. Big Brother
2. Go West Young Man
3. Cash and Curry
4. The Second Time Around
5. A Slow Bus to Chingford
6. The Russians Are Coming
7. Christmas Crackers

'Only Fools' is comedy gold, the brain child of writer John Sullivan, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. They don't make them like this anymore - lovely jubbly.
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on 6 July 2010
This whole series of Only Fools and Horses is an excellent example of British Comedy at its best. Parents out there can let their children watch it without fear of any 'bad' scenes or distasteful language.

The Series 1 was aired on TV long before my sixteen year old son was born and he watches this and the other series constantly. There is continuous laughter coming from his room and it is good to see him and his siblings enjoy something that doesn't contain gratuitous sex and bad language.

I recommend this to everyone both young and old.
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on 19 December 2015
The start of one of the BBC's great comedy success stories. Ironically if this was suggested today it would probably never be commissioned.

The first three episodes are great. "Big Brother" involves one of Del's dodgy dealings (suitcases) going belly-up and manages to introduce the three leads and their little quirks well. Episodes two and three involve a doomed attempt to hit the West end in Boycie's car and a lesson that con-artistry often rebounds on itself. The rest of the series is mostly kind of slow, although the characters make it watchable (all great actors). The most interesting episode is "The Russians are Coming". Not only does this educate through the back door but it manages to be a dark musing on warfare and the possible nature of a post-nuclear apocalypse world without ever losing sight of comedy. Made pre-Falklands when it seemed inconceivable Britain would go to war again, it's also historically intriguing.

This first series is a shaky start, but that's the case with a lot of comedies (see also Red Dwarf and Spitting Image). And I honestly believe even the weaker moments of this still stand up well today, certainly loom over any of the unfunny comedies and celeb vehicles of today with their non-descript characters. No matter how society changes I'm certain the Trotters will live forever.
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on 24 August 2001
This collection has to be in your collection, the early 'Grandad' only fools to me are the best, they are raw comedy with introductions to the main characters such as Trigger calling Rodney Dave and Rodney asking if they call Trigger-Trigger because he carries a gun "no, it's cos he looks like an horse" CLASSIC.
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on 23 April 2016
Only Fools and Horses is just brilliant and everyone should have it as part of their TV video library. The only downside to this purchase is I cannot cast it to Google Chromecast, come on Amazon add support to the app and make a lot of people happy. I bought the series from Amazon as i'm sure they will be around for a long time to come.

If you found my review useful I would really appreciate it if you could mark the review as helpful as this will help to provide me with feedback so I know some one is reading them!
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on 17 July 2003
I recently started my Only Fools and Horses dvd collection about 6 months ago and have now got all of the 11 dvds. This one was the first of the 11 which i bought and i must say how great it is. I had never seen the first series really so it was a new series to me. It has six episodes which are all enjoyable and bring back alot of memories to ofah fans so this one is a must have to people who have loved the adventures of Del boy and the rest of the Trotter clan.
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on 10 March 2004
I`ll never forget the first time I saw Only fools and horses on the telly. It was about 1988 when BBC could be viewed for the first time in the Netherlands. I nearly wet my pants when I watched the Cash and Curry show...
Now I try to collect all the DVD`s!!! I Guess there is al lot of the Trotters in all of us...
Great DVD, great performances of David Jason and his team. I am really glad the series is now on DVD and can be preserved for my children.
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on 30 September 2014
Nice item well packaged good price and delivered with thanks.
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