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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 25 July 2014
The stories running through issues #13-18 of DC Comics' New 52 `Catwoman' are collected, along with issue #0, as [ASIN:1401242723 Catwoman Volume 3: Death of the Family TP (The New 52)]]. The quality of storytelling in this volume has dropped from the previous one, which had it turn dropped from the first volume.
The artwork in some of the stories felt "disconnected", in that the story jumped from panel to panel without any bridging scene, while the dialogue seemed to be unrelated to both art and story, as if the script was written without reference to the art, or vice versa. The first two issues involve a run-in with the Joker as part of the Death of the Family crossover event, which really do suffer from the disconnectedness mentioned above. Then it's another two-parter in which Selina is hired to steal Eclipso's Black Diamond from an ARGUS vault, when you really start to wonder what is going on as far as the scripting goes. A demon manages to escape during this heist, which will return in a subsequent issue. The third two-parter involves stolen art and a run-in with the Batman, along with a sub-plot apparently involving the Penguin.

A new source for jobs pops up, who I don't remember from the previous volumes, the missing Spark is mentioned once in passing, and regular partner-in-crime, Gwen Altamont, is almost unrecognisable as the character for the previous volume, though she does get a little sub-plot to herself. I found the artwork to be far too cartoony and decorative for my taste, and the scripting and artwork appeared to be not on speaking terms in several places. I did not find it as entertaining as the previous volumes.

The issue zero is a new secret origin for Selina, involving early training in Fagin's orphanage, a search for her real identity in later life, and getting thrown out of a window by her employer and landing in an alley full of cats. Same ol'. Same ol'...

There is also a story from Young Romance #1, taking place between issues #17 and #18, which opens with Selina stuck on a rooftop with her stolen paintings, reminiscing about her first meeting with Batman.


Issue #13 opens with a Valentine from the Joker, and a new commission to interfere in an incomprehensible chess game played with outsize pieces and played across Gotham City. The pieces turn out to contain people, and are booby trapped...

Issue #14 sees the Joker getting into a deadly game with the Catwoman for the life of the orphan she rescued from the exploding chess-piece, as he has a good rant about their respective relationships with the Batman.

Issue #15 opens with Selina and Gwen crashing a party and looting the family jewels. They pass Detective Alvarez on the way out as he responds to the theft. A clue is left behind as they exit, which will come back in a later issue. We see Catwoman checking in on little orphan Milo, in yet another scene that foreshadows a later one. Then it is off to meet a Trip Winter, who is a source of commissions for Selina, who sends her to steal a Black Diamond from the ARGUS vaults. This ends up unleashing a number of magic artefacts, and Selina gets possessed by the spirit of Eclipso, but only a little...

Issue #16 sees Selina and an ARGUS lab-rat facing down immeasurable evil in the ARGUS Black Room, as she tries to steal Eclipso's Black Diamond, fights various demons, and car-jacks the Haunted Tank.

Issue #17 sees Selina getting involved in some street-gang violence, as a the Penguin's organisation starts to stick its fingers in new places, before it is time to steal the Batman's favourite paintings from the Gotham Museum. Meanwhile, Detective Alvarez has got a new partner, and they have found Gwen's fingerprints on that artefact from issue #15. Selina finds that Milo has vanished, and then runs into one of the Penguin's men in the museum, and they make a joint escape, as Selina's back-up has just been arrested by Alvarez.

Issue #18 opens with Batman looking at the scene of the crime in the museum, and then hunting down Catwoman for a bonding session over the Joker's attack and the death of Damian. Selina then infiltrates Police Headquarters in order to bug Alvarez' office; while Gwen is sprung by the Penguin's lawyer and taken away for a chat. The last page is that demon from issue #16 finding a new host, Joe Pazzo, the Penguin henchman we've been seeing a lot of.

Issue zero is a new secret origin for Selina, involving early training in Fagin's orphanage, and a search for her real identity in later life, leading to her getting thrown out of a window by her employer and landing in an alley full of cats. This in turn leads to the start of the Catwoman identity, but she discovers that Selina Kyle's files have been deleted from the workplace, and her memory has also been affected by the fall...
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 3 April 2014
Life Nine and counting
I read a library copy of the paperback.
This was a great letdown.
I have been really drawn into the Batman family of titles since new52 but this was the first Catwoman volume I’ve read. I was not expecting too much but I was still expecting more.
The score is more for the obvious plus points, the art for instance is very good – in a ridiculously buxom/beautiful/bright-shiny-zany way.
The depiction of the new-look scary Joker is way too stick-thin though, he looks delicate - not scary at all.
I don’t like Selina’s costume, despite the sexy way she wears it – the goggles and ears just look wrong – I do miss her purple outfit from the days she was a full-bloodied villain.
What I also miss – is Selina Kyle. I have read many an appearance by her over the years and she has had a style and character, a voice, of her own for most of them. Here she is easily interposed with almost any other sassy female adventurer sailing close to the wind, the ‘thief’ aspect feels tagged on to remind the writer what book she’s writing.
I was amazed this was Ann Nocenti- she used to hook me on anything she wrote.
I actually found this very difficult to finish and so are there any lives left for this title?
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on 10 November 2013
I read the Batman series but decided to branch out and read all the "Death in the Family" volumes to actually see how DC combines these story arcs throughout the universe. I'm no big fan of Catwoman and this volume did not change my mind but it was a decent story and I loved the art. The book is broken up basically into two main stories featuring a lot of flashbacks into Selina's past and background. I enjoyed the flashbacks the most as it gave a better insight for me into this ambiguous character. There is even a romantic flashback to her and Batman at the end! The first half of the book contains the "Death of a Family' tie-in as Catwoman is harassed by The Joker in a pretty creepy/stalker mode. I love the artist's rendition of Joker since he had his face cut off, he's not so comical looking and yet he is more appealing to me this way as I've never been a fan of the Joker either. The second story has Catwoman being hired to go into A.R.G.U.S. and steal a black diamond from the top secret black room. This starts out as a good caper but ends up involving the paranormal which I hadn't expected but it does introduce us to a new supervillain. Finally Gwen and Selina, put on their own heist to steal some paintings which brings back elements of the first two stories and a brief cameo from Batman. Decent enough story but not anything to make me want to start reading Catwoman.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 9 December 2013
I love catwoman. This is one of the best catwoman comics I have ever seen. The ilustrations are amazing and the colour is great. If you are a fan this comic series is for you :-)
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on 5 October 2015
It followed none of the previous Catwoman story set up by the previous volumes, the encounter with the joker had some fun parts But I felt it lacked as it felt cut up and as if it hadn't really got it's own story, I much preferred the previous writers work and parts of this seemed out of place for Catwomen and weird, if you follow the volumes skip straight to volume 6 as Ann Nocenti's run on the character was very balnd and boring with some terrible changes to characters that didn't improve throughout her run.
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on 5 January 2014
While it was good to see the New 52's take on her origin story, the rest of the volume wasn't particularly interesting. I really loved the first two volumes so I was very disappointed.
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on 8 August 2014
A real drop in quality from the previous two New 52 TPs. The Joker stuff in particular feels very forced and the subsequent supernatural stuff seems really unnecessary.
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on 18 April 2014
this ties in with all the other batman family being hunted down by the joker to get at batman because he loves him
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on 12 June 2014
I like the character, I like the writer, I love the penciler.
I can't wait to read the next one.
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on 21 March 2015
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