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4.7 out of 5 stars130
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2015
Okay let me first applaud Epson on their customer after sales service, My unit was faulty, the live online service diagnosed that the unit was faulty, a return form was generated and total time door to door was 5 days.
I've had Projectors for years and tend to hold on to them, so I'm not an addicted upgrader. My old unit is the INFOCUS Screenplay, which through the years has seen off many supposedly superior units (all down to the top notch video chip inside, the Infocus wasn't HD but extracted every last pixel and displayed it without compromise).
Anyway I felt it was time to go 1080HD on my projection, most of my films stored on my hard drive are now HD!
I always read reviews and dip in and out of the projector world to see who's producing good products, this is where Epson seemed to be constantly introducing good quality projectors.
So I bought one.
If I compare to the Screenplay which is now around 13years old and is DLP based, we can see how far things have moved on
a) Sharpness- the Epson is just so far ahead it's astounding, the 1080p is breath-taking. The infocus seems very soft
b) Brightness- the Epson can show a picture during the day, the infocus has no chance
c) People comment on fan noise, well I'm sorry just don't get a projector then!
d) Placement- the Epson is designed for normal sized rooms, so it's got a relatively short throw, the Infocus is long throw and can be mounted a lot further back.
e) Both projectors have keystone correction, here's where you can see where the Infocus's better internals are apparent. I can get a perfectly square picture on the screenplay, the Epson struggles a little.
f) Border alignment- never realised this was an issue until I used the Epson, the screenplay will resize or give you the option to get the picture edge perfect, the Epson struggles a little with different sources, HDTV pictures will comply to edge, but it struggles with my graphics card, whilst the tv gets it edge perfect (Panasonic) on both sources, I need to overscan from pc source. with the Epson

So can I recommend the Epson? Definitely, this projector does exactly what it says, I'm not sure about 3D as I haven't used it, but this is a passing fad to me and I'm not bothered.
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on 15 January 2015
Absolutely love this projector had no problems, happily got a 106inch screen in my bedroom as this was a replacement for my TV, pretty good image in daytime, it has different colour modes but it's mainly bright and a little darker, I usually use the darker setting even in the day also this setting is fairly quiet fan wise, but it's fairly impressive and friends think it's awesome
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on 17 March 2014
Does all the job as described, 3D feature is so real and the quality and definition of the picture is brilliant, plus its a rather small sized and portable. Nothing to complain here. A bit noisy, Bose quitecomfort 15 noise cancelling headphones take care of that.
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on 25 August 2015
Fantastic projector, only just managed to get this set up after purchasing it last year. I love it, if I had one complaint it would be the refresh rate seems a little low, I get a bit of juddering on the screen with fast moving images, but it's quite minor.

The speaker is good as a temporary thing or if you wanted to use it for presentations or something but you can't use it to watch movies or anything as it's not really loud enough. The fan is quite loud but on ECO mode, it's a lot quieter and the sound of the movie/game drowns that out so it's not a problem for me.

I have plugged my PS4 into it via HDMI, I set up the HDMI link to my PS4 which allows me to control the menus and video playback controls from the projector remote control which is great!!

Overall, a great bit of kit and I couldn't be happier.
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on 3 May 2015
Absolutely great picture quality is superb and very quiet if you are looking to buy a projector that does everything this is the bye for youI was a little optimistic but I have had the projector for one month and I am more than pleased,please just buy this at the price it is on Amazon. I paid a lot more for mine but I do not regret it at all.
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on 13 March 2015
I've owned two projectors in the last ten years, the original an SD and until recently a very good Samsung which sadly became faulty a month before I bought this unit. I watch DVD, Bluray and TV, plus 3D material.

The Good
The picture quality is stunning. Pop on Game of Thrones and at 14 foot across as in my set up (from 15ft away) the detail is gorgeous. Detail is crisp without looking fake. Colours are rich. The big bonus is that its good in bright rooms where previous units were lacking. It powers up quickly and is ready to go in under a minute. If I had a bigger wall, I could get a far bigger picture.

The Bad
Nothing to really complain about except you will need to play with the settings for a while to get the picture you like. The much maligned noisy fan is only noisy if you switch off ECO which I didn't find necessary
Black levels are light. With tweaking I got a very satisfactory picture that looked great for animation live action film and video

The Ugly
The control handset is a little clunky in that it is not back lit but after a week I can find my round it it a dark viewing room.
As with most budget projectors, no 3D glasses were supplied and so they were bought from Ebay
Low bitrate TV stations look awful. There is no way to change the output from HD to SD and the upscale isn't great. DVDs through my OPPO blu ray player scale up beautifully, but if you are flicking through channels from BBC1 HD to BBC1SD and especially stations like UK Gold or Horror the picture looks very poor indeed. A minus for this unit that there is no output selection. My old Samsung upscaled and had a swappable definition output that made these stations watchable.

If this is to be your first foray into a projector, and are a gamer I can see it would be magnificent. If like me you watch a lot of blu ray I'd say BUY IT NOW. I got it on a one day offer for less than £400 and I am VERY pleased.

Hope this helps - its based on my perception only.
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on 15 July 2015
Works really well and does a great job of projecting all manner of things from DVD's and games to looking up directions from Google maps. The smallest size screen I can get is 100 inches in my 13 x 12 foot living room. This is ceiling mounted and sits around 2 &1/2 feet into the room from the rear wall. Can be a bit hard to see colours during really bright days, but closing some curtains doesn't really bother me.
I would definetly recommend a good screen, such as this one I had to buy, as my previous screen was now redundant due to the screen's new size.

With the extra HDMI port, I leave my chrome-cast plugged in so that I can access it any time and stream images/videos or just some of my favourite apps on to the big screen. Great for showing off things to friends that you would otherwise have to pass your phone around to accomplish.
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on 14 January 2016
This projector throws a true 1080p quality image from roughly three meters away, with easily adjustable height and keystone correctional options (options that allow the image to be aligned into a common rectangular shape like a tv screen). It also comes with a very simple focusing mechanism by the bulb which allow you to move the projector to many differences but always keep a sharp image which is nice.

With this projector being a 3LCD projector rather then an LDP projector there is no rainbow effect what-so-ever. The colors are rich and the blacks are deep which can often can be an issue for projectors which only produce shallow blacks, although this is only a 2000lumen projector it can still be used comfortably with the lights on and windows open.

Ive tried every input port and they all work, the control does need to be pointed directly at the projector for it to work properly but honestly its easier to pause the film then mute the projector anyway. This brings me onto sound which are by far this projectors weakness. The audio is loud but distorts easily so a speaker will be required, the noise of this projectors fans can also become pretty loud if used for 6-7 hours in one sitting. Setting the projector to its fabulous eco mode will make it run near silently, the bulb will last longer and you will use less electricity to run the whole system... i honestly don't know why this mode is not the standard setting for these projectors.

Ok so now time for my opinion if it isn't clear already... i really like this projector. I treated myself to a projector and after weeks of research i settled on this one and am very pleased. This machine looks good, works well and is surprisingly good in the light aswell. I have played several different games on the projector from Mario Kart to Call of Duty to Rome Total War and several films and TV shows like Pacific Rim, Live football and Game of Thrones. Having used this product for hundreds of hours so far i can definitely recommend this product for anyone from beginners to experts on a budget.

5 Stars in every category!

PS: If you watch Game of Thrones rewatch it on a 300+ inch screen for the most immersive experience you can get.
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on 3 June 2015
I bought this projector 1.5 years ago and it still performing very well with the following +/- points:

* Epson projectors are equipped with a speaker at the back of the device - this is a plus compared to other brands, no need to purchase an entire speaker set if you want a low-key/no hassle sound system.That does not prevent you from connecting extra sound system to the projector if you are looking for a full home cinema solution.
* the TW5200 is bright enough to project in daytime and nighttime, curtains closed or opened. It has 4 brightness options (living room, standard, movie, bright) depending on how bright you like your picture to be, I personnally use the standard one for games/movie one for movie which are both a bit darker but generate a low fan noise on the other end.
* the quality of picture is amazing, especially with colours, animation movies, games. The projector has no difficulty transmitting fast-speed data for war games/races or movie scenes.
* very easy set of options and menu which gives in real time the number of hours used for the lamp. After 1.5 year using it almost every evening and week-ends, mine shows less than 1,000 hours and the lamp can go until 5,000 hours with a message showing on the screen after a certain amount of hours is reached (say 4,700 hours) so you can order a new lamp online, which can be ordered for about £80 on Epson's website.

* setting up the screen angle for the first time using keystone and the screws under the projector can be tricky for the picture to look perfectly horizontal if you intend to simply set the projector on a shelf or on top of a wardrobe, I personally use 2 books under the projector to get the right angle and horizontal picture
* this projector is best used with colours (for example Pixar movies, games etc.) but the blacks are not the best, it is hard for it to show difference nuances of black compared to more expensive Epson models. The blacks still show well but for movie/game scenes shot in basements or caves, the different nuances of black won't appear entirely.
* the speaker at the back of the projector is a great plus, on the other end after 1 year mine now has difficulties with certain high pitched sounds which will sound blurred altogether. This is only for a very specific set of sounds and it comes through only with musics playing, not dialogs or voices.

Overall a great product which never fails to impress friends and family. Works amazingly in addition to an apple tv and netflix,video games and movies (notably in hd), animation movies. The nuances of dark and the longevity of the speaker could be improved but this is a very good device that does both picture and sound for a relatively affordable price and allows to project a picture on a much higher format than what any TV could for the same price.
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on 17 April 2014
I bought this projector for my Xbox One. The picture is very clear. If you want a projector for gaming, this is the one for you.

Before I bought this projector I wanted to know about the distance between projector and screen, so, in-case you're wanting to know the same, I have my projector around 2.5m away from the screen. I purchased a 60" screen, but even at the most zoomed in setting possible it was still far too big for the screen. I get around 80"-150" from 2.5m.

The keystone feature is incredible. It means you can always have your screen lined up perfectly at all times.

It does have one or two negatives.
The projector itself is a little loud and the built in audio is terrible, but I suppose if you have the money to buy a product like this, chances are you are going to have some sort of surround sound system.
The fan heats very quickly, which is why I wouldn't recommend sitting directly in-front of the projector. I put my hand over the fan after the projector had been on for an hour just to see how hot it was and I burnt my hand.

Overall this is a very good projector, and after purchasing a cheap projector before, only to be left feeling disappointed by the poor picture quality I now understand why some people decide to pay extra for a good quality one. I would rate it 5 stars if it wasn't so loud and so hot. If you have a big room, or you are going to be sat a distance away from the projector you would probably rate it 5 stars.

I know this is a big investment, so If you have a question about the projector feel free to reply to this and I will try my best to answer your question.
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