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4.5 out of 5 stars147
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Seeing as new series this starred Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from The Wire) I thought I'd give this a try and I'm glad I did.

Centering on John Luther (Elba), damaged cop and loose cannon par excellence it was one hell of a ride - violent, provocative, often funny and very clever. We first encounter him pursuing a child molester who he accidentally let fall to a "certain" death, just before his breakdown. Months later and back in the serious crime squad, his first case is the unexplained murder of an elderly couple, the parents of the beguiling Alice - scientist cum psychopath. He knows she did it but cannot prove it and as the series progresses she returns into his life and work at sporadic intervals.

Their relationship is fascinating as she changes from stalker to confidante and finally accomplice. Ruth Wilson is excellent as the pouty blue-eyed scientist with the killer instinct and Luther fixation. Ditto Elba, who somewhat overplays Luther, the walking nuclear bomb who causes everyone around him to suffer in the fallout. The chemistry between the two is very real and makes this series extremely watchable. As the series progresses, the crim from episode one begins to wake in intensive care and Luther finds himself under close investigation from the harmless looking but dogged inspector. The ice-blue eyed Alice is the only one he can turn to with devastating results...

Great stuff - part Cracker, part Sweeney, part Waking the Dead - it's not to be missed.
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on 2 June 2010
The 4th episode aired last night, so I obviously can't speak for the entire series. However, based on these episodes, I have to conclude that this is one of the best BBC tv series' in a long time. Whilst it may appear to be just another detective show, it is so much more, and John Luther (Played by the always great Idris Alba) is one of the most compelling characters I have seen in a long while. Like many great characters, he is deeply flawed, his job an obsession, and he toes a fine line between good and bad. In many ways, he is like "House" who also treads that line. Idris Alba, like Hugh Laurie in House, however make sure that you root for his character.

Each episode revolves around a different case, however their is the overarching story which is possiibly more compelling. I cannot go into too much detail without giving spoilers, so I will end by saying that the show is fantastic, and needs to be watched. The only concern I have is whether the bbc will provide us a second series, or return to the safety of their period dramas
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on 4 March 2016
Wow. Wow. Wow. Love the storyline between Luther and Alice. I'm constantly watching to see if and when she will come back! If you aren't watching this series, you're truly missing out. Luther is a pensive character with a talented supporting cast that only enhances and elevates the writing. The cinematography is a bit off, and feels really uncomfortable, but you get use to it, and after watching it, I find that it that artistic choice suits the stories and the characters well.
Luther is a British crime drama program starring Idris Elba as the titular character, DCI John Luther. Written by Neil Cross, the first series, comprising six one-hour long episodes, premiered on 4 May 2010 and concluded on 8 June 2010.

John Luther is a Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) working for the Serious Crime Unit in series one, and the new Serious and Serial Crime Unit in series two and three. A dedicated police officer, Luther is obsessive, possessed, and sometimes violent. However, Luther has paid a heavy price for his dedication; he has never been able to prevent himself from being consumed by the darkness of the crimes with which he deals. For Luther, the job always comes first. His dedication is a curse and a blessing, both for him and those close to him. In the very first episode of the series he investigates brilliant psychopath and murderer, Alice Morgan. Ultimately he is unable to arrest her due to lack of evidence, but as the program progresses, she becomes both his nemesis and unlikely companion. As she pursues her infatuation with him, he gradually relents as he is able to glean insight from her on some of the cunning criminals he pursues.

Elba has been awarded a Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance. The series has also received eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations, in various categories.
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on 18 September 2010
I was drawn to this 6 hour, 6 episode series from the BBC by being familiar with Idris Elba from The Wire and seeing favourable comparisons to other recent surly cop show Justified (Give that a look while you're at it). Those expecting anything in the same vein as The Wire should kibosh that sentiment right now, because if it's realism you're after you're not going to find it here. He's playing a cop from the East End who plays by his own rules, doesn't bow to authority and delivers his lines in capital letters. Often finding himself dealing with the extraordinary, verging on the supernatural, near-genius kind of criminals you don't find on Police, Camera, Action and a pervy taxi driver, Luther himself has his own Special Move. He instantly knows who's guilty. "LOOK AT THAT, SHE YORNED, SHE'S NO EMPAFEE. SHE DID IT.", he'll growl instead of finding evidence, then suspects, then guilty parties. Every little helps when you need to fit things into a 60 minute show.

But what of his personal issues you ask? Divorce. His wife's leaving him because he was too into his work. He was so into the dead he was dead himself. Dead to her. Emotionally dead. One of those, perhaps all. But they're still on speaking terms even after Luther smashes up her living room door once she's found someone else. Mild, mannered white boy Mark North. Luther would deal with it himself but then he'd have to get `Loose Cannon' tattooed on his abs and give the game away.

After the pilot Luther finds himself linked with Alice Morgan, the pilot's antagonist who smoked her dog, and her family. We can tell she's pure evil because she's got fine set of pointy eyebrows and she admits to enjoying sex, the big skank. She proves a help and a hinderance for Luther, whispering bad ideas into his ear like a devil on his shoulder to help he catch some London based Dexter knock offs (Episode #3) or people guilty of embarrassing and completely out of place American accents (#5), all whilst tormenting him with sexual advances and meddling in his affairs with his ex-wife.

Similar set-up for the first 5 out of the 6 episodes, Police procedurals - Luther style, so it's a cop show first and foremost, rather than a deep character study. Even with a second season surely on the horizon I doubt they'll be showing Luther's day off and what he does down in Brighton for the day. The final isn't really a break from the norm, just a moving of the goal posts as Luther finds the tables turned on him with the fuzz on his tail because they found this little thing known as EVIDENCE.

Dark in tone yet slick on the visuals, bad guys don't always get blown to pieces, some don't even get justice and the innocents might get it in the neck. It's Luther World. It happens.

Not always sure of itself, and taking some silly missteps a few times, but that's par for the course on a shows first season. However, it is distinctive and stands out from the ever increasing crowd of Crime fiction of TV and celluloid. Worth a watch.

Episodes #1,#2, #4 were the best if you feel like a trial download.
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on 18 June 2016
John Luther; an intriguing and complicated man.
A thinker, deep and sometimes too complicated for others to understand him.
His moralities are put into question; leaving me to question his attachment to a 'criminal '.
Yes she's female, good looks........but a murderer?
We all know she did it, he knows she's done it, yet the bond between them grows. Is that possible? Is it believable?
Luther........Season 1.......Yeah, good to watch, keeps your interest, yet not assuming.
Pity about his wife, I thought there was to be a remake of 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly '.
I thought this time it would be Good, Bad and Psyco!!!
A great ending to the season, powerful and just the right bait for Season Two.
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on 18 March 2016
Luther is an exciting series with some believable characters. Luther, the main character, can sometimes appear a little unrealistic because he is so quirky. It was recommended to me by a lot of people I know who really like the series and I understand why it is addictive to watch, however I have had to skip through some episodes which were too disturbing for my taste. If you like English drama and crime then you should definitely give Luther a watch.
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on 13 September 2010
Note: The BBC has just commissioned two two-hour long specials as a continuation of this first series, to be aired in 2011. Happy days.

'Luther' was originally created as an answer to the solve-everything-without-fail genius detectives in the vein of Sherlock Holmes, whilst at the same time trying to portray a character so wound up in his profession that his own personal life and personality begin to fracture, a la Cracker.

In this sense, the show succeeds, and does so very well. John Luther is a man who is constantly redefining the boundaries between insanity and intelligence - whilst, more often than not, he deduces who the villain is, he often does so at the expense of his own mental equilibrium. He knows that sometimes the law fails the innocent; he knows that sometimes the criminals get away with all; and he also knows that his colleagues appreciate his presence on the team, but that they watch him with a wary eye and keep their distance. Essentially, Luther is a philosopher at heart, but he can see his world falling to pieces and is helpless to stop it. It would be easy to call Luther, brilliantly played by Elba, a 'tortured soul', but there's much more to it than that analogy suggests.

I won't say too much about the series itself, so as to avoid spoiling anything, but just know that the acting is spot-on all round (with some great turns from Ruth Wilson as 'Alice', and Steven Mackintosh as 'Ian Reed') , the stories are gripping (with quite a stunning finale), and it is very evident that a lot of effort and care went into the production of the show.

This brilliant, dark and intelligent six-part crime drama is a glimpse at how fine a line there is between madness and genius, and how a man is supposed to maintain a handle on reality when continually placed under such disturbing and often brutal circumstances. Touching on existential themes, such as the things beyond our control and how we just have to accept them, 'Luther' is proof enough that the quality of the BBC's programming is on the up. Let's just hope it carries on.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 17 September 2013
"You do know the man is nitroglycerin," warns a colleague about John Luther. This detective in London, Luther, is played by Idris Elba. Most notably know from the series 'The Wire'. Luther is a different man, volatile, crazy, and engrossed in his job. We meet him as he is chasing a very bad man. Something awful course and the next time we see him seven months has gone, and his career and marriage in shambles.

Back he comes on the job, fragile in some ways, but Luther becomes involved in a weird murder case where he meets a crazy and possible killer Alice Morgan, played by Ruth Wilson. he has met his match. Alice can see Luther has a troubled mind. One grisly murder after another occurs, and they all lead to Alice. The cases get more disturbing until the final two episodes where things start to boil over.

Luther becomes addictive, so watch it!

Recommended. prisrob 09-16-13
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on 25 June 2016
This is excellent TV. Great plot lines, plenty of action and strong performances. If you love detective or police dramas, you will love this. This is definitely one of the best. Highly recommended.
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on 7 June 2016
excellent series - though my rating is just based on viewing series one. will get to the rest soon. be warned this is reasonably violent so not one to watch with younger children around
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