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4.1 out of 5 stars637
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 30 June 2014
I am old enough to remember the Transformers series of the 80's. Yes it was cheesy, but I loved it.

The rebooted live-action has been hit-and-miss with me, and sadly this is more miss than hit.

The plot is that the Autobots discover a dead leader on the moon, who turns out to be more than meets the eye, and the Decepticons attack in order to bring Cybertron to Earth and enslave humanity.

If you are a fan of the previous two films, you will love this; transforming robots, big guns, bigger explosions, lot of running around, some very hot women, a major crisis... you get the idea.

However, for me, this movie suffers with the same problems at Revenge of The Fallen - what plot there is (and it is limited), makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

If Sentinel was defecting to the Decepticons at the beginning of the movie, why did they shoot him down and lose all that cool technology?

Optimus and the Autobots spend large chunks of this movie, not being where they should be and thus making a bad situation worse... but with no explanation.

When they do turn up, it is evident that the Autobots have been to the General Custer school of military tactics - they allow themselves to be divided, with no attack co-ordination.

Why do the bad guys have to tell their captives the one weak spot in their whole plan? I mean come on!

Ultimately, the action pieces are fantastic and the CGI is near perfect... but the script is full of holes that made me feel like I had wasted my time.
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The latest live action Transformers movie comes to dvd.

Once again we touch in with Sam Witwicky, who is now out of college and looking for a job. He's lost one glamorous girlfriend. But gained another. The Autobots are still working with humans and fighting the Deceptions. But the latter have another dastardly scheme in the works.

As this comes to light secrets of the Apollo programme and the war that led to the destruction of the robot's homeworld are revealed. The Earth comes under threat. Humans and Autobots must fight together to save it.

After the hostile reviews of the second film, this doesn't really do much to fix the problems people had with it.

Firstly, Mikaela is no longer around. Because of well documented problems between Megan Fox and the production team. She is rather cursorily written out. In a manner that, given the emotional journey the two characters went through in the first two films, just doesn't really convince.

Sam's new girlfriend Carly is played by model Roise-Huntington-Whiteley. In her first acting role. Once you get used to her accent she's not terrible but she's ill served by a character who might as well be Mikaela all over again, as there are times when you feel she might just be saying lines that were originally written for Megan Fox.

The goofy humour of the second film has almost disappeared. Save for a few moments early on. And there are less adult references. But this is still a twelve certificate, thanks to some of the fight scenes.

The plot is serviceable enough, and the film does get very strong in the middle when all hope seems lost and people have to rise to the occasion. This all leads to a huge battle sequence that goes on for the final third of the film. Whilst being spectcular at points and having an excellent scene of people wing jumping into a devastated city, which is shot mostly from their point of view and really convinces, the big problem with this part is the same as in the second film. Whilst it's fine to bring in more robots than were seen in the first film, there are simply too many of them and very few get anything in the way of a proper introduction. Thus if you don't know the characters from other Transformers products or have a scorecard, you could get lost.

Having said all that I found the second film worked perfectly on a second viewing. Films often do when you know the story and thus have time to take in all the other details. Maybe this one will as well. But I'm not quite so inclined to find out.

An effective action flick at points though. But very much an end to this trilogy. There will be a Transformers four, so here's hoping that a new start can recover the spirit that made the first film good.

There is just one extra scene at the end, and it comes early on during the credits.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, Hindi.

Subtitles: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hindi, Norwegian, Swedish.

It has no extras. Whatsoever.

But at least once you've loaded the disc up it goes straight into the main menu without you having to get through lots of trailers first.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 March 2014
I absolutely hated this film. Below, more of my impressions with some limited SPOILERS. Also, contrary to my principles, I will try to keep that one short.

"Transformers" movies have for only purpose to entertain and amuse us. The first one was in this aspect rather succesful, the second was absolutely not and this one is much worse even than the second one, for following reasons:

- even an action film about giant robots needs a scenario; it shouldn't be so hard to write the scenario of a film about giant robots (my chipmunks wrote a couple of those); but in this film there is no scenario. At all. Meaning somebody in Hollywood took a great lot of money for doing absolutely nothing. Lucky b@st@rd.

- the film is impossibly boring and much too long

- there is no humour; not even ONE good joke (some lame ones though)!

- too much of darn Sam Nitwicky (which also means much too much of darn Shia LaBeouf). This character was the least succesful thing in the first film, was more or less annoying in the second one and in this one he is simply unsufferable.

- Sam parents were supposed to be funny - they are just obnoxious jerks

- Megan Fox is gone and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a poor substitute; OK, granted she has a great figure - but her character is perfectly useless, hardly says anything and for most of the film she only runs after a bunch of soldiers so they can save her when she gets in trouble

- you can't really watch this film with your kids - the language is too strong, even for a 12 years old (it should really be rated "15");

- noble Optimus Prime acts in this film like a total @hole - and also a murderer!

- my favourite character from the series for which I rooted all my childhood gets stupidly whacked at the end (sob!), after putting up a fight which lasts a great total of three flipping seconds!!

- Starscream is just a pathetic, miserable, crawling lackey, strong only against the most helpless...

- for a supposedly great character Sentinel looks really pathetic

God, I hated this film! After like 50 minutes I just wanted it to finish already but I kept watching it hoping for at least a great finale - but the supposedly grandiose Chicago fight was a big let down. Only the Driller was a brighter point, but well, he was not enough to carry this film alone. I am so glad that I rented it instead of buying!

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on 16 June 2014
The first film was ok, apart from Shia LaBeouf, the second film was a mess, this film is ruined by almost every part of it. The script is so convoluted as to be nonsensical, the action is confusing and boring. Spend 148 minutes of your life doing anything, but don't waste that time on this film.

When I think of all the brilliant stories out there, the great books, that would be magnificent movies but will never be made into films, I wonder how nonsense like this ever got funding to be produced in the first place.

One other thing, I can believe in giant transforming robots from outerspace but I can't believe that anyone as annoying as Shia LaBeouf's character could ever get a girlfriend.
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on 9 August 2012
Many (read: most) critics absolutely despise the trilogy of Transformers movies, actually they despise everything that Bay stands for altogether.
However, if you know what you're getting into, Bay is the one who'll usually deliver on straightforward CGI-action flicks. And as such, I absolutely loved the first two installments - they were my guilty pleasures, if you will. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Dark of the Moon

Going into the third entry, my expectations were quite high admittedly. Critics and fans alike rated Dark of the Moon significantly higher than Revenge of the Fallen, and I already digged that one pretty much.
I don't know exactly what it is that made me feel completely bored during the 2+ hours, but moreso than anything I just thing I'd had my share of Transformers-action. It suddenly became ever so apparant that the dialogue often seemed out of place. The overly humorous script is completely over-the-top, which is most obvious in the scenes involving Sam's workplace. Malkovich delivers a deeply unbelieveable character, who just seems out of place. It's as if a sort of comic surrealism has had its toll on this movie.
Some events are, however, much more streamlined. The Autobots are the same as they've always been. With one exception: The previous autobot leader, Sentinel Prime, is an important 'character' in this story. His role in the events turn out to be very predictable, which is a shame as he would've have made a sublime wiseman (or wizard, if you wish), in the likes of Gandalf.
The Decepticons hace gained plenty of new assets, many of which I don't even remember the names or special abilities. Luckily, one decepticon brings some excitement to the movie: The inclusion of Shockwave makes for some eyedropping CGI moments, and it is mostly on his account that the movie is even the least bit enjoyable.
The human cast is unfortunately a major letdown. The character of Sam has become a parody of himself; his girlfriend never reaches the 'heights' of Megan Fox, and their relationship seems out of place, and is more a prop than enything else. Worst of all though is Patrick Dempsey as a villanous pawn in the plan of the decepticons. To put it mildly it seems out of order to include the humans as a part of the evil plans - and as it turns out, Dempsey really doesn't make much of a difference. He is a classic, shallow, cliched sidekick and his only job seems to be taking up some screentime by creating halfhearted intrigues and serving as an annoying puppet of Megatron.

All in all, Bay's originality has finally reached its limit with Dark of the Moon, and trying to lighten up the script by including (un)funny dialogue proves disastrous.
But... most fans probably watched the movie for the CGI alone, and the effects are as always incredible. But for the first time, it really became clear to me that CGI can't make up for a movie alone - and my experiences with blockbuster action flicks has never been the same since.
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on 27 January 2014
This betters Revenge of the Fallen, I can safely say that. But I'm struggling to identify any solid positives about this third installment. Like many people have already commented on - the story idea/plot was is fine, but it is so poorly executed and performed, the acting of many individuals in this film is well below par. There are so many "goofs" or should I say flaws in this film! which you will or will already have noticed, I won't point them out to you, there are to many. You also must agree with me here when I say that the majority of the scenes in this movie were unrealistic/unbelievable, in particular, you have the great, powerful and mighty, Starscream, King of the skies! - killed of my a human, it's ridiculous. And the leader, the toughest of all Decepticons, a fearless and brave warrior who will stop at nothing to restore his former home, Cybertron to its former glory, having his head ripped off my a one-armed Optimus Prime! The final showdown between Optimus and Megatron is a disgrace! It's as simple as, you call that an ending? What's wrong with you movie producers and directors? Probably the only good factor about this is its high quality graphics and screenplay, which are superior, I can't take that away from the film. But seriously, this film has flopped, it could and definitely should have been a lot, lot better than what it is. Transformers 4 filling you with excitement? Don't hold your breath!
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on 29 November 2014
La-Beouf is loud and STUPID as always and one of the best things about this film is that it is THANKFULLY his last. I've endured him in all the films, always hoping for the one thing that I knew would not happen: that the Deceptacons would finally shoot him and SHUT HIM UP! He is the biggest brain kill of this no-brainer action flick.

Great special effects though and awesome action. The plot isn't logical but it isn't incomprehensible. The sequel is much better so there is more to look forward to and best of all, NO La-Beouf! :)
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Normally, for a 46 year old, who quite often openly excuses the very franchise of mega CGI-ied, very noisy and brainless action thrillers as only for the faintly moronic, I've always rather enjoyed Transformers.

Yes, it's Shia LaBeouf and his character's parents that drive this particular franchise up into one with a human connection - and his absolutely gorgeous girlfriend, someone he dares not forget how lucky he is to have. It's this element of enthusiastic nerdyism that takes it several notches above a (sort of) comparable Iron Man franchise. If I get shot down in flames for making such a comparison, they're both films with big, complex robots that try to smash each other up!

Transformers, the original was great, the second unmemorable but I've just enjoyed this third. It was on Sky Movies and for once, I actually wished it was blu-ray on a massive telly. I didn't follow the story too closely but just soaked up all visual treats, the mega expensive CGI and jaw-dropping SFX. Anyone who wasn't impressed, at least a little bit, must be dead, or blind...

True, in a few years, it'll probably be outdated and outmoded, though I believe it's also in 3D which much take into another stratosphere.

There's little point in me going into the plot, cos I didn't follow, or watch it for that. Just that I enjoyed it enormously, as something away from my usual sort of film.
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on 27 March 2012
Wow, they did it again. The visuals are amazing on this. Especially the freeway chase.

But once again, they include annoying robots that just wreck your head.
And it's pretty much just the same as the others. Good v Evil. Maybe I'm just getting too old for these movies.
And Whitwiky or however you spell that this one, is just really annoying.
It's a bit long-winded too, like the second movie.

But, you have to have this on Blu-Ray just to be visually amazed alone. It's stunning.
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on 16 March 2012
Better than the 2nd movie, still not as good as the 1st, the use of real military equipment and personnel really makes these Michael Bay collaborations a must watch for the military hardware enthusiast as the cinematography is a visual feast with every conventional technique used to the full as you would expect from a Ridley Scott prodigy.

Blu-Ray 3D presentation was the cinema 2:35:1 aspect ratio has the black borders top and bottom, which is a big disappointment as they should have released the IMAX 1:44 or near 16:9 widescreen TV ratio full screen, ok so IMAX is 48 frames apposed to 24 frames that this Blu-ray's been encoded.

Overall Picture and sound is top notch as this was filmed using proper Stereoscopic 3D Fusion cameras as per AVATAR not recent Immortals 3D using the post production hand drawn digital 3D.

The Score by Steve Jablonsky who has done all the Transformers scores and is a prodigy of Hans Zimmer does a better job than the last, but the original film will still be his best with the use of a choir which gave the score a Gothic foreboding which this lacked.

Hopefully an IMAX version will be released at a later date but I wouldn't get my hopes up as the original Transformer IMAX has never been released but most of the films are digitally shot then transferred to super 35mm print then duped into the 70mm IMAX film.
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