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4.3 out of 5 stars27
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Colour Name: Black|Style Name: SEL1650 Lens Kit|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The NEX-5TL is small and lightweight, which is ideal when space is at a premium and doesn't compromise on the quality of still shots or video footage that you can capture (I have been able to put the camera in a pocket without feeling bulked out). The camera is equally strong across both media and avoids the need to double up with kit.

Automatic options enable the snapshot amateur to produce excellent results without needing to delve into features in depth and a host of shooting options are available via on screen menus for the more exacting or professional photographer. On screen help menus offer the opportunity to become proficient on the fly rather than constantly consulting a printed manual.

The touch screen menus and a 180 degree pivot for the LCD screen (useful if you are into taking selfies) offer a more dextrous feel and the digital zoom adds significantly to the functionality.

It's suitable for the full range of users from the snapshot amateur to the semi professional. The former can choose to stick with automatic options that produce stunning images but there are a host of shooting options (and associated help) available at your fingertips via the touch-screen LCD to keep the more intense photographer happy.

This is a compact and lightweight item of kit, which makes it an ideal companion on a holiday as it doesn't take up a lot of space or make you feel as though you are carrying a ton of equipment.

Fantastic still shot capabilities combine with very high quality video so there is no need to double up on equipment if you like to take both media.

NOTE: The one essential item that is not included with the camera is any form of memory card. You will need to purchase one before you can truly start to experiment with the camera. I use a SDHC class 10 card, which enables fast shooting without any discernable time lags or loss of data.

* Picture and Video Quality

These are both superb. When new to the camera, the automatic options will enable you to immediately take great images without very much effort, even in very low light levels. Your skills can be honed via the host of shooting options easily accessed via the menu but I know that, even if I have to grab the camera to catch something unexpected, the resultant shot will be good.

* Touch LCD Screen

This can be switched on or off; I have it enabled as it makes navigating through the onscreen menus a much easier and faster option. As the camera does not have a view finder this screen is the only means by which to compose shots so I have added a screen protector to guard against scratches, which has not impaired either the visual quality of the screen or the sensitivity to touch. It can be tricky at times to fully view your subject on the screen in very bright sunshine, although the ability to tilt at an angle does help somewhat.

The LCD screen can be tilted up to sit at anything up to 180 degrees to the camera body, which makes it much easier to monitor what you are taking when the camera is on a tripod or held at low level - as well as enabling the easy taking of self portraits. The screen can also be tilted to face down (sitting in a v-shape at about 30 degrees to the camera), which makes it easier to take shots above the head, for example.

* Interchangeable Lenses

The camera is supplied with a 16-50mm power zoom lens. This lens provides a sound base for many requirements, in particular video, aided by the digital zoom automatically kicking in after a slight pause at the 50mm level. By magnifying the existing image, the digital zoom will reduce the resolution of the result. It is worth noting that this quality reduction is not so apparent when viewed via the screen and may result in a disparity between the quality of what you see on camera and the end result.

Sony offers a range of fully compatible lenses to purchase separately, including an 18-200mm zoom that allows you to get much closer to some action and a fisheye convertor for ultra wide angle shots.

* Battery charger

The battery (and any spares) can only be charged whilst in the camera with the supplied accessory. It isn't a deal breaker, minor overall and if you only use one battery you'll wonder why I even mention it. I do take a lot of photographs and video and, although the battery life is good, I always have at least one spare battery for fear of running out on a long day out. An external charger makes life easier and is one accessory I'd recommend as an optional extra.

* In Summary

This is a lovely camera that offers the portability and convenience of a compact without compromising the results; you don't need to be an expert, or know the manual inside out, to achieve good results with this camera. It does the hard work for you.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 October 2013
Colour Name: Black|Style Name: SEL1650 Lens Kit|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Sitting between the standard point and shoot compacts and a full spec DSLR, this small camera is full of clever tricks which mostly it pulls off extremely well. The amount of tech Sony have packed into such a small body is pretty remarkable. It manages to achieve quality approaching a DSLR (it's not quite there but is close) with the size of a compact and the in-camera processing of the limited camera on most smart phones. That's pretty cool.

The first thing that strikes you is the size - or lack thereof. It really is a small camera, even with the 16-50 power zoom attached. Partly it achieves this by not needing the mirrors and view finder that DSLRs use. Like most modern cameras, it's easy enough to pick up and shoot, but to get the best out of the camera it does pay to experiment with some of the settings which can be a fiddly and time consuming endeavour. However, one of the big pluses of this is the inclusion of apps - and indeed WiFi. Some of the apps you need to pay for, but others are free and very useful and fun to explore. Either way, picture quality is right up there with low to mid end DSLRs thanks to the 16 mega pixel sensor which gives a great dynamic range.

The auto focus is fast - and mostly accurate. It's not perfect but it's not bad. This is one of the few areas where it still compares less favourably with a DSLR but for many this will be offset by convenience. Sony also make note of some fast shooting capability for action shots - up to 10 frames per second which is faster than many mid to low end DSLRs. However, all is not quite as it seems because buffering limitations will mean that while you can do this for a very short while, after about two or three seconds, it runs out of puff as it has to buffer the images. That doesn't make it useless - but it does mean you have to plan your use of it.

One thing I really like about this camera is the ease of use of the control dial which is better than on other models that I have looked at, including earlier Sony units. I'm less enthused by the finish of the LCD screen which is quite reflective. This means that it quickly builds up sticky paw prints and, although at the time of reviewing we haven't had the weather to verify this yet, I would imagine that in very sunny conditions, it might be less than ideal and be a little difficult to see. I have a similar issue with the LCD screen on my DSLR - but on a DSLR the screen is less critical to the operation. On this, it's your view finder etc.

Some might also feel less than enthralled at the lack of integrated flash - particularly if you are coming from a smart phone style background. This pack includes an external flash but although it is small and in proportion to the camera, is still slightly annoying to carry around and to afix when you need it. It also gets in the way of the tilting LCD screen - so if your sole aim in life is to take flash lit selfies, you might hate this camera! To some extent this is offset by the 16 megapixel sensor which means it performs well in low light and "processes" images in camera to improve on them without the need of the flash.

Sony is closing the gap between compact and DSLRs and it's already closer than I ever thought possible. Yes, this does come at a cost and for a similar price you can pick up a low end DSLR. The attraction here is the size of the Sony. It's a great stepping stone for a beginner or intermediate photographer. As a step up from a in-phone camera or a compact, you will notice the difference. It's also a nice to have back up for a DSLR for when you don't want to lug the big camera around - or for occasions where you want to be less conspicuous. Purists may still argue the DSLR route will always be best, but for the generations brought up on in-phone apps - this will speak their language. Those people are also likely to find the menus less initially confusing than I did. Those people will also lap up the WiFi compatibility. One note though - I'd get a spare battery - all that cleverness does drain the juice and if you are going to be using it all day, then you might find a spare battery will be essential.
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on 18 August 2014
Superb camera in a small package. I have been researching CSCs for a few weeks. Essentially fed up of paying over £100 for compact or bridge camera's which don't quite cut it. I was looking for an APS-C camera to take really top quality pics of my kids. I had initially discounted the nex range which has been replaced by the alpha series. I had primarily been edging towards the Fuji x-a1 or x-m1 both of which you can claim a free zoom lens from Fuji if purchased from Amazon or another qualifying retailer. When this dropped to 269.99 I bit still expecting to return it for one of the Fuji's. The image quality on this is excellent, particularly impressive in low light. The majority of tech websites give it excellent reviews and that was when it was released and priced around £600. It gives excellent on screen descriptions of the functions and what they do, very useful if like me you are trying to learn about photography. The nex 5 will shortly be replaced by the A5100. However, it is a great camera and can currently be had for bargain prices. That said at the current selling price of 350 there are probably better overall packages (ie the Fuji with free lens). A final plus point is the available E-mount lenses available, or other lenses which can be fitted with an adaptor which will help with experimentation.
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on 7 March 2015
It's small, it's sleek and it's strong - the Sony NEX-5T simply rocks! If you are looking for an APS-C chipped system camera with fantastic image and video quality, but also with superb editing features, then you found what you were looking for! The only (!) bummer is the often discussed "overheating problem" of the NEX, when shooting videos. It's so weird - you can film for 29:50 minutes in one take, w/o having any problems. But as soon as you shoot, let's say, 8 x 3 minutes you might discover an overheating message and even a shutdown of the cam. I found out that turning off as many automatic features of the camera as possible and using a very fast SD card helps a lot to avoid this provocateur!! There are also websites on the internet presenting a DIY batterie powered fan cooling system for the NEX-5/6/7. All in all I love this "thingy", it just feels right in my hand!!
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on 17 April 2014
This was a present for my dad, who is a bit of a technophobe, however it was easy to use and takes clear images and videos. The only down side to this product is lack of memory card.
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on 6 January 2016
Lightweight, east to use. The panoramic shooting with the 16-50 lens is superb. However, has some massive drawbacks, the major one being it is almost impossible to use in bright sunlight as the screen becomes all but useless, making pointing and focussing etc a lottery. I took this camera on a road trip to the USA as I thought the compactness would outweigh the advantages of my more bulky Nikon SLR. It proved to be a bad mistake. I also found the camera was prone to letting in dust which necessitated constant cleaning and ruined more than a few shoots.

Overall, bitterly disappointed with a product I thought I would really like.
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Colour Name: Black|Style Name: SEL1650 Lens Kit|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The NEX-5T is the latest in Sony's NEX range, their attempt to build DSLR image quality into a compact body. The NEX cameras use the same APS-C size sensors as budget DSLRs, but get rid of the bulky mirror boxes to shrink the bodies. It's the same principle as Panasonic and Olympus use in their Micro Four-Thirds cameras (of which I am a big fan), but Sony take it to extremes - they use a bigger sensor but shrink the body even more.

This results in cameras which look somewhat bizarre - even with the 16-50mm zoom included in this kit, which is the smallest zoom in the range, this camera looks like a big lens with a tiny body stuck on the back. Surprisingly, it feels pretty good in the hand. Ergonomics are compromised by the smallness of the body - there are very few physical buttons, with those there are being soft buttons with on-screen labels, and the body is initially difficult to hold comfortably if you have anything other than tiny hands - but you do get used to it fairly quickly. Build quality feels excellent - the body and lens are both solid and well-built, and the controls operate with a pleasing feel.

The supposed advantage of this system over other mirrorless cameras is that large APS-C sensor, and the quality of images produced by the 5T is indeed superb - excellent exposure and crisp focus on both portraits and landscapes. It's slightly disappointing in low-light, though - I'd expected the big sensor to help there, but there is a lot of noise evident at higher ISOs; I don't think it is significantly better than the results from my Lumix G6. Also worse than expected is autofocus speed - compared to the G6, focus is really quite slow, especially considering that the sensor uses a hybrid system using both contrast and phase to achieve focus.

One snag with the sheer tininess of the body is the lack of a built-in flash. To compensate, the kit includes a tiny (GN 7) flashgun which fits into a socket on the top of the camera, but this is very fiddly to attach as it has to be screwed to the top of the camera with a screw which is tucked away inside the mount - forget quickly snapping it on to catch that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Bizarrely, the flash is apparently only available in silver - the camera comes in white, silver or black, but the flash will look odd on either the white or black bodies!

The lack of a viewfinder means that the LCD touchscreen on the back is the only way to frame shots - fortunately, this is very clear, sharp and fast to respond, and is a pleasure to use. It also articulates to allow shooting with the camera at waist level or held over your head - a nice feature.

The camera features WiFi and NFC, and Sony even have an app store from which you can download apps - these do things like image effects and the like. While it is a nice way to expand the features of the camera, the fact that Sony charge (£4-£8) for many of these seems a bit mean, given the price of the camera in the first place. None of them are really essential though.

Overall, I like the NEX-5T - it's a nice high-quality alternative to a conventional compact, and I can see a keen photographer using it as a second camera for occasions when they want to leave the DSLR at home. But I wouldn't want to use it as my main camera - the idea of interchangeable lenses and high quality sensor (features a pro would like) clashes with the handling compromises forced by the tiny body. The Lumix G series, for example, is easier to hold and operate, and the smaller sensor enables lenses to be smaller, so while the Lumix bodies are larger than the NEX, the lenses are smaller, meaning the size advantage of the NEX as a system is not as large as you might hope. Really, any NEX lens larger than the one supplied would render the camera very awkward to hold.

I won't be ditching my Lumix G series bodies and lenses for the NEX, but I think I will be using it on the occasions when I want better quality than from a point-and-shoot compact but still want something that will fit in a jacket pocket. In that niche, the NEX-5T with the 16-50mm lens looks like a good buy.
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on 13 August 2014
It's taken me a few days to get used to this camera (im slow) but I love it, the picture quality is fantastic. Amazon had it on a lightning deal under £300. Superb value
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on 25 February 2015
The bird watching lens is a bit extra for me but the camera is absolutely useful and functions pretty well for me.
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on 16 December 2014
Great ISO levels. Lovely solid camera. The ability to upload to Play via the camera is a nice touch (if slow)
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