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4.6 out of 5 stars70
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2013
When 'Crisis' first appeared in the spring of 1983, it presented a hard fought struggle by Mike Oldfield to develop a set of songs that were both appealing to his loyal fans as well as deliver some commercial appeal to the record buying public. And in recognition all over again of these ideals, we have here (in my humble opinion) the best remaster in the "Oldfield" deluxe series. Here is the full track listing:

Disc One:

1. Crisis (20:57) 2013 Remaster
2. Moonlight Shadow (3:38) 2013 Remaster
3. In High Places (3:33) 2013 Remaster
4. Foreign Affair (3:53) 2013 Remaster
5. Taurus 3 (2:25) 2013 Remaster
6. Shadow on the Wall (3:10) 2013 Remaster

Bonus Tracks:

7. Moonlight Shadow (3:35) Unplugged Mix. April 2013 Mix by Mike Oldfield (Previously Unreleased)
8. Shadow on the Wall (3:21) Unplugged Mix. May 2013 Mix by Mike Oldfield (Previously Unreleased)
9. Mistake (2:56) A Side Single, 2013 Remaster
10. Crime of Passion (4:10) Extended Version, 2013 Remaster
11. Jungle Gardenia (2:46) A & B Sides of single, 2013 Remaster
12. Moonlight Shadow (5:15) 12" Single / Extended Version, 2013 Remaster
13. Shadow on the Wall (5:09) 12" Single / Extended Version, 2013 Remaster

Disc Two:

Crisis Tour, Live at Wembley Arena, 22 July 1983 (Previously Unreleased)
1. Taurus 1 (9:14)
2. Taurus II (23:08)
3. Crisis (23:15)
4. Moonlight Shadow (5:28)
5. Shadow on the Wall (6:26)
6. Family Man (4:14)

All original artwork can be found in this CD remaster, together with an informative book and some extra images of Mike Oldfield and reproduction of some concert tickets and posters.

My only criticism is that the b-side of Moonlight Shadow (7" and 12" UK Singles) which was called 'Rite of Man' has been totally forgotten and left off this remastered edition. Great shame. 'Rite of Man' (2:21) should have surely been included??

Great to find a remastered version of Moonlight Shadow 12" Single (Ext Version) on this CD. This was released in the UK in May 1983 and reached number 3 in the charts. The serial number for the original 12" was VS 58 612 - I still have it! and in its famous cover that was a man looking out to sea (i.e. a blown up image from the cover of the 'Crisis' LP). I played this extended version at a party recently and everyone was singing... we all remember the super video and Maggie Reilly sitting and singing in that hat!

Note to all Vangelis fans, Jon Anderson's vocals sound amazing on 'In High Places.'

Good to hear for the first time, the concert at Wembley Arena. It took place smack in the middle of the success of 'Moonlight Shadow' and boosted the album sales for sure. The crowd are right behind Mike Oldfield and Co.

A word about 'Jungle Gardenia' - what a wonderful recording this was and remains. Again this is a highlight of the 30th anniversary edition of 'Crisis.' 'Jungle Gardenia' was released in 1984 as a single - Sad that it is only just over 2 minutes long - I hope that an extended version can be found in the vaults or someway of remixing this to extend it... the remaster is excellent here.

For many years, a CD version of 'Crisis' was hard to get. We now have a very fine, remastered, quality 30th anniversary release of one of Mike's greatest albums. When the history of Mike Oldfield is written, the biographer will be kind regarding 'Crisis' - it certainly remains a milestone for Mike Oldfield.
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on 9 September 2013
This is the third purchase for me on CD the original Virgin transfer was pretty poor then we got the HDCD master which was pretty good. Now we have this set. The difference here to the Deluxe version, is you get the DVD 5.1 DTS mix of the album which has been omitted from the basic deluxe version (but no reduction of price).
Crises came a year after Five miles out where Mike Oldfield seemed to re discover his mojo after the disappointing sales of both QE2 and Platinum. Crises with the help of the hit single Moonlight Shadow became Oldfield's most successful album since Tubular Bells, and the title track , gave a nod to that first album, with a slight re visit to that album. Crisis has been re-mastered again but this time by Oldfield, and in this package you do get a lot of bonus tracks including crime of passion which was always for me a great track, you get the 12" version of moonlight shadow and also a demo of the track as well.
The single mistake is also featured as an extra although it was included on the American issue. Then you get two live Cd'S of the Crises concert, the second disc is the same as the Deluxe version, but CD 2 has part one of Tubular bells, part three of incantations amongst others.
Then you get two DVD's the first is concert footage and promos from the time also a nice bit of Moonlight Shadow from top of the pops, and the promos for Moonlight shadow and Crime of passion.
The final disc is the album re-mixed in 5.1 either Dolby digital or DTS. The mix is quite a different sound to the original stereo album, track one Crises sounds pretty spectacular in places, and still is one of Oldfield's better latter long compositions. Moonlight Shadow appears to take elements form the 12" version making it sound quite different from the version on the original album. Foreign affair, sounds very beautiful as does in high places. Shadow on the wall is really brilliant and just give the mix room to breath.I would go as far to say I think this version is pretty spectacular and makes full use of the five channels. However the downer is that considering you normally get the DVD mix of the album with the basic deluxe this is quite an expensive package at £35, but for a fan its great, perhaps the Christmas list would be where to place it. All in all I was not disappointed, but I have to knock one star off for the price,and considering the 5.1 mix should be made available with the normal deluxe package.
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on 21 March 2001
It is unusual for an artist to have produced so many albums which maintain the quality that Mike's have. This is no exception. It has a kind of addictive electronic charm. It begins in tubular bells territory with a reprisal of the famous 'Exorcist' piece. Yet with a kind up of uplifting twist.
It has an urban feel but a laid back one at that. The electronic feel at points adds a futuristic air. This is Mike and we should trust him. The first half is typical Oldfield. The second is more in the realm of rock music. Which is simply superb. The radio-loved track of Moonlight Shadow is the spotlight stealer.
Know it, love it. The other tracks are also of a high caliber with the instrumental Taurus 3 also grabbing the listener with its flamenco guitar!
No kidding, this is good stuff
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on 13 January 2014
this album stands as good as any other Mike Olfdield album, from Tubular Bells onwards. Thet titletrack, a mere 20 minutes during suite, is just like that, while the shorter songs, sung by Maggie O'Reilly, Roger Chapman and Jon Anderson give the whole a new dimension, a pleasure to listen to. "Taurus 3" is a new instrumental, not so much al sequel of the earlier songs by that title, with spanish guitarplay. Extra are earlier recordings of "Moonlight Shadow" and "Shadow on the Wall" as well as longer versions, plus the single "Crime of Passion", sung by Barry Palmer, a good voice, and "Jungle Gardenia", another instrumental. But then comes the odd thing, inside the booklet is a photo of the picturedisc/single "Moonlight Shadow" with a B-side "Rite of Man" but this song is not included in this package. Other songs omitted from this session are "Bones" and "In the Pool". Hopefully on the Deluxe version of "Discovery", a further collaboration with Simon Philips as drummer/producer, who was also responsible for the production of "Rite of Man".
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on 13 April 2008
This is a great album from Mike Oldfield with strong tracks and has the fantastic Moonlight Shadow on it with Maggie Reilly on top form,other vocalists on the album are the superb Jon Andersson and the superb Roger Chapman front man from the band Family.I own twelve Mike Oldfield albums and class Crisis as one of the best.It flows along at a fair pace.The remastering work on cd is great and gives you fantastic sound quality so be assured your getting a great copy of the album.If you like vocals on Mike Olfields works you might want to check out the albums Discovery and Islands both great albums with excellent remasteting work done on them.
Hope this review helps you in some way.
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on 24 February 2008
The last movement of Track 1, lasting about 8 mins, is an onslaught of a piece of music. When I first heard it, back in 1985, I was blown away. And today, in 2008, I still haven't heard anything that comes up to par. Intricate Oldfield layers wave upon wave in an electronic soundscape, combining his unique guitar shrill, that is breathtaking in its conception, structure and execution - and all driven along by the mesmerising force of Simon Phillips on drums. I don't know how many times I've heard it, yet it simply doesn't date. Indeed, this piece will always live in the future. The man truly is a genius. Yes, he's had a few duffs, but then all people of genius will. Then, when you least expect it, they come up with a gem that blows your socks off.

And in case you think the word 'genius' gets banded around too easily, go check The Songs of Distant Earth. For all his issues, the man is blessed. Thanks, Mike - for coming up with music to dream to.
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Crises is my favourite of Mike Oldfield's eighties CDs. As with its direct predecessor, it contains one long piece which took up the whole of the first side of the original vinyl and a set of shorter tracks, five in this case, on the second side. The shorter songs on the earlier albums were often a lot weaker than the longer pieces. Partly that was because Oldfield's musical style was not transferring well to shorter pieces but also, the lyrics were often quite dire.
Experience clearly helped a lot but also collaboration with other musicians. On Crises, the most notable name is Jon Anderson of Yes who is creditied with lyrics and vocals on one song "In High Places" which really sounds as though it could have come from a contemporary Yes album.
The opening track, "Crises" is classic Oldfield music and in places harks back to his first album "Tubular Bells" so fans will reconise the motifs and see how he takes them forwards in a more rock based style.
Moonlight Shadow is Oldfield's finest short song. The great lyrics of this dark lament really give Maggie Reilly a proper showcase for her fine voice. Also, on this track we get to find out that Oldfield really can play a proper blues style guitar sole. It's one of those songs that everyone has heard which stays with you for a long time.
This is probably the best introduction to Oldfield's later output for anyone who knows him only as the "Tubular Bells" man.
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on 18 May 2014
This CD is one of the best of Mike Oldfield with vocals at this stage. The songs are more in the New Age style, but not without the finesse and skill of Mike Oldfield with the instruments and their diversity. This Deluxe version features bonus versions of the original úsicas and disc 2 with live performance. I recommend to anyone who is a fan and enjoys the work of Mike. Note 8.0. Very Good!
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on 10 March 2000
Out of my entire Oldfield collection I always rate this album above the rest. Oldfield has created a bench mark with Crises and I always have to compare any new release to this simply stunning track. I have never really rated Oldfield's songs but on this album he wrote two of the best, Shadow On The Wall and of course Moonlight Shadow. Simply classic Oldfield!
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Note - to avoid confusion, due to Amazon's habit of lumping reviews of different products together, this is a review of the Crises box set.

Originally released in 1983, Crisis (the track) saw Mike Oldfield looking back ten years to the release of Tubular Bells. Crisis contains some references to TB, but is far from a retread - and it stands as one of Oldfield's best long instrumental tracks of the 1980's.

That took up side 1 of the original LP, side two comprised four songs and one instrumental. Moonlight Shadow is by far the best known of course, an immediate hit in 1983 and still one of the most familiar songs from Oldfield's back catalogue. There's plenty to enjoy elsewhere on side 2 however, as Jon Anderson and Roger Chapman provide guest vocals on In High Places and Shadow on the Wall. Apart from her vocals on Moonlight Shadow, Maggie Reilly also sings on Foreign Affair and the other side 2 track, Taurus 3, is a nice little instrumental, harking back to earlier Oldfield albums.

As for the bonus tracks, it's good to have Mistake, Crime of Passion and Jungle Gardenia, although they've turned up on compilations in the past so aren't particularly rare. The 12" versions of Moonlight Shadow and Shadow on the Wall are welcome, as they allow me to retire my crackly vinyl! The unplugged mixes of these two songs are rather disposable, and it's a shame that the Moonlight Shadow flip side - Rite of Man - isn't included. Maybe it's not to everyone's taste, but I've always enjoyed it.

Two CDs contain the 1983 Wembley Concert. This has been bootlegged for years, but it's nice to have an official release at last. As might be expected, it contains a generous amount from Crisis, but there's still more than enough time for a trawl through some of Oldfield's past classics, such as Ommadawn and Tubular Bells.

Two DVDs - one with some of the Wembley gig and other performances and the other containing a 5.1 mix of the album round off a fairly comprehensive package.

Although this edition of Crisis is quite expensive, it's pretty good value for money - particularly for the 5.1 remix and the complete Wembley concert. It's just a shame that the collection of bonus tracks wasn't more comprehensive and some demos or alternative takes would have been welcome too.

But Crisis is a highpoint of MO's early 80's output and is worth picking up, if not in this configuration, then both the Deluxe or the Single CD editions are good (and cheaper) alternatives.
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