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on 11 December 2013
To say the same as other reviewers would not be very productive, but I do need to reiterate a few points that I have found over the 8 or 9 years I have used Norton for. 1. yes Norton is a little hungry on memory, but not as much as it use to be and it has run on every machine I have had without problem. 2. To renew with Norton is a definite no no. As another reviewer has said, it will cost you twice as much to renew the license via the Symantec renewal procedure as it does to purchase a completely new version from Amazon, why it is so much cheaper to purchase new I will never understand, but that's how it is, all you need to do is input the new license code and its up to date, that is as long as it is the same version ie 360 and you have updated your old version first. 3. Yes Norton is probably on of the best AV/Firewalls on the market, and will keep you safe plus it also provides you with an online backup service that also safely stores all your log on passwords and it will automatically fill them in for you when you go to a website when you use the "Password Vault", believe me I would be lost without it. Set up your online account, if you are a new user and everything is straight forward after that, there is online help at the click of a button, it will auto check for any faults that might arise in the program to make sure all is as it should be. A very good bit of software, but remember it can only be as good as the user lets it be, when you click "yes" to download and ignore any warnings that Norton gives then the problem is yours because you have bypassed any protection. To finish all I can say is that Norton is updated online, if you have problems and need to re install, that is done online via "My Account" so you can take the label off the box use the disc as a coaster and put one of your favourite DVDs in the box. They also look quite nice all lined up on a shelf, useless but nice. I highly recommend this product.
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Although still bloated and resource hungry software, Norton runs unobtrusively in the background and it will do on any modern PC or laptop given the processing power and memory they now possess. It's easily the best commercial protection available, provides first class protection and has never once let me down.

In addition to AV, Firewall and ID Protection, Norton 360 also offer a Tuneup suite that runs a few basic PC optimization tasks (clear browsing history, delete temporary files, etc.) and a Backup facility. The Backup facility can either backup files between your own disk drives or back up in Norton's cloud storage. You get 2GB of free cloud storage and you can buy an annual subscription for further cloud storage (up to 50GB for £89.99) should you require it. The Backup suite is let down by the fact that you have to exclude files and folders instead of include them if you elect not to backup the complete contents of a drive. Cloud backup is not cheap compared with other providers and the 2GB of free storage is much less than that offered by competitors (it's also worth remembering that you get 5GB of free storage with Amazon Cloud Drive (not to be confused with Amazon Cloud Player)). If you don't need the Tuneup or Backup suites, I'd suggest buying the less expensive Norton Internet Security that doesn't include them.

It's worth shopping around. At the time of writing, the download copy of Norton 360 is cheaper and it's exactly the same as this with the only difference being that you have to download and install it instead of installing it from a disc and it's delivered in the time it takes to download it. **Beware of auto-renewing your subscription online with Norton - you could be charged well in excess of the cost of buying a copy from Amazon. Norton quite often employ the widespread tactic of 'rewarding' their existing customers by charging them over the odds when it comes to renewing**
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on 19 February 2014
Already had Norton installed and it was due for renewal. Bought this from Amazon for half the price Norton wanted.Really easy to install and has extra features for tuning up your PC.
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on 12 March 2014
Fabulous software, sorts out all threats from virus, Spy Ware, Email, Mail Ware, Identify Theft, Etc. Also has secure 'Vault' for auto population of user names and passwords and online backup.

I was most impressed by the ease of installing this on my three machines and when i recently bought a new laptop it automatically asked me if i wanted to uninstall the Preloaded Virus Software And It did so without issue.

The interface to manage the three devices is easy to use, by removing and adding the new device.

I've used Norton for almost 15 years on 10 different platforms without a hitch and recently had to contact them and got excellent online and phone customer support with ring back etc

I would highly recommend Norton 360, but only buy from reputable suppliers as there are scammers that emulate Norton!
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on 8 February 2014
I have used Norton 360 for a few years now and find it a good product.

Be aware though that if you have an expiring version of Norton 360 and load this product before the expiry date of your existing version you will lose the days overlap. I started to load this product and saw a reassuring message saying that it was safe to load the new version early and days would be credited. This is not true and I lost 20 days cover.
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on 9 April 2014
Very happy with the product. Cheaper buying it online that in the shops. Easy to install and use. I have used Norton for a number of years now and overall i find it very user friendly.
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on 11 May 2014
Sorry this version was not compatible with the existing norton 360 that was installed on my computers, (the code number for the disc could not be recognised) and therefore could not be installed, I had to pay to download the comparable version from norton . My loss as I thought all norton 360 programmes were compatible
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on 7 February 2014
Using Norton 360 (and Norton's various other antivirus products over many years) was always a similar experience to buying IBM Hardware & Software - in IBM's heyday with their now absolutely ancient advertising slogan of "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM" (same went for IBM shares too - till they almost went bust!) meaning that IBM & Norton both offered very stable, solid & sober products - perhaps NOT bleeding edge - possibly even a tad dull! But with bombproof reliability and stability - NOT ANY MORE!

Have happily used Norton 360 for several years & previous similar Norton products for even longer & always been pleased BUT Norton 360 has recently been sporting some interesting (very) small print on the back of the packet that the actual Software Media & License Key Card comes in (have uploaded pictures with notes - read Norton 360's very own small print for yourself) which basically says Norton 360 "Browser Support" (Vulnerability Protection from Phishing, Safe Search & Password Management) only works on the -32Bit- versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome - Even worse "Browser Support for Vulnerability Protection" ONLY works on the 32Bit versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox but on NO versions of Chrome at all - It gets even worse with "Some protection features are not available in Windows 8 Style browsing" meaning Windows 8 & 8.1 Metro browser is completely unprotected and unsupported by Norton 360 - as is the whole Metro interface by the looks of it.

Also very large amounts of any supported -64Bit- version of Windows (meaning 64Bit versions of Windows XP, Vista,7, 8 & 8.1) have a lot less protection - certainly not the 360° "Circle of Trust" implied by the name Norton 360 - this leads to the logical questions:-
If there is no protection for 64Bit etc. it implies that the missing N360 protection is not important or needed at all for any version & if not why are we slowing down our 32Bit browsers with Norton if you don't even need it - OR even worse the implied question of if Norton can't make 64Bit protection work at all - so can you really rely on and trust their 32Bit protection? Also finally - if N360 really needs ALL the various protection modules loaded for a full 360° Norton Circle of Trust - does that mean that only on the most outdated PC do you actually get the full protection by N360?

So are we all getting this "360°" protection or not? If not do any of us then need any of that protection?

As the implication from that is: - if N360 cannot get its hooks into the unsupported program to "protect it" - because the program is already so secure even Norton cannot legitimately get in to it - so it is doubtful a virus etc. could get into that same unsupported program either.

But it gets even worse with Norton 360's built in and seemingly uncontrollable Antispam Engine.

Norton 360 Antispam only fully supports (meaning scanning all the E-Mail message traffic for viruses AS WELL as spam) POP-3 E-Mail exchange format (POP-3 does not synchronise E-Mail across multiple computers/Smartphone's/Apple iPhone etc.) but only without SSL Encryption enabled in the E-Mail program (Outlook etc.) to and from the remote E-Mail server - which is very important from a Wi-Fi security perspective - BUT Norton 360 does not do or support anything else at all in terms of E-Mail virus scanning.

So - if you use IMAP-4 E-Mail (even without SSL) there is no N360 E-Mail virus protection, scanning or support whatsoever (N360 claims to be able to check for viruses etc. in incoming and outgoing E-Mail traffic - a good concept - but only on outdated non SSL encrypted plain old POP-3 E-Mail traffic) but IMAP-4 is the only flavour (apart from webmail services - Hotmail etc.) of E-Mail messaging that can synchronise multiple device E-Mail accounts access from your PC/Laptop/Mac/Smartphone etc. so POP-3 is simply not practical for today's multi device E-Mail access world.

Yes it will always find spam but is not very good at it (too many false positives) but not scan E-Mail traffic for viruses unless you use only POP-3 without SSL - and nowadays nobody really wants to (or should) run E-Mail like that.

Norton 360 Antispam has another far more annoying problem - for some reason just this year it has started randomly hanging and shutting down my copies of Outlook on different computers almost every single day - as despite using Outlook in IMAP-4 mode with SSL - so I know & accept that N360 Antispam is never going to work properly & is definitely incompatible - Norton 360 nevertheless repeatedly automatically silently installs a plug-in that auto-starts with Outlook even if you permanently disable Antispam from within the Norton 360 Settings - yet the Antispam outlook plug-in STILL gets installed.

Worse still if you go into Outlook and find the "Add-Ins" you find the Norton 360 plug-in installed silently by N360 without the Outlook Norton toolbar visible in Outlook to tell you that it is installed - so you manually remove it from Outlook & then discover that Norton 360 can put it back into the Outlook auto start Add-In list without needing a reboot or even closing Outlook! That is so unbelievably annoying & rather "virus like" behaviour from Norton 360.

I wonder why Norton 360 is designed to behave like this? It is simple enough for Norton to not bother loading any plugins to Outlook if the user has manually requested that Norton Antispam be permanently disabled through the Norton 360 settings screen - surely Norton could easily make their software lay off Outlook if the user has specifically requested no Antispam protection from within Norton - so why does Norton still keep meddling with Outlook - it is extremely annoying.

Have contacted Norton who said (predictably) run Norton Removal Tool, restart, and then Reinstall Norton 360 - did all that & still the same - then was told do it again but also clean out Windows Registry of Norton Entries & then reinstall - did it all & N360 Antispam is still Auto-loading & then Auto Starting with Outlook which hangs Outlook randomly but increasingly frequently and nothing is getting any better - and still waiting for a response from Norton on all this right now.

Somebody else joked that:-
"Norton is Symantec, Symantec is American so therefore this is America's way of reading all our E-Mail's" via the Norton 360 plugin to Outlook - as why else would you keep so stubbornly and silently re-installing a plug-in for a IMAP-4 E-Mail system that you know and accept is incompatible and that the user has successfully turned off (and it remains turned off) in Norton 360 settings?

I said Ha-Ha can't be! - They simply replied with - search online for "NORTON WHITE LISTS FBI MAGIC LANTERN" (US Government Spy Software) - I did - Yikes! - Perhaps that explains the Norton Antispam E-Mail "problem" behaviour.

On another point - do we all need Norton 360 etc. anymore? As the list of exclusions is steadily growing on the back of the box/packet it looks like - with computer operating system security steadily improving (Windows 8 FINALLY properly implemented "memory address randomization" one of its few good features) & locks out some of the easiest ways into a computer it seems the same (nowadays) operating system secured access points (that 64Bit operating system versions closed off years ago anyway as they are not as backward compatible - which also made them more secure) also stop most access by Norton 360 etc.

Have to point out how unbelievably quick the computers are when surfing the internet with Norton 360 temporarily removed and that E-Mail performance is dramatically improved - that is probably also why Windows 8 Metro interface browser is so fast - never are any N360 plug-ins installed in Metro as none are compatible! Which is suddenly looking like a good thing - apart from that the computer feels the same speed - but it all does really make you think and wonder is this the beginning of the end for computer security software suites? As they apparently fail to keep up with the ever more secure operating systems and various other methods of encrypted data transport i.e. SSL E-Mail communication with the server - which is a bare minimum these days if you want to avoid having your E-Mail login password details etc. hacked over Wi-Fi.

Think about it all.
review image review image review image review image
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on 19 January 2014
It is the second year running with this security software and I must say I have not been disappointed. I am always warned of dangerous sites and emails in time so I should say it does work for me. Given it's cheap pricing and considering it's safety measures, I would highly recommend it as good protection.
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on 13 March 2014
I have been a user of Norton's 360 for several years, and I have always found it very reliable.

The only thing I object to, is when it comes to renew it, Symantec want a much higher price than the original.

I nearly always find it cheaper to buy a new disc every year from someone like Amazon.
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