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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2015
As an album, it has plenty on offer with a number of invaluable classics. My only downside is Amazon's insistence of maximising their own 'player' which I do not need, do not want, and which takes an aeon to download my bought music. The old method of immediately downloading to one's computer, yet keeping a record of ones purchase just in case was simple and efficient. I'll buy a cd next time.
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on 13 March 2014
Having bought this album elsewhere, I wish I’d read the reviews on here first!

I’ve bought a few of these 12”/80s collections over the years and thought that many of the early releases were really well compiled with a good mix of crowd-pleasers and a few rarities throw in to appeal to the collector. However, I’m staggered to see that there are several 5 star reviews of this album when the sound quality is so unbelievably poor. As other reviewers have noted, this is due to the fact that several tracks have lazily been ripped from vinyl with no attempt to edit out the clicks and scratches. Why include a vinyl rip (e.g. ‘I Feel For You’) when digital copies are available on several other compilations? House tracks on Disc 3 (e.g. ‘Jack Your Body’) suffer worst from this and, from the opening bars of ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’, you’ll be astonished that this ever passed quality control. The fact that someone actually thought "That's good enough for our customers!" warrants giving this album a 1 star review! If you’re really not bothered about sound quality and are happy to tolerate clicks and scratches on worn out vinyl, then go ahead and buy this; if you want something with a purer sound, then check out any of the albums from Ben Liebrand’s excellent Grand 12” series over the past decade. At around £20 for a 4 cd collection, they're much better value than this rip off.
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on 15 March 2015
If you love the Genre this is another must have album for any Disco/funk Lover, even if like me you already have all of the tracks on other albums and compilations, there are some very interesting and wonderful mixes of classic tracks featured here, all credit to 'Universal Music' for the selections, you wont be disappointed, as almost every track was a big club hit, and are all classics now, some have been sampled and used many times!
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on 14 April 2014
The idea is a good one, the execution was a bad one.

Many of these are poor quality vinyl transfers, it's not acceptable in these days where there is readily-available computer software for removing clicks and noise.

A couple of the tracks sound okay, like the S'Express. But that's about it. Atrocious quality control overall.

I would urge people not to buy this, it's an utter disappointment.
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on 2 September 2013
I have been collecting these 12" 80s albums since the beginning, being a child of the 70s, my musical penchant has always been the 80s.

CD 1:
From the opening bars of The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel, stealing scraps and riffs from a hugely eclectic mix of influences (including my fave - Another One Bites the Dust), a glorious mix of I Feel For You, which never seems to have been available on the UK 12"s, through another Arthur Baker produced masterpiece "Walking on Sunshine" by Rockers Revenge, and reminding me just how good the original SOS bands "Just Be Good To Me" really was, this disc covers the earlier 80s club tracks perfectly.

CD 2:
Moves on from above, covering mid 80s classics, Feel So Real, filling spaces on the dance floors of the day, Cameo being (She's) Strange as ever, and ending with yet more Arthur Baker classic production Neneh Cherry's Buffalo Stance.

CD 3:
Follows the trend and moves to the later stages of the 80s, Mantronix's mad house anthem bigging it up front, Bomb the Bass Beating Dis drum as supplied by a lot of samples (although I think this may be a slightly cut down, resampled, more copyright friendly version than I remember. I will have to refer to the original 12" to check) the pounding early house of Darryl Pandy on Love Can't Turn Around, and a surprise appearance for an early Stock Aitken Waterman lost classic Sydney Youngblood's "If Only I Could", closing out with a couple of acid house classics courtesy of Ten City and S-Express.

on the whole, a nicely nostalgic jaunt through the classic 80s dancefloors.
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on 23 May 2015
I bought some of these tracks in the 80s and others are such classic mixes that were quite rare to buy. I actually bought the physical Cd's because you do get the full sound although the free AutoRip was very handy for the Ipod in the car!
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on 11 September 2013
I purchased this CD with high hopes, but alas it wasn't the top notch audio quality I was hoping for. For the most part the songs sound crystal clear and are great quality, but some - namely "I Feel For You", "All and All", "My Magic Man" and "Love Cant Turn Around" are vinyl rips and not good ones at that. If in doubt listen to track two Disc 1 on the preview tracks and this confirms that the Chaka Khan track sounds distinctly "gritty" and distorted and isn't a bad disc. (Go seek out a Ben Liebrand Grand 12 inches disc if you want this one in pristine quality.)

It just smacks of laziness when compilations are put out with Vinyl rips when a clean digital version exist - certainly this is true for the Chaka Khan and Darryl Pandy tracks. So on the whole if Vinyl Rips annoy the hell out of you but you don't care about the tracks mentioned above then please go ahead and buy. If you are buying this CD because of the inclusion of the tracks above - be prepared to be disappointed. Personally I only bought the CD for the last track - S'Express Spatial Expansion Mix which I'm glad to say is a good transfer, so for that I gave it three stars.
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on 7 October 2013
I just can't stop listening to this. The 3 CDs are split into early/mid/late eighties - the remixes are good, sound quality excellent and selection of songs is brilliant.

I would say this is the best of the 12"/80s collection so far!
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on 5 March 2014
I've NEVER before returned a CD simply because it sounded average, but I would have definitley returned this if it weren't for being fully charged for the Auto Rip thing (nice little scheme there Amazon).

Many of these tracks are transferred from vinyl, and not very well at all. If tapes absolutely aren't available (which I find hard to believe for many of these tracks) then vinyl transfers can sound good as an alternative IF remastered and restored well. However, the tracks that are from vinyl just sound horrid. In fact, I suspect the tracks not from vinyl are simply from original CD singles or other CD compilations. Don't major record companies bother retrieving tapes any more? (actually, I know they don't)

The track list is ok, but seriously, the sonics of this CD is rubbish, especially noticeable when listening to a track from vinyl followed by a track which is not. The difference is like watching a VHS compared to Blu Ray.

The majors are really screwing up reissues and comps. This is a good example of just how bad.
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on 15 July 2014
Yes they are some great songs here, but some are taken from old vinyl records, which is just unacceptable. if your a collector like me, you already have a lot of these on 12" vinyl, but are worn out and you want them as nice clean digital copies from the original master tapes, well only some are on this collection. Frankly Amazon and all other retailers, need to make sure they clearly label which tracks on each CD are copies from Vinyl rips. because otherwise they are not clearly giving you the info you need to make an informed decision and i urge everyone who has bought cd's which have tracks that are rips of vinyl and it's not clearly stated, that you return them for a full refund, Inc if this is MP3 files too. Then Amazon and others will ensure the music producers, in this case a Massive company like Universal, WILL make the labeling clearer.
I just cant believe for example "I feel you" By Chaka Khan, a huge hit and on a big record label as Warners Bros, Universal couldnt be bothered to local the original master tape, its shocking.
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