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on 28 September 2003
For those of you I have bored with previous reviews you will know the score...MDFMK was THE industrial album for me...however I do like a slice of metal guitar and a good riot inducing lyric of any sort and they are here in their multitudes.
WWIII is the cynics review of the last few years events...political but not preachy ( a problem with many bands today). For example the first track (my personal fave) is inciting us to wage war almost anything to do with corporate culture...and the michael take of dubya is fantastic...the guy needs it.
This album summed up is a return to albums like XTORT or the bomb of a track "A DRUG AGAINST WAR". It puts guitars and seething pulses back into the KMFDM vibe. Not that ATTAK! didnt but somehow this album has more punch, more cut and thrust and certainly more dancefloor potential. For a band that really have stayed in a vein this is a rich vein to tap...a good album,not the best but nearly. It puts the so styled KKerrang metal of today to shame...these guys have been around years...where will slipknuts be in 10 years time?
If you want your music simultaneously seething,furious and intelligent pick this up. It will appeal whether you are 10 or 50 and on very different levels,as with all KMFDM albums. If you wish to remain a sheep...fine.....I declare war on Christina, Britney and Eminem!!!
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on 30 September 2003
Great stuff, had to review it again after my last one didn't make it. Well, definitely 5 stars, it keeps the good work of ATTAK! up, and even improves on it. From WWIII, with its crazy banjo/slide intro to the track Intro itself, the humour and anger just keeps coming. Their attacks on Bush are great, and they make a serious point without being boring or pompous. I enjoyed Skold's input, but i don't miss him at all, Lucia is excellent, especially on From Here On Out, Watts is great, although we could have done without the sound of some woman screaming her head off on one of the tracks. And Kapt'n K is Ze Godfazzer of Industrial Rrrrrock, as he claims in his fake pidgin-English accent on Intro. Also, the old recycled lyrics all through the album are great, with the drums from Ikons making an appearance. If you're a fan, you'll be very pleasently surprised. Great album!!
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on 25 September 2003
I have to admit I was a late starter when it came to appreciating the music of KMFDM – my first album being Angst which I picked up in December 2001 – However I have made up for my years of living unaware of their talent by grabbing all the old albums and singles, and an assortment of albums by their collaborators. I am very much a KMFDM fanatic and so the build up to any new album is always going to be special – especially considering that with the release of WWIII it was only the second time this had happened since I’ve been a fan.
So, onto the album itself. What can I say? Well, on the whole I found it very much………..alright. Unlike a lot of other people – I loved Attak the album immediately preceding WWIII, and I was hoping for the very best here with a similar band line up. And on listening to the new one you do get the usual KMFDM vibe as there are some great tracks on it – but it is unfortunately one of the lesser vibes more akin to UAIOE than Nihil.
The overwhelming sense I have for the album is unfortunately one of mediocrity; the songs are not the ultra-heaviest beats ever as I was led to believe they would be and there is just that vital spark missing that would have made it another fantastic release.
That’s not to say it doesn’t have its high points though. On the plus side, the album works as a cohesive whole. There isn’t much in the way of classic single material on it or anything, but it all fits together as an entire album; each song flowing into the next, covering similar themes maybe, but not any the worse for it. Lucia’s vocals are a high point, although overused on some songs and underused on others (I like it when everybody chips in a bit!), but this is really only a minor quibble. The presence of Raymond Watts both in writing and performing some of the songs is very welcome and up to his usual high standard – you can clearly hear his influence on proceedings if you are familiar with his work under his Pig moniker or on his many collaborations.
My personal highlights are the heavier, more anthemic songs Blackball, Stars and Stripes and Intro which all contain the staple diet of thumping bass-lines, revolution riot-inciting lyrics and industrial bleeps and noises, and it’s well seen that Good old Kapt’n K and the crew can still deliver the goods. As a rule – it sounds unmistakably like KMFDM but I still came away feeling somewhat letdown.
WWIII is still an accomplished album, written by pioneers who can be forgiven for resting on their laurels occasionally given their previous achievements and generally speedy work rate (WWIII comes only a year after Attak!) and will still no doubt beat the hell out of every other album released this year – I just wish for me that it was that little bit more special. Nevertheless its worthy of 3-4 stars though and I’ll still be waiting with baited breath for the next one!
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on 24 September 2003
Just heard it for the first time this morning before work, and i thought it was excellent. I think it might require a few listens to truly appreciate, but it bowled me over on first listen nonetheless. I especially liked the title track and Intro, which is absolutley hilarious. A couple of tracks seemed like references to older stuff, like one of them, can't remember which as i only heard it once, starts with the same drums as Rules, and there are plenty of refs in the lyrics to their past. Good stuff anyway, Watts is great, Lucia is excellent as usual, the Pig-men are fantastic guitar players, very solid drumming, and Kapt'n K is just the Kraut kingpin of industrial rock. Very amusing ham-German accent from him as well, on Intro, i think. The only bad point of the album was some woman screaming in pain/pleasure at the end of one of Watts' tracks. Other than that, an absolute 5 star album, and i cannot wait to get outta work and hear it again! They really got better once they got rid of En Esch, in my opinion. Great player, but an incredibly cheesey and annoying tool.
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on 3 January 2016
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on 12 October 2003
Everyone who listens to nu-metal or rap-metal music should give thanks for Sascha and the rest of the freaks who've made up KMFDM over the years. These guys were the originators and are still the best.
Always consistant without being predictable WWIII provides no surprises (listen to the lyrics of "Intro" and the band tell you as much).
"Stars & Stripes" and "Revenge" are my picks as the best tracks on the album. The former is the best anti-Iraq war song I've heard so far and the latter is a classic KMFDM rocker (194 bpm no less !!)
Do yourself a favour, get this album and treat yourself to more from the masters of the "ultra heavy beat"
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