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4.2 out of 5 stars322
4.2 out of 5 stars
Style Name: With remote & mic|Change
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on 18 July 2014
Sport and Running

I thought I would write a review specifically about using these for exercise as that is what I primarily use them for and it may be of use to others looking for a sports headphone.

Firstly I would point out I'm pretty sure these were not designed for sport but just as a high end in ear headphone.

I am no expert on what makes a pair head phones really good sound quality wise, but these sound better than any other headphones I've ever used and I will leave that at that.

Secondly the build quality of the headphones, the packaging and the accessories could not really be any better these appear really robust, thick cable, solid metal jack, earphones, connector and control. Metal credit card with 10 different pairs of buds. Even the packaging box has a fancy magnetic clasp on it.

Anyway for the gym.

They come in a nice compact wallet, fits in your pocket or gym bag stops your head phones getting damaged.
Nice thick cable does not get tangled up like the thin ones.
Easy and quick to put on, stiffer bit cable fits over your ears and with the right bud on earphone slide comfortably into your ear and stay there.
I use the small clothes clip to keep the control on my collar and run the cable under the front my t-shirt, the control is easy to use and works well with my iPhone, volume, start stop and skip.
The cable is quite long which is ok for me because I have my iphone on my waist and I run it under my shirt, but if yours is on your arm it may be too long and I think the cable will be too thick to wind round a cable bobbin.


I have used these for about a month mixture of running for about 30 minutes duration and sprint training. I pretty much use them the same as for the gym but run the cable down the back of my t-shirt. They are comfortable and stay put.

The connector where the two earphone cables meet and the control button are metal and relatively heavy, I put the clip near the control and clip it to the collar of my t-shirt and this is fine, but without the clip they would swing about too much to run with.

The earphones are also heavy but with the right buds (for me small double flange) the stay in well I can honestly say they are as comfortable as any other headphones I have used and stay in better than any others.

Sound isolation is excellent but possibly a bit too good for ideal safety when crossing roads etc. No cable thud noises.

The possible negatives the cable is bit long to be ideal for exercise, the clip is essential for use due to the weight of the earphones connectors, the clip itself does not appear to be same robust quality as the rest of kit and is a tight fit to clip the cable into (I think it may be generic for there whole range which includes earphones with thinner cables).

Positives excellent sound quality, really really well made, comfortable and most importnt for me they stay put in your ear.

Compred to some Power Beats I had a go with the RHA's are better in every way (except I did really like the beats little case).

5 star overall, 4.5 for sport, in short if you are just getting these for running there are probally lighter and cheaper options that are more practical for you but as an all rounder than are still very good for sport, sound incredible and are just a thing of beauty these are the one.
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on 16 February 2014
I have had these 'phones for just over a month now and have to say that I am very, VERY happy with them. First impressions are that the build quality is 'out of this world' good for a headphone at this price... in fact, it's damn good for a headphone at three times this price. Everything from the remote / mic to the headphone jack and the IEMs themselves are in exquisitely machined aluminium. They are light and comfortable with a huge selection of different ear-buds to get that perfect fit (although mine were just right as they came out of the box).

Secondly, sound quality. These really are exceptional headphones considering the sub £100 price. I've owned several pairs of headphones over the years. I still prefer my B&W P5s for quality and acoustic presence but they are too large for activities like running or when you just want something you can slip in your pocket. My Shure SE530s have a better frequency response and more low-end power but are not as neutral as the RHAs (and not as good build quality - they are now out of action due to brittle / cracked insulation on the 'phone cables (Shure have quoted me over £100 to repair!!!) - disappointing for a headphone that cost 3 times as much as these RHAs)!! The RHAs are very neutral without exaggerated low or high frequency response (more like my Etymotics). They are also very fast / dynamic and present a broad, expansive sound stage. Sound isolation in noisy environments is also very good provided you get the right ear-buds and a tight seal.

At this price, I cannot recommend these headphones enough. You will be very hard pushed to find anything else as good as these for less than £100. So, why the 4 stars? A long standing feud with headphone manufacturers, I'm afraid... NOT EVERYBODY IN THIS WORLD USES AN iPHONE!!! Sadly, most manufacturers - including these, and my B&W P5s make remotes that are only compatible with Apple devices. Thankfully the middle button still works for answering / ending calls but the volume controls will ONLY work with iPhone, iPod etc. Come on guys. How about thinking about the rest of us!!!?
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VINE VOICEon 16 October 2013
Style Name: Headphones|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've owned a fair number of in-ear headphones over the years, from various different companies.

None of them come even close to the sound that these earbuds manage to create. The difference is astonishing - it's as if I'd been listening to music through a doorway, with a curtain pulled across. Suddenly the sound stage seems *so* much wider. Instruments and voices take on a new level of clarity, and I've found myself digging through my music collection looking for favourite tracks to give another listen. There's a new edge to the sound where previously things were lost. Bass notes in particular are picked up well, but across the range these perform brilliantly.

Yes, I received a pair via Amazon's Vine programme. But, should the worst happen and I lose these headphones? I'd buy another pair without a second's hesitation.

The build quality is superb too - the earbuds are made from stainless steel and feel lovely and solid in your hand, yet not heavy in your ears. The cord goes up and over your ear, which I've always preferred. This cuts out the cable noise you get when in-ear headphones trail the wire straight down. The curved wires on these have a reinforced plastic to keep the curve in place and protect the cable, which I really liked.

The whole thing just smacks of quality, from the industrial metal joins where the left/right cables meet, to the spring at the headphone jack end, again to protect the cable. The cable itself feels heavy-duty and robust too. These are no lightweights.

They come with a load of extra ear tips - single and double-flanged as well as memory foam ones loaded into a nice stainless steel holder and a carry case.

Backed up with a *three year* warranty. A seriously nice bit of audio kit. Worth every penny. Do your ears a favour and buy a pair.
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on 11 April 2014
Just bought these and they really are worth the money. Let's start with the warranty: that's 3 years out the box, with no faffing around with "registering online". Let's go onto build quality: a main battle tank would be put to shame by these things: solid, metal, aint gonna break. The jack plug has a solid metal grip with a springy thing (literally looks like a spring that stops the cable snagging) that means you won't snap the connector.

Comfort wise they are spot on - play around with all of the (many, many) ear buds until you find those that fit (and remember: you can always have a biggy in one ear and a medium in the other...) You get 3 different styles and several different sizes of ear buds so there is going to be something to fit. Put together with the over the ear keeps-the-cable-dangle-to-a-minimum design and they are held very nicely, thank you very much.

The case: Generally the bags that earphones come with are a little disappointing or just-about-ok. In this case we're talking a fairly solid leatherette zip up pouch. It too oozes quality.

And now onto sound: they sound fantastic, perfect even. Bass and treble are balanced with neither overriding the other. Detail and clarity up there with my own ears listening to the sounds of nature in a forest (or some such). BUT and here's the one thing: you are going to have to run these in. For the first few hours you'll get all-treble no-bass. For a normally bass addicted guy like myself this was a bit of a shocker. But they've now settled down and it's glorious Technicolor(R) (or would be if sounds had colours) sound from here on in.

Run them in, you won't be disappointed (it's worth the wait).
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Style Name: Headphones|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm always a bit sceptical of claims such as `specialist headphone company' and why they hadn't come up on my radar before.

However, I think that unboxing the product was as good an experience as plugging them in and listening to music. I have taken some photo's of the unboxing so you can see for yourself. It was a real pleasure to open the box.

Everything is there, there are enough ear buds to fit pretty much any sized aperture, if you can't find a decent fit you must be a three eared alien species.

The product also comes with a nicely constructed case to keep all the bits in.

The earphones are comfortable to wear, though for some it might take a little getting used to, having the cable looped over the top of your ear. I can understand the reasoning behind this, there is a lot of weight in the cable, this product looks as if it has been designed to withstand battle and used on the offensive counter attack. Luckily it also comes with a clip to help weight distribution. No wonder the manufacturers give a 3 year warranty, this design is industrial strength. I love to cool feel of the stainless steel. Isambard Kingdom Brunel would designed something like this if MP3 players had existed in his day.

Still it's not the box, or the bling that counts, the important part is whether they produce the goods for your £79. Everyone listens to music, but at the same time they hear music differently, in this case I was not just pleasantly surprised, I was truly amazed. Note that I tried these with iPad, iPhone, and a Sony player.

I really felt that I was listening to music through a pair that cost three times as much, and believe me when I say that I have paid three times as much and not got a pair as good as these.

Handmade drivers might just be the real attention to detail here, I listened to a variety of music, Flo Rider, Mumford and Sons, Johnny Cash, Fall Out Boy, Dylan, ELO, Spiderbait, The Jam to name but a few. The sound reproduction gave a good amount of clarity, it could handle, highs and lows and didn't falter at full volume or when turned down. Bass sounded rich and sharp without overpowering anything. Some earphones tend to lean towards a dull bass sound, but not here. They say that earphones have to make compromises, well may be these have just rewritten the rule book on that subject.

In conclusion, the only fault I can find is that they are a bit on the heavy side for a set of earphones that are supposedly meant to be portable, without the clip in place the relatively thick cabling drags down a bit on your ears. Acceptable for a commute, but not for running.

Sound wise I have absolutely no concerns though you have to remember it is a very personal perception, you may hear sound differently to me.

The fact that they come with a 3 year warranty tells me they are designed to last and designed to survive. It would be unkind and unfair to mark them down purely on the fact that they are a little on the heavy side. You will also find that they are easy to untangle, if you could tangle them in the first place that is.

It's a five from me.
review image review image review image review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 26 September 2013
Style Name: Headphones|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

These phones are amazing. Have had a dozen or so different phones in the past, mostly half the price. Sound and build quality wise, these knock the socks of them. it's thoroughly worth splashing out. Sound wise there are also better than a pair of over the ear headphones I have that cost double.

Packaging is nice, with magnetic opening cover. The headphones are made from solid metal, but are suprisingly light. There are springs where the cord meets the jack. The connector is solid metal. The cord is thick and robust feeling. Yet they are so light, it's astonishing.

They are by far the comfiest in-ear buds I've used, you barely know they are they and they do not budge! And no rubbing sounds from the cable when you walk/move either.

And the sound quality is just all there. Perfect at all levels, crisp vocals and a proper rumbly cinema style bass that hits the right depth without making it sound like a chav in a clio.

The only slight disappointment was the rather cheap material that makes the carry case. But hey, it's all about the quality of the phones!!

Seriously worth buying. Worth every penny.
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on 31 October 2014
Having tried many in-ear headphones under the £100 mark, I have to say this is the best one out there.

Build Quality (10/10):
The headphones are made of stainless steel and look both beautiful and solid. After even 5 months of constant use, they look as good as ever. The housing, splitter and jack is made of stainless steel and the wires are made of a very sturdy but flexible rubber. The ear loops are made of a different material which is thinner and more stiff meaning they don't lose their shape. The giant spring strain relief on the headphone jack makes sure that you will never break off the wire from it.

Accessories (10/10):
The RHA MA750s come with a huge amount of accessories. The case is large and looks very smart and can easily hold a small mp3 player as well as the headphones. It also has space to keep all the earbuds, but it's not that necessary but nice to have nevertheless. Talking about the earbuds, there are a massive 10 pairs which come with the headphones; 6 pairs of dual density earbuds, 2 pairs of bi-flange earbuds and 2 pairs of foam earbuds. This makes sure that you will always find the perfect fit for yourself. The 2 pairs of foam earbuds are the same size and quite large so someone with small ears will find it hard to use them.

Isolation, Microphonics and Comfort (9/10):
These headphones have dynamic drivers which means they will never have as good isolation as balanced armature ones, however they perform well and do decently to block out external noise.
The thick cables and the compulsory over-ear design results in negligible microphonics.
The headphones are very comfortable to wear as the over-ear design allows the whole of the ear to take the pressure of the drivers which are actually quite heavy as they are large and made wholly out of metal. The large selections of earbuds also help to increase the comfort of these headphones. They are comfortable both when staying still or running.

Sound (9.0/10):
These in-ear headphones have a 'handmade 560.1 driver' according to the RHA website. The driver is a dynamic driver of an unknown size but it is probable to say that they are around 10mm. The sound is biased towards the lower-mids and is very warm which is normal of a dynamic driver (most balanced armature drivers have a cool sound). The emphasis on the lower-mids makes this a great headphone for listening to rock, alternative and other bassy music. The overall signature of the headphone is a flat v-shape with a slight emphasis on the trebles and bass. The treble can be often seen as very bright and energetic but it is not so that it hurts to listen to.
However after about 3 months of use (around 150 hours), the headphone sound completely changed. Suddenly the bass was far more tighter and restrained without losing its punch, and the bright, energetic treble calmed down slightly making the headphones sound closer to a £200 headphone than a £100 one. Maybe it could be called a burn in but if one thing should be said it's that you should not disregard this headphone off immediately, give it time and it will perform incredibly.

Conclusion (9/10):
Overall this is one of the few headphones which backs up its beautifully crafted body with a gorgeous sound which improves over time. Along with its huge 3 year warranty, this has to be a must for anybody who wants a slightly more premium headphone for lower-mid oriented music.

A headphone which sounds very similar to this and is similar in price is the Yamaha EPH-100. It provides a lot of what the RHA has but its build quality is poorer but it does not make you use the over-ear loop of the RHA.
If a more balanced sound is wanted but the warmth still kept, the HiFiMan RE-400 should be looked at as it gives a more balanced sound but the amount of accessories is not as extensive as the RHA's
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on 15 June 2015
Back story....I have used Shure SE315's for about the last 5 years. My first pair eventually gave out a couple of months ago (though I did wear out 3 cords over that period, which at £40 a set, didn't work out cheap). I bought a new pair, which I managed to lose on Friday....cue mad scramble to find a replacement in time for going on holiday this Wednesday.

During my search I came across these. I'd read reviews previously, as I keep abreast of new tech, and was impressed by the number of good reports they were getting. Delivery was promised in time for going away, so I jumped in. Probably the single most important aspect of those reviews, for me, was the praise given for comfort and sound isolation, as I wear my buds for most of the day, working in an environment with a constant medium noise level.

I've had the MA750's for 8 hours now, and it's been 8 hours of frustration and annoyance. This is not a review of the sound quality, which, not being an audiophile, seems perfectly acceptable to me....when the sound is reaching me the way I want to hear it. This is all about comfort. When it comes to the reviews concerning this, I have to wonder if those commenting have previously been using modified pine cones.

It may be an unfair comparison, but with the Shures' memory foam tips it was a case of...Insert into ear, give a little twist....and forget for the rest of the day. The MA750 memory foam tips are woeful in comparison...forget the silicone tips, the only ones that would stay in my ear were the double flange ones, and they were so uncomfortable as to be painful...not to mention the nightmare trying to get the damn things onto the buds...I also managed to tear 2 of the single flange ones getting them off, they were so flimsy.

I have spare tips for the Shures' (which unfortunately don't fit) and in comparison, the 750's are not as wide, long or maleable. The differences are miniscule but hugely important. The tips don't feel as if they are going far enough into the ear, but with (a lot of) manipulation, I can eventually get them settled in a position where I can hear/feel the bass at the level I like it. Problem is, every time I move my jaw, even with as little movement as natural swallowing, the bass drops out and I've ended up fiddling with the buds trying to get it back again. Effectively, this has meant spending a lot of time constantly adjusting the buds....and it is extremely annoying.

Sound Isolation/cancellation, again in comparison to the Shures', is very disappointing. A walk through town, even at high volume, had traffic noise all over my music (I listen to nothing but EDM, so that is an accomplishment). A stop for a drink on Brighton beach, away from traffic, and I could hear conversation from people 10 feet away. I haven't used these at work yet, but I'm not holding my breath (couldn't anyway, as the bass would drop out)

As stated previously, this is not about the sound quality. If the tips don't fit properly, the sound quality doesn't matter. What's the point of giving you a choice of 10 different tips if 8 of those are complete non-starters? I don't want quantity, I want quality....and I'm afraid these are just not good enough.

In conclusion, I wish I'd bought another pair of 315s'
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on 15 August 2014
I first bought the MA350 earphones last year, I was very impressed with the sound they produced but I had a small problem with the braided fabric cable. After talking with the nice people at RHA I decided to buy these phones because the cable doesn't have the fabric issue (feedback when rubbing against clothing).

I always knew that the controls were designed for use with an iphone, but some Android users had reported partial use with their phones. It turns out that I can pause playback on my Nexus 4 using the inline control, that's all I really wanted so I'm happy.

The build quality is superb, I'd imagine that they will easily cope with my daily walks around the countryside without showing signs of stress. The cable clip for attaching to a shirt or jacket was far too lightweight for this robust cable, it broke within minutes of the first use. I ordered a heavy duty one which is designed for pilots, problem solved (the seller in this case gave me a partial refund to cover the cost of my new clip without any qualms at all).

I wasn't sure that the over-the-ear style would suit my strange ears but it works just fine. I don't get along with silicone tips so I bought t-200 tips from Comply, which are fantastic.

The sound quality? Amazing! I suspect you'd have to part with several hundred pounds to replicate this quality from any other earphones on the market. When you also consider the 3 years warranty, these earphones have to be the best value for money around.
Buy these, your ears will love you forever more.
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on 7 November 2013
RHA MA750's review.

Gushing RHA Praise and Respect bit..

I have always been a Sennheiser man, 20 plus years engineering, producing, DJing, but in the last few years Sennheiser has dishonored their 2year warranty and so has some of their dealers on Amazon (mentioning no names), even when I sent printed receipts via Amazon, and so it goes on today with 2 pairs of CX-400-IIs which fit very well and easily but fail at the plug end etc, still no replacements, or emails, very shabby. I've spent literally thousands of pounds on Sennheiser headphones and Microphones, not anymore, right now I'm representing RHA for Britain! (even if they are made in china:) It started with a pair of MA 300s or 350s ? The first pair failed, but like 1 or 2 days later another pair turn up, wow now thats service! i hadn't even sent the other ones back yet! they supply a return postage paid padded envelope of the correct size to return the faulty ones, another fault occurred and again the next day I had a replacement after sending a quick email via Amazon, the next day!! now as I realize in this robotic production world of ours there will be small runs/batches of faults, so if thats you, don't moan, live with it! we live in an analogue world you know!. Well the third pair are still perfect! and have been used to the full, sound great even up close to these new beauties.
So right there I said with this kind of customer care and a 3yr warranty and quality of sound I'm sold! Thanks RHA Team!

Straight in no messing about..

Nice box! AND I can open it without needing cutting equipment! or cutting through an expensive pair of Klipch Image £200 headphones I was wearing for a cheaper set of Sennheisers that went wrong (yes that really happened)
Nice ear bud selection! very nice case to! Now I'm not usually an over the ear person having tested Ultimate Ears (Ultimate Joke!) I mean the really expensive ones, couldn't stop adjusting them! But these feel much better fit, the best fitting ear buds "for me" so far has been the Sennheiser CX400-11s CX300s Medium tips, the RHA's are almost identical size, and the metal earphone units not to heavy like Ultimate Ears, the rubbery wire cover on these is very tough! As unfortunately my thumb nail managed to slice off the plastic cable catch on the plastic cable clip, need a metal one, that wont shred the fatter cable, and I thought my thumb nail had sliced the cable open but no, it was fine! The over ear style works well on these RHA's and adds extra support so i haven't missed the cable clip, I'm impressed buy the build quality of the cable and all the connecting joins, I'm still warming this pair in so look for updates:

Kit List: ZOOM Q3 96KHz / 44KHz Stereo WAV files, Cowon D2+ , 44khz Stereo WAVs FLACs, MP3s,
Rooted Samsung Galaxy S1 with Voodoo Sound! A DarkyROM project. [...]
FiiO ALPEN Headphone AMP (does nice things)sold on

I have small ears I've been told, AND I wear glasses but have managed to learn how to put these on with ease,
all you need to remember is the cable goes "behind and over" your ear towards the front, they have pre-bend upper wire as a guide but this is not the stiff bendy wire like the Ultimate Ears, I can even slide the ear cables behind my glasses arms with no pain on ears at all, makes a more snug fit for me, but either way has been fine. To tell the difference between these and my Sennheiser CX-400-IIs and RHA MA350's you need some decent uncompressed recording, not even DAB is good enough, no it must be Vinyl into a decent headphone AMP, frequency response is very good and so far sound wise these are excellent! and these are still being warmed in, try not to over run them at first, especially form a phone! for a more uncluttered sound at higher volumes I'd definitely recommend a headphone Amp, as the amps in phones and some MP3 players really can't cut it.
This is where you start looking at your players and amps and say, is my kit up to these headphones? Now in conclusion i'd say for the money, the great construction, excellent past customer service it's Five Stars from me, well done RHA team!.
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