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Platform: Frustration-Free Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Yet again, Kaspersky comes out on top in a number of national tech magazine tests. It has been consistent for a number of years. I have been using the product for goodness knows how long, but probably since at least 2008.

Since that time, I have never had a problem with malware or a virus, now this could be down to good luck or it could be down to the fact that I tend to steer away from dodgy websites. It has remind me on occasion that it has prevented a few problems here and there. In fact, it kept reminding me there was something in an email on Outlook. It was a correct and yet the email was from a friend. I let him know his system was infected, and so it was.

In fact, the only time I had been caught out was a by a phishing email. My fault entirely, and there was me thinking that I knew everything there was about computer security! Still, the computer was left undamaged.

Now many people will rely on those free security products, but if truth be known, they are not as good as the paid for variety. Free products are less likely to be updated as frequently and less likely to be protected from zero day attacks.

The new 2014 Kaspersky Internet Security Suite has very little impact on system resources on Win 7, (I’m not a fan of Win 8). I like the fact that the program can be installed and forgotten about, but on the other hand if you want to get your hands dirty there are a plethora tweaks and changes you can make.

On the face of it the interface looks streamlined and clean, but dig down into the options and you could be there for days. It has pretty much everything you might need, sandboxing for financial transactions, realtime protection using the cloud and your PC, sandboxing even in IE, two way firewall and a web scanner. For those of you who are worried about malware that likes to read keystrokes, there is a virtual keyboard to play with.

However, it is no longer just about a home computer and Windows. This product will provide protection for your Android devices. If you haven't already been told or have been sleeping for the last 3 or 4 years, you will know that the Android operating system is particularly susceptible to malware. If you have a Android smart phone or tablet it would really be beneficial for you to protect your device. Consider how many thousand Apps have been produced containing malware.

This isn't a dig at Android, it is a fact. It can also be used in a more limited way with OSX.

The bottom line is this, it’s better safe than sorry and Kaspersky offers a very good complete internet security package. The only missing piece is the lack of online back ups, but they have another product for that. It covers up to five devices for a year and for this price I consider it good value for money.

Kaspersky is consistently good, there are not many other products that can match its performance and I will be sticking to what I know works.
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Platform: Frustration-Free Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Kaspersky have held a reputation for effective A-V solutions for the PC for many years, a few less for the Mac and they have very recently added Android support into the mix. Apple's tablets or phones are not currently supported.

This is the 5 device/1 year pack and there is a smaller 3 device/1 year pack as an lower-priced option. They provide support for any mix of PCs, Macs and tablets up to the maximum which could therefore include a whole family's laptops and desktops with an Android tablet or smartphone thrown into the mix. The options available for the PC and Mac are almost identical and are extremely comprehensive. The 2014 version of the software has been independently rated as top-of-the-league and the most effective ever. The Android version is simpler and has far fewer tools under its belt and is therefore more appropriate to such devices.

Installation on the PC and Mac is from the CD but for the Android, you can copy the installer to your PC/Mac and subsequently copy it to the tablet over WiFi, USB cable or via a USB stick and OTG or you can download it from Google Play and just use the key on the pack to register, as you would on a computer. As this is a disk only pack, there is no packaged manual but you can download the comprehensive documentation from the company's web site.

As well as the usual anti-virus tools, firewall, e-mail protection etc there are a few of Kaspersky's own protection tools. Overall, they provide for an all-round system protection with regular updates of virus definitions - very often more than once daily - so that protection is continuously improved. Software updates are less frequent and may occasionally involve a new tool. In the event that you may have a larger number of devices than the pack maximum, each version (PC, Mac or Android) is available separately or you could add the 3/1 pack as a better value option if there are two or more devices to be covered.

Kaspersky is a name to be trusted and the package is a valuable way to protect your computing devices. Effective, excellent value and highly recommended.
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Platform: Frustration-Free Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Kaspersky Internet security suite

The package.

This is a comprehensive computer protection package with the added advantage that it will also protect tables and Android devices. There is also a disk for Mac computers in the package.


On my PC with Windows 7 64bit it installed very quickly and immediately updated to the latest signatures. I already had a previous account with Kaspersky so did not need to register again. If this is a brand new package you will need to go through a simple registration process in order to get updates etc. just like any other package.

Multi device functions.

The disk allows you to protect up to 5 devices in a mix and match fashion. This can be done by using the disk for computers or wirelessly for phones and tablets using a download and a code to log into your product. It’s a bit fiddly but work well once you understand the process. I managed to install it on to my Google Nex easily and on the first scan it picked up loads of Malware.


You can do a quick scan, deep full system scan or custom scan. The speed will depend on your system and its overall speed but on my main PC with an i5 CPU, 256Gb SSD, 2 TB HDU and 16 Gb or RAM it took just over an hour to do the first full system scan. I consider that to be pretty good as my previous AVG setup would take two hours plus. On the first scan it did find lots of Malware and a couple of virusues that AVG had missed !


It’s hard to test a virus scanner but since loading it everything has stopped by Kaspersky and it just deals with any problems without me doing anything. I have read several computer magazine tests and it has always come out top for protection and ease of use. This gives me some confidence in using the system and Kaspersky is well respected along with Norton. We have both of them at work and the IT guys always recommend either of them for home use.
It also scans in the background so does not slow your computer up too much. Gone are the days where you have to let it run all night and can’t do much else while it scans. It has an intelligent CPU algorithm that lets it use spare capacity and hands back the bandwidth if the user needs it. I do a lot of picture editing and even while it is scanning the machine only slows a little even with large images and lots of layers working.

There are lots of features and parental controls as well so the protection can be configured. Kaspersky offer a help system in case a user runs into problems. The system is updated automatically and a boot disk can be made to bring your computer back to life in the event of a catastrophe.


I am very happy with this and the flexibility it has given me to protect other items I have. Just to point out once you have started the software on one device all the other licences run concurrently so they all run out at the same time. Overall it’s doing the job well, does not slow my machine and gives me a reassuring message that is looking out for attacks on the net. This package has everything and is great value if you set up 5 device together.
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Platform: Frustration-Free Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Was set-up and installed in about 10 minutes after updating it's databases. Really just a case of pop it in, ding dang do and voilà: installed.

It did a scan and protected the PC from a few 'scripts' and malicious attachment on email in the first evening of use.

For 5 items I think it's very good value. There are single editions and three user edition too.

Not only does it create an effective firewall it also it gives "real time cover" So if you're on a site with something trying to hack in-it should stop it.

Simple, useful and recommended.
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on 14 May 2014
I've been buying Kaspersky products for years, but this is the first time I get a regional restriction error. New policies should be highlighted. Now I have a 25-pound product that I can't use (I don't live in the UK) nor return, since I had to open it and try the activation code to know about the new regional restrictions policy.

Very disappointed!

I don't blame Amazon, but I hope they add this information to the product description so other people won't have the same problem I had.

Kaspersky... you've lost a loyal customer.
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Platform: Frustration-Free Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used Kaspersky before and always felt it was okay but did impede on system resources and kept intruding on browsing habits so wasn't too impressed. This version I was impressed.

I got sent the frustration free packaging which means you get a nice slim cardboard cover containing the CD rather than a massive box with wasted space. It works on Android, Mac and Windows and has stamped 5 devices for one year. This is a good move as other vendors choose 3 devices but most techy homes now have over 3 devices.

Installation went without hitch and the first scan was very quick. There has been little detriment to bootup times although Internet Explorer was quick to highlight one of the new add-ons was taking slightly longer than the others. I didn't want browsing to slow down so have turned off the browser addons.

So far so good and the only message has been when I stick in a USB drive and it prompts to scan. Quite impressed.
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VINE VOICEon 8 April 2014
Platform: Frustration-Free Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had used a competitor’s internet security products for years, but after buying a new machine from a company that builds them to order and installs software as required, I found that my new machine had a piece of malware on it. The competitor’s product missed the malware. As I thought it would be useful for them to see this, I let one of their support people remotely logon to my nice new machine to try to resolve the problem. The guy was clearly out of his depth, and I had to disconnect him when he tried doing something REALLY stupid. At that point, I figured it was time to try a different security company. That’s how I ended up installing this Kaspersky product.

Installation of the Kaspersky product was easy, including getting the latest updates from the internet. It did a complete system scan, which highlighted another apparent piece of malware (although I suspect this may have been a false-positive). Comparing with the competitor’s product, I found the reporting in the competitor’s product stronger, and found that Kaspersky used more CPU time.

I’m going to keep Kaspersky running for a while to see how I find it over time. My initial reaction is that it is easy to install, but not so great on CPU usage or reporting. To that end, it might be better suited to less technical users, rather than advanced users who need to be able to fine tune behaviour and analyse issues.
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on 26 September 2013
I've used Kaspersky before and it is a great Internet Security Software.

It's not difficult to install and it covers all your devices.

The price is good and a great piece of mind.
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on 6 May 2014
Be careful, Kaspersky is now region locked! And there is no notice about it. So be careful where you are if you intend to dowload it!
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Platform: Frustration-Free Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was a real fan of Kaspersky Internet Security, but about 3 years ago, I had real trouble installing their software onto my PC and so I went elsewhere, using AVG and BitDefender over that period, both of which provided good protection, but neither filled me with the confidence that I had built up with Kaspersky over the years. Having read other reviews, I was hopeful that Kaspersky was back on top and I am pleased to say that all is right with the world once more and Kaspersky is back as my trusty companion. Not only on my PC, but on my laptop (PC running Windows 7 and laptop running Windows 8) and also on my Sony Xperia smartphone too.

Whatever problems they had a few years ago, have clearly been well and truly ironed out, as it is back to its slick, smooth, easy-to-install, simple-to-use ways and it was even installed on my mobile and up-to-date within a matter of minutes.

The packaging is no-fuss and no waste - basic minimum to hold the two discs (one for PC, one for Mac) and for downloading onto an Android phone, you just download the app from Google Play, input the activation code and you are away!

I am genuinely delighted to be back in the safe hands of Kaspersky and hope that they continue strong for years to come!
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