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4.1 out of 5 stars197
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 11 August 2014
This adapter is accurately made, robust, well-finished, and supplied with suitable screws. If you want to mount a 2.5" drive in a conventional drive bay and connect cables directly to the drive it will probably be very good - 5 stars. But if (like me) you want to mount the drive in a caddy belonging to a chassis with front-access drive bays it's useless, because the adapter DOESN'T give the drive the form factor of a standard 3.5" drive: the electrical connections on the drive+adapter combination are in a completely different place, so it won't fit a drive bay with a fixed socket. 0 stars this time! It would be perfectly possible to make an adapter to give a 2.5" drive a standard 3.5" form factor, and then it would work in any kind of chassis; I can't imagine why Quantek don't.
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on 14 August 2015
While technically it does exactly what it says on the tin (2.5" to 3.5" mounting plate for hard disks and solid state disks) for some unknowable reason the holes to mount it in a 3.5" hard disk bay are tapped with what I assume is the same M3 thread that is used to mount the SSD to the plate, instead of for the 6-32 screws that are normally used for this purpose (3.5" drive bays are universally 6-32!!). This makes it difficult to use this if for example you have a case with rubber washers between the hard disk mounts and the hard disk bays (like an Antec P180b, for example) and hence the case provides longer 6-32 screws to use with the hard disk that will not fit the M3 holes!

tl;dr: Don't buy this if you have to use screws that your case provided because there's no guarantee they'll fit. Otherwise it's fine.
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on 13 September 2013
Bought one to use with a new Sandisk SSD. Arrived promptly, it's fine but if your case uses brackets with studs rather than screws then you might have some issues. My case (Coolermaster) uses these and the holes required a bit of drilling before they would fit.
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on 27 May 2014
Good quality metal, feels strong. Used to mount a Samsung 840 in a desktop 3.5inch bay. Both SSD mounting holes and drive bay holes lined up perfectly and no issues in securing with the supplied screws
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on 4 September 2014
Be aware that the screw thread on the sides is not the thread used by 3.5" drives. I cannot use these in my PC case because it requires that I screw in mounts that have the 3.5" drive thread.
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on 4 April 2014
A good solid item, fits the SSD and HD slot exactly. It's a bit higher than stated (about 15mm) and it's a mystery why it's referred to as 2.5" to 3.5" when it's actually 2.75" to 4", but it fits the conventional HD slot.
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on 24 February 2016
These types of mounting brackets to mount a 2.5" drive into a 3.5" drive bay are a good idea and are a necessary piece of kit for people with cases that have plenty of 3.5" drive bays but come up short on 2.5" drive bays.

While the idea for this piece of kit is very good, having looked through lots of these online, they all seem to come with one mysteriously fundamental design flaw, in that the threads in the screw holes on the sides of the bracket used to mount it into the 3.5" drive bays in the case are all M3 screws and threads when they should be 6/32 screws and threads, which are the universal screw/thread for 3.5" hard drives. This obvious incompatibility doesn't seem to make any sense. A mounting bracket such as this should have four M3 screws to mount the 2.5" drive onto the bracket (which it does and they work fine), and then four 6/32 screws to mount the bracket into the case through what should be 6/32 threaded screw holes on the sides of the bracket, but this is not the case with this bracket or any of the others I've looked at. They all have M3 threaded screw holes on the sides making them incompatible with the universal 6/32 threads of standard 3.5" hard drives and hard drive bays.

I have a Zalman Z9 U3 case which uses a combination of special size and shape 6/32 screws with special size and shape rubber anti-vibration washers to mount 3.5" drives into the drive bays. In my case the drives aren't screwed directly into the case, the special screws and washers are screwed into the 3.5" drive and then the drive is slid into the drive bay. In order to make this bracket compatible with my case's special hard drive mounting system, I have had to buy some 10mm long M3 screws and combine them with two different sizes of rubber washers and assemble them together to mimic the size and shape of my case's special 6/32 mounting screws, which I could then screw into the M3 threaded screw holes on this bracket and then slide the bracket into the drive bay. Fortunately my DIY mounting screw plan worked perfectly and I have been able to successfully make this mounting bracket compatible with my case. Some people may be able to use a similar method but a lot of people will not be able to depending on their case's mounting system.

Aside from this incompatibility issue, the bracket is well-made. It's solid, and the screw holes to mount the 2.5" drive onto the bracket all line up perfectly. I can't speak to whether or not the screw holes on the sides line up with the screw holes in a case because as previously said my case doesn't mount drives in this way, my case has a semi-tool-less mounting system and therefore doesn't have any screw holes for me to line up with the bracket.

I would personally buy more of these brackets as long as I have this Zalman case because I have devised a DIY method of making this bracket compatible with this case's 3.5" drive bays, If, however, at any point I start using a different case I would have to re-assess the compatibility between the new case and this bracket or others like it, and whether I can devise a DIY solution to make it compatible if not.

Long story short, there needs to be another version of this bracket that has 4xM3 screws to mount the 2.5" drive onto the bracket, and 4x6/32 screws/threads to mount the bracket into the case. Considering how many people must be in the same situation as myself, such a bracket would be well sought-after.
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on 13 July 2014
Exactly what it should be. Simple bracket supplied with all the right screws. Delivered on time.
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on 28 January 2016
It's nicely finished, arrived quickly with a set of screws and bolts but was incredibly frustrating to fit!

I bought this to make it easy to fit a smaller 2.5" drive in a 3.5" bay - but for some reason the mountings are threaded in a non-standard size!
So the supplied screws fit fine, but the original mounting assembly (which should have just transferred over from the old drive) did not fit.
The whole point of a "standard" is that everybody uses the same size, screws and threading patterns - it'd be one thing if the actual specification were quoted so you could compare, but these are completely missing. No problem if you have a set of tap-n-dies at least you can make a small hole bigger - but extra expense, and time wasted in what should be a simple solution.
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on 18 April 2014
I bought this product in order to fit my new SSD that I purchased to upgrade my computer. I received 8 screws in total, 4 one model and 4 another model. I fit the SSD just fine, however I wasn't able to screw in the plate to my computer with the other 4 screws provided since neither of them are long enough which is a disappointment.

Another thing that bugged me is that when I tried to screw in the plate to the computer, (with the screws provided by the case makers) the screw did not fit into the hole because the hole on the plate wasn't large enough, so beware of that too. Luckily the case has a locking mechanism that also locks the thing in place so I could manage without the screw.
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