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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2013
I didn't think I would ever be calling a Goodmans item great, but that shows what a dismal state of affairs all other manufacturers are when it comes to DAB radios, and in particular DAB alarm clocks. I love to wake to Planet Rock/Team Rock, so a DAB is essential for me, our old one just broke (after about 7 years), so needed something new, looked at what's out there - what are manufacturers thinking?, why on earth would I want a fake bake-o-lite look DAB alarm clock???

This one however fits the bill perfectly. The design is modern without being too modern, it's the right size, not too big, the display is the right size, you can set 10 different brightness levels without it lighting up the room like Blackpool illuminations (which is a common failing of many DAB alarm clocks).

The time is set automatically from the DAB signal, and it tuned itself to the DAB stations when I plugged it in.

The Acid test: I set the alarm without needing to look at the manual (which when I did skim it to work out how to set the brightness, seemed well written).

Some nice features on the alarm too, you can set different Weekday, Weekend and Once-Only alarms. Specify the volume, specify the input (DAB, Buzzer, etc), With DAB you can specify the station too (or just last listened to).

An added bonus, is it's got a Bluetooth receiver and USB port at the back so you can wake up to tunes from your mobile.

A very well thought out product that doesn't fall into the traps that pretty much every other manufacturer seems to have done. If you are looking for something normal and functional, rather than the tat that manufacturers seem to think we want, this should be an item on your consideration list. After a few more days, still very pleased. Here are the pros and cons, I still consider this a 5 start product, but only really because everything else out there in the DAB world is so poor in comparison.


Looks nice, ideal size
Adjustable brightness
Easy to setup
Clock sets itself
Can set alarm for weekdays/weekends/single events
Can set alarm channel and volume
Volume fades in
Good connectivity (Bluetooth and USB)


Display flashes slightly annoyingly when alarm is going off. If like me you listen to the radio for an hour in the morning before finally getting up, then this can become irritating.
No Auto-off - in alarm mode, the radio will turn off after an hour, but if you turned it on manually, it will stay on all day if you forget to switch it off.
Awkward dual-use of the power button to switch inputs. Long press to turn off, single momentary press to switch input.
Sound quality is average at best, speaker distorts over mid volume.
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on 3 February 2014
A well built alarm/radio but one in which the design has not fully taken into consideration its function. The controls are fine for someone wide awake and with good eyesight to use in daylight but it is a challenge for someone who is half asleep or in the dark – probably the majority of the time that this alarm/radio will be used.

* Solid build and elegant shape, taller than it is deep but reasonably heavy and so not unstable
* Good display with variable levels of brightness, including zero level i.e. display off.
* Sound quality is reasonable for the size and price of the item – do not expect hi-fi quality.

* DAB reception is poor with the fitted aerial and there is no socket to fit a better aerial.
* Controls (1) – all controls are on the narrow top of the radio, fitted flush and with no gaps between them. Some of the buttons are also small and it is difficult to differentiate between them to select the one required without looking at them - which requires good light and good eyesight.
* Controls (2) – some controls are multi function e.g. the on/off is also the control to move from DAB to FM etc. Press it once to switch the radio on, but remember to press and hold it down to switch it off or it moves to the next function and remains on.
*Goodmans' support. Their ‘Product Specialist’ was unable to answer a simple question regarding the display. The same question was posted on the Amazon owners’ forum and received two helpful answers within a few hours.

In conclusion, only consider buying this item if you intend using it in an area with a very strong digital signal.
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on 19 February 2014
I purchased this thinking it was an alarm clock DAB radio. However you cannot see the time unless the radio is on, so if you wake in the night you are unable to see the time. I spoke to Goodmans and they were unable to come up with a solution so I sent the radio back for a refund.
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on 17 January 2014
The first one I ordered didn't work at all. Amazon sent a replacement promptly, and it's good. Okay sound for such a small unit, bluetooth function works well, pretty easy to use. My previous clock radio was the (much bigger and more pricey) Pure Chronos, which eventually failed. The only features I miss are the USB phone charger and the display options - seems odd, but this radio doesn't seem to display the song title when playing DAB radio or songs from my phone via bluetooth. Instead it tells you the date, and the time. Even though the time is also displayed in bigger figures just above. Searched the instructions and Goodmans website and no clue to whether the song title option is hidden somewhere (as some of the buttons double up between functions). Shame, but overall I'm still happy with this.

EDIT: just found the display button - press "menu" whilst DAB radio is on.
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on 2 January 2014
I ordered this radio on the basis that our lords and masters in Westminster have decided to make my analogue receiver obsolete and this one had very good reviews. I can only conclude they must have all lived in Central London because, although the receiver largely does what it says on the box, the supplied pigtail antenna is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. In order to get any sort of reception I have a 30 foot long wire antenna strung up my back garden. Do I live in Outer Mongolia? No, Blackpool, hardly the back of beyond.

Not only that, but when I first unpacked it the device showed a string of error codes and refused to receive any sort of signal at all. Credit where it's due, Goodmans Helpdesk were indeed helpful and suggested a reset to factory defaults which cured that issue but still the problem with the largely useless antenna. Why Goodmans could not fit it with a better antenna or at least a socket for an external is a mystery to me, but, as previously noted, the Digital Revolution only seems to work well if you live in an Inner City. If you do, then this little box may just be what you need, otherwise, forget it.
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on 17 March 2014
When the alarm went off all the icons flashed on the screen and it couldn't be turned off unless it was unplugged.
Sent it back and received a second one. The second radio wouldn't even turn on. Gave up after this and brought a completely different make.
Would have been a good product if it had worked properly, minus the material over the speaker...If you use a duster to clean it the yellow bits of fluff get stuck to it. Dimmer was good but had to be facing the clock if you wanted to see the time whether it was dimmed or not. Personally I would not recommend this product.
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on 21 November 2013
1) Audio is great considering the dimension
2) Got a lot of functionality and options
3) it's really beautiful and look solid
4) you can change the display brightness
5) The time is automatically setup


Depending on the device position you cannot read the time, considering that usually you put it in a low location is not a great thing. To be clear: if you stand and watch the display you cannot read anything but from the bed all look clear.
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on 15 February 2014
This is a really good clock radio. The reception isn't a problem and the little details like weekday / weekend only alarms, different brightness levels for on and off (so it can be really dark at night), bluetooth, etc. We got this for our 9 yr old son who absolutely loves it but seriously thinking about replacing our old one with this product too.
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on 20 June 2014
Sound is good. Size is very small. Operation is relatively simple. Reception is patchy when weather is cloudy or humid, but can't say it's worse with this than any other DAB. Main gripe alert - Buttons are a massive pain, why have the On/Off button also change function? If you don't remember to hold it down for a second or so, you change to Bluetooth instead of switching it off, it then takes about 10 seconds to scroll through all 4 functions (you have to wait a couple of seconds each time before it recognises the next button press) to get back to radio - it's a pain!! Also, the access to presets is a faff, too many things to press and too easy to mistakenly reprogram rather than switch channels. Understand it may be tough to fit in enough dedicated buttons or switches in such a small item, but there has to be a better way guys!
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on 26 January 2014
Ok sound quality - better than a clock radio.
Bluetooth is suprisingly useful for streaming podcasts from phone.
nice clear display that you can change brightness of and doesnt shine like the light of a thousand suns into your face at night
USB socket for charging phone/tablet
Compact and doesnt take up half your bedside table like traditional clock radio

DAB reception isnt the greatest although this is probably the signal as my Pure struggled.Didnt tune at first but went to front of house and tuned it in where the signal was a little stronger and then went back to bedroom and it then happily picked up all of the stations.
Skimped on buttons so you'll have to read the manual closely and remember which buttons are dual use etc Not too annoying in practice.
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