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The Poweradd Apollo is a 7200mAh solar powerbank which can be charged in the normal way or via the sun which means it is free power!

In the box you get -

- The 7200mAh powerbank which is 5.7 x 3.3 inches
- A coiled 12 inch power cable which takes all the below adapters
- A selection of adapters for all your digital devices. 30 pin Apple plug, Micro USB plug, Mini USB plug, Old style single pin plug
- A carabiner to attach the powerbank to your rucksack or such
- Instruction manual

Poweradd provide a one year warranty as standard.

The powerbank itself is well built and has an orange rubber coated bumper most of the way around it for protection as this is an outdoor item. The front is all solar panel and it has four blue LED power indicators lus an on/off power button. There's also a lanyard hole for the carabiner to fit through. On the top edge you have a USB and Micro USB port. The output of this charger is 1amp.

This item is not water resistant or waterproofed!

The powerbank takes around 8 hours to fully charge up from the mains electricity so all four indication LEDs are lit.

You can now take this out to charge up your digital devices on the go! It works spot on in doing this, no problem.

How does the solar aspect of it stand up?

Starting from flat I left it in my garden facing south for one day. It was a nice bright sunny day in Liverpool at the beginning of this week. After around ten hours of charging via it's solar panel one LED light was showing. So after ten hours or one days worth of sun it had taken on around 20% (1440mAh) power. So you're talking approx 5 days to fully charge this powerbank up by solar power. Remember the 'input' of this is only 180mAh so it will takes days to fully charge.

So yes it does work albeit slowly.

If I was taking this out I would ensure my devices and this powerbank were already fully charged. You would have to continuously leave this in sunlight to ensure there is charge on it. In the back window of your car or on a window ledge at home would be best.

This wouldn't be your primary charging source but definitely an emergency backup source of power.

This powerbank was kindly sent to me for review by the manufacturers.
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This Poweradd Apollo 7200mAh Solar Panel Charger was sent for me to review. In the box you get the solar power bank, a karabiner, USB charging lead with interchangeable power tips to fit the most common devices - Apple (pre Lightning); Micro USB for most smartphones, Mini USB and Micro USB plus instructions.

The immediate impression is of a tough well made device although no weatherproof properties are claimed - it has a capacity of 7200mAh, measures 5.70 x3.3 x .59 inches and weighs about 8 oz.. In practical terms it's about the same size as a larger smartphone. The unit has a full size USB output port and Micro USB port if you want to charge it from an electric rather than solar source and it also features a recessed on/off switch.

If you were planning on using this to charge your device from on a daily basis this power bank would not be my choice as it needs a fair amount of sunlight to fully charge it - something you can't rely on in the UK! However, where it comes into its own is as a trickle charger while you are on the hoof. Today I took it out after having flattened both the battery of the power bank and my phone deliberately - I then attached it to my backpack using the karabiner supplied and connected it to my phone. It was a sunny day with bouts of grey sky and it kept my flat mobile phone going all day. To me, this is a more obvious use of a device like this rather than to use the solar facility to keep charging the power bank from scratch. What is also interesting is that the device still charges, albeit it at a lesser rate, in daylight rather than direct sunlight.

What should also be remembered is that this unit can be used in exactly the same way as a normal power bank and you can charge it from a conventional source. I used my iPad charger and the four segment LED charger showed a full charge after around 4 hours. Once full it will charge most smartphones several times over and an average tablet to about 60% from flat. The unit features electronic charging protection against short circuits etc. and has CE approval marking.

If you look at this as a well made, punchy power bank that can be used normally, but with the option of a solar trickle charge facility when you are away from an electricity supply, it's well worth considering and I'll be using mine a lot over coming weeks. Recommended.
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on 9 October 2014
This charges up all my gadgets nice and fast but the solar performance was not at all impressive I was using this device in Portugal at Boom festival in 42degree Celsius heat after leaving it out on top of my tent facing south for a whole day it only charged two thirds.

To sum this up as a battery it works great as a solar charger not impressed at all
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 16 September 2014
I was kindly supplied this item free of charge to test and evaluate. In exchange, I agreed to provide an honest review detailing my thoughts. This is said review.


- 7200/7300mAh power bank (product description says 7200, the back of the product states 7300mAh)
- 4x adapters (each can connect to a supplied USB cable that plugs into the power bank)
- Carabiner
- Instruction manual



Well packaged.
Good design, and an interesting idea - this is the first solar powered power bank I’ve ever used.



This power banks has two ports, one button and four lights.

There is one port from which to charge your tech.
There is a micro-USB port to charge this power bank.
The button on the front is held down to show, via the four blue lights, how much power is remaining.

At the top right of the power bank, is somewhere to attach the carabiner, to allow it to be carried on a rucksack during a walk for example.

The majority of the front panel of the power bank, is a solar panel.
When charging (either from power or light), the four blue indicators light up sequentially.


—— IN USE ——

I’ve been using this power bank for a month now, and these are my condensed findings:
- As a normal power bank, it works just as you would expect.
- Charging this device through solar power alone, can take the better part of a week. DON’T purchase this if you’re imagining leaving it outside for half an hour, and ending up with a full tank, because it isn’t going to happen.
- The circa 7200mAh is enough to charge my iPhone 5s around 2-4 times, depending on external factors etc.
- Simply plug a device into the power bank, and it starts charging automatically, without the need to press the button.
- Direct sunlight will charge this faster than just leaving it near a window on a cloudy day. The latter will still cause the device to charge, but at a VERY slow rate!


---- CONCLUSION ----

The way to look at this device isn’t as a solar powered power bank that charges extremely slowly, and so should lose a star. The way to approach this device is to think about it as a solidly built normal power bank, with the extra bonus feature of a solar panel, to enable you to charge whilst you’re out and about.
For this reason it is getting five stars. If however you are buying this hoping for super-quick solar charges, I would not recommend this product.

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes.

✓ Looks great
✓ Provides numerous charges
✓ Simple to use
✓ Lights to show remaining battery/charging
✓ Small enough to carry around
✓ Harness the awesome power of the sun!

✗ None
If you have any questions regarding this product, feel free to leave comments down below - I'm happy to help...
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The Apollo 7200mAh solar panel power bank is great for people like me who often go out without remembering to charge important gadgets such as tablet and/or mobile phone. Having had a few embarrassing moments in meetings whereby my iPad ran out of battery and I couldn't make a phone call, I always carry a power bank in my bag or pocket these days.for this purpose, this power bank is ideal.

In the pack you get:

* the power pack
* cable
* carabiner
* adapters to use depending on what device you want to charge
* instructions

The power bank can be easily charged up easily through the mains electricity, and it took me about 7 1/2 hours. Of course, it also has the solar panel. I think it's important to remember that the solar panel is not a miracle worker! We don't get that much uninterrupted sunshine and it does take quite some time for the power bank to charge through this route. I like the idea that when I'm out hiking I can clip it onto my backpack and it gathers some charge whilst I'm walking.

There are 4 LED lights which indicate how much charge is in the power bank. This is handy to know not only when you are using it, but also when charging it.

Overall, it is a really handy item. So long as you are not expecting the solar panel to work as quickly as the mains charging, it works really well and does a good job. I'm quite happy charging it using the mains and using the solar panel as an extra, fun method to top it up.

I was given this item to test and to honestly review.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 July 2014
Note the maker sent me a review sample, no attempt was made to influence my review

The Apollo solar power bank is nicely made with good quality plastics on the casing. You get quite a good bundle with it including a small coiled USB cable, to which you can attach a number of supplied "tips" to, these are a mini USB port, a micro USB (for charging the power bank and devices that use micro USB), a Nokia (smaller thin style) adapter, as well as the older 30 pin apple connector. A Carabiner and ring are also in the pack.

On the main unit you have the solar panel with the 4 LED lights at the top with the power button. These show the capacity left of the unit, and light up in sequence when you are charging it be it via the micro USB or solar power.
The single USB port has an output of 5volts (as per USB spec) and 1 amp, so no quick charging port here. However I test charged a few tablets and it did seem to be faster than other 1 amp power banks I have used, so I'd not be overly concerned on that side of things.

Onto the main part, the solar charging. Rated at 7200mAh this is quite a good capacity for a power bank, you'll get lots of charges for a phone off this and a enough to fully charge a tablet and a bit left over.

* Solar charging is rated at a max of 180mAh, best performance. That means you'll need approx 40 hours of solar charging to bring the power bank from empty to full. In real world testing I found a couple of solid days (ie about 9-10 hours in good sunlight) brought the power bank up to about half capacity, you'd need another 2 good sun days to fill it completely. Do bear in mind whilst cloudy days will charge the bank, it probably will require more time to do so, and winter time will also slow charging down.

It's useful that the LED's indicate that it's charging as you can tell if you've enough light or not to activate the solar panel charge.
Whilst the Solar charging does seem to take quite long, there will be times you won't have an empty unit and you can "top it up" via sunlight. With a built in micro USB port you can charge it via that too. It took about 7 hours to charge from flat via a wall 2.4 amp USB charger.

Overall I like the power bank, but you need to put the solar charging part into context it might not be ideal to rely entirely on that On the other hand if you're out camping or hiking or outdoors a lot then it could prove a useful way to get "free" and not easily available power, likely enough to keep phones and other devices going on the fly, but don't expect to charge the bank quickly via sunlight. I will update the review should any issues come to light and with more information on the real world use of the power bank.

I'd like to see a small bag included to hold the accessories you get, even a simple one would be useful. In conclusion a nicely made solar power bank, that's worth a look.
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on 2 August 2014
I bought this solar charger at the end of July, in preparation for a camping holiday, as I needed my phone for taking photos and for alarms (I'm hopeless at waking up in the morning and remembering to take my pills). However, it stopped charging from the sun and the mains after just one use, and I had to make a detour during my journey to the campsite to buy an Incase battery pack (which works perfectly). I'd planned to return the solar charger, but left it under my desk and forgot about it.

After a whole month, long after I'd actually had any need for a solar charger, Poweradd customer service contacted me to offer me a replacement product and to beg me to change my negative review. To their credit, the replacement product does seem to work like the first one should have (so far), and has managed to charge up in the sun and from the mains a few times now. I wanted to try out the thing for a while, to make sure that it wasn't going to break like the first one, and let customer service know that. However, they seem to be incapable of understanding that and have spammed me with emails begging me to change my review ever since.

Customer service claims that the "group of product" that I ordered from has problems, and that the new group doesn't. However, I'm not sure that I trust them, since recent reviewers are still reporting the same problem.
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on 31 July 2014
Like this a lot, it is far better than previous power banks I have owned. It charges quickly from a mains adapter, holds it's charge well and will fully charge my power-hungry Experia in super quick time, with enough power to charge it from a fairly low point at least twice.

As for the solar panel, don't expect miracles - I have yet to work out how long it would take to charge the power pack purely from the sun, leaving it the dash of my car in full sun for days at a time makes little impression, but it is a useful feature nonetheless.

The Poweradd is pretty well made and comes with just about every conceivable adaptor. I was, however, a little disappointed to find it made from a fairly brittle plastic - I had expected something a little more 'rubberised' and I am not sure how well this would survive a fall onto concrete. I guess I should have looked more carefully at the description. One intended use was to hang the pack from a cycle pannier to keep my phone topped up while using 'My Tracks' - I am not sure if I would completely trust the hook for this.

That said, this is a good product that is great for charging devices on the go.
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on 10 February 2015
I was really pleased with this when I first used it but as I only managed to charge my phone once before the power pack died I am no longer impressed. I'm now abroad with a solar charger that wont even charge from the laptop - It is completely useless!! As I bought this in advance for my travels I did not use it immediately after purchase, so have now just missed the return date by a few days. I did give it a good trial run at home (where, of course, it worked perfectly - typical).
Maybe it will suddenly decide to start working again at some point. However, I have found it to be totally unreliable.
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The PowerAdd Apollo is a high capacity (7,200mAh) power bank that can be charged conventionally via a micro USB connection or by using the power of the sun if you are away trekking miles distant from a plug. As I found with similar devices, you do need to make sure it is fully charged from the mains before you set off.

The power bank comes with an assortment of bits and pieces including a clip to attach it to a rucksack or coat, plus a range of adapters to suit many devices (although not an iPhone 5, so you’ll need to supply your own lead).

It’s made from tough plastic that should withstand the rigours of most outdoor activities although the USB and micro USB ports are exposed and thus it’ll need protection from damp weather (when it won’t charge anyway).

Whilst you can charge from the mains via the micro USB (and that is the fastest option by far) if you are about to go into the back of beyond, this power bank incorporates a solar battery that might give you a bit more charging capacity if you cannot get access to a plug. The reality is however that it takes an awful long time to charge via the light of the sun and, depending on the number of gadgets you need to charge, you may need more than one of these chargers to meet your needs. I managed to achieve two lit blue lights (between 25% and 50% charge) after a day in the sun but it struggled to put on weight on subsequent cloudy days.

Provided without charge for review purposes, this has 7,200mAh capacity and one 1A USB charging port. It isn’t the fastest charging power bank around but the fact it can be charged via the mains or its solar panel makes it pretty useful if you are away from power sources for a prolonged period; just keep your fingers crossed that the sun stays out long enough to replenish supplies.
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