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on 20 October 2013
On the box, it said Windows/Android, but seems to work fine with Mac (& has the ⌘ key) - I'd wanted it for an old Mac Mini that I now have under the telly.

Figuring out how to drag took a bit of time & a review of a similar keyboard helped:
YOu have to double click & then *without* lifting your finger, start to drag. It does take some getting used to, but once you have it's fine.
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on 5 November 2015
Im typing this the keyboard, I am deliberately leaving my typos in as part of this product review. My impressions first were thinkng what a handsome keyboard mouse combo. Very well made with steel backplate, which is far better than the usual plastic keyboards you get. I must agree with other reviewer so here, it isnt a typing keyboard, as a bloke my fingers arent that dainty so fat finger syndrome kicks in. BUT youj must consider the purpose of use, this like most other purchasers will be getting this for its use in a lounge or anywhere where there isnt a desk...and for that reason its brill. I am a touchtypist and find this too difficult to use if it was all day (frankly, I would throw it across the room if I had to use it all day).

The touchpad is typical run of the mill fair (which I hate, two finger here, two taps there), but there is GREAT news if you look at the pictures you wiull notice at the bottom left a left/right mouse button keys! Genius! This means I dont have to learn all these new fangled ways to drag a window!

Overall then here is my review(please remember I am reviewing this as a temporary keyboard for lounge use NOT work use):
Well made with strong backplate.
Functional for basic use (not work unless you have pixie fingers!)
Internal battery (no need for AAA bateries!)
Just a little too small, i personally think that a couple of extra centimetres would have mde this an amazing keyboard rather than great.
WIFI Range is a little short but manageable, I would say that the wifi transmitter is probably conflicting with my wifi router, but cannot confirmWIFI at this point)
Their website is just a logo!

This is a great little keyboard for the price and you are will to forgive the odd typo or missing space between words for the practicality of size, a couple of extra cm would have transformed this keyboard to amazing as it would handle bigger finger sizes.
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Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

You get a supplied USB cable with this keyboard it has a male connection, female port (to allow you to plug the nano receiver in) and the mini USB plug built in, this allows you to charge the keyboard from the same cable and avoiding the need to unplug the receiver (handy if you are using a console or Android box)

The keyboard is 26cm wide by just over 18cm, all the keys are flat with a touchpad to the right and brushed metal finish on the underside (this also has an area to store the nano receiver) and two rubber pads. Back section has the mini USB port and on/off switch and two LED's one blue when it's on and the other a low battery red LED (this also glows red when charging and goes out when complete)

Touchpad serves a few functions firstly you can single or double finger tap for the left/right mouse functions (this is duplicated on the far less with buttons), or for just moving the cursor around. It can also be used to "scroll" pages with two fingers held drag them across the touch pad at the same time.

This will work with a PC (from XP onwards), Mac, Linux and Android devices too as well as consoles though some of the functions might not match. It's possible to access the media and shortcuts by pressing the "Fn" button (marked blue) with the other dual function buttons along the top and cursor keys etc. I found the keyboard to be well made with a solid feel the keys are also slightly raised on the F and J button this is to help touch typists but as one myself it's obviously not as easy to touch type on a smaller keyboard though it's possible with some adjustment.

I found the range to be about 5-6 metres, if you are using other wireless devices like mice bear in mice you might want to check the channels they are using. A few places I'd modify though this isn't backlit which would be nice though likely to eat the battery a bit more (doesn't take long to charge about 90 minutes from flat), a way to turn off the touchpad might be useful too. Quality is good though the style and design are attractive and as good as you would hope for a keyboard of such small dimensions. Plug and play as all RF devices are this worked just fine on the Android box I used it on and a Windows PC you might want to tweak the mouse speed as this is linked to the touch pad.

It's a nice keyboard though I see it being used mainly for TV boxes (which are a pain with normal remotes particularly for text input) possibly some tablet users will find a use for it. Worth considering if you want the compact size.
review image
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on 19 June 2014
I've been looking at one of these for a while now but they all seem to be around £35 to £45 pounds in Maplin and PC World. Stumbled across this beauty and its perfect. It's deceptively smaller than what you expect, which is great for travel, but could be awkward for long typing sessions. I use it for when I have the laptop plugged into the TV and it works a treat from about 3m away.
I have smaller than average hands, yet I can almost type while holding it, almost like it was the keyboard on a tablet in horizontal mode.

There is an on/off switch at the top to preserve a rechargeable battery, which can be recharged through the provided mini-usb cable. They also supply, I'm not sure the technical term, but I can describe it as a usb extension cable, to increase the charger cable or increase the distance between the usb receiver dongle and the keyboard (some people have reviewed that signal can drop out at around 3 to 4m).

Another small and purely aesthetic note, the double quote (") and at (@) symbol are swapped around on the keyboard labels (2 and @ share a key, single quote and double quote share a key). This is because of the standard Chinese QWERTY keyboard layout. However, the PC will still recognise SHIFT+2 as double quote.
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on 18 March 2014
I am extremely disappointed with this purchase. With a fully charged keyboard, I am running a Windows 7 PC(with the USB receiver in a slot that is forward facing) I am finding the reliability average. However if I move back more than half a meter the PC no longer registers any keyboard commands (track-pad or key touches). As this was bought for use on my home media centre, with the couch a meter away, this purchase is completely useless to me and is wasted money.
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on 9 March 2014
Bought this for use with my htpc, does what it needs to do, would have been 5star but the instructions were in pigeon english and don't explain how to do easy tasks such as drag and drop, occasionally just doing it itself! Not brilliant but very good for the money.
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on 4 March 2014
It's a very stylish looking item and I really like the fact that you don't need to use the fn key to work the volume keys. Drag and drop takes some doing and you can't really do that much typing on it (bit small) but I wanted it to use with a mini-itx under my telly running XBMC on Ubuntu. For that, it's perfect. I love the metal base, it doesn't bend or feel like it might come apart (as many do) when balancing on your knee or arm of couch etc. It's also been dropped off the arm of the couch onto a solid wood floor without apparent ill effect.

I wasted some time trying to set it up with the bluetooth adaptor already in the mini PC - nope! It'll only work with its own little wifi USB adapter - if you can't find it, it's tucked into a slot on the base of the keyboard.

Overall, very pleased.
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on 16 February 2014
Needed a wireless keyboard + trackpad

My first purchase was the: Rii 2.4GHz Wireless Mini PC Keyboard Touchpad V2
But I didn't like the trackpad and I had trouble typing with the keypad.

However this keyboard is perfect

-Very Slim
-UK layout
-Responsive trackpad
-Apple key (you can use it with your mac)
-Nice design and build quality
-Lots of shortcut keys, even though i never use them; its nice to have

-If you have large hands, you will have trouble typing as the keys are small
-Battery saving mode (Great, but it takes about 5 seconds to awaken; Your better off turning it off and on what you want to use it)

Recommend buying if you want a slim, modern looking keyboard.
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on 12 June 2014
As a keyboard its great, there is an issue with double quotation marks and at symbol keys being transposed ( I think its a keyboard layout issue)... buts its nothing I can't live with.

The track-pad works Ok, except that you cannot pick up a window and move it, now select a scroll bar and move it. Which is a real downer when you have two monitors.

I have emailed the manufacturer, but have not heard back from them yet, and not expecting to now I guess as it was at least three weeks ago.
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on 2 November 2015
USB receiver for this was faulty. Plugged into my HP PC and heard an electronic buzz. PC stopped running. PC is now useless as won't power up.
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