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on 7 March 2014
I am really glad that I settled on this particular model. I spent a great deal of time comparing different makes and reading all of the reviews. Some of the reviews mentioned problems setting up etc which may scare some people off, so here is my honest straightforward experience of setting it up:

1) Plugged the TP-Link TL-WPA281into the extension block that my existing powerline adapter is plugged into (this is the one connected directly to my router via ethernet).

2) Pressed the sync button on the both for around a second or so.

3) They connected (you can tell this as the data lights on both will begin to flicker as they talk to each other)

4) I then unplugged the TP-Link TL-WPA281 and relocated it to my back livingroom which doesnt pick up the wifi from my router (which is located at the front of the house). ALL DONE!

I now have a wifi signal across the whole house (and the back garden). The TP-Link TL-WPA281 has its own SSID (wifi name) so I can easily see if Im connected to the routers wifi or the TP-Link TL-WPA281. Performance through the TP-Link TL-WPA281 is excellent, the wifi signal is strong, the speeds are very good, and the ping is only marginally higher than when I am connected to the routers wifi directly.

The only other thing I did was change the SSID of the TP-Link TL-WPA281. To do this you need to run the included CD on a windows machine. This allows you to access the TP-Link TL-WPA281's internal page (very similar to a routers internal page) and change various things. My existing routers SSID is something like Netgear N600, so I changed the TP-Link TL-WPA281's to Netgear N600 (BR) which stands for back room.

Now as I move around my house with my phone, laptop, or iPad, the devices jump between the router and the TP-Link TL-WPA281 automatically. When they switch you will drop connection for a few seconds or so but aside from that its pretty much seamless.
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on 22 May 2014
Bought to compliment TP_Link TL-WPA281 starter kit, but sent the kit back due to the following issue.

Easy to setup and worked well for 90% of the time. But at least once per day these would grind to a halt for a random amount of time. Restarting the devices didn't solve this problem - just had to wait for the units to sort themselves out. Tried firmware upgrades etc. but still had this issue. Returned to Amazon for a refund as these proved unfit for purpose. Replaced with Devolo dLAN 500 Wifi Starter kit, [...], these have been 100% reliable so far and do not have the degradation in speed issue of the TP-Link kit. Great whilst they are working, very poor when they failed, which was too often.
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on 9 January 2015
This device would not pair with my wi-fi router at all. I managed to get this device to pair with my existing TP-Link power line devices (about 2 years old).This meant that I could at least use the device as an wi-fi extender, albeit with it's own SSID and password.

I then logged into the device control panel to change the admin password, SSID etc. I assumed I had changed the password but could not log in using the new password I thought I had entered. So I had to press the reset button to restore the factory defaults.

Unfortunately after resetting the factory defaults, the device could not be repaired with my existing TP-Link devices and still would not pair with my router. In fact I could no longer connect to the device via wi-fi using it's default SSID / Password combination. This meant that I could not use the configuration software from my lap top. Even when I used a cable direct I could not see this device using the configuration software.

So much for just connecting at the press of two buttons.
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on 8 June 2014
This is an excellent product ONLY if you have already have a powerline network / system already in place and if you WiFi doesn't quite reach the place you need it e.g. garden or garage.

This is pretty good value for money and Amazon's service (as opposed to slightly cheaper 3rd party sellers) was second to none. In fact, paying £1.50 or so more and buying directly from amazon is worth it!

This device works perfectly but setting it up needs a bit of tinkering. My key advice is to remember to "Pair " it with the powerline you already have connected by Ethernet to your router. (I'm using the white Sky Hub)

In my opinion, this unit is much better than the (cheaper) WiFi extenders that don't use powerlines. And your other homeplugs don't need to be from the same manufacturers as TP link.
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on 17 May 2014
Ive always liked TP Link products and this is no exception. Unboxed it, read quick install instructions, followed them and was up and running within minutes. I used WPS to clone my router SSID and password. Then I paired the unit to my existing powerline adapter connected to my router. Both achieved by the press of two buttons. Quick note the WPS Clone button on the TP Link adapter is not a separate one but is incorporated into the LED light as a transparent button so don't go looking for a separate button as seems to be indicated in the instructions. Full signal strength immediately and were up and away (esp my wife whose original complaint about a poor signal on the patio caused me to buy it). Double whammy. What more can I say.
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on 10 September 2014
This product gets two stars only because it definitely provides a wifi network of sorts. I bought it because I was particularly interested in the 'WiFi Clone' option where it claims it will extend your existing wifi network with the same SSID, same password etc.

It doesn't.

I have a brand new Virgin router (Superhub 2) which emits both a 5G and 2G signal. This extender will enable you to draw the internet feed from the router around the house, but it makes you do so by signing on to a separate wifi network which it creates. It has a separate SSID and a separate password - exactly what I wanted to avoid.

The 'WiFi Clone' option simply does not work. Do not be taken in by the accompanying video leading you to believe it's as simple as pressing a button on the extender. It isn't. I read the instructions that came with the extender. I searched online for advice from people who'd had the same problem but all to no avail. It simply refuses to clone.

Finally, and pretty annoyingly, the software that comes with the extender is on a mini-cd and so completely unusable with a Macbook Pro. You can download a version of the software from the TP Link site but this didn't help either.

Hours of frustration and heaps of disappointment. Very poor.
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on 31 July 2015
Please note that I am reviewing the TP-LINK TL-WPA281 V3 AV200 Powerline 300M Wi-Fi Extender/Wi-Fi Booster/Hotspot with Two Ethernet Ports and NOT the AV500 with 3 ports which a lot of the reviews here are covering.
Also be aware that people who are saying they don't have a clone button probably have the V1 model (with black sides).
Anyhooo on to my review. I already have the PA-411 power line adapter plugged in to an extension (I know!!) next to my BT Home hub router and connected to it with an Ethernet cable. Upstairs three flights and several uber-thick sandstone walls later I have the V1 WPA-281 plugged in, connected to my TV with an Ethernet cable for Sky Anytime and accessible wirelessly by my iPad and iPhone. I have to manually switch between the BT connection and the TP link but it takes seconds. I spent hours setting it up originally, and can't remember now how I eventually did it!
So when I wanted to put a TP Link in my new workshop 15m away from the house, I was really worried. I no longer have the laptop with the software, and can't find the disc which came with the original equipment.
When I opened the box yesterday, I saw that the plug didn't match my other one! I tried the pair buttons to pair it to the upstairs wireless TP 281 and my iPad instantly found a new network with the name starting with TP. BUT .... it also needed a password and the one I used for the existing TP link didn't work.
So I reset the new 281, plugged it in on the same extension (I know - heinous crime!) as my router and my TP PA411, pressed the Wifi button on the front, then pressed the WPA button on the router (not the TP 411), waited a second or two for the wifi light on the 281 to flash quickly, unplugged it, went down to my workshop and .... WOW! I was connected to my Home Hub network! Not what I expected, but a fantastic result and soooo simple!
In summary, clone your wireless 281 to your router and forget about trying to pair with your existing TP stuff.
review image
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on 7 December 2015
It took me ages - and one wrong order - to decipher from the TP link information which unit I need to expand my home powerline network by an additional wireless plus ethernet unit. When it arrived, it took me ages to get it to connect to the network using the pairing procedure. Eventually I managed it by switching off the wireless function - this is not mentioned in the instructions. I was then able to connect my smart TV to the internet byethernet cable.
I still cannot get any of my devices to connect wirelessly - i-Pad, i- Pod, or Android devices, although they all connect to the other TP link, and they all can see the new one. I just get "authentication problem". When I tried cloning it with the existing link, all that happened was that the existing link stopped working, and I had to go through the pairing procedure again to get it to work.
The TP on-line manuals are practically indecipherable, and the procedure for modifying the wireless parameters is only likely to upset the whole system. The online drop-downs for the correct manual do not include an option for the TL-WPA281 with version V3.
I see from internet sites that I am far from alone with this problem.

The only positive thing is that I can now get iPlayer on my TV - at a cost of £25.49 and several hours of my life.
So much for "plug and play"!
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on 7 February 2014
Unpacked it, read the instructions, installed it in 8 minutes. I have a TPLink router and power line adapters, but as my router is behind done hefty walls I wanted a more localised wiFi hotspot. I plugged the unit into a socket near to the power line and pressed the pair buttons to pair it. I then pressed the clone button. Unfortunately, the only way I could then test that is was working OK was to log into my router and disable wireless to check I could still get wireless via the extender. I then switched off the extender to confirm that it was the only source of WiFi. It was. Switched router wireless back on and moved extender to the final position. Am now thinking that I really don't need my router to have wireless on at all, with antennas poking out. I can have the router near the BT point stashed away and then just distribute my WiFi around the house via Powerline and also use the Ethernet port to connect Sky/PVR/PC. I might have been lucky but it was seamless and quick setting this up.
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on 22 April 2014
The WIFI clone feature was easy to setup, apart from a conflicting IP address issue (that isn't mentioned in the instructions). This device defaults to listening on Unfortunately so do an awful lot of routers. This causes a conflict, which breaks your network. Easy to resolve by changing the default address of this device, but not obvious for a novice.

Pairing works fine, and connects from downstairs to upstairs even though on a separate ring main.
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