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5.0 out of 5 stars Google showing the competition how it's done
I wanted to post this review to focus on the few negative points regarding this phone so that people are more aware about what they are buying. I feel that there is enough information about the positive aspects on this phone available so I will only discuss these briefly. You may be therefore asking why I gave this product 5 stars, the main reason being that, for me, the...
Published 13 months ago by Bobinho

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3.0 out of 5 stars disapaointed
I bought this phone a few days ago. From the start I am having troubles making and receiving calls. Now my texts are sending twice if stall and its finding it hard to recive texts. I have signal but lower then useual. Have checked the updates and all seems to be up to date. Can anyone help? If I could get these issues sorted I would absolutely love it.
Published 3 months ago by mummy of 3

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1,593 of 1,629 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Google showing the competition how it's done, 22 Nov 2013
This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
I wanted to post this review to focus on the few negative points regarding this phone so that people are more aware about what they are buying. I feel that there is enough information about the positive aspects on this phone available so I will only discuss these briefly. You may be therefore asking why I gave this product 5 stars, the main reason being that, for me, the pros easily outweigh the cons and the price tag is incredibly low for a device of this quality.

I've been on the lookout for a new phone for a while now. I was originally considering getting a phone on contract which although is costly seemed like the best option, but then I heard that Google were releasing the moto g.
After watching countless videos on youtube I found it difficult to believe that a phone with these specs could retail at such a low price.

I received my handset yesterday and the first thing I noticed was how great the screen is. Forgetting the price for a second this screen can compete with any phone within the market, but when you take price into account you soon realise that you are getting more than your money's worth.
The main issues with the phone is that it doesn't have a micro sd card slot meaning that you can't expand the memory of the phone. This was a big concern for me but I decided to take the gamble anyway. Out of the box the phone comes with roughly 4.94gb of available memory. I have used roughly 0.5gb installing the apps I use on an everyday basis meaning I have just under 4.5gb remaining. If you use your phone as an mp3 player then this may be a problem and you would probably be better off buying the 16gb model. However, if you aren't a big gamer and only really use your phone for taking snaps and social networking then the 8gb model should suit your needs. It is also noteworthy that this device comes with 50gb of google drive storage.

The second issue with this phone is that it isn't 4g ready which again will be problematic for some consumers but for me this isn't really an issue as during my weekly routine I'm usually in range of wifi so this doesn't concern me too much. Plus by the time 4g becomes more affordable we may be onto the next generation of phones.

Another issue I heard regarding this phone prior to purchasing was that the battery life isn't amazing. I fully charged my phone at 11pm last night and I'm now on 53% remaining at 4pm the next day. This includes 3hrs 15mins of screen on time with wifi turned on and 13hrs 45mins on standby. To me this doesn't seem too bad and so long as I can get a full day out of it with moderate usage then I'll be more than happy.
The phone comes with a 5mp rear and a 1.3mp front facing camera respectively. I only use the camera on my phone every now again with frequent snap chat use so for me the quality of the camera isn't a deal breaker for me. Taking the price into account you can understand that cuts had to made somewhere in order for this phone to be sold at this price level. Although the camera isn't amazing it'll be adequate for a majority of users. However, if you're looking for a phone with a high quality camera then you might want to look elsewhere.

Call quality isn't the best on this phone in relation to other phones out there but don't dwell on this too much as it more than does the job and with in call volume on full the call quality is decent.

A final negative point to note about this phone is that compared to other phones on the market it feels relatively heavy in the hand but you quickly get used to it and this won't pose a problem for a majority of users. It is also useful to know that this phone requires a micro sim, therefore if you have a regular sim you can either get in touch with your network provider, cut it yourself (risky) or buy a micro sim cutter. I had a regular sim and went for the latter option which I was slightly dubious about but it worked a treat.

Now onto the good aspects of this phone:
- It's fast! My previous phone was a samsung galaxy ace 2 so understandably this feels very quick in comparison. The multi
tasking feature is very smooth enabling you to switch between and close apps with ease.
- The phone doesn't come with a lot of bloatware like so many other phones on the market which again is a massive bonus.
- Beautiful HD screen (4.5 inches with a resolution of 720 x 1280, resulting in a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch)
- Android 4.3 with an upgrade to 4.4 in the new year (Sometime in January)
- Decent battery life (in my opinion)
- Easy to customise (Regarding both the exterior of the phone with the different coloured shells and the interior with the
software available).
- Low price for the specs available (1gb of ram with a Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz).
- Minimal packing (BUT the device doesn't come with a charger! However, the phone has a standard smartphone port so a samsung
or blackberry charger will suffice).

Again, I focused more on the negative points of the moto g as this information was as detailed around the web whereas the positives have been more than covered. However, if you are looking for more detailed information on the positive features of the phone then head over to youtube and view one of the review videos available.

In conclusion, taking everything into account it's clear that google has taken a big step forward by offering a fantastic handset at a fantastic price which will hopefully pay off so that competition within this area of the market can increase so that consumers don't have to pay a fortune for a quality phone.

Thank you Google and thanks for reading! :)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Lightweight price, Heavyweight specs!, 1 Sep 2014
This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
I can't sing the praises of this budget bruiser enough. The screen is sharper and richer than my iPhone 5S and I would go as far as to say with KitKat 4.4 the experience is even better too.

I have bought these for my Mrs and Son as I have an iPhone through work, otherwise I would have one too. If you are on a budget but want a phone that packs a LOT in for the money then look no further, this one wipes the floor with anything else in the price range and even phones in brackets above.

The phone comes with the latest version of Android and Moto has left is all as stock, which is great. No overhead for any additional bloat that manufacturers like to cram in (I'm looking at you, Samsung, HTC) which leaves things clean and responsive. There are a few apps installed by Moto, but they are for helping you migrate another phone etc.

The one drawback, is the camera. They had to save some money somewhere and this is where it happened. The camera works, but I wouldn't recommend it for capturing a special moment to be treasured. I can completely let them off for this though because it shines so bright in every other area.

I really hope that Motorola continue to bring out budget phones with heavyweight specs to really shake up the market and show the big players what can be done with a low pricetag.

Oh and another thing, at the moment you can get 50GB free for two years on your Google Drive account, that's 65GB of storage total!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best android phone EVER at this price !, 22 Nov 2013
This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
Well I can honestly say that the following pointers are 100% true and at last we can have a phone at just £130 or even less that really works well !
Who has ever wondered when there will ever be a mobile phone that simply does everything as we want it to ?
Who has ever wondered why the heck high end mobile phones are so ridiculously expensive ?
Who has ever wondered ( sorry to go on lol ) when a manufacture will design a phone that gives us what we want at the right price ?
Well I`m happy to say and to my amazement that Google have actually done such a thing and made the Moto G to be near perfect I would think for most people anyway!
So many mobile phones do not have the listed below and at prices between £300 - £600 it`s pathetic !
The Moto G is just £155. or less maybe £130 and that`s sim free , no contract so lets have a good think about this because I can`t see how Google can do it but they have so well done because I myself am very fussy indeed when it comes to having the right mobile phone that simply does everything perfect and the Moto G does just that ! ( it`s only taken how many years ? lol )
1 x Battery life is very good indeed and getting through a full day with heavy usage and two days easy with light use maybe more !
2 x very loud rear and front speaker ( very clear as well ) The rear speaker really is loud and probably the loudest I`ve ever heard !
3 x LED Notification light on top front left of speaker ( a very high end looking led if I may say so )
4 x Very strong signal both wifi and 3g ( no 4g sorry but who cares lol )
5 x very nice quality premium feel to it and design along with very convenient volume up/down and lock buttons that work extremely well
6 x Pure yes pure android 4.3 ( no rubbish lagging overlay bloatware like galaxy touch wizz , htc , sony etc etc ) out of the box soon to have 4.4 kitkat in January
7 x Very good camera indeed and nice easy to use software ( not the best camera but most of us have a real camera for pics anyway but still very good all the same )
8 x Customisable colour backs for that personal touch
9 x Comes completely UNLOCKED SIM FREE ( don`t worry about the 8gb storage as you can store all your pics on dropbox,google pics , cloud etc )
10 x The 4.5" screen is on the same level and high quality of a iphone5s if not better etc and is very nice to look at indeed with Gorilla glass 3 for amazing screen protection and strength above most other phones .
11 x Just £160 - £130 or less for a phone that simply works like a phone should do and that we`ve all been longing for for ages lol ...
I hope this review will give you guys the proof and honest opinion of that the moto g really is a great phone and for the price a simple no brainer !
Buying from amazon is prob one of only a few places I would recommend buying this phone from simply because of there fast delivery and great customer service ( and no I don`t work for them lmao ) but do know there a good company to buy from .
Thank you for reading this review as we thought us mobile phone users deserved to know that there really is a phone that costs around 3-4 times less than all high end other phones and delivers better spec , MaxsoundCarAudio... ps ..BEST CASE FOR THE MOTO G IS THE OTTERBOX COMMUTER CASE , have this myself and it`s just perfect in giving a premium feel and maximum protect front,rear and edges along with perfectly inline buttons and dust cap protection over the usb and earphone ports.5+++++ case - otterbox commuter case .
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic phone for price, 27 Nov 2013
David Precious (Stevenage, Herts, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
I purchased one of these for my wife from Phones4U for the same price, as I gave up waiting for Amazon to have them available or even publish an expected date they'd be available - but now Amazon have them available I can review it here.

I'm frankly amazed by how much budget Android phones have advanced - for the wallet-friendly price tag, this device sports impressive specs, including a gorgeous screen - first impressions of the device make it seem anything but budget - I'd say had I not known the price, I'd have estimated it at least twice as high as it was! The screen in particular is excellent quality - beating the iPhone 5S in size and resolution (although possibly not in true colour representation and viewing angle - that said, I have no complaints of either). I personally use a Samsung Galaxy S4, a phone that still sells for around £390 SIM-free, and I'm impressed by this Moto G - it might not be able to quite match the S4 specs wise, but usage wise, it gives it a damn fine run for its money, for a third of the price.

The quad-core 1.2GHz CPU isn't cutting-edge, but is more than fast enough for the phone to feel very responsive and usable, whatever is running.

Battery life seems fine so far.

The biggest negative points for me are the lack of a micro-SD card slot for storage expansion, and the non-removable battery. As my wife won't be loading it up with lots of music/videos etc, the on-board storage is sufficient for her, so the lack of a micro-SD card slot isn't a big deal for her, but do bear it in mind if you like to use your phone as your music player and carry a lot of music, or even videos to watch on the go. 8GB was plenty for her to load up all the apps and games she likes to use and still have a lot left over. The lack of a removable battery bothers me more - I much prefer to be able to easily swap out the battery as desired, and be able to pull the battery to reboot the device.

The camera also isn't particularly wonderful - but it's adequate enough for casual snaps. When we want decent quality snaps we have a DSLR for that, so we're happy not to worry too much about the quality of a phone camera.

No wall charger or earphones are supplied - but most people have their own earphones they'd prefer to use anyway, if you're going to listen to music, and charging is via the now-standard micro USB socket (a USB cable *is* supplied) - so most people are very likely to already have a suitable micro USB charger. If not, they're available dirt cheap these days - there's plenty from a couple of quid upwards here on Amazon.

Connectivity-wise, the phone doesn't support 4G - but as 4G is still an emerging standard, I think by the time it's widely available and usable, it's likely to have already been time to upgrade phones again. We tend to do most data-intensive tasks at home on wifi anyway, so 3G data is perfectly sufficient for the time being.

As Google bought out Motorola's mobile devices business, this is now a Google phone - and I think it shows. The Android software supplied is quite the standard Android experience, without excessive difficult to remove bloatware and custom interfaces etc. As a Google phone, it should receive timely updates to newer Android versions too.

All in all, if you're looking for a decent Android phone SIM-free but don't want to pay a fortune, I don't think you can go wrong here - for the quality of the phone and the price tag, I can easily overlook the minor quibbles mentioned above.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Could this be the best phone. Performance : Value, 5 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
I had worked for a telecommunications company for 5 years. I have seen some of the best and some of the worst devices produced.

This phone is perhaps the best device I have come across in regards to overall performance, looks and price.

A 1.2 quad core processor gives great performance; I have always argued why do you need a multi core processor in a mobile device, specially 4 cores. However we are now entering a world where mobile apps are utilising multi thread programming and it has become somewhat essential to have this feature, I have used the phone for a few days and can honestly say it is as smooth as silk.

Download speeds (HSDPA) supporting 21 Mbps provides perhaps the best possible speeds relating to a 3G connection, I only need a 3G connection so for me this is perfect.

Battery life is awesome, I have only had to charge it once in 3 days. However my experience tells me to judge the battery life in a month or so of use; as I have seen previously some batteries appear amazing at first but then sizzle out like bacon on a frying pan.

This is not a full review, only my opinion. However you have to remember this is a budget phone, although in my opinion the best budget phone available. My only argument is there is not a expandable memory slot, 8GB / 16GB should be enough though.

Highly recommend, without a doubt the best smart phone on the market for under £150.


> Great Price
> Good Looks
> Great Battery Life (So far :))
> Smooth


> 3G only
> Limited storage
> No plug in the box (USB cable only)
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4.0 out of 5 stars Motorola Moto G - Better Than It's Two Direct Rivals?, 29 Jun 2014
This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
Moto G vs EE Kestrel vs Alcatel One Touch Idol S. Which one would emerge as the winner from this shortlist (made 2-3 weeks before the date of this review of course) of these outstanding '£Pounds for spec' handsets? Our final choice would be, or so we thought, down to personal preferences.

The Alcatel One Touch Idol S looked a real winner on paper but that's as far as it got. Could not find one to look at, could not find one for sale at Argos or Orange, where they were advertised (not blaming them at all), or anywhere else that we cared look for that matter! A quick call to the UK distributor during normal working hours to find out what was going-on simply connected us to an answerphone message. So much for even the most basic customer service. Pathetic for this day and age. We gave up.

Moving swiftly on; my son has tried to purchase the EE Kestrel in his local EE store and has been put on a list to be allocated one when new stocks arrive as they are selling like the proverbial. 4G ready, expandable storage etc. but again no stock 'at the time'. However the vital difference was being able to look at/handle one, receive some customer service and to be offered one from a forthcoming delivery. Turning to the phone itself. It looks and feels cheaper than the Moto G. Apart from this, other initial possible downsides appear to be a good but 'not as good' Non-HD screen and some (unconfirmed) conflicts between Android and the bits installed by EE causing some problems(?) and the rather unusual placement of the headphone socket. Pays your money takes your choice. Still looks quite good though especially for the bargain price/spec. Onto the Moto G...

...Its available absolutely everywhere! Initially we have found it has very, very few 'negatives'. Its actually my wife's new phone, i.e. someone who found her previous Sony Xperia U's 4GB storage to be 'fine' so the Moto G's 8GB is like manna from heaven! However the lack of sd-card expandable memory is its only glaringly obvious potential limitation for your 'average' user? If as many do you plan to put your entire music collection on and use it as a music player in addition to 'everything else', downloading games etc it could be restrictive in this 8GB guise for some? Otherwise its brilliant in every way. Marvelous screen, superb solid build quality, smooth fast quad-core processor, you get all the latest Android system updates, a near pure version of a clean uncluttered Android interface, near perfect weight/balance in hand, plenty of easily available accessories, good camera which despite being 'only' 5mps obviously has a decent processor to provide results (after a little tinkering) better than its pixel rating would suggest that will suffice for most. Don't buy on (mp) numbers alone! Finally I suggest referring to the detailed 'Most Helpful' review by 'bobinho'; or perhaps even a little better (?) the top one on the 16GB version reviews by 'J Choudery'.

We have done also done the following to further enhance/protect the phone:

1) Installed free 'Nova' launcher that can easily delete that annoyingly permanent Google search bar on the home page. This is a brilliant app with loads of (too many for most) options. If chosen carefully just a few simple tweaks result in a much improved appearance but more importantly a better overall user experience and more efficient phone. You can be as minimalist or full-on as you like. Well worth a look (at PlayStore).

2) Bought an official Motorola flip-case to protect it. Hard-ish but pleasant lightly textured shell, very neatly snaps-on reverse in place of back cover so hardly adds any extra weight. Solid fit, excellent choice of colours, magnetic closing that automatically sleeps/awakes phone! A good quality product as are...

3) MediaDevil screen protectors, pack of two. Can be quite pricey 'at times'. Monitor the price awhile before buying to make sure it's at a lower end of the 'bounce!

4) Also installed 'Smart Keyboard Pro' (from PlayStore) which over the past few years I've found I can't do without. Better/more options than standard Google keyboard which is 'okay' but no more than that. Takes a little setting-up but once honed to your preferences you will reap its rewards. There is a free trial version of 'Smart Keyboard' too if you want to try it out first. It's one of only two apps I've ever paid for, around £1.99 I think?!

Like any complex electronic product there are almost bound to be a few 'faulty' ones about but you would have to be very unlucky, (as we have all been at some time I'm sure!) to pick one up however, conversely the staggering number of four and five star ratings not to mention many glowing media reviews unequivocally say it all. This is a truly game-changing phone.

Addenda: Moto G 4G versions with expandable Micro SD card storage about to be released as I type. Pays your money, takes your choice.....PPS Son now bought this 4G version. Absolutely delighted with it!!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great phone., 20 Sep 2014
This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
I have this phone for 6 months now and I can only say it is fantastic. Before buying it I was paying considerable amounts for phone bills for the privilege to have the top class of the latest then model phones. Having seen the specifications of the new to the market then Motorola Moto G, I did not believe that a phone with such features can cost £130. Then I checked the reviews and guess what, this phone was rated as a five star product by 98% of the reviewers. Soon after the phone was delivered I realise that its not so different from the top brand phones costing around £500. If your are not a tech geek you wont find a big difference between this phone and the latest top class Samsung or HTC. My girlfriend has Samsung Galaxy 4 and sometimes she gives me to use it and I can honestly say I cannot find any difference (apart from the menu design) in the quality of the tasks performed by both. Both have quad core processors and perform with equal speed when browsing, the battery life is nearly the same, both feature latest Android Kit Kat, the Samsung has better camera and takes slightly better photos, but overall, Motorola Moto G is great and excellent value for money. I am very happy I did not pay £500 + for the latest then IPhone, Samsung or HTC to perform my regular tasks, which I can do with same quality for a fraction of the price.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Converted me back to android, well done google., 27 Nov 2013
Aaron Short "AzzA ShortY" (south west england) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
Well, I am supposed to be writing a engineering materials assignment but I've hit a brick wall so I'm going to write a short review about my new phone for you guys.
If you want an informal story of a review read on, if you want a standard review, skip the next few paragraphs.
I'll start this review, weirdly, by talking about my last phone. On the 22nd of November 2013 my beloved Nokia lumia 820 died of 'runawayfromguyrequestingpiggybackfalloutofpocketontoroadsitus' and the next day I immediately searched for a windows phone shaped replacement; which led me to the lumia 625.
The build was good, the screen and spec were mediocre and it was £160, I went home, reserved it and was ready to leave for phones4u then...
I spotted "moto g: high end quad core phone for £100" on a website, after reading 4 reviews I was in phones4u holding it.
Now, my history with android is not great, my first one was a tmobile pulse, which funnily enough was exactly the same price as the lumia g, they both look eerily similar, too. But a look of the specs really astounds, in 4 years the same price phones have gone from a screen with 65k colours to a 14MILLION, with DOUBLE the pixel density (more pdi than a £600+ iphone!), the screen is really the phones greatest asset, its bright, vibrant and it doesn't matter how close you look at the screen: you cant see any ragged pixel edges atall, outstanding.
In 4 years we've gone from 192mb of ram to 1gb, from a 768mhz single core to a 1.2 Ghz QUAD core, This phone really zips along, with no slowdown or lagging, even while playing graphics hungry games, this may be down to the basically vanilla android experience, free of bloat and beautiful for it. This brings me to my second android phone; the sony erricson xperia play. This thing was a £400 phone in its day 2 years ago, it was a bulky, creaky, slow piece of crap, my main hatred against the sony was the horrid xperia overlay it was bulked with, it forever fought with googles own apps and did nothing but lag and crash.
These two crashy, cheap feeling phones put me off android, so in January I jumped ship to windows. Dont get me wrong i love its live tiles and smoothness, Nokias apps and build quality are outstanding but windows 8 feels alot like android 2.1 when i rooted my pulse; its not finished. Its zips along nicely, but the notification bar is still not properly done, the apps store is bare and the apps are neglected and under developed. I was willing to stick with it but the moto g made me jump ship, I might go back for windows 9 when my contracts up, because I love nokias.

But that's the story with the moto g really, I didn't know it existed until half an hour before I had one in my hands, experienced its brilliant build quality and clear screen and bought it.
It changed me from windows to android in an instant, and I think that's exactly what google was planning, bravo.

As the moto g as a everyday phone is concerned, it is a well built, ergonomically brilliant bargain. If you were considering which sub £150 smartphone to get, just buy this. Now. You wont regret it.
Positives include:
The screen, seriously, anyone will have a hard time seeing the difference between this and a htc one in normal use.
The power, which is more than enough for android, funnily enough I find myself using the phone for stuff id usually use my laptop for (listening to music, facebook, twitter etc) because its quicker! (i5 processor in the laptop, not some celeron rubbish)
Battery life: its great, with my nokia id sometimes have to charge it at 6pm after a day in lectures or out and about, this manages a full day no sweat, it also appears to be very good at not leaking its charge when you're not using it, with it taking an age to discharge from 10% to dead.
The design: minimalist, it knows its a cheap phone so it doesnt try to make up for it like some chav putting spoilers on his citroen saxo 1.1, Im not a fan of all black, but you can buy a different coloured back for a tenner.
Operating system: having gone from 2.3 to wp8 to 4.3, the difference is light and day, android is no longer a play things for geeks, its the real deal. And apple and microsoft know this VERY well.
There are a few negatives, such as:
The camera is average. very average. If you want to take lovely photos of scenery to fill your flikr or instagram, look elsewhere (or just buy a bloody camera) but if you want to take pictures of overpriced coffee to fill your instagram and facebook (why do people do this?)it will do fine. I also find the front facing camera is perfectly adequate for taking ugly selfies on snapchat.
Theres no 4G, as I spend half of my time in Devon and the other half on a university campus this makes no difference to me atall.
Theres no NFC either, which is, like 4g, at its early (only techy guys care about it) stage, but might be relevant in a couple of years.
No microSd slot; the only real biggy for me, you only get 5.5Gb of actual storage. I would recommend putting your photos on the google drive storage and plumping for the 16Gb version.
Google are kinda ruining the experience by trying to force you to use google+, noone wants it google, ruining youtube isnt going to help so making me use hangouts in the next update isnt either.
Theres only a usb cable in the box, some think this is an outrage, but I already have the charger adapter and my own headphones, my past experience with bundles headphones tells me this is a great way to save money on the retail price.
The power and rocker buttons on the side are abit loose, a small thing but reminds me of my pulse (shiver)
Like the lack headphones, these negatives are there because of the phones low cost, not because of poor design, they may hamper the experience for some but not most.

I think the windows phone market share will falter and its just because of this phone, its that good. A true game changer.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Don't Be Put Off By Those Who Say The Camera Is No Good., 20 July 2014
B. JOHNSON (England, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
Don't be put off by those who say the camera is poor. I've been a camera and photography enthusiast for over 50 years and the photos and video it takes are fine. Even "selfies" taken with the front 1.3 megapixel camera are very good. If you take your time you will get excellent results from this phone. In any case, photos can be tweaked/sharpened in a free program like Picasa. All other aspects of this phone are really good too. I've moved up from a Samsung Galaxy Ace Mk1 and the difference is amazing. The Galaxy Ace took great photos, but the video was poor.

Most reviews on Youtube of the Motorola Moto G's video ability should be disregarded, because they don't even know how a video should be taken. They wave the phone about and wander around with it, all cardinal errors in video recording. No wonder their results are poor! In sunshine the Moto G videos look really good, with lots of details. So long as you don't want to take photos/videos of grass or tree leaves (slightly smudgy look), other subjects look fine. The Android 4.4.4 update I now have adds the facility to pause videos now. You can even set the Flash setting to "ON" and take a video by the continuous light of the flash facility. The ability also to take a series of continuous images while pressing the screen is excellent. I took a whole series of around 30 images of the grandchildren in around 20 seconds and most were really sharp and detailed.

I have uploaded sample photos and video to my Flickr account for anyone to check out. Look for Scottish Camera's album "Motorola Moto G photos".

The phone only comes with a USB charger, so no wall plug socket. So long as your old phone has a micro-usb charger of 5 volts with charge rate of 500 to 1500 milli-amps you can just use your old wall charger.

This 3G version of the phone has only 8gb storage and no SD card slot, so as long as you don't have games/videos or a large mp3 collection on it you should be fine. I installed the CCleaner app which gets rid of all the dross that you acquire with web surfing, downloads etc. This reclaims loads of megabytes each time you run it, so keeps your storage under control. I have around 40 apps and still have 3.5gb spare space. After taking videos with the phone camera I download these to my PC soon after, so avoid large amnounts of storage space being taken up unneccesarily.

So don't hesitate - buy one today!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Next generation, 25 Nov 2013
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This review is from: Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer) (Electronics)
Having owned and enjoyed Motorola phones for the last couple of years, had to take a look at the updated electronics from Motorola ,and for the price it is very impressive a massive crisp looking screen and superslick performance.
Camera is 5mg pixels but its function and operation is really classy and very functional ,compared to my Motorlux this phone is a bit more of a slab a bit heavier in the hand at 146g and slightly longer than I prefer,the build feels very strong and the controls and screen operations are very good ,in fact this phone feels like you could add a lot more to the price and still be getting good value.
Oh did I mention this comes with no charger or headphones,motorolas worked out that everyone must have these items already,speaker only performance is amazing goes loud and you can actually feel some bass the treble quality also sounding detailed and quite smooth,normally I find music from phone speakers tinny and harsh but was quite impressed with the sound from this Motorola speaker,with headphones again sound quality is detailed and of good quality.
Another thing about this phone is that it requires a smaller than normal sized sim card you will need to get a micro sim card from your phone company and do a sim swop normally carried out for free.
Another slight concern is that 8gb memory may not be enough if your into movies and large phone games you might struggle with the memory as some of that 8 gig,about half is used up by installed software,leaving about 4 gig for media, so if your media needs are greater go for 16 gig model.Another nice little touch is the face recognition feature to unlock the screen very hitec for this money.Anyway this is a great phone, slightly smaller in size and this would be the perfect modern upgrade for myself other than that a fantastic phone with a great performance.
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