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on 22 April 2014
I upgraded from a Galaxy S3 Mini which cost me £190 last year for a sim free model, the Moto G cost me £158 a much better phone.

I've never owned a high-end phone like a iPhone or Galaxy S4/5 as I can't justify the cost of those phones for my needs. I wanted a quick smartphone that can do what I want. This phone is it.


First of all it is a nice looking phone, very simple but looks very sleek and the customizable backs allows for more personalization. The device has the lock button and volume controls on the right side which all feel nice. Headphone port is on the top of the phone and charging port is at the bottom. Compared to my S3 Mini it is bigger and a little bit thicker but not noticeable to be honest. The screen is a 4.5 HD (1280x720) which is super clear and also a luxury at this price point.


The camera on the back is 5MP which is the same as the S3 mini, it takes good enough photos for facebook/instagram etc. Don't expect to be taking high quality shots with this phone, the front facing 1.3MP which of course is decent but not the best. I would say the camera is the worst part of the phone, which isn't bad to begin with!


The phone has a quad-core snapdragon processor which makes this phone super responsive and quick, I am genuinely surprised that I was able to buy a phone this fast for the price. I believe the phone has 1GB of ram which for some may not be enough but is fine for me. There is no SD card slot so you have a choice of either the 8GB model or 16GB, if you just use the phone for really simple tasks which won't involve you downloading apps, music, videos and images then get the 8GB which is considerably cheaper. I went for the 16GB because I like the extra space.


The Moto G comes with an almost stock Android KitKat 4.4, I say almost as there are a couple of motorola apps but not as much as say the S3 Mini would have had. Being on 4.4 is great because it is up to date and fast, I think Motorola will continue to update the phone due to it's popularity as well.

Battery Life:

This is a really important part of choosing a phone for me. The S3 Mini has a pretty good battery life because it had low specs and therefore didn't use as much power. This uses a lot more power but has 2070 mAh battery which compared to my S3 Mini which as 1500 it is quite bigger battery. As it is right now the battery on this device is fantastic, as I write this review my phone has been on for 1 days and 5 hours and is at 58%. The screen has been on for a total of 2 hours and 38 mins which isn't long but for a lot of that it was streaming netflix shows. I have had 6 hours of screen on time with the battery getting to about 20% before. Obviously it depends on usage but for me the battery is great.


You can't go wrong with this phone to be honest, whether you want a cheap upgrade from a older phone or even a cheap backup this device is seriously probably gives the best value on the market. One thing to note is the phone doesn't come with a wall charger just a usb cable to charge so you will have to order a separate charger but they aren't expensive.


Over six months with this phone and it is still amazing, absolutely worth the price. Still runs fast and the battery still lasts long.
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on 1 December 2013
I've never been a smart phone guy. I've never really seen the point. You can get an iPod Touch for about half the price, and a cheap phone to do the rest. So unless you're really short on pocket space, why shell out >£500 on a phone? Cheap smart phones have always been cheap for a reason. Just look at Sony's low end smart phones. They're s***. So naturally, when I heard that Apple were coming along with the iPhone 5C I was pretty excited. Then I saw the £469 price tag. Not exactly what I was hoping for. So I kept my "stupid" phone. The Moto G made me change my mind.

The first thing you'll notice when you turn it on is how great the screen is. It's got a higher pixel density on a bigger screen than the latest iPhone, at less than a third of the price. It responds to touch perfectly. I've not had a single problem so far. The screen is certainly not where they've cut costs.

It's fast. If you're comparing it to modern smart phones, it's probably not going to keep up. But it won't be lagging behind either. I've not had to wait around for things to load at all. It shuts down & powers up surprisingly quickly. Installing apps, playing games, loading video. None of it is a hassle.

Storage. This is the only real problem for me. I've got 12GB of music. I play games, and I like taking pictures & recording video. 16GB is far from ideal. I would have taken 5GB internal with an SD card slot over this. But unless you know you're going to need over 16GB, then you're probably not going to. My 12GB of music is 1600 songs. The average mobile game is less than 50MB. Unless you want to have multiple large open world 3D games like GTA: Vice City, or hours of HD video on your phone, then you probably aren't going to have too much of an issue.

The camera is pretty much what you'd expect from a 5 megapixel phone camera. You're not going to be photographing your wedding with it, but it's fine for taking drunken snapshots & uploading them to Facebook. Which is essentially all phone cameras are used for.

The OS is great. If you've never had an Android, I think now is a good time to change. It seems really polished, easy to use, and has dozens of cool features other mobile OS don't.

This is what the iPhone 5C should have been.
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on 13 December 2013
This is really a great phone. I come from an Iphone 3gs, but this is so much better. Fluid and a battery that lasts 24 hours with quite heavy usage.

But I would advise to buy at!!!!!!! refuses to abide E.U law and provide a minimum of 2 years warranty. does. The strange thing is that you do not buy the product from or but amazon s.a.r.l. based in Luxembourg. To summarize: same shop, same country, different languages on year less warranty if you are stupid enough to prefer English...stupid like me that is :-( Last time I bought valuable product from!
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This phone from Motorola is a good value buy and in my view sets a new benchmark for inexpensive smartphones - I love the Nokia Lumia 520 but the Moto G surpasses it. The display on this phone is very good both visually and in terms of responsiveness - it is sharp and vibrant with bright colours. The phone feels quick and eager.

I also found the upgrade to Android Kitkat worked flawlessly and set up of email etc. was quite easy. Another excellent feature is the inbuilt Motorola support - apart from accessing the Motorola Q&As - the support phone number is built into the phone. I used the service to resolve an issue which I later found was caused by a phone tower being out of action - the Motorola support was first class.

Call quality is good and there are lots of options in terms of built in ringtones etc. plus, obviously, you can download others from Google Play. I like the fact that no headphones are included, no doubt to keep costs down and allow you to choose your own - show me a phone where the owner actually uses the supplied headphones. Audio quality is good and there is a very versatile equaliser built in. I like the fact that if there's an event while the phone is locked a white LED flashes until you open the warning message. The handsfree facility works well too - the internal loudspeaker is punchy and synching the Moto G to other devices via Bluetooth is easy. There are a range of locking options for the phone including face recognition, gesture, PIN etc. plus Google offer a remote tracking/locking facility.

The cameras are a good average and there's an LED flash on the rear. It's a pity there's no Micro SD slot but the Motorola software makes loading/exchanging music and pictures etc. from external sources easy. I found battery life very good for a smartphone, although, as the battery is non-removable, it means you can't carry a spare one. However, you can use a pocket power bank to recharge the phone on the hoof via the micro USB socket.

Ergonomically, the phone fits nicely in your hand and the controls are easy to use. You can upgrade the back cover if you wish or buy a flip cover which is effectively an upgraded back cover with a front flip cover which automatically activates the phone when opened.

In summary, this is an excellent phone for the money in terms of both form and function. Recommended.
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on 5 January 2014
Moto G 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black

I didn't buy this phone from amazon but from another website (I'm not sure if you're allowed to mention other shops so I wont). At the time only 8GB version was available on amazon.

By the way this phones technical name is Motorola XT1032 apparently!

If I have to describe this phone in one word, I would say: Solid!

It is indeed a very well built phone, no creaks whatsoever. Someone I know who has an iPhone 5 compared it, and was astonished. The screen quality is second to none, better than most. Software is fast, no hangups at all.

I got a case from amazon from it which was for around 2 quid and well, it was a magnetised case. This phone has a magnetic sensor, if the magnet is located at the right spot on the screen when the cover closes, then the screen turns off. Unfortunately on this aftermarket case I got Motorola Moto G - Leather Wallet Flip Case Cover Pouch + Free Screen Protector & Mini Touch Stylus Pen + Polishing Cloth (Black), the location of the magnet was a bit off and although it was a good case, it didnt turn the screen off. I ordered the 20 odd quid original case which I'm still waiting for Motorola Flip Door Case Cover for Moto G - Black The aftermarket case I bought did come with a little cleaning cloth that was the only useful thing, it came with a useless stylus which you'd need to put real hard pressure on to work. Basically I would say, dont get a stylus with this phone, they won't work, and it's really meant to work with your fingers. The case also came with a screen protector which wasnt really needed, and I messed it up anyway. It's a gorilla glass, some bloke even put video of how he scrapes keys over the phone on youtube. It won't scratch apparently and though it might break if it's dropped on concrete as shown by another guy on youtube, but apparently the phone is totally waterproof and doesnt scratch. So screen protector is not really needed other than for your peace of mind.

It doesnt come with any accessories, just a usb cable. I ordered a usb otg cable Micro USB Host Mode On The Go OTG Cable for Nexus 7 / 10, Xoom, Galaxy S4 S2 S3, The HTC One, Toshiba TG01, Archos G9 and what this does is that it allows you to connect say your usb flash drive, your camera or your external HD, even a keyboard or a mouse with it. It has a female usb connector on one end so therefore you can literally plug in anything.

However this phone doesnt seem to have a slimport or MHL link so you cant display it on a projector or a HDMI monitor.

It does allow tethering though, so theoretically you could just use its mobile data connection on the PC if you want, it's not really the same thing but still well, it doesnt support MHL.

Some Moto G's in some countries are apparently dual sim, the one in UK isnt, mine surely isnt.

I ordered JVC earphones JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives In Ear Canal Headphones and they're excellent. Best earphones I've had. They come with a little box as well, very well built. Of course if I had more money I'd have gotten better ones but these will do, and they will do very well for me at least.

It does come loaded with google stuff. It signs you onto everything google once you login to one thing. That's normal, but can be easily fixed in settings. I downloaded apps and real racing 3 game and it works so well.

The cameras are excellent. I know if you compare it with 8MP and those high tech cameras its not that good but the camera app in the phone is so good. Basically you dont have a camera button in the camera app and you press anywhere on the screen to take a pic. It does it in burst mode too. It's so nice and the quality of front camera that you can use for skype is amazing. I know there are better cameras out there but for average person like me, front and back cameras on a smartphone this price is amazing. The quality of the front camera is what matters to me the most to be honest while I'm on skype and its real good, better than literally every other phone in this price range and class.

The battery doesnt come out, but I reckon that's to make the phone waterproof. I'm happy with that, the battery life is amazing for a smartphone. I used it on full screen brightness for like 4 hours and battery only went down 40% if I remember correctly.

It has lots of sensors like magnetic sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor and light sensor. I particularly like the magnetic sensor which turns off screen if in a right magnetic case like I mentioned earlier, or the proximity sensor. The proximity sensor is next to the speaker up top and turns the screen off if you are in a call. What that does is prevent a user from accidentally pressing a button on the screen when in a call. I was wondering about a little tiny hole next to the earphone hole up top and after some research it turns out its a noise cancelling microphone, apparently it makes your voice when in a call more clear.

Oh another thing, if you want to factory reset the phone you keep the volume down button pressed for 3 seconds, keep holding it and then press power button, it will go into a DOS like oldschool mode.

So what made me choose this phone over others? Well, among the main things I was looking at while getting a smartphone, price was the main factor to be honest. The second was reliability and build quality. It's not that I don't take care of my phones, it's just that I want something dependable, that will work that I need it. I used to have a motorola back a few years ago, and it lasted for 4 years, then I gave it away to someone and apparently it's been 7 years now and it's still running, yes including the battery. Then it was the front camera, I wanted to use skype. I also wanted something that would have GPS and would display maps to help me go places as I'm real bad with remembering routes. Then I wanted something that would have USB OTG so in case my desktop PC fails, I could have something that I might hook up my external HD to and be able to at least view my important files in backup. The internet speed mattered a bit, it's not 4G, but it does connect to HSPA+ (hope I got the term right), which is pretty fast 3G. To be fair initially I was looking at Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 520 I think it was, I was quite interested in that and then Nokia Lumia 625 which was around the same price range as Moto G. However I found that it lacked in features, and well Moto G is stock android, it has almost nothing installed by default and the advantage of that is that it diminishes the traditional disadvantages of android such as slow speed. Then android has the largest, or at least second to iPhone, or well I think to be fair android does have the largest collection of apps on google play. Of course I was real careful not to download anything on google play, I scrutinized the permissions list quite carefully before downloading any app. I was quite wary of games but I real racing 3 seemed the safest to me. Yes that brings me to the point that being able to run a racing game was something that I was looking for in the phone, it wasnt a priority but I did secretly want a phone that could run a racing game. The HD screen it has, which I would say is better than iPhone 5's screen does help with the game, it doesnt lag at all, but I think that has to do with the fact that it has a good enough processor and pure stock android OS.

It is quite big, for some that might be a disadvantage, but for me I love that. The screen, you can watch films on it and not be disappointed. It accepts a micro sim, not a nano sim. It doesnt have a SD card, but then again, neither does an iPhone really. Apparently you get 50 gigs on google drive, or was it 5 gigs, something like that. I never used it. 16 GB is good enough for me, I know I'd never use it. The phone I had before this, which I've been using for 2 odd years had a 2 GB SD card, it's not even half used. Depends on the person I guess.

What else, well it has a radio. I love listening to radio, that's the source of music for me (maybe that's why I never manage to use much storage). You can also do stuff like lock the phone remotely and back it up with Motorola Assist, though I haven't tried it yet.

I wouldn't get a wall charger for it. I faintly recall reading about how someones phone stopped working when they plugged it into a wall charger, though someone else later suggested it was cause that aftermarket charger wasnt charging at all. The thing is, motorola supplied a usb cable with it to charge from the PC, that's what I do. My previous phone came with a wall charger, and I can't remember once when I charged it from the wall, save when I had to travel. I guess if you must get a wall charger, get one that accepts usb and runs at 5amp (double check just to be sure) as that's the amp at which a normal usb port runs. So you wouldnt want something like 8 amp that might come with some other phone to charge this phone.

This is my first phone without buttons! I guess that's how smartphones are nowadays, except blackberry, though I think the latest blackberry is without buttons as well. I just like keypads, however I'm getting used to typing messages without keypad. It'll take time, I'll be honest it's a change for me, but then again I'm one of those guys who don't change their phones for a long long time, so I'm not that up to date with phone technology. I know I'll be typing away as fast as I could on my 'blackberry style phone' that I had been using for over 2 years now! Well I suppose I could get one of those bluetooth keyboards. Technically my PC keyboard should connect to it as well with USB OTG but then that might look a little odd, such a huge keyboard and a small screen!

In all fairness I think if there is one single thing that I miss in this phone that I would have liked, it's something on the lines on slimport or MHL link that would have enabled me to use my PC monitor to view the phone screen. In essence, that would have enabled me to use this phone much in the manner of a desktop PC. I can still do that, but like I mentioned earlier, tethering is the only way. At least I can connect a mouse and keyboard if I really want to. This is a non issue though, forget I even mentioned this, cause there is no end to this really. I mean even if it did have an MHL and I could connect my monitor to it, I would probably next be wishing it had a core i7 processor or be running windows 8.

Windows 8 reminds me again that as I said I really looked at windows phone first. I thought a windows phone, as the name implies would be more in line with real windows. Apparently, despite it looking like windows 8, it still lacks apps and though they're working on it, android has more choice. So really, android is the windows of the smartphone world!

Another thing I would like to mention about the build quality is that it reminds me of the old windows 7 phone that my wife had, it was an LG and despite being dropped so many times, it didnt develop a single creak. Solid build, it just feels good in the hand, I don't know how to explain it, you feel confident holding it knowing it won't break if you accidentally drop it.

I downloaded an app which was free on google play and had no special permissions (which is rare), I think smart screen it's called if I'm not wrong. What is does is play with the proximity sensor, the same sensor that is responsible for making the screen go blank when you put it next to your ear when in a call. Like I mentioned earlier it's located conveniently next to the speaker on the front, so when you come within half an inch (with proximity if you will), it switches the screen off. Note that it doesnt lock the phone, it switches the display off that's all. So what this does is if you slip it into your pocket, and you don't have a case or a cover for it, and you've forgotten to press the power button to lock the phone, you won't accidently press anything while it's in your pocket. Of course I'm getting my genuine magnetic flip shell case so I won't be needing this app but it's still good to know that this phone supports this feature.

I almost forgot to mention that one of the biggest reason I got this phone was because I was looking for a phone that I could get without a contract, a SIM free phone. I didn't even want one of those 30 day rolling contracts, apparently they keep rolling on, if you forget to cancel them I think they keep rolling on, not too sure. Anyway I don't like contracts, I like the freedom of being able to change the provider or at least experiment and see how different ones work and then settle with the best. The one I'm with currently charges me way too much, but have excellent service in terms of signal strength, so I'm experimenting and seeing which one has good signal and is least expensive so that I could keep this phone for outgoing calls, and perhaps internet if my broadband is down. Anyway so this phone is so decently priced that with the features at par with iPhone, I'm getting real value for money. I mean there is at least one thing that I wasn't getting with iPhone had I gone for it, correct me if I'm wrong, but iPhone doesnt have USB OTG and that's real important for me as I can connect my printer, my camera, my external HD, literally anything that hooks up with USB.

I would like to say that it's not often that I review something, and the fact that I managed to write all this shows, even to me, that this phone has really gotten my attention. Worth every penny.

Anyway I love this phone. :)
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on 8 July 2014
The phone delivered to me (supplied by UK PHOTO, fulfilled by Amazon) was not the one described, i.e. Motorola XT1032 with USB data/charging cable, Instructions and warranty leaflet; it was what I believe is called the 'International version', XT1033, dual sim with a travel charger and no warranty leaflet that I could recognise. I think this version is aimed mainly at the Asian market. Briefly looking around the web I think there are some differences in the wireless frequencies and it looks like the android software is still at the Jelly Bean version. It may well be as good as or even better than the UK model but it wasn't what I ordered. Its been returned to Amazon and I've ordered a replacement directly from them (£5 dearer) which, hopefully, will be the XT1032 model / UK version as per their description.
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on 2 December 2013
I was surprised to see a Motorola at the top of the list of smartphones on the amazon site, I'd been looking for a new phone and was toying between the usual iPhone vs Samsung, but this is the first time I saw a phone with decent specifications being offered at such a low price.

After researching things I believed the Moto G 16GB offered the best value smartphone on the market and value is the key, at £130 (shop around e.g. tesco) this is at least a 1/3 sometimes 1/4 the price of the top of the range smartphones. What I have found after purchasing and using the phone for a week is that the Android 4.3 operating system is easy to get to grips with and offers some fantastic apps. The phone has everything you need and the motorola migrate app worked brilliantly to transfer everything from my old phone, just a couple of simple clicks. It also included (via tesco) a free 50GB for 2 years offer for Google Drive. Setting up my multiple email accounts was painless and now using the phone on a daily basis is like second nature, graphics are clean and fast, I'd definitely go for the 16GB rather than 8GB to give you a bit more longevity. Finally, by the end of January Motorola have promised a free upgrade to Android KitKat 4.4, so you'll be bang uptodate.

All in all, I can't recommend this phone enough if you want the smartphone basics - text, email, surfing, phone calls - but also would like some nice extras, like apps, maps, music and videos.

The only possible downside I can see is the camera which is a 5MB and struggles in low light but for everyday use (and my use) it is more than fine. The final problem is getting your hands on one of these phones, set-up you alerts and buy straight away as this is being seen as the must have present for parents to get their kids this Christmas!
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on 9 December 2013
Like Mary Poppins this phone has proved to be practically perfect in every way. So I was glad to say "Bye bye Sony, Hello Moto".

Originally had planned to buy Nexus 5 but was tempted to buy this.

1) The screen colours and brightness. Showed this phone to one of my Samsung friends. He took one look and said "wow what phone's that". Really vibrant colours, lovely deep blacks. Text is beautifully crisp. Only realised a couple of days after I bought this that the screen brightness was only at 51%. So am able to turn it down a bit further and still find it satisfactorily bright (a positive when you consider battery life).

2) Size and Ergonomics. Perfect for me. Wanted 5 inches but in terms of screen size 4.5 inches is actually more than adequate and the payback is in terms of having a phone that I can easily and quickly using swype text and write documents with. I haven't got very big hands but have found this extremely comfortable to hold and text with. The little Motorolla dimple on the back is ergonomically placed just right for my index finger and the phone feels wonderfully balanced enabling me to text/use 1 handed. Now think I would have found the Nexus 5 a bit of a behemoth.

3) Connectivity and wifi. Advertised as HDSPA 21 but you never quite know what that will mean in practice. I'm with Virgin media and I have found the performance much better than my old Sony. No stutters so far whether using 3g mobile network or home and office wifi. Connects quickly. Works fine with BBC iPlayer/Media Player. I feel I have a bit of a bargain here. NB Changed my Virgin contract to Sim only and I get 240 any network minutes, unlimited Virgin to Virgin, unlimited texts and unlimited data (NB Virgin also allow reasonable usage on the contract using as a wifi hotspot for a tablet 3 do not). All for £8 per month. So if you take into account the cost of the phone (16GB model £159) and a 2 year life span I'm paying less than £15 on average a month for more than I would ever use. Bargain

4) Battery life. So far more than aduequate to get me through the day with browser, iplayer usage. In any case although it is a non removable battery it is USB chargeable so I can plug it in to my PC at work to charge during the day or if I was really desperate I could buy one of the many extender batteries if I thought I was going to be away from a power source for any length of time

5) Storage. Went for the 16GB variant. Had been a little worried about this but as the phone has OTG On The Go connectivity I just attached the cable and a USB stick and was able to retrieve and use spreadsheets, movies etc. So actually the lack of space is no big deal. USB keys are cheap as chips so I actually think if I'm running low I'll just load all my movies up onto a large USB key and just make sure I've go that with me if I'm away. Things are so much easier now you don't really need to lug a great big laptop around with you to be able to work or play.

6) Camera. Had been excited by the Nexus 5 offering which was 8 MP with Optical Image Stabilisation and far better than the old Nexus 4. But the 5MP have been fine for Facebook etc. I like the ergonomics of the Motorola app installed but it doesn't give many options. I found that all I needed to do was to download a 3rd party Camera app from the Playstore and so have been able to use that. In good light shots are more than adequate for Facebook. In poorer light the camera app has been slower to focus and there has been some blur due to shutter speeds not being fast enough but with the other free camera app you can just set the flashlight to continous torch and plus or minus exposure to get what you want. I didn't actually buy this for the camera though. Using the app DSLR dashboard I can link wirelessly to my DSLR and use this app with that. i.e. controlling the camera and uploading to Facebook and the internet

So am very happy :)
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on 14 March 2014
As a way to illustrate at least to myself how versatile this phone is, I decided to at least write the introduction to this review on the Moto G itself. This is the second day afternoon since this phone has been unplugged from the charger, and I am at 66%, and fairly sure I am going to be at no less than 50% after an hour of listening to music on the way home and another few paragraphs of this review. Yes, I am indeed hinting towards something that I myself can still not believe, namely, how good this phone is. I am becoming downright passionate about this little technological wonder launched by Google a little while before Christmas 2013.

A few hours later...

As I suspected by the time I got home, it was still going strong at 51%. I will however get into more details about this, a bit later on. For now, let's focus on the price, packaging and design. There are 2 models. The 8GB and the 16GB version (in both cases you get a 2 year free 50GB Google Drive subscription). Usually on Amazon you can find it at £129 and £159 respectively. Sim free of course. Should you prefer to go for a network-locked phone, as far as I know, Tesco sells the 8GB version at a mere £99. Now matter where you get it from, locked or unlocked, the main idea is quite obvious: it's a dirt-cheap phone.

When it comes to packaging, do not expect anything fancy. It's a very small white cardboard unsealed box, so small and slim in fact that it would fit into most pockets. But do not let that fool you. Inside the box you will find a shiny on the front, matte on the back beautiful Motorola Moto G. Underneath that, all there is left is a white USB cable, a brief user manual and a warranty booklet. That's it, nothing more, you can stop shaking the box, it won't miraculously produce a charger. Yes, that's missing. On purpose. Google together with Motorola decided that a regular micro USB charger in a home is nowadays like having a toilet in a house. There's bound to be at least one of those somewhere in the house. This helped them cutting costs, keeping the phone cheap, and keeping my environment clutter-free cause God knows, I already have too many micro USB chargers. No need for the umteenth one. That being said, if you for some very strange reason do not own any of those, you do have the USB cable supplied and you're more than welcome to charge it via your laptop or desktop computer. It will take a wee bit more time to charge, but it's still miles faster and better than not being able to charge it all.


Well, I already said it's a beautiful phone. I'm going to say it again. It's a beautiful phone and in case you did not quite get that the second time, here it is again: it's a beautiful phone! Front side is shiny, glossy, including half of its bezel. The back on the other hand is matte and has a rubbery feel to it. A bit of a fingerprint magnet to be honest, but it's not too bad. One great design choice and I must congratulate Motorola for this, is the one detail I have not yet seen on a phone. The Motorola logo on the back is printed on a concave shape, which I like to call "the index finger magnet". You might think I am giving this way too much importance, but here's the interesting part. A phone is often used for texting or calling. Both positions will require the user to hold the device in a certain position which does not allow it to be in a "grabbed" state in the palm of the hand. That little round convex shape will invite your finger to sit there and thus giving you more grip, and less chances to drop it.

Still on design, the back side features a very loud speaker, a 5Mpx camera and a LED flash. On the right side, you will find two metallic grey buttons (unlike the phone's case, these seem to be of metal) one for power, while the other one for volume. Nothing is featured on the left side. Top and bottom bezel are fairly simple as well, top side featuring the stereo jack socket and a noise cancelling microphone, while the bottom houses the micro USB port for charging and data transfer, plus the active microphone. The front is pretty much like most phones out there, featuring a 1.3Mpx camera, the speaker, light sensor and notification led, the last two being fairly well hidden under the screen's glass which by the way is Corning Gorilla Glass 3, in other words, it is still not meant to be smashed against the wall or the tiled floor, but it will survive most other situations. Size wise it's 129.9 x 65.9 x 11.6 mm (5.11 x 2.59 x 0.46 in) weighing 143 g (5.04 oz). In my humble opinion it's just the right amount of everything. Not a big brick phone, not a small phone. Not light enough for the Belfast wind to blow it out of your palm, neither heavy enough to drop your pants on the way to work.

Given its design, it takes a micro-sim. Also, there is no micro SD card expansion possibility. The back of the case unmountable, which allows for the sim insertion, and additional, different coloured back-side cases to be mounted, which can even act as a flip cover.


...because let's face it, no matter how good it looks, no matter how premium build it feels, we don't just want it for its looks, but also for its brains. Buying a phone is a bit like getting married. It's not all about the looks, is it? ;) It's also about the brains but luckily enough the Moto G is like a super-hot nerd. Like Dr. Temperance (Bones) Brennan. It's a beautiful phone, and it's a smart phone. Literally! I have played around with many smartphones during the last few years. Rarely did I find one that made me feel it would be a truly good choice for being my next uber-phone. Until now. The Moto G makes the nerd inside me very very very happy. I am going to purposely avoid geeky, nerdy tech specs, because what you need to know really is that it runs extremely smoothly, and it runs pretty much every app out there, including graphic-intensive games. In real life situations, especially taking into account the very low price, I believe there's probably less than 5% of users who need anything more than the Moto G offers. I have not once felt this phone letting me down in any way and trust me, I am hard to please when it comes to technology (and many other things unfortunately). All my apps, including Facebook, online banking, browsing, skype, music and video players, absolutely everything runs without one hiccup. I did not try games, but according the all the reviews out there this little powerhouse can take pretty much all the games out there without too much sweating.

Another important thing you need to know is related to the screen. It's truly impressive. People who have the latest iPhones like to boast with their "retina" displays to somehow justify the £500 they spent on it. Guess what? The Moto G has the exact same pixel density (326ppi) as the iPhone 5S! Speechless. All in a 4.5" screen, which if you ask me is the perfect size for anything you may want to use a phone for. Anything bigger is a brick, anything smaller will turn out to be difficult to use. It has an IPS screen which does not only mean it has brilliant color-reproduction but also very good viewing angles.

As I previously mentioned the sound is very loud on the back-side speaker and loud enough even for very noisy environments on the call-speaker. I never felt the need of any extra volume, and I am around 35% deaf on one ear. The sound is also very good via the headphones and the new KitKat Android even provides an equalizer for more personalised sound effects and settings. The microphones are also very good, and the noise cancelling must work quite well, because nobody has yet complained of not hearing me well enough. Since it's related to calls, I'll mention the GSM signal here, which is good. Can't say I had issues. There have been in the past, but that has been sorted with a quick update from Motorola which you will get minutes after powering the phone on.

But what about the cameras? Cameras seem to be important for most folks, no matter how much I keep saying that photos are meant to be taken with real cameras, not phones. But for those out there, who feel otherwise, I have to say this. Both cameras are good and both front and back cameras will excel in good lighting, especially natural one. When it comes to low-light and night photography in my personal opinion and experience there are only a handful of high-end DSLRs out there that are truly up to the task, everything else, but especially phones will fail to perform, so stop expecting the Moto G or any other phone for that matter to produce great shots in such scenarios. However, there are a few things worth mentioning. The camera and implicitly its software knows HDR which means it will handle light and exposure better than many other phones out there. Also, a detail that few people underline, is the slow-motion video capture which to be honest is fun and impressive at the same time. There's only a small number of actual consumer level cameras out there that record slow-motion, and to see that in a dirt-cheap phone, well, that's equal to a Christmas miracle. You can find some interesting sample videos on YouTube, all in HD by the way.

Last but not least, I'll mention power-consumption. You will find varied reports on this all around the internet, but here's the real-life story. This phone's battery, depending on how heavy of a user you are, will last anywhere from one to three days. I have drained a little over 50% of the battery in 2 days with the following: non-stop 3G powered on, screen brightness set to auto, 5 hours of listening to mp3s, around 3 hours of Facebook, about 1 hour of browsing, an hour of other tasks like online banking, amazon shopping and installing apps, and sms-ing. Did not get any calls, but from last Sunday's experience I can say that a 1 hour call would probably make an up to 5% difference.

All in all, this is a real jewel for the price of a knock-off. Worth every penny!
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on 13 December 2015
I bought this phone for my Mrs who has spent a few years refusing to upgrade from her Blackberry Qwerty Phone.

The 4.5 screen size is perfect and fills the majority of the handset. To me the screen is a major plus point with excellent detail and premium sharpness.
It has a quad core chip set which is extremely fast compared to my samsung S3 and Iphone 4s.

It comes with pure Android installed which means alot less bloatware and a more enjoyable experience is had. Upgrades to the ROM are normally available for the Moto G before any other handset due to it being one of Googles company.

It has a real premium look too. Overall a superb budget smart phone which handles all you can throw at it with ease.
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