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513 of 536 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Game Changer for this Xmas & Beyond has finally arrived!!! ( Updated Review 23rd July 2014 )
Please Note : My updated thoughts on the phone are mentioned right at the end. Thanks

Well I don't write reviews that often. So here I am once again ( the last time I wrote a review when the HTC One was launched and we all know what that phone was / is like ). Now that i had the Moto G for 4 days let me briefly explain the areas it excels...
Published 10 months ago by J. Choudhry

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Check UK version is delivered, it should say XT1032 on the box.
The phone delivered to me (supplied by UK PHOTO, fulfilled by Amazon) was not the one described, i.e. Motorola XT1032 with USB data/charging cable, Instructions and warranty leaflet; it was what I believe is called the 'International version', XT1033, dual sim with a travel charger and no warranty leaflet that I could recognise. I think this version is aimed mainly at...
Published 3 months ago by Tezza

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513 of 536 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Game Changer for this Xmas & Beyond has finally arrived!!! ( Updated Review 23rd July 2014 ), 6 Dec 2013
J. Choudhry (London) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
Please Note : My updated thoughts on the phone are mentioned right at the end. Thanks

Well I don't write reviews that often. So here I am once again ( the last time I wrote a review when the HTC One was launched and we all know what that phone was / is like ). Now that i had the Moto G for 4 days let me briefly explain the areas it excels in and where it doesn't.

Build Quality 5/5 :

Its simply amazing to see that a company can keep the cost of a handset as low as £129.99 ( Phones4U ) and yet end up making a very decent piece of kit. Right now I have the Moto G sitting next to me as I type this review on my iPad and it simply looks amazing. Made entirely from plastic ( polycarbonate ) it feels very nice and smooth in the hands. Screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 3 ( the latest and the most toughest of types ) which you normally find in high end handsets like the S4 & Note 3. Volume rocker and power buttons have chroming on them and they feel nice & Solid. It's got a curved back and just sits in your palm beautifully. Screen size is an ideal ( for most ppl ) at 4.5" and I love using this phone with one hand. I have an HTC One ( 4.7" ) and I do use it with one hand but using the Moto G with one hand is a different and a pleasant experience. In short if you are after a phone you can use with one hand comfortably and yet have a bigger screen then the iPhone then don't look beyond the Moto G.

Screen 5/5:

And by the way Moto G screen pixel density equals the latest iPhone 5S at 326 ppi ( pixel per inch ). For a cost as low as this it's mind boggling. Simply ridiculous and out of this world. Screen is stunning and the brightness is far too high for a normal eye. Most people won't even make it brighter then 60% because it's too much for the eyes. Contrast levels are excellent and blacks are deep. I played Man of Steel & Wolverine ( both Blu Ray 2 GB files ) which looked stunning quiet frankly. Screen is far too good for the money you pay. It's LCD type with back lit LED or let's just put it this way that screen should be the last of your worries. Just don't even think about it as it's simply outstanding.

Performance 5/5:

Moto G is running a Quad Core ( yes you heard me right ) Snapdragon 400 at 1.2 Ghz ( same chipset which runs in the much pricier HTC One Mini & Galaxy S4 Mini ) along with 1GB of RAM. Performance is simply smooth and fluid with hardly any visible lag. I am a freak when it comes to phones & have owned many many Android phones. Consequently I tested the phone very aggressively in every way possible. The phone simple refuses to slow down. Heavy games like Real Racing 3 , GT Racing 2, minion rush,deer hunter,subway surfer ,Dead trigger 2 and many more played smoothly with no drop in frame rates or performance. The reason for such smoothness is simple. Moto G is running a pure vanilla Android version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ( to be upgraded to the latest 4.4 Kitkat in Jan 2014) with no bloat ware or unnecessary software. It's like running a Nexus phone and highly optimised. This is not a regular Motorola phone that you will see in the shops ( if Motorola brand puts you off ). This is a Motorola phone running pure Nexus experience. Anyone who knows about the Nexus program knows what I am talking about. Long story short performance is admiring with no lag in the UI or apps or games. Well done Google & Motorola.

Camera 4/5:

This is one area where the Moto G struggles. It's a 5 MP at the back with Flash. It's not bad by any means & good enough for you to use your pics on Facebook ,whtsapp & Viber. But don't expect it to excel on a TV Screen or printing photos out ( come on you are only paying £130 ) for this phone. What do you expect. Shutter speed is a bit slow and it takes time to take a photo but I am being very critical here and talking of a difference like a sec or two. It's manageable and I would suggest keeping the HDR mode on at all times for better pics. For people who wanna use Skype on this phone there is also a front camera which I honestly think is a bargain for this price. I bought a Lumia 520 ( a budget handset at approximately same price ) sometime back and it had no front cameras. So there you go budget buyers. The camera also records 720P HD Video which is very nice. All in all a decent camera but not outstanding ( I think at this price no one expects it anyway ) by any means.

Battery 5/5:

The set has a 2070 mAh battery pack. Motorola is known for there batteries. They do the best batteries then any vendor. In America they call there Motorola handsets Droids and if any of you have ever seen or been with any Android Motorola Razor phone then you know what I am talking about. I had the honour of owning Motorola Razor i ( Android Phone ) and the battery was outstanding on it. Same is the case here. This phone indeed has all day battery life ( like Motorola claims in there adverts ). Don't hesitate to use it for any purposes. Whether it's checking email,playing games,whtsapp or viber chat,facebooking,phone calls or texting the battery simply refuses to finish. I had quiet a few heavy aggressive sessions with the Moto G with all the above mentioned tasks and tell you what I am so impressed. It's battery is better then my HTC One & Galaxy S4 ( which I also had the honour to live with lol). Only LG G2 & Note 3 can beat this phone in the battery departments. Nothing else ,including my former Lumia 925 & Xperia Z ,comes close.

I just came back from holiday and didn't have much money to buy another flagship phone ( I always keep two flagship phones lol ) .I was looking for a decent budget phone and when I read the reviews and watched the YouTube videos for the Moto G I was like shocked. My prayers had been answered and God gave mankind some common sense to address people of all age and group on a budget lol. Go & get it without a second thought. And ohhhhh sorry forgot to mention the memory bit. It comes with 8GB & 16GB only non expendable memory. I would suggest going for the 16 GB as it has a lot more space then the 8GB model for your pics,music & apps. Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. I will be more then happy to oblige. Good luck.

Update 11 Jan 2014:
1 month on and the Moto G is still rocking in all of the above departments with Battery life being my favourite on this phone. It truly is a 24 hrs a day phone. I can't really tell you how happy I am with battery life. It just goes on & on & on. Performance has been excellent as well and no lag experience is a bonus at this price. I am waiting for the the new system update KitKat 4.4 as promised by Motorola in Jan 2014 & will update the review accordingly.

Update 20 Jan 2014:
As promised by Motorola , the KitKat 4.4.2 update came through a couple of days ago. I have now installed it & have been using the phone for a few days. Camera seems to have improved in low light performance & the phone in general is a bit more responsive. Now you can search contacts through phone dialer which wasn't available before. The battery standby times have improved even more then before resulting in the set lasting even longer. I don't have enough words to praise battery life on this phone. It's magical & the phone lasts you all day no matter what you do with it. Such a nice feeling it is to be right behind the Nexus series & have the latest Android updates. Well done once again Google & Motorola!!!

Update 26 Feb 2014:
It seems that Motorola has been listening to there customers & I just received a minor 7.9 MB update on my Moto G. I am happy to report that USB OTG support is now back on the Moto G ( it was lost in the last KitKat 4.4.2 update and a lot of people were unhappy
with it ).I have just tested it & it works. Some people complained about the low call volume asking me questions in my comments section. I did agree & it wasn't the best but then it wasn't the worst. That problem has also now been fixed. Cellular network loss is also something which I read a lot about online & one person got totally put off from buying the phone at all. Constant reassurances from my own experiences made him think twice I guess & this update has apparently fixed that issue which I never had. Some more minor tweaks have also been implemented & I am happy to report that the performance & battery life is still exceptional ( updates are known to ruin smartphones but Motorola is doing a damn good job in making sure that the phone stays at its best ). Hands down to Motorola to be honest. Even though they have been through a lot in the last few years ( Google buying them & now Lenovo is the new owner ) but they are determined to make sure that they stay on top of there game in such a competitive market. Today I have also read that Moto G has officially been declared as the most successful phone in the history of Motorola. All you Moto G owners out there feel proud that you have one damn phone in your hand which will be remembered for a long time to come :-)

Update 04 April 2014:
Motorola are really serious with this phone I guess. Not only they have captured 6% smartphone market alone in the UK with this phone but they have been keeping the phone up to date with system & app updates. I recently updated my Camera app from the Play Store & found out that you can now take pictures by pressing the volume rocker as well. Boot animation has also been updated to enhance your phones power-up experience ( update Motorola Boot Services from the Play Store ). All these small little changes really makes you feel good about your phone specially knowing that you hardly spent any money on the Moto G. Once again keep up the good work Team Motorola. The more competition there is the more choice the consumer has.

Update 23 July 2014:
Motorolas brilliance can't be denied since the Moto G and later models arrived back in 2013. Come 2014 and the support and updates on the device has been excellent and on time. Just last night I received the 4.4.4 KitKat update and the logs stated the following changes

- Android KitKat 4.4.4 ,the latest version of Android
- Updated phone dialler application ( which i can def see improved and easier to use )
- Ability to pause video recording ( have tested that and it works perfectly )
- Enables Motorola Alert application download

It took me just a few mins to install the update and the phone rebooted just as normal. It's too early to comment on battery life ( standby times are not effected as i left the phone overnight fully charged ) but performance seems snappier thanks to the future proof Quad-Core Snapdragon 400 beating inside working wonders mating brilliantly with Vanilla Android. Kudos to Motorola for delivering updates on time and maintaining the high standards that the company has found itself offering. If there was a better time to buy a Motorola handset for budget users then now is the time. I am pleasantly and thoroughly enjoying the Motorola Brand and would love to see them come out with some flagship spec phone in the near future to capture the hearts and minds of the army they once had. Keep up the good work Motorola and give us phones with competitive price tags and my coins are all yours.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best bang for your buck, 16 Feb 2014
Antoine Camilleri - See all my reviews
This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
Motorola sets the standard for best value android smartphone, and they do it in style!

The Moto G's stylish and top notch quality do not reflect the low selling price. In fact it does feel and perform like a much more expensive phone.

Premium finish, with a very responsive touch screen and zippy performance make for a real winner. The 2070mAh Battery life is very good thanks to the low consumption quad core processor.
Being a best seller we are spoilt for choice as far as accessories, with a vast array of battery covers and protective cases. The OTG (On The Go) cable connection support means that USB sticks/drives can expand the memory of this little gem.

This is the 16GB version, which is the highest capacity on offer.

- Fast 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad Core Processor
- Lovely 4.5" 720p (329ppi) screen
- Smooth scrolling and pinch to zoom
- Robust construction, stylish, looks and feels premium quality
- Proximity and ambient light sensor
- Notification Led which I find so useful, as it indicates missed calls and messages
- Low power Bluetooth 4.0
- Applicative proprietary Motorola apps: Camera offering HDR, slow motion, panorama and flash; Motorola Assist, Migrate and Translate
- Gorilla Glass 3, which is very strong and virtually scratch proof
- Water-Repellent Coating
- Great sound quality, very loud with no distortion at high volume
- Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
- Secondary mic placed next to headphone jack used for active noise cancelling during calls
- Micro USB charging port doubles as an external memory support via OTG cable
- Unbeatable value

Cons: (Nit picking)
- No NFC (Near Field Communication)
- No dualband Wi-Fi (5GHz not supported)
- Does not support 4G : A 4G version is due on 30th June 2014

None of the cons are deal breakers, and I still rate the Moto G as a 5 star phone by far. I would usually say "recommended for those on a tight budget" when reviewing bargain items, yet in this case I recommend the Moto G to those seeking a solid pure Android performer.

Highly recommended. A definite keeper!
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5.0 out of 5 stars How does this compare to the iphone/s3?, 4 Dec 2013
This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
How does this compare to the iphone/Samsung Galaxy S3?

Ok Guys.....Let me start off by saying, given the price of the Moto G, the fact that I am asking how it compares to the iphone/S3 is a miracle in itself. We should NOT be comparing a £100 phone to an iphone. It's...... just..... NOT ...... fair!!

I have listed out a few areas where the iphone/s3 is superior to the Moto G, but is it worth the extra cost? NO!!The Moto G is a perfect replacement for any of those more expensive phones out there.
However, a lot of people I have met have asked me how it compares to their iphone, so I thought others want to know.

I had an iphone 4 (had to give it up about a month ago as it was work phone and I was leaving) and I also have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Mrs phone), so I am able to make first hand comparisons.
After handing my iphone 4 back I realised I had gotten so used to checking my email on the go, jumping on to the internet whenever I wanted, having my satnav on my phone etc that I couldn't re-adjust to my "call and text" phone. The iphone 4 met all my needs when I had it, and so I decided I didn't need the 4s or 5, however when I went bargain hunting, I couldn't find an iphone 4 (presumably Apple would rather not sell at all, than sell at a reduced price).

Anyway, I thought I would look for a phone to carry me through to the end of my contract, and then I would get either an iphone or a samsung galaxy on my next contract.

When I saw the specs of the Moto G on paper, I could not believe that it was selling for the price that it was. I thought there MUST be a maybe those were the specs on paper, but actual performance would be rubbish (kind of like the MPG claims of my car's manufacturer!). But the performance of the phone lives up to the specs!

Having said that, here are a few cons (as compared to my other phones). Here are ALL I could find:

Pinch and zoom function - The pinch and zoom function is fine but not as sensitive/responsive as it could be. Sometimes the phone scrolls text up/down rather that zoom in/out. The iphone 4 was much more sensitive, and never mistook a zoom/pinch gesture for scrolling or otherwise. Also, sometimes I zoom in or out on the Moto G and the email I am reading kind of resets to the top of the page or somewhere else. The iphone always zoomed in and out of exactly where my fingers were on the text. Finally, I feel that the phone does not zoom out enough (i.e. make the text small enough). On this phone I find I have to tilt to landscape mode to read most of my emails (or swipe the screen from side to side if I insist on reading in portrait mode). The iphone used to zoom out until all the text showed on the screen in portrait mode even if this meant that the print was actually too small to read and you had to increase the font or change to landscape mode. Having said that, I had a play on the Galaxy S3, and it also only zooms out to about the level that the Moto G does, so it might be an Android vs IOS thing as opposed to anything specific to the Moto G.

Glide function - Here I am speaking about when you are on your home screen with apps stored on different tabs and you are flicking between them. Here, the iphone and Galaxy S3 show a very slight advantage to the Moto G. One thing Google/Motorola (Googorola?) have done on the home page is that the background picture/wallpaper stretches across all 5 home page tabs. When you swipe from one tab to another, the background picture shifts a little as well. On other phones, the background is fixed and the tabs swipe across the screen. On this phone, the background pic shifts a little with each swipe. This gives the impression of the swipe not being fluid as the picture moves a bit and stops with each swipe. Also the swiping movement feels a little bit smoother on the S3 and iphone. Finally, on the S3, the tabs loop, so you can keep swiping in one direction until you get back to where you started and then you can carry on in a big never ending circle. The Moto G is like the iphone where you swipe in one direction till you get to the last tab, then you have to swipe in the other direction to get back to where you started. I prefer the S3 way.

UPDATE !!: ...... as rudely pointed out by S.G.T. Spooner in the "comments" section, and more helpfully by Arunay, this feature can actually be customised. I have now downloaded a "launcher", and the glide function works as I want it to, i.e. looping round in a circle (enable "infinite scrolling") like the s3 (which is not an Apple product by the way S.G.T), and I have also "locked" the background pic. So this is another winner for the Moto G as it matches the apple and s3 in this function!! The glide function on my Moto G is now exactly the same as the s3!! Even the transition is the same.....(I ended up getting the GO Launcher EX).

Home and screen lock pic - on this phone, you can only set one picture for your home and lock screens. On the iphone and S3, you can have one picture as your home screen wall paper, and a different picture as the wall paper when your phone is locked.

UPDATE!!! - with the GO Launcher, I am able to have one picture on my home screen and a different picture in my App drawer. You can also customise it to have a screen lock - so I can have 3 pics which invalidates my "home and screen lock pic" point above!!

Attachments - when I open an email with attachments on the Moto G it says "load". I have to load the attachments first, and then click again to open. On the iphone you just had to click once for the attachment to load and open. Also on the iphone you could see the little pdf (or Word or Excel) icon which looked nicer........on this phone you get some generic text box type thing to click on.

UPDATE!!: ..... Yet to try the suggestion by Arunay on this one......will let you know how it goes!
Further update: still not working for me, but it doesnt matter anyways, its just aesthetics........the actual files once downloaded work perfectly.

Loading more email messages - when you get to the end of displayed messages in your inbox, and click load more messages, it would sometimes load 3 or 4 of the next batch of messages, and then do a refresh to load more. The page then moves up (so it is not exactly where you were when you clicked refresh), and if you try to start scrolling too early it will mistake this for a click, and open the message where your finger was when you tried to start scrolling (again, here it is not as sensitive as the iphone in determining what action you are wanting to do).
UPDATE!! - since the upgrade to kitkat, this is no longer an issue. Infact, the email client now loads about 500 emails (read and unread), so I no longer neeed to get to the end and click "Load More", however even if I do, the phone/software no longer has the glitch mentioned above.

Selecting options - when you have a list of weblinks (eg buy, sell, open new account etc links under one another), I feel this phone somewhat lacks the pin point accuracy of the iphone. With the iphone, I'd just click, and 8 or 9 times out of 10, the right one would be picked. I don't have that confidence with this phone. Maybe it is a matter of calibration, but I do not believe there is an option to calibrate the Moto G screen. Also sometimes on the Moto G, you click a link, and it magnifies the options, and you have to click the one you want again.

Camera - on paper, this phone has a worse camera than the S3 (5 megapixels v 8), but that does not worry me at all. It matches the iphone 4, and even though I use my phone camera a lot, these are just for casual pictures. I will take a proper camera with me if I am attending an event where I know I want to print out the pics, or want high res images etc.
One good thing about this phone is that it will allow you to take pics from your "lock" screen (ie you dont need to type in your pin code to access the camera if you need to take a quick picture) and it will let you preview the pics, but annoyingly it will not let you zoom in (eg, if you are taking a pic of your meter and you want to zoom in to make sure the figures are visible). Also, yesterday I took 2 pics from my lock screen and they did not show up in my gallery, but since then all the others I have taken have been saved in the gallery.

Storage - is non- expandable.........would have been nice to be able to put in an SD card to increase storage space. For this reason, I got the 16 gig version. Bear in mind that some apps are pre-installed so some space is used up before you receive the phone. As such, the 8 gig version will probably only have about 5 gig free in reality.

Good points

1. Read any review on the internet on this phone and note all the praise that is being heaped on this phone, IT IS ALL TRUE!!

2. Screen - this phone has a higher pixel density count as compared to the iphone 4 and the S3. The galaxy has 306 pixels per inch (ppi), the iphone 4 has 326 and the Moto G has 329 ppi. I though the S3 was GREAT until this phone came along, and now the S3 seems to have a yellowish hue to it. The whites on this phone are definitely whiter than that on the S3. I imported a picture taken on a camera to both phones, and side by side, the picture on the Moto G looked better than the one on the S3. I no longer have the iphone, so was not able to do this comparison with it. In games (Fifa 14 and Asphalt 8) the picture on the Moto G was nicer than on the S3. The sharpness and contrast across both phones is the same, but the colours come out much nicer on the Moto G.

3. Size - this phone is slightly bigger than the iphone, and a lot smaller than the S3. It has now made the S3 feel too large, and I much prefer the Moto G.

4. In terms of looks, when you have installed your apps and everything, this phone looks and feels like an iphone, it performs like one, but it doesn't cost half as much as one!

5. In terms of performance, this phone is excellent. Internet is as fast as iphone and S3 on both wireless and 3G. You can open pdf, Word, Excel attachments. You can download apps, play games etc. Online play is smooth, no lag at all, very smooth performance. I have played Asphalt 8 against online opponents and never had a a game drop or lose internet connection, or had frames lagging or anything.

6. Price - the Moto G costs under £180 on release date, no strings attached. Depending on where you get it, it can be significantly cheaper than £180. To get the S3 and iphone on release date for £180, you would need to pay that amount and then take a out a contract paying a ridiculous £40 per month for 24 months. Otherwise, you are looking at around £499 for an iphone/S3 without a contract on release date. For all the features in the "cons" bit I mentioned above, I reckon its worth £20, maximum £30 more on top of the Moto G price, not triple the Moto G cost!!

I initially purchased this phone to use until my current contract runs out, but now I am going to use it forever! When my contract runs out, I will get a sim only deal and stick it in this phone and continue using it. My Mrs even offered to swap her S3 for my Moto G and I refused. I PREFER the Moto G!

I must say that the "cons" I listed above are hardly noticeable. If you have not had an iphone/S3, you will not note any difference. And even if you do have an iphone/S3 you would need them side by side with the Moto G to notice any difference. For instance, in "good" point 2 above, I cannot compare the screen of the Moto G to the Iphone because I no longer have the iphone. And even the point I raised about the glide function on the s3 being smoother, I couldn't actually tell until I had both phones side by side, then I had to conceede that "yeah, you know.... the s3 glides smoother", but without having it side by side, I never would have known. None of those cons are so bad "like light years" off the other 2 models that you would notice straight away. It's kind of like the difference between coke and pepsi.....some people think they can tell the difference, but it tastes the same to most! (infact most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Lidl Cola and Coca Cola if it was poured in 2 glasses before they arrived on the scene, but I digress!).

As I have said above, the few areas where the iphone 4/s3 feel better than the Moto G are NOT worth the extra cost. I would definitely recommend you go for the Moto G.
This review is for all you with old smartphones who are wondering whether the Moto G will be good enough.....or for those of you about to get your first phone and who are worried you might not get the full experience with the Moto G, I say Go for it!! The Moto G is as good as any phone out there.

Motorolla (and Tsco) FULLY deserve the massive spike in sales they are going to experience this year!!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good value for a SIM-Free Smartphone, 30 July 2014
Dr. Keith A. Moseley (UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
Really good value for the money, especially as I always buy phone and SIM separately to avoid mobile phone contracts. I won't write screeds on how it functions since that has already been done. It has, so far, been reliable, fast and economic on battery life, even when using GPS and wifi. A recent update to the OS was painless too. Criticisms are minor; having moved up from an Android 2.2 phone there were differences in operation that the brief instructions gave no clues to (e.g. how to turn an app off....silly I know). I do miss the centre button on my old phone that gave me standard options/editing/settings for each app. On the new phone such things are sometimes harder to find from app to app. However, I am learning and I really like this phone. One mystery remains as to why it won't connect directly to a Mac as a mass storage device without downloading an app first. My old Android phone and a Nokia Symbian phone do this without any fuss. Odd that.
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5.0 out of 5 stars but i also don't like to spend loads of money on gadgets, 5 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
i'm quite a demanding user have to say, but i also don't like to spend loads of money on gadgets, but this time i didn't wanted to buy a crappy and start complaining after months of use. This phone has all nice features you would expect on a smartphone and the price is great. google/motorola done a great job. Also you get about 50 gb of data for free on Gdrive which is very good value for me.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best phone for a medium bugdet, 23 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
I received the phone after 1 week from the order date. so far it works like charm : battery life is great , screen is great and the overall performance is great .
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best in its class, 12 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
How can a smartphone as good as this one be so cheap? I don't get it.
It super fast, very well made, the screen is amazing with bright colours and a 720p resolution.
And this is a Google company so you know you'll be getting all the latest updates as soon as possible.
This is the best middle-spec phone you can get for entry smartphone money.
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5.0 out of 5 stars sits nicely in the hand, 30 Sep 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
I purchased this phone after buying my wife the 8gb version for Christmas last year.

I would class myself as a power-user and use this for everything from your typical social media apps and emails to emergency remote server access (TeamViewer etc) and various systems monitoring. The screen size is lovely, design is sleek and have had many people ask me about the phone (many not believing me when I tell them how cheap it was!)

The selling point to me was not only the price point but also the fact that I knew it would have the latest OS updates (currently 4.4.4). It is well built, sits nicely in the hand, responsive screen and lovely and quick!

If you're looking for an excellent spec'd Android phone, around an iPhone 5 size and will not be out-of-date for at least another couple of years, then this is the phone for you!
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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely brilliant phone for the price and unbeatable value!, 21 April 2014
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This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
Got given this as a gift and am very happy with it. I actually sold my S3 to use this little beaut instead. First off, I have to say that Google and Motorola have done very well with this phone and have managed to fit so many good features into this phone for such a small price compared to many other competitors in the market at the moment.


- Battery life is amazing. When I first charged the phone, it took 1h and 45mins and lasted me 2 days and 2 hours and that's with the general texting, calling, internet browsing as well as a bit of gaming. Now, I have to say this is much better than my S3. When I first bought my S3, it used to take around 2/3/4 hours to charge fully and would approximately last me a day or a day and a half. It then started deteriorating and took even longer to charge - from 4/5 hours to 7/8 hours and the battery drained more quickly and I would only get a day's use on average; even though my phone was absolutely fine and there was nothing actually wrong with it.

- The processor is fast and speedy. Now, obviously, the S3's processor is probably slightly better but I've actually found that my Moto G is faster sometimes. General internet browsing or playing games etc or watching videos etc work just fine. Multitasking is a breeze too.

- Camera is pretty good considering it's 5MP. On most of the reviews that I've read, many people were saying that amongst a few other things, one of the sacrifices that Motorola and Google had to make to reduce the cost of the phone for us consumers was to only give us a 5MP camera. Now, to that I say, they actually did well enough to even give us a camera let alone a 5MP camera. I'm actually pretty pleased with how the camera manages to take good, decent enough photos. I've turned on my HDR mode as I read on trustedreviews that enabling it helps take better photos even though it takes a few seconds longer to actually take the photo - and that is true. Even video recording is pretty good so the quality of the photos and video playbacks are apt indeed.

- Call and text quality are just as you'd expect them to be. I've not had any issues.

- Motorola have a few pretty unique features like Assist etc. One of them is the 'Help' app. Now, if you click on that, you can chat live to a Motorola customer service agent or speak to them by calling them if you need to. I think that's pretty cool and actually very handy in that you don't have to look online and worry about what's wrong with your phone if anything. They are very helpful, attentive and informative.


- Storage might be an issue for some. The 8GB might have something like 4-5.5GB of user space available. The 16GB, to those who want to know, has 12.92 GB of user space available. When I first started the phone, I was hoping I would have at least over 13GB but I wasn't crying over that. Personally, the storage isn't a big issue but if you are quite space hungry, then you might need to reconsider and have a look at your options again (although you don't have to, the G's perfect for you!).

Overall, then, I think you can imagine that I am a very happy customer. I've been so impressed with the Moto G that I have no regrets of getting rid of my Samsung. In fact, I would go on to say that the Moto G performs better than the S3 in some aspects (S3's camera might beat the Moto G but for the 5MP camera that you do get, it does perform quite well).

Go ahead - you won't regret buying it. Easily the best phone available at the moment under £200!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best value smartphone out there., 23 July 2014
This review is from: Motorola DVX/XT1032 16GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black (Electronics)
Even when every review site pointed me to the Moto G as the best value smartphone, I did my research and couldn't find anything better.

Very well made, camera is average, good enough for casual photos.

Have tried both 16gb and 8gb versions. I have to recommend the 16gb version, even for a basic user, the 8gb version will run out of space sooner than later.

If you plan to do a lot of multitasking, the 1gb of ram might leave you wanting for a better performance, whatsoever still is a solid performer and at this price, can't complain.

At the moment of writing this review, I have finished installing the update to 4.4.4, works flawless so far.
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