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on 10 August 2013
I have been following Robin Whalley for some time and this book which was free has some great tips that beginners will find extremely useful but for seasoned users like me it is also a bonus as Robin has both reminded me on how to do stuff that I had actually forgotten but also explained in a way that any user can pick up and run with. All processes are shown and explained in easy to follow instructions that any user will understand and as Robin has included many pictures through out his work through examples it is easy and clear for everybody to actually see what is happening to the image and follow the whole process through gaining a good understanding of the work flow process.

If I had to moan about something then it would be the fact that it is Kindle only publication - I would have liked to see the option to download as a PDF as well - I have enough different book readers on my Mac / PC / iPad etc without having to get the kindle one as well - I would prefer to have all my books in one place but this is a minor issue to be honest and just me splitting hairs.

For anyone who has not come across Robin before I strongly recommend going to his website and signing up for his free newsletter which always contains great pictures and superb tips straight to your in box ([...]

Well done Robin and many thanks - keep up the great work.
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on 10 October 2015
I liked this book. It wasn't expensive (on Kindle) and it gives you sufficient information to get you going if you intend using Photoshop for photography. It doesn't cover some of the clever stuff like panoramas, HDR etc but really concentrates on layers, masks and the basic controls. I had doubts about buying a book like this for Kindle but it works well if you view it on a PC with the Kindle app. I have two screens so I can have the book on one and Photoshop running on the other. In spite of the book's relative brevity there is a lot of information there and it depends rather on you remembering the last bit in order to do the next part. I got confused working on masks so will have to go back a chapter or two and re-read it. Being told to 'use the alt-click technique that we learnt earlier' isn't helpful if you have already forgotten it! But I don't hold that against the author. The book rather assumes that you are going to use only Photoshop. Many photographers will use Lightroom for most things and Photoshop for the occasional file that needs more work. If you are one of those there are books aimed more specifically at this requirement. But for the price I paid for this on Kindle it's worth having anyway. Recommended.
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on 31 January 2014
I've used the Kelby books in the past and while they are a good way of first approaching the beast that is Ps they only give a very basic non-technical snap shot. This book goes one step further and lifts the lid on the key tools that a photographer needs. The additional technical information shed further light on how Ps works and helped me gain a greater appreciation for what I could achieve with it. The brief overview of 3rd party filters in the last chapter was very also useful.
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on 10 August 2013
There are so many books available that explain every photoshop tool, button and technique but often these are so detailed they are impenetrable. This book is the antidote, it focuses on the key tools that can help photographers improve your post production skills and ultimately create better images without overcomplicating things. In short it's a fast track to some key techniques and very useful.
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on 20 July 2015
Having recently up graded from Adobe Elements to Lightroom on Adobe Creative Cloud I also got access to Photoshop. Found Essential Photoshop on Amazon and down loaded it to my Kindle and Kindle App on my laptop. Excellent book very clear explanations of things like "sharpness" and how it works amongst other things which I have never found clearly explained in other books I have read. Also sets out aclear work flow for using Photoshop CC.
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on 5 September 2014
Take a bow Mr Whalley. Having previously spent significant sums on day courses and books on Photoshop, I still had no real idea how to set about enhancing my photos. His short book has taught me a methodical approach to image adjustment, so I can now improve contrast, change colour saturation, pick the correct tool to eliminate artefacts and use layers. His clear and concise text, aided by examples that you can work through, explains in simple terms, how techniques such as layer masks, sharpening, and curves are modifying the picture, and how they may best be used. In a few short chapters he has reduced this huge and complex program into one that I have confidently started to use on my own photos with dramatic benefits. It has also given me the fundamentals on which I can build when using those expensive books. The best £2.70 I have spent in years.
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on 18 June 2016
I found this very useful as the Photoshop interface has always baffled me. Particularly useful was the explanation of sharpening. For the first time I understand what the sliders are for and how to use them.
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on 4 April 2015
A very well written book which is easy to read and understand the contents. I am only half way through the chapters, but I much better with my understanding off CS5, so I will carry on with my instructions from Robin.
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on 26 August 2013
As a veteran Photoshopper (I started with CS2) I was interested to see the approach offered here to less experienced users and to see how much I could learn from it myself.
The answer to my first question is that it's an excellent teaching tool and will be a real asset for anyone starting out on what is, after all, a huge learning curve.
As for my second point, well yes, I did learn from it. I was reminded of several tricks that I seldom use these days and as a refresher for anyone who already knows Photoshop to whatever extent, this book is still a tremendous asset.
I recommend it highly.
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on 6 April 2015
If you want to understand PHOTOSHOP, this book is the best and I mean the best in your quest, simple and straight to the point. This book breaks down in simple terms the fundamentals of Photoshop and provides exercises and illustrations to guide you. I had been struggling to understand Photoshop on my own for months, "what's an adjustment layer?" why do I have to create a new layer in order to use an adjustment in some cases and why not in others? This book explains it all, "Masks" and all those strange words, to the beginner don't waste your time reading any other Photoshop book before this book. Also I'm wondering why it is so cheap, this is a $50 book, I have lots of books on Photoshop which claims to "Teach you" "Getting started" "fundamentals" all repetition of the technical manual on This book made me understand Photoshop, now I can read all other books and understand what they are saying.
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