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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Size: 720|Style Name: GT760|Change
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on 14 January 2015
I was in the market to replace my 37" TV and because I don't really watch TV, I was looking into projectors, specifically short throw ones. The market is pretty small for this type of projector, I narrowed it down to the Benq w1070 and the Optoma gt1070x or gt1080. Having looked at online reviews, it's hard to choose between them- some say the benq has better image quality but louder and others seem to say the opposite. I finally opted for this one and it's fantastic. Here are the questions I had before purchase that I really couldn't get a straight answer for:

-Is the picture quality good?
-Yes! When I first powered it on, the settings were all wrong- vivid picture mode was selected which really washes everything out in a dark room but probably works ok for a room with some light. Switching to cinema mode brings back deeper blacks and better colours. For black levels- the way I compare is to see how bright a black area of the screen is compared to the wall next to the projected image. If the wall was 100% black, the projected black is about 95% black.
Something you may not have thought of is that because it's such a wide projector lens, there are some issues with corner sharpness, which is to say when I get the bottom of the image in focus, the extreme top corners are slightly out of focus. This is really not an issue- it's still sharp enough to read text in those corners and in movies it's impossible to tell, but if you were to use this as a monitor for a PC, it might be a pain. There's no visible purple/green fringing (chromatic abberation) in any of the corners.

Remember- the larger the image, the less bright it will be. i projected a 200" image at the office as a test, the room was dark but there was some light from the street and the image was excellent, if slightly less bright than you might want. In my home, projecting a 100" image, the brightness is excellent. If you want a big high quality picture to show blurays, this is the projector for you.

-Is it loud?
-For extended periods at brighter settings it is. You can hear it in quiet scenes in movies, but if there's background music or dialogue it will get drowned out. The projector is placed in front of me when I use it, but if you mounted it on the ceiling or behind you, that sound level will probably drop. For big hollywood movies, it's not a concern at all.

-Anything I might not have thought of?
-The length of the hdmi and power cable included are about 1.5m, which is standard. I'm using mine on a tripod table and then putting it away, which means I trail the leads across the floor to the blue ray player/power outlet. 1.5m wasn't enough for me, so I purchased a 3m kettle lead and HDMI seperately to use.
They include a remote that's backlight and the menus are quite easy to use, though graphically it's sometimes hard to tell what menu item is highlighted.

So for my usage scenario- watching bluray movies/binge TV series watching, in a smaller room, it's perfect. Any concerns about image quality should be put to rest- it is excellent and watching a movie on such a big image beats a 65" TV anyday.
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on 2 December 2014
Great short throw HD projector. I use it for teaching 3d animation & interactive gaming - hence require HD and rather large projection in an average size room. The projector does a great job - I get a very large , well defined projection from a very short distance. as well - not too noisy. Great product - not cheap but a very good value.
I tried two other projectors before I bought the GT1070X - and they both were nowhere near the quality of this one.
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on 19 March 2015
I bite the bullet and order this projector anyway after reading mixed review. I thought at first to buy a cheap projector but experience taught me that I will always regret a purchase that I didn't maximise its potential.. and as my own (ehem! created) philosophy, that I can always find money later, but its difficult to find contentment in my purchase/material.

I loved it. I've already so much used to our 50 inch plasma, but this projector produced image as nearly as bright as that. The image is so massive that we don't even have enough walls to maximise the image. But I attached a photo here and you can see the image as compared to the ones coming from my macbook air.

I will pair this with my Bose sound bar or if I'm mobile with my Bose sound link for a cinema experience, as the sound is only 10W, probably enough for some. What else should a cinema projector need? short throw, 3D, full HD, this has it all. My only negative comment is that although the projector provides two HDMI input, it hasn't got a traditional VGA input to it to be used with an older computer. I used my mac thunderbolt output to the HDMI input.

The projector comes with a power cable, remote, bag, lens cover and a hdmi cable. I would highly recommend this to anyone!
review image
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on 3 December 2014
Got this about 4 days ago. So far I'm delighted with my purchase. I bought a 84" Optoma Projector Screen as well and I have to say the picture quality is awesome. One thing to note is the short power cable. Its only about 2 metres so you might have to buy a longer one if necessary (Was for me). Another thing is the mount. I purchased a short throw mount for the projector but it is only barely far enough from the screen to throw the full 84" image so beware of the mount you purchase.

Quick mention of the "Rainbow effect" I personally only notice it when there is text on the screen with a dark or black background, and even at that you have to move your eyes quickly to notice it. No issues when normally watching movies or playing games.

This is my first projector so I can't compare to others but the fan noise is quite low, I am running it on ECO mode because I actually think it looks better than bright, (Eco makes the fan run a little quieter).

Beware that there is a fixed lens on this projector, so you do need a short throw mount to mount it or you might end up having to move a fixed mount a few times before getting it 100% right (which isn't easy).

The remote is awesome the backlight is really bright (blue backlight).

For a brief few minutes I had the speaker turned on, until I switched to my surround sound, and it is surprisingly good for a 10w speaker.]

All in all very happy with it.
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on 8 January 2016
I never had any major thoughts about getting a projector, but I was considering getting a new larger tv (48 inch). My friend received a 1080p projector for Xmas (different manufacturer) and the photographs of the picture quality,on a plain wall, amazed me.
After some research, the optoma models interested me, and they appeared in top ten reviews again and again online.
After a bit more research I realised that short throw projectors would be the most suitable for me and probably the future. It makes sense (to me) that Ultra short throw projector technology will continue to improve and eventually obsolete anything that isn't short throw.

The image quality on my plain white walls is incredible. Keep the image below 120 inches, which is huge, and you have no worries about surrounding ambient light at all. 80 inches, which is massive still, is incredible. The image is sharp, crystal clear just like a tv. White parts of the screen (like being flash banged on a game) show up my wall texture, so I may consider a screen at some point, but watching a movie turns the wall competely into a tv.
The unit gets hot, but the fan is not at all a problem and is barely audible.perhaps it will affect some people with sensitive hearing,but not me.
The focus adjustment at sizes greater than 80 inch may show that the outer edges and the centre of the image cannot be perfectly focussed together, but the outer edge are close enough to not be a problem.
I was concerned with the focus and this rainbow effect that some people experience. I took the plunge anyway and now I have no dislikes or problems with the unit.
To improve, a projection screen will reflect a better image than my plain white wall and I have ordered an anker mini bluetooth speaker for a portable cinema. As for a piece of kit, it is expensive, but no more than a good tv and it certainly has power to immerse you far more than a tv (below 50 inch) ever could.
One of my best buys as it brings more excitement than a tv does and the quality really is very very impressive.
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on 27 September 2015
Arived last week. .i upgraded from optoma gt720 and all i can say is wow. .The 1080 picture is amazing the 3d is stunning. The only thing was that my old 3d glasses were a different frequency so i had to get different ones. .i had them on amazon 2 pairs for £ 16 and they work brilliantly. .so glad i updated to this projector.
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on 20 January 2015
Just received my projector. I was torn between this or HD141X, but decided to go with this as my room isn't that big. I made such a good decision. At first, my wife nagged me for wasting money, but as soon as I put on Frozen for her, she didn't say a word. She sat there and kept watching. Trust me, you don't want to go back to TVs. And seller (ASK) was also great. It was delivered next day. Great job.
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on 2 April 2014
Picture could be brighter, but then again my room allows a lot of light... If your room is dim (not necessary to be dark) the picture is great.

Otherwise, picture quality is amazing, why any mug would spend £500 on a 50" screen when they could be merking people willy nilly on call of Duty on a 100" image is beyond me.
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on 19 January 2015
Literally the best thing I have ever bought.

Not being by any stretch of the imagination a projector expert, I was wary of buying something that wouldn't work as well as I hoped. It has exceeded my expectations in every department.

We've painted a wall white and have the projector sitting maybe 1.5 metres from it. The image is 2m high and over 3m wide - it's phenomenal. It could go even bigger if we had a larger wall.

Crisp, sharp, no defects at all. We bought a triple pack of 3D glasses for about £80 and without a hint of exaggeration it's the best 3D I have seen. Absolutely draw dropping - a real step up from our 3D TV.

Ours is plugged into a surround system so can't comment on the internal speaker - but if you are umming and ahhing about taking the leap, trust me - you won't regret it.
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on 4 June 2016
The Optoma GT1080 projector is a decent short throw projector with a great picture not convinced its full 1080p but colours are really vibrant and still looks superb especially playing ps4 games.
However while it is a great projector it has one major flaw which is you can only change keystone horizontal which is a pain if you are trying to use at an angle as theres no vertical option as my band uses this for stage visuals this makes it very chalenging.
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