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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 31 August 2015
The first time I tried these noodles was for a dinner meal and ended up with indigestion and a sleepless night. Did try a week later for lunch with pesto sauce and surprisingly good!!! Keeps you full so no need for a big dinner meal which is great for weight-loss purposes. They are an acquired texture but as for the taste - they really don't taste of anything so you only taste the sauce you have them with (and you do have to have them with something). I have been eating them for lunch every other day and the pounds are dropping! Will be ordering again!
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on 12 January 2016
Right then. My review. Being a noodle lover, but also being low carb now for two years, I thought I'd give these a try. Firstly, they are NOT a replacement for 'regular' noodles, they are what they are - Shirataki noodles, and as such, they are a little different. Here are some of the other comments on these noodles, and my thoughts:

'Slimy' - they aren't slimy, they're smooth and slippery when wet.
'Chewy' - not in the usual way, actually, the only way I can think to describe the texture is like this - if you've ever chewed the bristles on your toothbrush, they feel a bit like this, and sound like it too.
'Disgusting' - maybe if you ate them as-is, they would be, I wouldn't know, I've only tried them in a tasty stir fry, and who eats undressed noodles anyway?
'They smell awful' - The fluid in which they come does smell a bit odd. If someone ate crab meat and drank Tequila, then breathed on me, I imagine this is what the odour is like, and the absolute best way to avoid this is not to stick your nose in them. I rinsed mine in a colander with a kettle full of hot water and the odour disappeared, they don't smell as they're cooking either.
They are a lot finer than I imagined they would be, certainly finer than the noodles you'd get in a Chinese takeaway for instance. Personally, I like them, all I can say is, as with all my stir fries, the noodles got stuffed in my mouth first (can't eat noodles without stuffing my mouth with them, don't know why, same with popcorn).
To sum up, give them a try, but do not expect them to be like regular noodles, rather, think of them as something a bit new and a tad exotic.
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on 26 October 2015
I absolutely LOVE these noodles! They taste of nothing on their own, but add them in place of standard noodles or pasta to your favorite dishes and they're a real winner in my view.

I've been following a low carb healthy eating plan for about six months now and I honestly have not felt deprived most days, however I had really started to miss my old favorite speedy comfort meal, pasta pesto. I would often knock this up for a quick lunch before getting into low carbing. Nothing says satisfying to me on a lazy weekend afternoon as a comforting bowl of wholewheat pasta with jarred pesto (home made pesto on a good day) with an ample topping of grated Parmesan cheese. Well, I decided to give Zero Noodles a try and this was the first dish I made, and it was a real success - my pasta pesto itch was scratched but without all the calories and carbs!. What's not to like?!. Okay, so he noodles are not quite the same texture as pasta or standard noodles and it did take me a few mouth fulls to adjust to the idea but half way in and I was a complete convert.

I have tried these noodles now in several other recipes and for me they really work. As well as the fact that they are a brilliant noodle/pasta substitute, they bulk out a meal and make you feel fuller for longer and they are super easy to prepare. These are a natural product, not something full of unhealthy additives, plus they are really high in fiber.

My recommendation is to cook the noodles in boiling water for the maximum ten minutes. The instructions suggest 5-10 mins. I tried the first time after 5 and the texture was far too springy and chewy for me so I decided to go for the full time and I thought they were perfect this way. If you are going to add them to a stir fry or something like that I would still cook for the full ten, drain and then add. Another bonus of these is that they don't turn to mush or stick together because they are starch free, unlike pasta. This is also a plus point when it comes to draining off the water into the sink - starch free pan, utensils and sink bowl.

If you are the type of person who can't "think outside the box" food wise then don't bother trying these because it isn't "exactly" like eating noodles/pasta - the texture is a little different, but if you can get your head round the slightly different mouth feel then you will embrace this product for all that it is and rejoice in it's virtually calorie free, carb fee, additive free, high-fibre-ness!.

Last point, yes it is very expensive compared to standard noodles and pasta but there are lots of internet deals to be had to get it at a lower price if you shop around and are prepared to buy, to some degree in bulk. Top tip, Holland and Barratt sell these so it's good to stock up when they do their buy one get one half price deals, plus if you order on-line - delivery is free.
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on 2 August 2014
How many times have you wondered why a food can't be produced that fills you up without the gigantic calories? I've found them and think they are great! Yes, if you are into fitness you can keep the weight off. I'm not. I'm a lazy arse and I love my food. I barely drink and don't smoke and would happily eat myself to death, but the doc won't give me my HRT unless I drop 2 stone (menopausal women will get that!). I'm following a reduced calorie diet under doctor's orders as I've let myself go. I am exercising but I hate it. So if I can have a little, tasty meal that stops those hunger pangs, these fit the job. I won't bore you with details on their prep as plenty of people have good advice on here. Not saying everyone will like them; but I go to top restaurants where some friends moan about food that is exquisite. If I wasn't a fat arse, I'd still enjoy these. Expensive? I got free postage for 5 and just over £10 - not bad. How much do you spend on fattening, non-filling snacks? Aim: I wanted something adaptable to fill me up as I'm always hungry. Job done.
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on 9 July 2014
I love, love, love these! Great with pasta sauce or stir frys. Fab for weight loss and digestion. I actually prefer them to spaghetti and traditional noodles now! Japanese type texture works for me.... Am now 50+ packs in as they have become a staple of my diet. AWESOME product.
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on 11 February 2016
I recommend leaving this to strain for some time so it does have the wet taste to it. I have used it like noodles but season it a little more as it doesn't pick up the flavour quite as well as normal noodles do. I use it along with seaweed noodle for a little extra tastiness.
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on 3 February 2016
I was extremely skeptical of these little water-filled baggies of "fake noodles". I had read horror stories about the fishy odor and rubbery texture. As a low-carb junkie, I REALLY missed the sauces and meals associated with pasta. Enter the Miracle Noodle.

Here's what I feel should be addressed:

- THE SMELL. Maybe my sinuses are flared up worse than I realize, or maybe I'm at a genetic disadvantage with a lowered sense of smell. But whatever the case, I did NOT find the smell oh-so-offensive as others have described. I actually braced myself as I cut the pouch open the first time -- ready for the worst -- but I didn't smell anything until I literally put my nose an inch above the open bag. And I'd describe the smell as more of a "brine" than a "fish" odor. C'mon guys, it's not bad.

- THE TEXTURE. I've found that the texture varies greatly on the preparation of the noodles. My first time eating them, I was rushed and starving... so I ate them straight out of the microwave tossed in pesto sauce. Not so great -- they were definitely rubbery this time. BUUUT, the SECOND time I prepared them, I made a creamy based sauce (melted 1 oz. cream cheese, 1 Tbs heavy cream, and 2 tsp. coconut oil, topped with some curry powder) and LET IT SIT for 2-3 minutes after preparing the dish. This way the sauce reeeally soaked into the noodles and gave them a softer and less-rubbery texture. Oh, and I just nuked them in the microwave this time, too. THIS time was good. Definitely a more "noodle-like" texture. I ate every last noodle!

Also, some tips I've read are to microwave the noodles twice PRIOR to preparing them. By this, I mean: Open bag, rinse in warm water, microwave 2 minutes, rinse again, microwave for another 2 minutes, rinse one last time. At this point they're ready to prepare as desired.

I'm pleased with my purchase, and I'd recommend these to people watching their glucose levels or anybody wanting a zero-carb option. please sort the smell out
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on 26 February 2016
I agree that these are quite rubbery. They're not like ordinary noodles but their OK. I'm on an 800 calorie a day diet and these are going to be my saviour. Didn't find the smell fishy like other reviewers. I cook with a soup base and loads of vegetables plus some chilli and garlic. Added 2 rashers of bacon today. Far tastier than just chewing on carrots and celery. Very filling.
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on 23 January 2014
The noodles are great but do not represent value for money. I think it is something that UK supermarkets should stock at a lower price
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on 27 March 2014
These are a perfect base for a quick meal. I like that the size of the package is just right for a meal for one. I boil a green veg with enough water to make a large bowl of soup then use the veg water. After cooking the noodles I add a packet of miso soup and a shake of powder ginger, a pinch of garlic powder and a shot of tobacco. Makes a warming meal on a cold evening! You could add fish, prawns or cooked chicken if you like. Important: In order to prevent these becoming rubbery you need to rinse quickly in warm water, then add to the cooking water after it's cooled a bit and bring back to boil and immediately remove from the heat, cover the pan and they're ready in about 2 minutes. If you over or undercook you'll get something consistency of elastic bands. Unlike the other reviewers I don't find these expensive. They are cheaper than a ready meal and much more nourishing.
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