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on 10 March 2015
Fast delivery, well packaged and received undamaged. Having Amazon Prime I ordered this mouse on the Saturday morning and it was delivered on the Sunday..Excellent. Setting up was fast, easy and hassle free, Having had my (£70) Logitek G700 give up on me I was looking for the sam kind of button set up and DPI control for different ingame and media control, I came across this TeckNet M009. It seemed to look the same had roughly the same button lay out and shape as the Logitek at a much, much lower price, the only difference I could see was it wasn't wireless but that wasn't going to be a deal breaker as the Logitek was mostly plugged in on charge anyway(still usable). Anyway, so plugged the TeckNet in a spare USB socket and loaded the software up then clicked on the "mouse setting" icon on my desktop. The settings menu/window is instantly easily understood and very well layed out. So many settings for the hardcore gamer or Media buff, or simple settings for the casual computer user. Multi button configerations Ie: Macros, single key stroke, multi key stroke and many more..Mouse acceleration, pointerspeed scroll speed, double click speed with tester panel and a Polling rate in Hz..Then the next window is DPI multi speed setting, next window is the mouse light colour which has brightness levels or off, and a multi colour chart for custom colour, your choice. also there is a "breathing" control which makes the light pulsate at a steady breathing rate which is also speed controlable..Once you are happy with your personel set up go back to page 1 in the window and click on any of the 5 profile save buttons and your all set to go. Having 5 profile save spaces you have full control in any game or media centre/software on the fly. different profile settings changes the colour of the mouse wheel so you know exactly what profile you are using all the time. You can also set the DPI settings on the fly with the 2 buttons just below the mouse wheel, theres also 4 tiny red LED lights to let you know what DPI setting you have chosen..+ comes with a set of small weights which slot into a compartment on the underside of the mouse so you can play around with the lightness or the solid weighted feel to your desire..Excellent! This is a been a long review as I'm very impressed with the overal features and settings control you have and usually I pay silly money for the best of what is avaiiable for my needs. This mouse has really changed my mind on my spending habbits..So I can not fault this TeckNet M009 mouse at all and thouroughly reccomend to any gamer, media buff or casual computer user out there! Forgot to mention "comfort"...Slots in the hand very nice and all the buttons are exactly where you want them to be, the mouse has a non slip surface and feels great. The buttons have a nice clear "click" when pressed so doesn't feel cheap and nasty at all. Mouse wheel has a very slight notchy guide for precise positioning..Good stuff.
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on 4 March 2016
This is a nice mouse. It has loads of buttons that you can configure using some software that is supplied on the little CD that comes with it.

It feels nice in the hand, its large enough to fit in my hand and has finger rest areas on the side for my little and ring fingers so they don`t drag all over the mouse mat, the surface is slightly rough which stops fingers slipping about so much and is (guess which word comes next?) nice..

The config software allows you to select a colour for onboard led light and alter the `breathing rate` - by which they mean how quickly glows and fades. There are a lot of colour options as well so it`s a RGB LED obviously. I chose the same blue that the scroll wheel is lit up in because I thought it looked better to have a single cohesive colour scheme in use.

The cable is braided and coloured black and blue, which matches the wheel colour. This is the only colour on the mouse you can`t actually alter. Braided cables snag a lot less than ordinary plastic covered cables, they glide easily over surfaces and over corners, which means they are nice.

The weights are easy to change and very highly tunable in position for balance and overall feel, they even come with a little pot to keep them in when you don`t have them in the mouse.

The DPI level of the mouse (which affects how quickly/slowly it move the pointer across your monitor screen or adjust your point of view in a game) has nice indicator lights to show the current level and unlike a lot of mice, has an up and a down switch rather than a single button causing you to go cycling through the options, which are two great features.

All in all, a very nice mouse and I highly recommend it.
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on 7 June 2014
So far, I like this mouse. Judging by the reviews, I would recommend this one over the £10 model, as it seems much better and only costs £4 more.

On the included program:
It is very detailed. It allows you to change the DPI settings of each mouse colour, of which there are 4 (though only by multiples of 500), the intensity and rate of pulse of the intenal LEDs, or even turn them off, change what each button does, even macros with an internal macro manager, multimedia, and office functions. All 7 buttons are in fact programmable, although most people wouldn't want to adjust 1-3. The advanced settings allow you to adjust the scrolling speed and polling rate, as well as the internal Windows mouse settings.
It also allows 5 profiles with different settings as well at being able to export and import settings from files.

It is roughly the same size as my old mouse, so it is very comfortable.
It looks very cool and is much more comfortable than it looks.
The mouse buttons are very long, so even if you have short hands, it is comfortable.
The side buttons are out of the way, so there's a low chance of knocking them.
5 different colours with fully adjustable DPI, so you can have whatever colour you want. I personally like the red.
Fully programmable.
Has a braided cord, which I like. Some people don't though, so your mileage may vary.
Laser mouse. Mind your eyes.
Adjustable polling rate and DPI.
Comes with an instruction booklet and a program for adjusting settings.
Looks VERY cool. Seriously.

The sides are smooth plastic, which my fingers tend to stick to, while the top has a kind of matte rubber feeling, which is nice.
The cord comes folded up and held with wire. This causes the cord to have creases.
The box is a plain cardboard box with "TECKNET" on it. Not an issue unless it is a present.
The included program seems to be Windows only.

I only received it a few hours ago, so if any issues appear I will edit this review.
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on 16 January 2016
I bought this mouse as a replacement, and I must say, I couldn't be happier! For such a low price compared with other, more "prestigious" brands, I did not expect the quality or the functionality that this mouse offered.

While it took me a while to get used to just how fast this mouse can go, because of the adjustable DPI, I was quickly and easily able to find a speed that was right for me, and slowly adjust it upwards. It's also very easy to adjust DPI on the fly, and, with 4 preset speeds available, you can always find a good speed for your preferred usage across different tasks.

The buttons on the side are easily accessible, and can act as short cuts to some harder to reach keys on your keyboard or laptop, like page down or page up. They, along with all the buttons on the mouse, are, of course, fully customizable and can bind to any key or macro you wish. The hand rest is very comfortable and feels natural, a welcome change from other mice where my thumb slid across the desk.

The mouse also excels at the small details. The light can be customized to match any colour you want, and even the cable is of good quality, and comes with a handy Velcro strap. For anyone looking for a solid mouse, and who doesn't want to make 50 pounds extra for a green logo, this mouse is for you.
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on 9 January 2014
In a whole, the mouse is of good quality and is very good as a cheap, entry-level gaming mouse.

The laser is very accurate, and combined with a 2k DPI without the software is great. The one problem with the software, is that the software comes on a disc, rather than pre-installed in the 64kb on-board storage the mouse has. Of course, 64kb is very small. It is used for the software profiles made in the software.

The materials used are not of a brilliant quality. The mouse wheel squeaks a bit when you push it forward and spin it, and the sides are made with the most basic of tough plastic, and as soon as you start sweating your thumb will slip around the side and you'll have to re-adjust your grip after a minute or two all the time. The top however is made of a good enough material and your hand doesn't slip on it. The mouse wheel too, is made of a most basic plastic. However, it has a rubber-ish ring around it, which enables comfortable & quick movement of it. The split at the front is great for allowing long periods of mouse movement without accidentally pressing Left or Right Mouse Button.

The cable is very good quality, and the gold-plated USB is also great.

Good product, but has room to be improved, especially with the materials used.
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on 25 July 2014
The mouse is large and comfortable to hold, while the ability to change DPI is very nice depending on the usage. I keep mine at about 3000 for playing DotA 2 and SC 2 and the colours are quite bright. The buttons also feel quite nice in that they are well sprung and don't feel particuatly cheap, though the mouse wheel can move side to side ever so slightly, but is still bery nice to use.
All in all, I love using this mouse and it is far superior to the one it replaced
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on 27 December 2013
So, I bought this mouse as a Christmas present for my boyfriend as he's into technology and gaming. I personally chose it as it was a very cool looking mouse. Due to my lack of technical knowledge, I had no idea about the dpi and I still don't so I cannot comment on that. Neither have I ever used the mouse, but my boyfriend who knows a lot more about this than me absolutely loves it.

Direct quote from him about his new toy:
"Okay well it's smooth, responsive the cable is made of a nice tough feeling material so it shouldn't break through longevity the side button placements are really easy to get to and come in handy for additional key mapping and the customisation control you have over the mouse speeds on the program it comes with is very good. You can even customise the lighting itself, making it intense, low, if it pulsates, or you can turn it off all together.
Scrolling is pretty smooth and accurate and yeah. Overall, good *insert rude word* mouse. Especially if you have big hands"

Also don't worry. It isn't pink like stupid me first thought when receiving the mouse. Well worth the money.

Oh, and if you are a girlfriend like me looking to impress your gamer boyfriend, he will have no idea how little it actually cost.
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on 8 February 2014
After reading many of the reviews, I was hesitant to buying this mouse.

It is clearly a re-brand of an Anker mouse, sold for over a tenner less, however when I opened the package (which arrived promptly) I was pleasantly surprised. The mouse is the perfect size for my hand, the mouse feels generally well built and the textured finish is a very nice touch. Honestly the only thing on the mouse that could be improved is the weight, I would have preferred it to be as heavy at the from as the back, however it really doesn't bother me. I have noticed a huge difference in my accuracy in games after using a 'real' gaming mouse! The software that comes with it works great as well, I only had trouble finding the actual utility after installing from the disk (I eventually found the executable for the program in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Gaming Mouse\Option.exe"). Over all, I am very happy I have bought this mouse, it deserves all five stars that I have given it.

I am aware that some of the one and two star reviews were written a fair bit of time after the reviewers purchased the mouse, but I will update this review if ever I have problems.
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on 8 August 2015
Hi, just bought this mouse and got the 16400DPI version - by the way, that is far too much DPI, so the 2000 one should be just fine. I've got to say, for the price you pay this mouse is amazing.
- Looks brilliant - nice customisable LED light
- Ergonomic shape - you can go for hours with this - nice surface finish and just really comfy
- Customisation - you get a small CD, which installs drivers on your PC. You can change practically everything there is to change
- Price - for £17.99 you get a mouse that competes with companies such as Razer or Mad Catz easily.
- Build Quality - I have heard quite a few complaints about the build quality but so far it's very solid and the materials are just fine.

- The software may be a bit laggy or glitchy sometimes but that's a small price to pay for such an amazing mouse.

So in conclusion if you're in the same boat as I was in, deciding whether to splash out on a "proper" Razer mouse. Don't. This mouse will do everything a Razer mouse will do but for much cheaper. If it's bragging rights you are after, then by all means go for a Razer mouse.
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on 4 December 2015
I have been using this mouse for some time now and feel I can supply a review that is accurate.
Firstly this mouse is very comfortable and the non slip surface helps when gaming for a long period of time.
It has a good weight to it and so feels solid and stable.
There are plenty of buttons that can be assigned to various tasks, depending on your gaming needs, for example the button on the side at the back is an extremely useful button for push to talk when in game, using any live chat software, enabling you to carry on gaming without stopping to chat.
The build quality is outstanding considering the low cost of this mouse and I have been using it for several months now but it still looks and feels new.
I have used a few other gaming mice in the past which are main brand and expensive but to be honest, this mouse is better in my opinion.
Unless you absolutely must have that main brand I would buy one of these you get better value for money.
I would definitely buy another when this one dies, although I don't think that will be for quite sometime.
Happy gaming!
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