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4.6 out of 5 stars151
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 December 2013
As an adult occasional gamer ( I didn't have all these shiny toys as a child! ) I own an iPad and associated Apple products and have had all of the DS condoles as they came out.
When I got the 3DS I thought ' Wow ' but always ended up switching the 3D off when I felt my eyes were being pulled out of my head!!
I then upgraded to the 3DSXL which was an improvement for the 3D but again I would end up switching it off as my middle aged eyes got tired! With the 3D switched off I became more aware of the poor resolution on the larger screen ( not a Nintendo strong point )
So when I was doing a recent trade-in the young sales man mentioned the 2DS and how popular it has been - curiosity took over and I thought I would give it a try.....
SO pleased I did - I LOVE it....
Why? you may ask....
Firstly replace the negative review words ( ugly, cheap, downgrade etc ) with - Retro - Tough - Fun - Simple - took delivery this morning and have been happily playing for last hour or so - it is very comfortable to hold and use - buttons well placed etc - mono speaker makes little difference - smaller screen gives better quality picture even if smaller - feels a bit strange to not close after use and really must have a case ( always have had cases anyway ) it is now on charge so not sure about battery life yet?!
I guess there will be room for improvement but that and battery life aside - it is what it is - a bright, funky and fun little game device which does not deserve the criticism being thrown at it - I would definitely recommend it and think any youngsters ( or oldies ) getting one for Christmas will be very lucky...!!
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on 6 December 2014
Sufferers of Repetitive strain injury or Carpal tunnel this is the games console that is hopefully going to forfill your video gaming diet, let me explain...
I picked up a 3DS XL around launch and shortly traded it for a Shiny Gold Zelda 3DS XL, however due to work and prolonged computer use my hands and wrists have developed muscle problems with grip and holds. My hands ache after short periods of using the 3DS XL and even long periods of using the original 3DS. Nintendo shortly released a rather baffling product aimed at children minus the 3D facility to combat media negativity around the console. Having been around a few years i'm aware of Nintendo releasing different iterations of their portables so it came as no surprise that they would release a cut down version of their current handheld, however I find that they have missed a niche as the console is very comfortable for adults to hold and lie flat in their hands for prolonged periods of time. It makes the console just the right size and shape to hold without awkwardly curving my fingers over a flap or around squarish shoulder buttons.
I will point out that this is still marketed as a children's alternative to the 3ds so nintendo have saved costs in the build quality of the device and the plastics used for buttons feel cheap and clicky (i swear the plastic on the side of my 2ds creeks!), also the fact that it doesn't have a hinge to close the device means it has a slightly less than portable size to carry around, therefore a case is advised.

if you are in the market for a games console but have been put off due to muscle strain, i'd advise you to try one of these out, just be advised that the build quality may not be up to part as previous iterations of nintendo handhelds.
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on 13 October 2013
I got this yesterday from Amazon. Unlike the 1 star review I actually own the console. If Mr Scrabble 42 dosent see the point of this then the city I live in It is sold out in most high street stores.

Ive owned all 3 versions of the 3DS. The great 3d effect dosent work for me like a very large portion of people with glasses or without its completely pointless.

So my first 3ds was fine (with 3d switched off)but having big hands it was bloody uncomfortable to play also the srteetpass system was hit or miss if it worked on it. It also just fitted in my pocket.

Then upgraded to the 3DSXL. Ugly machine & was hardly pocket sized. Eventually it broke. But like the DSIXL it had a creak on the face plate near the Dpad.

So when I first saw this I was what. But after seeing some of the unboxing & previews of it at £109 I thought Id take the gamble. So got it yesterday it comes with a charger & in the flesh it looks much better. Build quality was my main concern but it is a solid console. Instead of the hinge it has a sleep button. (this slides & locks into place). Very comfortable to hold.
Have used it 10 hours or so & no hand cramps.

Also it only has one speaker. Which wasnt a deal breaker as I normally use head phones. But the sound out of the one speaker isnt to shabby at all. Also the streetpass seems to be more responsive.

Lets face it 3d is just a gimmick that seems to be dying out again. (how many 3d channels on sat tv). But comming out same time as new Pokemon & at £109 this will be a number 1 seller for xmas.

Would also recommend the official red & blue cases for it. They have a heavy duty zip, hold 3 game carts & come in a nice blue or red neoprene cover with Nintendo logo on it.

One other thing it fits in my jacket pocket & my back pocket of my jeans. :P
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on 12 May 2014
Didn't want to pay for the added extra of 3d settings so was really pleased when Nintendo brought out the 2 DS. It doesn't disappoint with feel of console and graphics. Recommend for younger users because of style and durability.
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I'm more of a portable gamer than a hardcore first-person-shoot-em-up gamer. I play RPGs and Mario Kart on the move rather than sit in front of the telly blasting my way through a hi-def extravaganza, I'm not knocking the PlayStation, Xbox and Wii-U fans out there, it just doesn't fit in with my (not very) hectic lifestyle. Anyway, I love my 3DS-XL and the first time I saw a 2DS I thought it was the most hideous thing I'd seen since the original Nintendo-DS (the chunky thing before they re-modelled it into a thing of beauty). It didn't feel solid and my impression was that it was for kids who may fall and break the hinge of the 3DS/3DS-XL - but then I played on it...

The 2DS is essentially a 3DS (they play the same game cartridges), it differs because it has no hinge or 3D, or stereo speakers. I never use 3D and if I want to immerse myself in the sound then I use earphones so that's not an issue. The lack of hinge was a concern for me, and the truth is that a 2DS isn't quite as portable as it doesn't fold in half. I saw the 2DS as a valid option for a child and was more than happy with my 3DS-XL which I personally think is the most beautiful of the 3DS family of devices. My main issue with the clamshell 3DS design however is the shoulder buttons, they are okay for occasional pressing in games, but for games like Mario Kart which have me almost constantly using them (for weapons and drifting) I get incredibly bad aches. If I pick up a 3DS (or XL) and play Mario Kart 7 I have to contort my fingers in order to access the circle pad, the accelerate buttons and the L&R buttons - it's okay for a race or two but after 10 minutes or so my hands are crippled with the effort.

Anyway, when the circle pad on my 3DS-XL broke I switched to a 2DS, the first thing I noticed was how much more comfortable it is to hold. It rests more naturally in the hands. The L&R shoulder buttons are massive and curve from the top along the sides of the 2DS - I didn't have to contort my fingers into unnatural formations to play Mario Kart competitively! As I said previously, it was only after a few minutes of intense racing that my fingers would start to hurt on the 3DS-XL, but on the 2DS I could play for hours without the same problem.

In a nutshell: I now use a 2DS, I still think the 3DS-XL is prettier but it's also considerably more expensive. It might have 90% bigger screens (which I miss), but the truth is that they are the same resolution even if they are bigger - so the smaller screens on the 2DS contain the same level of detail and actually appear sharper as it's the native resolution of the games. Actually, the 2DS has just 1 screen, the plastic facia of the console separates it into the top and lower screens - manufacturing 1 screen is cheaper than creating 2, that's the main reason that this is less expensive than the other variants. The 2DS is a fantastic console which may have been dismissed as the `child' option - but it should be considered on its own merit: It's cheaper, it plays the same games (just without 3D). Some may be put off by the form factor because it doesn't slip as easily into a pocket, but the clincher for me is that it offers greater comfort. I may prefer the style of the 3DS-XL, but I simply can't play on it how I want to because some games hurt my hands after a while, but the 2DS offers a solution to that and I can finally start playing Mario Kart online and hope to be competitive!

And now I look at it - it's not that ugly is it? Actually, I've grown quite fond of it.
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on 12 October 2014
This is the console that got such mixed opinions. It's Marmite really, you either love this or you hate it. I was fascinated by it and then people started to try it out and say it was very comfortable and great so I just had to try it. I've traded it in since, but it's not because I don't like the console, but I have a 3DS XL and I just much prefer the bigger screen so I can't get myself to want to have this, but it really is a nice console to hold. Buttons are in a nice place and it works like a charm. I recommend it to people easily. Screen Size was literally the problem for me being an owner with an XL version, but if I never had one before, I would probably have had this and kept with it.
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on 27 February 2014
I love this console as I can now play the latest Professor Layton game as well as all other games.
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on 30 June 2014
good console used everyday no problems at all it also plays 3d games as well but only in 2d
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on 11 January 2014
Purchased for my teenage son, he loved it, I thought price was good for £99.00, no regrets with this purchase
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on 20 December 2014
I was unsure if I should buy a 2ds or 3ds as a upgrade to my DS. Happy to say I decided not to go with the 3ds but with the hand held 2ds. So what if it dosn't close shut. Its well made not to big and less money. looks robust. Plays nearly all the 3ds games. Money well spent. And I'm looking forward to playing more games. Last thing 3d who needs it. Just hurts your eyes. Any previous people who reviewed this product and said bad things are SO wrong. This is a fantastic machine :)
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