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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 27 August 2013
Huge Splinter Cell fan, have been since the first one on the PS2. I loved Conviction and even though the play style is very similar again the improvements still stand out. The atmosphere is def improved with diverse weather,lighting affects and radio chatter (check out the London mission). New takedown animations are more realistic and I like now how Sam on a corner takedown will pull the enemy around to him so your not left there with a corpse on the big screen! Tons of new weapons and add ons for them. Not a huge amount of new gadgets but theve been creative-the Tri rotor and Promixity shocker are cool. For me though it has to be the improved realism and difficulty. I found Conviction far too easy even on the realistic difficulty but ubisoft have really esnured that stealth prevails in order to be successful on Blacklist. Im a stealth guy all the way so its actually nice to have a challenge for once-looking forward to trying the perfectionist setting! Its a real shame to have lost Micheal Ironside as the iconic voice of Sam but playing the game still feels like you have him at the helm. If you really enjoyed Conviction def get this you wont be dissapointed and even if you didnt you might find the emphasis on stealth, realism and difficulty satisfying enough to keep you riding the Splinter Cell train.
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on 27 August 2013
A great improvement finally a game back to its roots after the awful splinter cell conviction

Your rules your way exactly how the game is meant to be played - you really get to decide what you do on all missions

yes there are a few sections in the game when it is required not to kill anyone or not to get caught but these add to the fun - whatever diffculty you are playing on

Kill or knock out your choice - kill everyone in your path in the level and face high alert or knock out and hide bodies and sneak past guards as if you were never there

Great full of missions replayability on them is fun - pick levels and try a different method than before - it has never been so fun to try in a splinter cell game before

When on missions - it really needs you to think i'm in a situation what do i do, how will i pass the guards and what playstyle i will use

Buy it now

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on 30 August 2013
Before I begin, I played the game on perfectionist difficulty with a minimal HUD as I felt this made the experience feel more immersive and realistic.
The game not only encourages you to be creative but at times demands it. Hiding in shadows is far less effective and enemies are much smarter IMO, they will find flanking routes if they find you and always keep sharp. For example, you might need to distract guards, disable lights and disable an isolated all in a very short space of time, etc.

The stealth element is perfect on this game, you have to choose your paths carefully and decide how to deal with any enemies you come across (kill,Ko, or leave alone). It also builds up a good suspense at times, when many enemies are very close to you and are searching the area. Furthermore, it is also satisfying silently taking out enemies searching for you, in the most trickiest of situations (surrounded, narrow corridors etc).

There is also a nice variety of enemies in the game, with each requiring a special approach or technique to dwal with. I do not want to go further into this as it could spoil the game.

The guns were nicely designed in the game and each one had it's own distinct advantages, so you never get stuck/bored with one.
With regards to gadgets, they are not as good as the ones in CT and DA. They did not seem as sophisticated and nowhere near as cool, e.g. Sticky camera could not be picked up and the image quality was barely half as good, and did not even have different vision modes. However, they were nonetheless fun to use and helpful.

Finally, what I missed from previous splinter cells was capturing enemies to interrogate them and the signature weapons such as the OCP or SC-20, also I do miss Michael Ironsides voice. However, with all these factors taken into account, this game is a worthy addition to the SC series and certainly one of the better games out in the market.
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on 26 August 2013
I've been a fan of the Splinter Cell games since the first and Blacklist serves up more of the same but with some added touches. As with the earlier games, you are tasked with stealthily taking on an enemy organisation which threatens the US and its interests, so the onus is on avoiding detection during missions or, at least, being able to disappear if you are seen by the terrorists. However, side missions which offer the choice of solo or co-op modes offer some variety and break up what could have been a thoroughly linear storyline. The options to upgrade Fisher's gear also offer welcome additions to the series (although how much difference these upgrades really make is something I still haven't quite discerned) and Ubisoft really seem to be the studio of the moment with other excellent titles, such as Watchdogs, coming up. All of the game elements work well and it's good to see the developers trying to keep the franchise fresh rather than just relying on old tropes. That said, there isn't anything amazingly new here but, rather, an attempt to bring in some new ideas and, hopefully, extend the re-playability of the game. So, if you enjoy sneak 'em ups with the occasional option to wreak havoc with an automatic weapon then this is definitely worth trying, both for the solo and the MP elements.
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on 21 January 2015
Being relatively new to the Xbox360 (I've only owned one a little over a year having been a PC gamer before) I have been catching up on games that I may have missed over the years. I decided to buy Double Agent, Conviction and Blacklist all together and see what I had been missing. I'll be straight up and say I couldn't get on with the first two. In Double Agent I found Sam's movement too slow for my liking and in Conviction I just didn't like the control system and layout. To be honest I nearly didn't even bother trying Blacklist. Boy am I glad I did.

The first thing I noticed that unlike in the previous two games, when detection often spelt instant "reload last checkpoint", I felt if I had to get my hands dirty I at least had a chance. The other noticable part was the control system. It was much more intuative to me and I found switching between gadgets and weapons quickly, much easier.

The story is good with excellent voice acting. The characters in the cut scenes really look like the people they are suppossed to be with all the facial and body movements you would expect if you were watching a movie. The chief "bad guy" in the game is a favourite actor of mine. I had to blink twice to make sure I was actually looking at a computer game because it looked so much like "him".
As for the game itself, well it is a lot of fun but not easy. Though I would say a bit easier than the previous two titles. The main story takes you to various locations in the Middle East, America and even the UK.. The side missions (of which there are 4 sets, each for a different team mate) can be played co-op with a friend local or online. The ones with Briggs have to be played co-op, whilst the others can be played solo. I played through them with my 17 year old son and we had a lot of fun.

Between misions you can talk to you team mates, phone your daughter, give the plane some upgrades, or customise your gear. And whether you wish to progress through the story missions or do the side ops, or mix and match, is entirely up to the player.
But what's best is that if you enjoy the game there is a lot of replay value. Different approaches to objectives. Different combat approaches. As such I have now played it through 5 times and enjoyed it each time.

It's not without it's frustrations. The dynamic of picking a body up needs to be looked at as it's far too easy to pick up the fallen soldiers weapon instead, wasting you valueable seconds which you may not have. And Grims's side missions can be a little frustrating as you have to remain totally undetected, have to complete 3 objectives, and if you get seen and get pulled out you return to the very beginning of the mission. Possibley having wasted 30-45 minuties of quiet stealthy movement, only to be thwarted by you jumping over a wall when your meant to climb it! But aside from those minor annoyances, there is little to fault.

In over 30 years of gaming this is most definately not only one of the best stealth games I've played, but one of the best games I've played. Frustrating at times, yes, but thoroughly rewarding. If the next installment maintains these standards then I can't wait.
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on 31 August 2013
Just started playing the game, tried online, co op and the single player, really enjoying it, remember playing one when I was younger and it was horrible and tough to play, this is a challenging game, but you can do the mission how you want, there is no set route you must take, you can go all guns blazing killing everyone inside, or you can go silently climbing up building jumping through windows and taking them out silently with guns, or stun guns, or get close and take them out with your hands. There are weapons you can upgrade, buy new weapons, customise your character, change alot of things! I'm really enjoying playing this game, and I feel the freedom it gives you is perfect, there is a grading system at the end of each mission that will tell you what sort of player you are!.... Tried online at the Start I wasn't that great or that entertained by it, the co op is alot better it's not the campaign co op, if you have a mate that isn't willing to mess about and play the game with you then it's amazing! Doing take outs, perfectly timing your kills and what you are gonna do.... Buy it you'll love it!
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on 7 April 2014
Firstly, I loaded up the additional HD textures disk(this does take about half hour to load !) but worth it.

Cracking game, graphics, enemies and gameplay all excellent. Can't recommend enough. Not done any of the side missions yet but the main single player mission is fab. As said in previous reviews (thanks everyone) you can play silent stealth, semi stealth/assassin or guns blazing - or a combination.

Tech, weapons and spy gadgets galore.

It's a 3rd person view... Always prefer this view as rapid movement in 1st person view games can sometimes bring on motion sickness after playing for a while , which isn't fun.

Enemy AI will pick up on sounds if you're too noisy and come to investigate - can be used to your advantage. Hardest bits in missions are clearing a camp or hideout with 6+ enemies patrolling different routes / directions. Work out their routines, confirm their line of sight,, sneak up close at the optimum moment and eliminate them in your preferred style.

Superb immersive action shooter, buy it.
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on 30 August 2013
Splinter Cell Fan (XBOX) Got the Lot - I don't play co-op so have no opinion on how good or bad the experience is.
I loved this game and would highly recommend it, but its not getting a perfect score!

The story line and main missions were very good but I could not give it 5 stars as the side missions were just wave after wave of defeating the bad guys (tiresome after a while even if you like that sort thing & I generally do). I felt I had to be honest and mark it down for that and for the final bad guy scene - when you experience it you will understand why (don't want to spoil it for anyone).

Don't let that last bit put you off - if you enjoyed the previous games then you will not be disappointed with this and the Graphics were fantastic.
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on 27 August 2013
For me, it was the right amount of change/innovation from Splinter Cell Conviction. Not a million miles away from it while at the same time offering updated graphics and maps. Little less focus on the hiding in the shadows (the black and white is gone as well), more focus on upgrading with perks suitable to your gaming style. I am well happy with this game!
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on 3 December 2014
What a game. Single-player, multiplayer.. Not the most polished title, but a vast improvement on previous titles in the franchise. The whole shift towards action rather than stealth hasn't taken over completely, and while certain levels do feel annoyingly linear, most of the game allows you formulate your own plan and execute it however you see fit. The fundamentals of the game have been seen before elsewhere, so don't expect ground-breaking gameplay, but it's all been done pretty well, and there are some really nice touches. The change in voice acting from previous Splinter Cell games is not as big a deal as it felt that it would be..
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