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on 26 June 2014
Apple Rant:
I love(d) Apple products! I own Nano's/Shuffles/iPods/iPhones and an iPad. However I got fed-up with the new Money making way of apple. They releasing newer models all the time and you have to upgrade every year or you lose out. APPS are not supported anymore for older devices. New Apps/games are released all the time but can only be played on the newest iPhone/iPad etc. This is fine if you are on a contract as you can upgrade, but I like to buy my Apple Device at a bargain price and not be bound to high monthly tariffs.
I hate this modern throw-a-way culture. Why bin my iPod Touch 2nd gen just because the 5th gen is newer and supposedly better, however they both have touch screens and play music at the end of the day.
Apple rant over; I struggled to load websites, and use any apps on my iPad as all the apps are being updated all the time but my iPad 1 isn't supported anymore so I can't update. So I decided it was time to trade upward, but not with Apple because I can't afford an iPad Air for £500 or more and then have to worry again in 3 years when that iPad becomes obsolete.
So I researched into other tablets.

Kindles/Archos/Nexus/Dell/Surface/Acer etc. are all fairly expensive I suppose to compete with Apple, for a 10 inch screen tablet, and then I discovered Pipo, which is a totally different price bracket. There are many low-budget tablets with all sorts of strange brand names, but I kept bumping into the Pipo device in many Tablet reviews most kept saying that the HD screen is on-par with the newer model iPads, Stereo speakers unlike iPads, and the Pipo has a lot of expansion options such as a slot for memory to expand if you want to watch many movies or store lots of pictures etc. so this got me interested. I checked many reviews of the Pipo and comparison websites between Pipo and iPad and other tablets and concluded that the Pipo had the most to offer in too many ways to mention, but I'll go through as many as I can bellow:

Compared to iPads:
- First the price, for £150 for the M9 32GB Pipo model there is no comparison to £597 for an iPad Air 32GB
- Second Pipo HAS FLASH!!!!! Apple never bought the copyrights for Adobe flash so many websites have problems or can only be partially viewed on any Apple device as any Flash item can't be loaded even with a Hacked/Jailbroken device. Pipo has full Flash support including playing flash games/streaming flash based music players/Music sheet paper/Flash books etc. etc.)
- Pipo M9 has the same quality HD Screen as newer iPad models
- Pipo has a quad core processors so is just as fast/faster then many new iPads
- Pipo has stereo rear speakers, unlike the iPads single Mono speaker that often leaves out sounds on games/movies/music
- Pipo has a slot for expansion cards so can have unlimited storage! vs. most expensive iPad is limited to 120GB, (yes the iPad has Cloud storage that you can pay for even further storage, but many other similar servers such as Google-Drive can provide the same for Pipo)
- Pipo has HDMI capability for viewing Powerpoints/Movies etc. or even Playing Games through a big screen.
- Pipo is compatible with most Bluetooth keyboards, Gamepads/controllers!! yes I tried several (xbox controllers/PS3/4 should work to, but not tried) headphones, music systems/ car audio, music/hi-fi/cinema systems etc. APPLE is restricted to Apple certified/compatible devices only. Only some Gamepads/Controllers work with iPads and some only work with very few games that aren't even worth using a controller for.

Android vs. iOS
Being an iOS user for 5 years or so now it was a scary jump to Android, but I found it incredibly easy to use the Pipo.

The interface:
- Turn either iPad or Pipo on and you swipe to unlock.
- Then you are faced with Apps on either and you can press any APP to go to internet/music/game etc. for either.
Deleting Apps is similar, moving apps is similar.
- Android has widgets on the main screen, giving you quick views of new emails/weather updates/reminders etc. iOS just has the apps view (this can only be changed with Jailbreaks to show extra stuff)
- Apps work and load/play the same on either devices, there is no difference between playing GTA or typing a word document on iOS vs Android. even the on screen keyboard is pritty much the same and response is the same.

Android is however much better:
This is a battle on many forums but in my opinion having just used Android:
- Very basics, transferring music or files to the Pipo is as simple as
1 plugging in the USB cable and switching on USB mode that pops-up
2 you DRAG-and-DROP any files onto the Pipo anywhere you want
3 Using an APP such as ESexplorer or the build in Pipo explorer allows you to then access those, though many apps as the Music find the files themselves
iOS on the other hand requires itunes to be installed, the iPad to be set-up for syncing or transferring manual and then you need to organise your music to fit with iTunes and documents have to be transferred into the app through Apple and you need to check compatibility. It is a lot more hassle and a lot more work then DRAG-and DROP as on the Pipo!
Even a Hacked/Jailbroken iPad still requires files to be placed in the exact folder for the app you want to open it with or requires certain Hacked apps to access the files that are otherwise restricted by Apple.
- Apple restricts many parts of their devices, for example bluetooth is restricted to only other Apple devices, so transfering files, or even attaching bluetooth speakers/keyboards/headphones can be a pest if they are not Apple compatible. The Pipo connects to anything I have tried to so far of any brand including my Apple Keyboard and chinese make Bluetooth Headphones. Pipo can also transfer files easily to other bluetooth laptops/phones etc. (iPads/iPhones can also communicate to other brands such as Nokia, or Dell to transfer files but will need a Hack/Jailbreak that can be difficult to do)

- iOS does have the benefit of 8billion or more apps, so there is something for anything you could want. Android however only has a several million near a billion I believe and many of the really amazing apps (graphics wise such as Infinity Blade, and many EA/gameloft games or even apps for education) are exclusive to Apple only, which is because there are too many different sized devices running android with so many different capabilities that it is hard to make many demanding apps universal for all Android devices. I mean how can a demanding game work the same on a small 4inch screened NOKIA compared to a 8inch Archos tablet to a 10inch Pipo, that requires a lot of programming, compared to only 3 types of iOS devices iPhones/iPods that are all the same size and capability and iPads and iPad mini.
However this is changing! and Apple is rumored to move to a larger screened iPhone, a many other new devices that will make it harder to program apps unless everything old Apple is made obsolete again.

BUT: iOS is restricted to iTunes apps only and iBooks/iMusic.(unless hacked/jailbroken > Cydia) with the Pipo you can get apps/books/music from Google playstore, from Amazon/Kindle, from various Japanese and Chines apps stores that come provided on the Pipo and many other providers of music and books or apps that are otherwise not accessible by Apple devices.
Even apps that can't be bought on the normal Android Stores, such as ones exclusive to other countries, can simple be downloaded and DRAG-and-DROPPED onto the Pipo. Again very difficult to do with Apple, and a nuisance if you want to watch/play/listen a french/American/Japanese book/game/app etc. as Apple is restricted to your country only!

- For writting/essays/authors, the Pipo works great and easily connects to my Apple Keyboard and many other bluetooth/wi-fi keyboards and I believe can even connect to USB keyboards with the supplied USB adapter

- For music: Drag and drop any albums/CDs as easy as any other device, on headphones is fantastic, and the bonus of Stereo speakers with the Pipo

- Musicians/DJs: Garageband is sadly still exclusive to Apple, but there are many other similar apps that can almost do as much, and there are many DJ/mixing apps/Amps kits etc just like Apple

- For Games: Many many games like Apple, as I said, some games are exclusive to Apple such as Infinity Blade and some Need for Speeds and other Gameloft games. HOWEVER, unless you jailbreak, and mess around a lot on iPad, it is fairly easy on Android to play Emulated games from Gameboys/N64, Atari, DOS and even older Windows XP games. So that adds a lot extra and there are many games that are coming to Android but just takes longer to arrive then to Apple.
BEST thing is that many games as Grand Theft Auto 3/vice/Andreas, Gangstar, Need for Speed, and many others work fully with a Gamepad/Controller. It's like having a portable XBOX/PS and you can even hook-up to a big screen tv through HDMI and play GTA with your controller through the TV using the Pipo.

- Education: for Pupils, many apps like on Apple,
For teachers sadly not much on Android, whereas some amazing teaching tools are available on Apple only at the moment such as Teacherkit and Idoceo, which is my only drawback moving to Pipo. But many producers are trying to make the apps from Apple available for Android..... just takes time.

So I'm very impressed with the Pipo many Pros especially compared to most other tablets.

ONLY NEGATIVE I can think of: the Pipo can only be charged from it's own charger, so you can't use a battery pack or a USB cable to a laptop/PC/Mac etc. Not a biggy, but my advise is you buy another charger for £5 or so. So you can have one plugged in ready at home. Use the second for charging at work/school/travel etc. so that if you lose it, or leave it at work by accident or at familly/friends etc. then you are not stuffed.
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on 28 February 2014
I spent a long time looking for the best cheap tablet that could rival the high street brands, and the Pipo ticked all the boxes.
Its not quite an Ipad though but its not far off and for £170 you get a lot.
I opted for the Standard not the 3gs version, it seemed pointless when I can tether it with my phone.
Overall I am very happy with my Pipo.
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on 9 October 2014
Do not buy anything from Drocotek. Their products are cheap and badly designed. I bought another Retina display tablet from them, which had so many faults that I cannot bother listing them all. Most of all, their electric charger is not compatible with the standard ones used in the UK, so that YOU CANNOT USE a USB to charge. The one provided is flimsy and will break within a month. Their customer service is so awful that they are not responding to my emails, despite Amazon's intervention requesting that they fulfill their promises.
SAVE YOUR MONEY and buy something else.
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on 18 September 2013
But not iPad price either. On reflection I should have gone for the 3G.

Good bit of kit for the price.

If you don'want to pay silly money for a tablet, this will do the job.
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