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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Blu-ray|Change
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on 26 September 2013
Looks about the best it ever has with the model shots appearing very clear. It's weird watching this now and remembering it was made for TV as the model and effects work was of a very high standard for the time even in films. Looks a bit creaky in indoor scenes and some of the photo backdrops are very obvious in 1080p. But to be honest you probably know that and if you're here to knock it for being made in the late 70's you probably shouldn't get this. It's very of its time, but with some great ideas and concepts, and not so great haircuts and space discos.

Really hoping they will release the whole series now in HD as this is the movie edit of the pilot which is about half an hour shorter than the TV version. However that will be in 4:3 and this is 16:9, loosing part of the top and bottom of the full frame pilot, but what we see should be of higher resolution than a full frame release if they've scanned it right - looks damn clear in most places to me.

The Sensurround soundtrack is really bassy especially if you have a sub hooked up - but that's how it was shown in cinemas.

Think of this a nice companion piece to the series if it is ever given an HD release.

It's region free and plays fine on a UK PS3 and BD player.
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on 15 October 2013
A few points about this disc. One there are no extras whatsoever. I am saddened that with the popularity of the show not even a commentary could be included from the surviving stars or producers.

The film itself is a condensed version of the initial three episode story from the TV series - Saga of a Star World. About 30+ minutes were edited from these episodes and a few extra sequences added (the death of an ongoing character in the show for example) and the film reframed to (a rather pleasing) 1.85:1 rather than a 1.33:1/1.37:1 depending on whose idea of TV ratios you accept.

This bluray features what can only be described as a wonderful transfer at full 1080p resolution which showcases the TV budget FX to the max. Whilst they could never compete with Star Wars what the team did on that reduced budget is shown here to be very good for its time. The model ships are fantastic although constant re use of the same shots in later episodes diminished their efficacy somewhat (but thats for a full series review if it materialises)

The story begins very well although the deleted material is missed. The story becomes quite choppy in its middle section before coming back for an explosive climax

I would be tempted to give the disc 5 stars for its sheer entertainment value but the lack of any extras knocks it down a point. However if you simply want to enjoy the film for the first or twentieth time it is a solid purchase especially as it was in the three for £17 offer from day one!
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on 21 October 2013
The Original you might say. I've always liked this film (splicing of the first three episodes of the 1970's TV series). The characters are likable, acting is slight but well played. the special effects hold up remarkably well. It's a movie that has hardly dated yet is typical of it's televison heritage

This 70's galactica has cleaned up pretty well but suffers from no blu ray extras. It is possibly a little bit long long, sagging slightly in the middle and you can almost see the join between the episodes (The dvd has the full length 3 episode compilation), but then again The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi (and the 21st century Galactica mini-series) all have episodic parts to them. I love new (2000's) Galactica but this has a longer lasting memory for me. It also feature a host of familiar Film and TV veterans.

It wins out over the new series (just) with:

The Cylon Centurions
The Cylon Ships
The Vipers
The Battlestar Galactica (just edging it)
Muffett (& Daggett's in general)
Physically alien races
The Theme Tune
Bubble Gum Trading cards
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on 19 November 2013
For what was originally made for TV this is a surprisingly good DVD transfer. Yes, the effects shots get a bit repetitive, but this still entertains, and brought back happy memories of when I first saw it in the cinema during it's UK theatrical release.
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on 16 April 2016
Presumably anybody buying this knows what they are getting and wants to remember their lost youth. On that score five stars.
Star Wars it ain't, but a big step up from Torchy The Battery Boy! Great fun. Your children will think you are mad, so best watched alone with a supply of decent ale to hand.
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on 28 March 2014
This is a classic from 1978, there is no doubt about it.

BUT we are missing the point of what a BLU-RAY disc is all about!!

I would have liked:

1) The option to watch the TV full length version

2) The option to watch both versions in 4:3 or Widescreen

3) On the Region 1 box set is a commentary by Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict and Herbert Jefferson Jr.

4) The Original cinema release poster art on the cover

5) Isolated soundtrack

6) Behind the scenes features from 1978

I thought with the invention of Blu-ray we would get a better picture, sound and extra's as the space available on the disc is able to hold so much more information than a standard DVD.
I appreciate the better PQ but really all we have here is an upscaled re-release of the previous theatrical DVD!

Rather than knock this out and put it in a 3 for £17 deal - I would gladly pay £17 just for the release I want!

Missed Opportunity - Unfortunately.
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on 3 September 2015
An excellent transfer of this film (as ripped from the TV series' first three episodes) far better than the DVD which has a very odd aspect ratio.

I've not seen it looking this good since I went to the cinema in Dudley to see it in around 1978.
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on 21 November 2013
As an avid fan of all things Galactica, I have given this a 3 star rating for the following reasons.
Picture quality is overall very good when you consider the origins of this title {ie] this was not intended for cinema release to begin with, hence the 1970's tv look re this print. There is some scences that are grainy and others that are a delight. My main concern is the length of the feature, which I would have prefered to have been the 180 min tv pilot version..who know we will probably see it turn up in the coming years as an another anniversary editon
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on 5 August 2015
Wife bought this for me.
The pictue and sound quality are fantastic.This is the widescreen cinema release,made up of first three episodes in film format.It has subtitles and no extras.A must buy if you've got the dvd's from ten years ago.
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on 13 August 2014
I had more fun and got more of a nostalgia trip from watching this Blu Ray than I did from Star Wars, which in fact I sold on after having only really flicked through the disks. Whereas Star Wars (or should I say A New Hope) really doesn't feel like it is from the late 70s after all the changes and tweaks, Battlestar Galactica is just how you remember it expect much better in HD - The widescreen ratio really suits it and the colours and transfer in general is great. It would be nice if one day we get Star Wars in a similarly 'retro' presentation.
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