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on 9 November 2013
I bought Lightroom because I got fed up with the limitations of iPhoto and Apple's Genius didn't convince me Aperture was the way to go, that plus Aperture hasn't been updated in a long time. You have to wonder if Apple is abandoning the high end of the market. At the time Lightroom was on special offer. Anyway I am not a professional photographer. Soctt Kelby is and is book is very much geared towards them.There's a lot in this book, and in Lightroom, that even the serious amateur will probably never use or need. Nevertheless, the book is well written and gets the just the right tone of imparting information without getting bogged down.
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on 19 August 2013
In simple terms, either you like Kelby's writing style of you don't however as in all the books of his I have read, he does give you a lot of practical information in an easy to follow form. In fact I've been using Lightroom since version 1 and although the product hasn't really radically changed, mainly it has just evolved in terms of the tools and had a few bits added to it, my use of it has changed over time.

Originally I used Lightroom mainly for getting my pictures onto my computer and cataloguing them, from there I used Photoshop for processing the RAW images. However as Lightroom has evolved and the tools within it, for processing photography you don't need to touch Photoshop. I therefore got hold of a copy of this book in Kindle format so that I could refer to it on screen and that really works well for me. Between this book and the on-line tutorials on Adobe TV, you should have all bases covered.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 August 2013
I downloaded a copy of Lightroom 5 demo, ran it and felt it was too complicated for me to change to use it. However after watching a number of online videos from the vendors of plugins I use, they all seemed to be using Lightroom and I began to see how a little bit of effort could pay off in the long run.

I checked out the books available and having read some of the authors books before I thought I would stick with what I had experience with. I'm pleased I did as this book is logical, easy to follow, gives some great tips and most importantly, contains the type of information I find useful on a daily basis when using this software.

If you have no experience with Lightroom may I suggest you read the book prior to running it as there are some great tips about setting up, importing and organizing which I wish I had been aware of when I started.

The Kindle version is as you would expect not as good on the illustrations as a hard copy but I have not really found that to be an issue as most of the relevant information can be gleaned from the text.
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on 26 June 2014
I was feeling frustrated by my lack of understanding of the fundamentals of LR e.g. where photos are stored.. even though I had attended a few hours workshop on LR for beginners the tutor failed to take into account that we did not know that LR works like a library catalogue with the originals stored elsewhere. Myself & the other newbies really struggled to understand where the originals were.. and we never really got beyond this!

I bought this book to educate me about the basics.. before I threw LR in the bin.. I have not been disappointed, as Scott Kelby explains the basics of LR, from the start, and finally I understand how LR works e.g. where original photos are kept, and the significance of storing them in the one place (folder) on your hard drive (or external hard drive).. which now means I can put my energy into reading the remainder of the book, and learning how to make the best of LR and the wonders it has to offer. I especially enjoy Scott's little digressions, and his sense of humour.. which makes the book more enjoyable... the examples he gives are very helpful as well.. definitely worth a look..
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on 8 September 2013
An update of Scott Kelby's excellent series about Lightroom. This latest edition holds no surprises for those who are familiar with Scott's other books which are approachable and explain clearly Adobe's latest developments. A must for all those of you who wish to extract the most from this powerful piece of software. Highly recommended!
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on 5 October 2013
Lots of good reviews for this, and being a new LR user, thought it would be what I was looking for. I'm no literary snob, but personally this authors style is just not for me. I just want the facts, clearly and unambiguously prioritised and presented. I found the jokey asides and overly 'pally' informal language etc. distracting and that doesn't make me want to pick this up to read when I get the chance. Will still be trying to use it as reference when I hit issues, but will do more research in future. Have since found some excellent, much more direct and punchy, stuff on the web that provides me with the sort of direct advice and guidance I was hoping for and need as a new User. Every one is different. Scott's style just does not suit me.
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on 13 October 2013
I'm biased towards any publications by Scott Kelby as I have loads of his books. I find that he talks in my language thus finding things easy to understand. And of course I love his warped sense of humour. On the whole he shows you in a constructive way how to work through Lightroom software. Makes it easy to work along with him. Images he uses in the book are downloadable so you can practice and work alongside. Great now my Lightroom bible
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on 6 December 2013
During my many years of practicing amateur photography, Adobe Lightroom is one of the most commonly used applications.
Anyone who was interested in Adobe Lightroom guides for sure had heard about Scott Kelby because since the first application version his !Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers! has been one the best and most popular guides.

In this latest edition Lightroom 5 version is discussed and he made it look everything interesting again, giving all his vast knowledge about Adobe's application in his simple to understand style which is helping user in step-by-step learning process. To be helpful even more, the book itself is laid out in a start-to-finish Lightroom workflow order.

Beside simple explanation what can be done with each part of application author is presenting his own techniques, he speaks about his personal settings and styles that will help user in becoming proficient user.

Besides writing Lightroom guides, Scott Kelby also organizes training classes and it's obvious he understands photographs and application users, he knows what is troubling them and he helps by suggesting which techniques should be good and which ones would be better to avoid, all with explanation and examples.

The book's extra value is part of the book discussing cohabitation of Lightroom and other famous Adobe application Photoshop, what can be done with Lightroom and for what Photoshop should be integrated into user workflow.

If you are searching for Lightroom guide I could recommend this one. With lot of examples from author's rich experience, you would not only learn using application but also be able to adopt some of author's distinct portrait retouching techniques and special effects.

Although I been using Lightroom for some time, Kelby's new version of guide is welcome addition to my collection of photography software.
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on 29 August 2013
Great book, goes through every step thoroughly with heaps of screenshots and clear explanations of various processes. I have no experience with Lightroom (am waiting for it to arrive in the post) but I can understand everything in this book with no problems.

I would have given it 5 except it is *so* thorough that it covers too many intermediate menu steps (which are pretty obvious) so it gets tedious and hard to stick with at times. Apart from that, thumbs up!
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on 24 January 2014
You will find a lot of reviews from the Scott Kelby fanclub rating this book very highly. I have both the hard copy and the Kindle version. I have read the book through twice now. I am completely new to Lightroom 5. He kicks off by advising that you should start by organising your files for Lightroom in a separate drive (or drives) and doing this before you begin. This is really valuable advice. Almost worth 5 stars on its own. However, downhill after that: the book is written in that jokey discursive American style which makes it hard to find anything when you actually need it (as opposed to just reading through). Also some of Scott's info on ALT shortcuts is incorrect for PC - possibly because he is a Mac user or this is an update from tips on earlier versions of Lightroom. So the book isn't that helpful when you are sitting in front of your first rubbish snap and you see the colour balance is wrong and the image is too dark: what do I do now? Whatever, what this book seriously lacks, and what I have found in practice more useful than the book day to day, is a table of Lightroom shortcuts. You can of course Google for this: try lightroomqueen. I have found that in editing a few sessions of shots the shortcut reminders are a lot more user-friendly than trying to edit with the book (or your Kindle) in front of you. Still, I've not tried any of the other textbooks so I can't compare. However, a shortcut table is an obvious omission. Also, a "what is this for" table would be super-helpful: Lightroom clearly has hidden depths that I don't really have the time or the patience to research and this book isn't going to get me there.
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