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4.7 out of 5 stars506
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Picking up where season 1 left off with Starling City recovering from attacks by Malcom Merln who is now a wanted man and Oliver Queen finding himself the target of Slade Wilson who was on the island with him and vowing not to kill. This season expands and hints at a wider DC universe though Deathstroke is more of an anti hero in the comics than all out bad guy here and appearances from Black Canary and Barry Allen aka The Flash who will be getting his own spin off series and The Suicide Squad from DC comics and fun voice only cameo from Batman villain Harley Quinn who sounds uncannily like her 90's Batman animated series version and hints at more DC characters to come. Excellent entertainment with a great cast even if the finale does feel like The Dark Knight Rises made for tv.
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VINE VOICEon 3 September 2014
I love this series, if anything it is better than the first.

The original part of the story which takes place on the island has been expanded which in some parts is a little implausible but still makes for great viewing, due partly to the presence of Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson.

Stephen Amell is exactly right for the lead role of Oliver Queen (it is worthwhile watching the bonus features with Season 1 to see him in training for his stunts) with Paul Blackthorne providing great support as his would-be nemesis, Detective Quentin Lance. But hamming it up superbly is John Barrowman who is a real scene-stealer as Malcolm Merlyn, the arch-baddie.

My only worry is that it is going to be quite a long wait for Season Three!

Great viewing.
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on 27 September 2014
Season 2 really took off with more twists and turns than a corkscrew, really thrilling storylines, sub plots, homages to the DC comic heroes and anti-heroes, and a thoroughly entertaining show from start to finish. The two veins of the series continue with the Arrow's fight against criminals in Starling city, and Oliver Queen's continued transformation on the island, both stories equally exciting, and leaving me bereft until season 3 is out. We also continue with family secrets, intrigue, betrayal, love gained and lost, revenge, and moral dilemmas surrounding the Queen family.
We are introduced to more DC comic heroes and heroines, anti heroes and anti heroines, and I look forward to their development in the show. We see more acting favourites join the episodes, and other characters being fleshed out, my particular favourite is Emily Bett-Rickards character Felicity Smoak who gives the series some comic relief. Great entertainment, great action, Stephen Amell continues to shine in the lead role, and he is supported well, I enjoyed Manu Bennett's relentlessly vengeful baddie Deathstroke, and I was delighted to see John Barrowman return as Malcolm Merlyn, as he is a strong acting asset to hang onto in my opinion! Yes everyone is beautiful and handsome to look at, but hey, this is pure fantasy and escapism given a gritty, pounding ride that is satisfyingly refreshing to watch. Just let go and enjoy, don't think too deeply, it ain't that kind of show!
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on 17 February 2015
Season one of Arrow started pretty well then faltered as it tried to find its way, two thirds through the first season I was near giving up on it and BANG! It came together and the last seven or so episodes were spectacular. Thus leaving season two with its work cut out for it. Overall it is a stronger second series, but it does strain the sense of disbelief. I'm not talking super powers and that, but Moira Queen making a near successful run for mayor after being partly responsible for the undertaking. There are a few other niggles, however it is always entertaining. The cast is expanded in a good way, and chopped in other ways. Manu Bennett makes an excellent has guy, being both physically imposing and intensely interesting. Baron blood less so but he works fir the most part.

The series finale sadly doesn't compare to that of series one but, hey, you can't have it all.
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on 19 March 2015
Stephen Amell doing pull-ups on a pole whilst simultaneously lifting said pole up off its wedge and up onto the next.

Need I say more?

Not really but I briefly will (without spoilers).

The story is fantastic (if a little predicable in places), makes you lack in real life activities for a few days as it's almost impossible to stop pressing 'next episode' every time one finishes. What I don't like is how much he sleeps around. I think that's just for the viewers entertainment but it's a bit unnecessary and irritating.

However, the darkness of the show adds to its suspense and appeal. The archery is fantastic and it really is nice to see a guy do his own stunts and do them incredibly well.

Stephen Amell is a wonderful man in real life who does a lot for everyone, I will be looking out for more of what he does and certainly hope Arrow doesn't end any time soon.

Love him. Love the show.
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A five disc dvd set containing all twenty three episodes of the second season of Arrow. The story of masked bow wielding vigilante Oliver Queen, based on DC Comics 'Green Arrow' title.

All episodes run for forty mins. [approx].

In addition to those, it also features a special episode called Arrow: year one. Narrated by John Barrowman, this tells the story of all that happened in season, condensed down into forty minutes. So that means you could use this season as a jumping on point. But you are still better off to start with season one.

Following on from where that ended, Oliver is having a hard time dealing with the events of the season one finale, and has retreated to the island where he was previously stranded. But friends and family and the city need him back. His family reputation is on the line. His company needs him there. And there's an upcoming mayoral election, in which a charismatic man called Sebastian Blood is the leading contender.

But Oliver is about to find out that everything is tied together. As someone intends to make him pay for something he once did....

The overall story arc of this season is Oliver's journey from death dealing vigilante to hero. Thus he has to go through a lot over the course of the twenty three episodes. The season is a little bit of a slow burner to begin with, but once the main threat is revealed [and don't look at the back of the box if you don't want any spoilers in regards to that] then it really clicks.

As with season one, present day scenes are interspersed with flashbacks to Oliver's past. Presenting a storyline that, once it gets going, really does grab.

There's at least one new character who will have a major impact on Oliver's life. And the show also adeptly allows good story arcs for all the supporting cast. Managing as well to start Thea and Laurel on journeys that will make them stronger people.

A couple of early episodes feature visiting police forensic scientist Barry Allen. And serve as a backdoor pilot for what became The Flash - Season 1 [DVD].

With plenty of other characters who will be familiar to dc comics readers, and some excellent action throughout, it's another entertaining season of strong action and great character drama with it. The season finale just isn't quite as strong an episode as the end to season one. But very few episodes could compare with that, and this is still a very good one, so that's the only really minor complaint about a really good season.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, Castilian Spanish, French, Italian.

Subtitles: English, Castilian Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish.

Every disc has roughly four minutes worth of deleted scenes on them. Accessed both via the special features menu, in order to watch all for each disc in a row. Or for each individual episode, via an icon on the episode selection menu. Batman fans really do need to see one of the deleted scenes from the season finale.

Other extras, aside from the deleted scenes and the year one recap, are all on disc five.

From vigiliante to hero: A twenty two minute long documentary, which rather than just overview the season, looks at the central issue of Oliver's attempt to becomme a hero. And is very interesting also thought provoking as a result.

How did they do that? The visual effects of Arrow. A nine minute long look at how some of the season opener was done. Interesting when technical, but the other parts of this are even more so.

Wirework: the impossible moves of Arrow. Also an involving watch, this runs for nine minutes and looks at the show's stunt work.

Arrow 2013 comic con panel: twenty five minutes of the stars and some of the producers being interviewed. A very entertaining watch - particularly when something unexpected happens midway through - although it doesn't show too many of the audience questions.

Gag reel: four minutes of outtakes. Too many of people pulling funny faces. But a couple of good clips in the middle.
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VINE VOICEon 16 February 2015
In the aftermath of the Undertaking that destroyed the Glades, Oliver returns to the Island where he was stranded but with his mother facing a trial for her part in the undertaking and Queen Industries under threat from a takeover Oliver is forced to return to Starling City once again. Things are further complicated by the Queen family secrets as well as the arrival of an old friend of Oliver's with a grudge and a super-solider serum.

This second season of the very entertaining 'Arrow' continues to improve with lot of the episodes in this season being better than the first. Much of this is probably due to having a better arc plot for the season and a better villain in the form of Deathstroke. The best episodes of the season are probably those that tie closely to the arc plot of the season with the three part finale easily being the best part of the series as a whole so far. Having said that however, there were some episodes that felt a little lacklustre, such as Identity (where Oliver tries to stop thieves stealing vital medical supplies) and Blast Radius (about a terrorist bombing spree). The season also includes a two episode storyline that introduces Barry Allen, setting things up for the spin-off series The Flash.

This season sees a whole host of characters from the wider DC Universe turn up with Black Canary, Bronze Tiger, the Dollmaker, Brother Blood, Cyrus Gold (aka Solomon Grundy), Shrapnel, the Clock King, Professor Ivo, S.T.A.R. Labs and the League of Assassins (along with Nyssa Al-Ghul) all making appearances, as well as Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad (including a very brief Harley Quinn cameo). The season also sees the introduction of Isabel Rochev, played by the brilliant Summer Glu, in a recurring role with the character being a combination of the comicbook versions of Isabel Rochev and Ravager.

The action this season is generally very good with the final fight between Oliver and Deathstroke being particularly good, switching back and forth between their fight in the current storyline and their fight on the Island. Unfortunately, however, some of the fights in the beginning of the series aren't too good with the first fight between Oliver and Bronze Tiger being a little disappointing. The comedy of the series by contrast remains very good throughout with Felicity still being the very funny. Most of the performances in the season remain on a par with that of the previous one with Katrina Law as Nyssa Al-Ghul and Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Amanda Waller being particularly good. The special effects are also relatively good for the most part.

Overall while this season is slightly, in general, better that the previous one and I would rate it a high four stars.
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Season 2 of Arrow is pretty much more of the same, following on from a good solid first season. I felt there was a slight treading of water in the first couple of episodes but it soon gets going and before you know it, characters and plot lines are being thrown at the screen like they're going out of fashion.

You don't have to be a big comic book reader or fan of the DC Universe to enjoy the show but it does add to the fun, spotting various major and minor characters popping up and working out where/how they fit into the puzzle. There are returnees from the previous year - Deadshot, Huntress, Count Vertigo etc as well as many new additions. I won't list them all, I reckon it's more enjoyable to find them as you go but the major introduction is of course a young Barry Allen for a couple of episodes - prepping a certain scarlet speedster for his own forthcoming series. A rather different Amanda Waller joins the party as well and where Amanda goes, a certain squad must follow.

Other notable developments include court cases, mad scientists, super villains, super soldiers and more. There's a fair amount of action as you'd expect, particularly when things get amped up for the final story arch in the closing episodes. The dual timelines of Oliver's time on the island and present day happenings in Starling City continue. The tone is still pretty dark but there's always the likes of Felicity to bring a few chuckles to lighten the mood as required.

It's not perfect - there's a slight soap opera feel to some family developments and often proceedings are interrupted as one character or another steps in to make a motivational speech. Also, Oliver really sucks at keeping his "secret" identity a secret. But I'm probably just being picky, it's still more than worth the journey, ticking most of the right boxes. Roll on Season 3 (and The Flash).
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Season 2 becomes darker, Oliver realizing events on the island have dehumanized him, converted him into a killing machine. He will continue catching those polluting Starling City but, from now on, simply hand them over to the police.

What occurred on that island determines much of what happens now. Each episode contains lengthy flashbacks. A key moment then had Oliver given an impossible choice to make. Result? A ruthless enemy is determined to destroy all that he holds dear.

As ever, much action and great stunts. To be honest, acting is often just about enough to get by. Some may feel there is a little too much soul-searching. Oliver's determination not to kill at times seems ill-advised, especially with those responsible for many deaths.

A laudable yearning to reform? Or the creators' cynical ploy to ensure the spared will escape from prison to create problems in future seasons? Ironically Oliver's refusal to despatch such villains virtually guarantees many innocent people are destined to die.

A good value box set with 23 episodes. Amongst many bonuses is one particularly welcome. The first episode is preceded by a forty minute summary of Season 1. John Barrowman narrates. This detailed reminder is truly excellent. Amongst other attractions is the Comic-Con Question and Answer session - especially with the exuberant entry of a late arrival.

In short? Again enjoyed, but reservations are creeping in.
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on 22 June 2015
review image
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