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3.7 out of 5 stars2,350
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 January 2016
I was somewhat disappointed with the storyline, but the special effects are most spectacular, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney
star in this nail-biting drama in earth-orbit. Leaves food for thought.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 November 2013
This is an AMAZING film, which I enjoyed greatly! This review includes very LIMITED SPOILERS.

At 90 minutes this space drama is a rather short film - but it packs much more tension, drama, scares and adventures than many two hours and a half action films. Only two actors really appear in it - three other people show themselves extremely briefly and elusively and there are also some voices on the radio and that is all. But those two actors are in fact exactly as much as this film needs and limiting the numbers was an excellent idea!

Almost all action takes place in space and a great effort was made to give this film a feeling of reality - especially the absence of sound in space is strictly respected, with muffled noises being heard only when one of the heroes holds some metal and hits other metal with it (metal, unlike void, conducts sound, even in space). One could think that it will hurt the film - but one would be VERY WRONG! It is actually exactly the contrary!

The rhythm of the film is very fast - an emergency occurs very early in the beginning and then all hell breaks loose and it continues until the incredibly dramatic, grandiose finale, with only brief pauses to catch breath. In the cinema where I saw this film, most people abandoned all attempts to munch after five minutes - me included. And I really like my popcorn...

This is NOT a sci-fi movie! The technology shown in this film really exists and purely in theory such a thing could really happen. Fiction elements were added by keeping the US space shuttle in service (they are all retired now) and by giving it a fictitious name, "Explorer". Real life space shuttles were named respectively "Enterprise" (the prototype, not capable of space flight), "Columbia", "Challenger", "Discovery", "Atlantis" and "Endeavour" - there never was a shuttle named "Explorer", but the name sounds like one a real shuttle could bear. Another fiction element is the presence of the Chinese space station "Tiangong", which is already fully operational, when in real life its construction should start only in 2020. BUT, the technology seen in this film is all there and there is no aliens, there is no mysterious forces, etc. - of course it is an adventure made in Hollywood, but in its nuts and bolts this movie is very realistic.

Both Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are excellent in this film. In fact I believe Ms Bullock deserves at least an Oscar nomination for this role. Clooney's character offers him a little less opportunities to shine, but he does it nevertheless!

I usually do not like 3D AT ALL, but in this film it actually adds a LOT! I advise strongly to go see this film on a big screen AND IN 3D, as long as it still plays in theatres! I will probably buy the Blu-ray version as soon as it is available, because here every pixel counts, but still, on a smaller screen and without a good 3D "Gravity" will lose part of its firepower.

Bottom line, this is an AMAZING, GREAT film which I loved in cinema and I absolutely want to re-watch it again. And again. Enjoy.
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on 12 November 2013
Went to see this movie the other night on impulse and without knowing anything at all. Not a huge fan of either of the leads but for some reason i just had this idea in my head that it would be worth it. I had no idea what i was in for but i treated myself to an IMAX ticket. I sat down and got comfly with some popcorn...

The start sequence is so amazing and probably one of the only place for you go grab a breath before all hell breaks loose, literally. By the time the movie was over i had not even touched my pop corn and had almost torn the arm of the chair from the tension. My heart was racing but i was smiling my head off and wanted to watch it all over again. I could have watched another 5 hours of this movie yet it was perfect the length it is.

I am simply dazzled and amazed by the work that went in by everyone involved in making this, there were no short cuts or cheap shots. the acting is beyond the call of duty and must have been such a mind job. Bullock is outstanding and deserves a massive reward for her performance. Clooney just stole my heart from the beginning and fit into his role nice and snug.

Seriously, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to watching this superb movie with a huge screen and roaring sound that shakes the ground. I am most certainly going to see this again. Then im getting the bluray.
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on 11 February 2016
The visual effects are amazing, but the 'background' music is deafening and in places completely swamps the actors' voices. The story line is realistic to start with (space debris destroying their vehicle) but then becomes pure fantasy. I won't bother watching it again.
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on 29 February 2016
Great visuals, but that's where the budget went mostly leaving around £2.20 and half a box of donuts for the script writers to come up with a plot and dialogue to fill the space the lovely images take up. Its a story that could be told in about 30 minutes max, but its spread out for what feels like a lifetime instead. I can't say much more without spoiling the plot - such is the thinness of the plot saying anything about the film would give something key away.

I know lots of people rave about this, and it is pleasant enough eye candy in places, but overall, I was bored. And then hungry. And then bored and hungry so was pleased when it finished and I could go and have some toast.
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on 9 September 2015
I doubt whether anyone will actually read this review, but for what it's worth, this is a well filmed but rather slow paced film which has great visual special effects although they are largely lost in 2D. They really need to be seen in 3D and probably on a large screen. It is an empowering film but not entirely believable and at a few stages can be over-long. In the end of the day worth watching even on the small screen and in 2D but just don't expect a huge amount. If you want the ultimate sci-fi in a down to earth situation - try District 9.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 November 2013
This technically brilliant film contains beautiful shots of the earth viewed from space, there are some tense moments as the two space workers (Clooney and Bullock) struggle to survive when they find themselves stranded after a disaster not of their making and it is intriguing to watch them floating about surrounded by a motley collection of objects and dealing with weightlessness in a matter of fact way, at least until calamity strikes. As with most adventure films, the desire to create ever more exciting situations sends plausibility spinning into the outer galaxies and it is probably an advantage to be ignorant of some of the basic laws of physics. At the end, despite the ludicrous twists, the film succeeds in leaving you with a sobering sense of mortality combined with the strengh of the will to survive.

"Gravity" is definitely greatly enhanced if seen on a large screen in 3D.
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on 20 February 2016

Gravity blasts onto blu-ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 2.40:1 encode. The transfer is pristine and eye-popping. Colour and contrast are flawless, with excellent saturation, lifelike skin tones, deep black levels and terrific shadow delineation. Detail is remarkably well-resolved too, with crisp, clean edge definition, wonderfully revealing fine textures and stunning close-ups, like the pinpoint stars, the hairs on Bullock's neck or the rough stubble on Clooney's chin, the fingerprints, smudges, dust and scratches on the space suit visors, the age and weathering on the metal tools and tethers Stone and Kowalski have to work with, plus the thousands and thousands of pieces of debris hurtling around the Earth. This is a first-class transfer. (5/5)


The 1080p MVC 3D picture was overseen by Richard Baker of Prime Focus Film and scanned by 4DMAX, Lightstage LLC, and XYZ RGB. Gravity was theatrically shown in D-Cinema 3D and in 70-mm blow up (dual-strip 3D) in IMAX® Theatres. While the 3D IMAX experience was breathtaking, this 3D blu-ray experience in the home captures the full visual scope and scale of space/earth with the exceptional depth perspective presented by the native 3D photography. The added dimension of depth and volume dramatically enhances the realism. The floating perspective relative to Earth is spectacular, and when the destroyed satellite debris field hammers the space shuttle and escape pod sequences, both the negative parallax depth and positive parallax out-of-screen effect is adrenaline-inducing. Resolution is exceptional, with fine detail exhibited throughout. The colour palette is perfectly natural and well balanced with deep blacks and revealing shadow delineation. With the video filling my entire 12 foot wide screen and the new Oppo 103D 3D blu ray playerwith the new Darbee video chip, the final combined result is simply a heavenly experience. (5+/5)


Warner’s DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio lossless track is just as outstanding. The film's sound design plays a significant role in the experience and it is incredibly effective in the home theater environment. The eerie silence of space is punctuated by breathing, the smallest movements, vibrations traveling through space suits, static-laden NASA communication and other subtleties, all presented here impeccably. Directionality is perfectly precise. Dialogue is intelligible and credibly prioritized from beginning to end. This is a truly reference-quality soundtrack that delivers heart-pounding and emotionally charged excitement. (5/5)


Gravity has an estimated budget of $100 million, but has a worldwide gross of $703 million, placing it right behind the new champion Frozen ($981 million), Despicable Me 2 ($970 million) and The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug ($893 million) and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($827 million) for the year 2013.


Gravity is nominated for 10 Oscars and won 7: Best Director (Alfonso Cuaron), Best Cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki), Best Film Editing, Best Original Score (Steven Price), Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Visual Effects. Best Picture, Best Actress (Sandra Bullock) and Best Production Design was nominated but did not win.


With such an important release, I would expect Warner to put each disc in its own flipcase, like those elegantly done in Smurfs 2 3D blu-ray set. Now instead, the 3D blu-ray disc is stacked on top of the regular blu-ray disc. Not classy at all. The front cover does have a lenticular 3D image that is nicely done.


Gravity is a roller coaster cinema at its best. One immediately gets sucked into the story. I love that sense of isolation, of people thematically learning to let go, of people fighting to live. Gravity is an exercise in abject terror, tension, and release. Sandra Bullock is the star and soul of the movie. Technically, Gravity is a masterpiece. The visual effects are pretty incredible. Gravity is one of my favourite cinematic experiences of the last few years, thanks to tight scripting, bold filmmaking, and master craftsmanship. The 3D version, giving us that window into another world or out of this world feeling, is definitely preferred, although the 2D version is also top-notched. I would give this set, especially 3D, my highest recommendation, and is a MUST-OWN!
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A Film almost five years in the making of.
Special effects perfection an absolute minimum requirement.
(The special features on board essential viewing)
'Explorer' on the final day of it's mission is hit by space debris from a
satellite that has been destroyed to advert the risks involved with
large pieces of debris falling to earth.
The Shuttle has catastrophic damage, other than 'Dr Ryan Stone'
(Sandra Bullock) and 'Matt Kowalski' (George Clooney) all other crew
members have perished.
The two survivors now have to try and reach the 'Space Station' to use
as a go between in the hope of eventually reaching the 'Chinese Station'
to board an escape pod.
'Matt' and 'Ryan' become separated as they reach the first objective.
The tension and problems continue to mount as time after time things
continue to go wrong.
The film is perhaps the most gripping and tense eighty-odd minutes of
drama I've seen for many a day.
An outstanding performance from 'Sandra Bullock'
Superb attention to detail making the film virtual-reality to watch, this a
hi-tech visual-effects spectacle to behold.
A remarkable movie achievement.
(Whether you watch it on 3D-2D or indeed DVD you'll not be disappointed)
There are nearly 3-hours of special features (in 2D) on board.
# Experience the meticulous innovation necessary to create the world of
zero gravity.
# Witness the physical and emotional demands 'Sandra Bullock' endures
on set.
# Journey with 'Alfonso Cuar'on' through four years of filmmaking to forthest
boundries of cinema.
Worthy of the 'Oscars' and 'Bafta's awarded
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on 21 November 2015
Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play Dr Sandra Bullock and Captain George Clooney in a disaster movie set in space. For reasons of ethnic diversity they are accompanied by and a CGI astronaut with an Indian accent, then a space disaster happens! This came as a surprise as I had not looked at the cover of the movie!

The aforementioned space disaster was caused by the Russians who for their own nefarious reasons blow up one of their satellites with a missile. Typical. This causes a Astro-storm of particle effects rendered by 3D modelling software to fly onto the screen. This is like nothing you have ever seen before expect if you have happened to watched any movie released during the summer in the past 10 years.

Then there is then lots of spinning because that really happens in space. Dr Sandra floats round in her underwear for a bit and then the Astro-storm happens again. Typical. Then it's just like Apollo 13 but somehow much much more boring. Then it's over and you are left wondering why it was called Gravity what with all the floating and everything. Maybe we will find out in the sequel but I don't think Sandra Bullock will go back to space after having such a terrible first day as an astronaut.
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