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4.1 out of 5 stars68
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 30 August 2013
Given a copy by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

After running out of money and failing to get a life started in London, Olivia moves back to her home town in Cornwall. Her obsession with her childhood crush Addy still going strong, she's surprised when she feels an inexplicable pull to Charlie Lomax, after he hires her to be the gardener at the dilapidated Lomax mansion. Considering his rude attitude to her, she's surprised at her feelings.

Charlie Lomax has nothing left after his parents plane disappears in the Bermuda Triangle, and his older brother (who's never been close to him) disappears straight after their parents to create a life in LA. Charlie's crush on Olivia comes back full force when she comes to him for a job, but his brothers return signals the end of Charlie's life at the manor.

Cato Lomax and his girlfriend Susanna come back from LA to stay at Usherwood, the family home. But their visit isn't a quick trip home to show off like Charlie believes. Cato, continuing to be spiteful, has come to take back the manor and his rightful inheritance as older brother and Lord. But when their estranged Uncle writes the brothers a letter, there's a shocking revelation that's going to change everything. Will Cato succeed in taking Usherwood? Will Olivia get over Addy? and will Olivia and Charlie admit their feelings for each other?

I was expecting a cute little rom-com type book but I was pleasantly shocked. The book does have it's funny moments, quite a few provided by Susanna and her ghost theory, as well as Olivia. But it also has some dark parts that come to the surface as well as some mystery. The book is told from each of the main characters perspectives which gives different angles on the story and different thoughts.

The book is extremely well written, and has more depth than your average romance. At first glance the characters are all shallow and fairly one dimensional, but as the book goes on, Victoria expands on each characters background to an amazing degree of depth, revealing a wealth of information about each character, and entirely new dimensions to the characters. With Susanna's child, Cato's murdering ways, the dog incident and the ways of Addy, the characters aren't what they seem at first, and I was pleasantly surprised at the depths of the characters.

The book is fast paced, layering darkness, mystery and romance to create an exciting blend and a story you just can't put down.
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on 5 September 2013
Victoria Fox burst onto the Chick Lit scene a couple of years ago with her fabulous novel Hollywood Sinners and since then she's become a massive hit with beachgoers, with her glitzy door-stop books. It was announced earlier this year that as well as writing her glitzy beach books, she'd also be writing for Mills and Boon. When I asked her what that meant, she said the books were pretty much like her beach books but were set mostly in England. I was really looking forward to reading her first ever Mills and Boon Glittering Fortunes, and I actually think it's better than her beach books.

Let me explain - I really, really like Victoria Fox novels. Hollywood Sinners was an amazing read, but I wasn't so taken with Temptation Island. I have her third novel on my Kindle to read and I am now looking forward to it having loved Glittering Fortunes. It does seem that perhaps her beach reads are perhaps a bit too over the top - with the glamour, the secrets, the characters, the villains etc, but who knows? I could actually love Wicked Ambition and it may have just been that Temptation Island wasn't for me. We'll see. What I do know is Glittering Fortunes was an amazing novel. It did indeed have the Hollywood glamour we come to expect from a Victoria Fox novel, but it was a bit more pared down than, say, Hollywood Sinners.

I really loved the tale of Glittering Fortunes, I loved seeing the rivalry between the Lomax brothers, Charlie and Cato. I loved reading about their ancestral home, Usherwood. I loved Olivia most of all, I always feel these types of novels need a level-headed heroine to root for, and Olivia was that, along with Charlie actually because it was his brother that was the arrogant, awful man. I actually despised Cato. I wanted to maim him, in fact. I absolutely guessed the big secret, but that wasn't the worst thing in the world. I enjoyed the back-and-forth between Cato and Charlie, and I loved rooting for Charlie and feeling evil feelings for Cato. When I first started reading the novel, it felt as though it would be a battle of good vs evil; Charlie and Olivia vs Cato and his Hollywood girlfriend Susanna, but I actually liked Cato's girlfriend. She wasn't as awful as I expected her to be, and she had some redeeming qualities, though she hides them quite well.

I really enjoyed Glittering Fortunes, I liked the tale of the Usherwood estate, and I really liked Olivia, she was a fabulous main character and I loved Charlie, too. I'd definitely recommend Glittering Fortunes. No, it's not as big or blockbustery as Fox's beach books, but I personally think it's so much better. I am SO glad I decided to read the novel; it's so easy to judge a Mills and Boon books by its publisher as soppy love stories, but this was a fabulous story. I look forward to her second Mills and Boon novel and I hope Victoria manages to keep up writing two books a year, to provide one massive OTT book and one with a fabulously wonderful story, set in the heart of England. It just goes to show, a book doesn't have to be set on a tropical island to be brilliant, because I wanted to go and live in Lustell Cove. Do pick up Glittering Fortunes, it was an amazing read!
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on 8 October 2013
Fabulous fun. I loved this book. It is alight with life and beautifully written. As with all Victoria Fox's brilliant books, the characters are vivid and complex, and though the romance is strong and drives the plot forward, there is always a thoughtful and more disturbing undercurrent that makes Ms Fox's stories stand out from others in this genre. Olivia is a wonderful and endearing heroine, and the rivalry between the Lomax brothers leaps off the page, so that I was utterly gripped by their macho gorgeousness. The story moves at a cracking pace - it swept me along and kept me reading far into the night. A fabulous and colourful must-read. Don't miss this one!
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on 2 October 2013
This book IS different from Victoria Fox's other titles, but not any less brilliant. It is shorter, which made it a really quick and fun read, but it is also far more English as it is set mainly in Cornwall. It feels like more of a 'traditional romance' than her others.
The main characters of the brothers are fantastic, both incredibly sexy in very different ways. The more 'dastardly' of the two comes out with some hilarious and quintessentially British one liners and the way he speaks to his precious American girlfriend is priceless! She is a great character, very glamorous and baffled by quaint UK customs and the countryside, which also makes for some laughs.
The setting is gorgeous and makes a change from the glitzy but sometimes soulless landscape of Hollywood or Vegas, as it has a real heart - the old mansion and sleepy seaside village seem like characters of their own. It reminded me of my childhood holidays, but with the fantasy scenarios added!
I feel that the author has showcased here that she can really write, as I found the central love story really quite affecting and more 'cerebral' than she has previously given us.
The sex in this book is a little less rude (although it is still there for sure, especially at the end!) than we may have seen before - this, combined with the British element and other things I mentioned made this a refreshing read for me. I think it my appeal to some different readers too, as it is less 'pop-culture'. There is definitely the usual brand of black humour which I love so much, but less of a dark side?
I'd be really interested to hear if other fans agree with me?
Anyway, I devoured it in about two days all the same and its definitely already got a place in my top list of sexy beach read-type books. A good 'un!
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on 30 September 2013
Having read and enjoyed some of Victoria Fox's previous bonkbusters I was excited to read her first novel published by Mills and Boon which was said to take a different direction to her usual novels. I couldn't wait to dive in and find out whether I would enjoy Glittering Fortunes just as much.

At the beginning some of the characters appear a little shallow and one sided, with them being the typical stereotypes that you would expect. As the novel, progressed, however so did the characters and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Victoria Fox added more depth especially to Cato and Susannah. I found that at times I was conflicted as to whether to hate them or to feel sorry for them. I enjoy reading about characters that you hate but see are not entirely bad underneath it all. I loved the rivalry between the two brothers Charlie and Cato, while routing for Charlie throughout. Olivia was a good heroine, even though I found her annoying at times, especially with her obsession with Addy, which drove me a little crazy. In the end I was hoping for a little romance between her and Charlie.

Glittering Fortunes is not just your typical romance story, it has humour, especially from Susannah and I found myself laughing out loud at some of her theories throughout. There is also a twist in the story, which I could see coming before it happened, however I still enjoyed it and think it played out well. I have a fascination for stately homes and country estates and so loved reading about Usherwood House and the upkeep of such a home as well as Charlie's complete and utter love for it.

Glittering Fortunes is a beautifully written story that had romance, secrets, humour and wonderful characters. I would highly recommend this book especially if you have enjoyed Victoria Fox's previous novels, you are always guaranteed a fun and entertaining read.
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on 21 September 2013
Victoria Fox is certainly spoiling us with her second offering of the year, Glittering Fortunes, which is a fantastic fast-paced story full of family secrets and drama.

Cato Lomax has been living it up as film star in Hollywood but now he's decided to return home to Cornwall with his A-list girlfriend Susanna to stake his claim in the family home Usherwood which brother Charlie has been struggling to keep afloat for years without any support from Cato. Little does Charlie know of Cato's plans which could see him out on his ear!

Local girl Olivia left Lustell Cove to make it in the big city but has returned home after a year after things didn't work out quite as planned for her in London. Her childhood crush Addy is still in town so at least coming home has some benefits but she needs to find herself a job fast so when she sees an advert for a job as a gardener at Usherwood she decides to apply. No sooner does she get the job then Addy starts to pay attention to her, a coincidence or is there an ulterior motive at play?

One things for sure things will never be the same for them all after a dark family secret comes to light which will have a major impact on all of their lives...

Once again Victoria Fox has created characters that you either love or hate... For me I loved Charlie from the start, he was the strong dependable guy that we'd all love to meet, whereas Cato and Susanna were both completely spoilt characters who were only interested in themselves and doing things that benefited them.

Victoria Fox has become known for her bonkbusters full of naughty sex scenes but this book is slightly different, there is still some saucy bits involving Cato and Susanna, as its more about the sibling rivalry and romance which I loved. This book also has some comedy moments too especially those involving ghosts which did make me chuckle! Don't get me wrong I've loved reading her bonkbusters but as I'm a sucker for brooding heroes and romance this has become my favourite of her books.
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on 9 September 2013
Oh. My. GAWD. Yes, I'm breaking out the Kentucky accent for this one because it was just that good. And that cover? Love it! I think we all know around here that I'm a huge Victoria Fox fan... she even was yesterday's guest poster (in case you missed it)!

Glittering Fortunes was deliciously tawdry and amazing... and I loved every second of it! In true Fox fashion (I'm going to coin that phrase) I found myself enjoying the minor characters just as much as the main ones, particularly Cato's girlfriend Susanna. She interested me just as much if not more than Olivia... she was hilarious and went from being the typical, one dimensional wicked woman to having a very different side to her.

As ever, Fox has created a brilliant setting and cast of characters in Glittering Fortunes. The book was exciting and had me racing through it like mad... if for no other reason than to read more of the super smoulderingly sexy Charlie! There were loads of naughty bits scattered throughout, particularly between Cato and Susanna, if that's your sort of deal. The sexy bits were pretty darn good... but anyone who's read anything by Victoria Fox knows that she writes a good sex scene.

Glittering Fortunes is very different to Wicked Ambition, but not in a bad way. Wicked Ambition was a true bonkbuster and larger than life while Glittering Fortunes, published by the legendary Mills & Boon, is a romance novel through and through with a more realistic setting and group of people. Both were fun reads in their own right and interesting to compare. I honestly couldn't tell you which book I enjoyed more-they're so brilliant and so different!
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on 17 November 2013
Many thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for my review copy, this is in exchange for an honest review.

Been a while since I've picked up a chick lit book. Turned out to be a nice easy read, a little predictable in places, but enjoyable none the less. It might be time to check out more by this author as I did enjoy her style.

Where do I start, some characters really annoyed me but then again this was the point, others really endeared me. Cato seemed like a big idiot who you just wanted to strangle, arrogant and totally in love with himself and his equally whiny girlfriend grated on my nerves. Two people who really suited each other! Then there was Charles and Olivia who couldn't have been totally opposite to the dastardly two. I liked the twist in the plot, very clever and I didn't see it coming, but the rest was as I said before just a tad bit predictable.

There are some heavy scenes and there are some really fun light moments that will make you chuckle. So all in all a good mixed balance of dark and humour. It was nice to see some sort of comeuppance for some of the character, I had great pleasure in reading those parts.

If you are looking for an easy and enjoyable read then give this book a shot, you will not be disappointed.

I did enjoy the easy pace to this book, it was like honey and lemon, something to soothe my head.
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on 12 October 2013
Being a keen reader as a teenager I stumbled across the mills and boon books that as far as I had seen everyone's mum read. What a load of crap they were. When approached by Harlequin to try out their new and improved mills and boon books I was intrigued, but had my mind already made up that I wouldn't like them. Victoria Fox's, Glittering Fortunes was to be the book of choice that started me on my mills and boon journey.

This book didn't take me very long to read if I'm being honest, it was fast paced, thorough and only slightly cringe worthy. The plot thick and interesting and an overall seal of approval was given half way through by my wary mind. Victoria Fox writes elegantly and raw which I really liked, as stated above there were a few minor cringe worthy typical m&b moments, but I allowed them to bypass because of how strong the story was. The characters are a magical assortment of good and bad that have you eating out of the palm of their hands. A very pleasant surprise I must say. If this is the starting standard of my m&b journey, then I'm hoping it will stay as strong as this. Is this just the luck of a fabulous writer and a wonderful story? I'm sure I will find out.

Take a chance on Victoria Fox and Glittering Fortunes it is a jam packed punch of deceit, love and honour.
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on 30 September 2013
If you like Jilly Cooper and Fiona Walker 'Glittering Fortunes' is for you. Set in a Cornish coastal town it is packed with interesting characters whose separate stories are cleverly interwoven by the author.

Olivia an artist returns to her hometown after an unsuccessful stay in London trying to establish herself in her chosen career. Charlie Lomax is the eccentric landowner the last remaining Lomax in the town after the tragic disappearance of his parents. His brother Cato a Hollywood A' lister fled the manor after a drunken car crash which devastated Charlie. Now the scene is set for a reunion of the brothers,in which Olivia becomes entangled.

The plot's simplicity complements the complex characters making Glittering Fortunes an interesting read. I particularly liked Susanna and Addy; their characters are riddled with flaws which makes them instantly recognisable.

A racy read but less so than 'Temptation Island' another of this author's books I loved. If you enjoy multi character books you will find this an easy read great to escape the day to day grind with.

I received and ARC from Harlequin(UK)via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
Glittering Fortunes
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