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4.7 out of 5 stars72
4.7 out of 5 stars
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This is more a collectors item, than a toy.

It arrives in a fairly standard Doctor Who box, albeit quite large.

Its packed very well indeed you'll need a small screwdriver and some patience to remove it from its protective box. I prefer this way than rattling around getting broken.

You'll also need to feed it 4xAA batteries as they are not included.

There is a little assembly required, putting the eye stalk on wasn't the easiest task, don't force it! Once you realise its keyed, think of the keystone of a bridge or window and turn it sideways, it has a long edge on the right, a shorter edge on the left and then draw two lines top and bottom at an angle so they meet up, once you notice that putting the stalk on is much easier, if it fails to light, like mine did, gently push in the springy contacts under the stalk a few times to loosen them after transit and it should light fine.

All that was left to do was pop on the plunger and the ray gun, plunger to the left, ray gun to the right (with the ray gun the longer end goes into the hole not the shorter)

It was actually quite easy to put together. I saved the bottom retaining plastic cups and screws and put them back on, as this lets it sit flat on a shelf and raises the wheels up a touch, you can't tell as this all happens under the Daleks black skirt (ooh err!) but keeps it from rolling off on its own to explore the universe (you know what theyre like! LOL)

There are 8 recorded dalek phrases, all in high quality, the head lights (what do you call them?) flash white when it speaks and when turned on the blue led in the eye stalk glows for up to 30 mins at a time.

You activate the sound by pressing one of the bumps on the dalek at the front.

The head moves, above the grill, then the middle section moves so you can point the bottom in one direction, the mid section in another and the top in another, if you want it to look like the Dalek was moving forward but turned to fire or inspect something as it was moving. Very good that it moves so much. The plunger and ray gun also move in their housings and if you wish the whole unit has three wheels two at the back and one at the front so you can move it around.

Its a great piece and made all the more wonderful by having the Union Jack on it, showing its British heritage.

Just delightful and a great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary.
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on 5 September 2013
A very collectable Dalek that now forms the centrepiece of my collection. Unique model and a must for collectors. Brilliant.
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on 20 August 2013
Exactly as I expected and super fast delivery with Prime, this Union Jack Dalek is the perfect way to remember what will be one of the show's biggest years. It's much larger than I imagined and highly detailed with accurate paint application. A few nicks here and there on the paint job but apart from that fine. Requires 4 AA batteries which aren't included to power the lights and sounds - there's 8 Dalek catch phrases it can play.

It features moving gun arm and sucker as well as eye stalk and head. Also, to my surprise, you can also twist the middle section too allowing for it to be put into many different poses for display. It also has wheels on the bottom for if you wanted it to be more of a toy - but it's cool enough to look great on a shelf! Perfect for any WHO fan! A reminder than the greatest show on Earth is BRITISH! This Dalek is a true British icon and you'll love it!

This figure is described as 'push along', it is NOT remote control. Also, by "limited edition" they mean these will only be sold this year, there isn't a limited amount of stock.
review image
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on 9 January 2014
I bought this for my husband to add to his collection of daleks. The only down side is the fact it does not move like the other remote controlled daleks he has, although it does speak. However he loved the fact it was a special edition for 2013.
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on 6 October 2013
Overall, this product is a must have for any serious Doctor Who collector, it's priced roughly the same price as an r/c Dalek but this doesn't have that feature. The Dalek itself is pretty much the same size as the older style R/C Daleks and has the mid section that can rotate. Because this Dalek has no R/C function it is very much lighter than the other types out there. The speech is spot on and the lights are always fun to see going off. Unfortunately I wanted to give the product 5 stars but their are a couple of points I wanted to point out. The Union Jack design looks fantastic on the front however only on the front is it show, for me personally it would've been a bigger incentive to have the design going all the way to the back making it complete instead of it just cutting off suddenly. The biggest but however as to be the packaging - I trade on ebay and know how important it is to securely pack items but this product goes over the top with secure packing. EVERYTHING is either bolted down with nails which are difficult to get out especially since a black cover has been placed over the top of the nails. OR been locked with the plastic twists and then at least 3 layers of sellotape stuck over them. So be prepared for that long thin screwdrivers, scissors and a lot of patience is required to get this Dalek out of the box.
Overall, this product is a very good purchase but as they say, nothing's perfect, just the 'half finished' flag and unpacking let this down slightly.
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on 8 January 2014
The Dalek looks and sounds great - it's a worthy 50th Anniversay collector's piece.
The one caveat I have concerns the excessive packaging, which is fiddly to remove, as others have detailed.
Most annoying is the fact that it requires the use of a tiny screwdriver in order to remove the Dalek from its base. If you don't have one to hand, you're snookered.
While the plunger and weapon arm are easy to attach, the eye stalk is not so straight-forward. It took several attempts to get the electircal contacts aligned correctly so the eye could attach. Why it wasn't pre-attached is beyond me, it should have been
To access the battery compartment requires further use of a very small screwdriver. The Dalek requires four AA batteries (which are not included or even mentioned on the outer box) in order to power the speech and light functions. There is also a separete on/off switch on the base that needs setting to the correct position if these functions are to work.
If you're buying the Dalek as a present for a child make sure you also buy batteries and have a small screwdriver to hand - I used the one I got from the opticians to tighten my glesses.
Once it's out of the packaging, assembled and powered-up, the Dalek looks and sounds great, but it is undoubtedly somewhat of a hassle getting to this point.

Dalek 5 out of 5

Packaging 0 out of 5
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on 25 September 2013
The perfect way to celebrate 50 years of Dr Who - combining the union jack with the iconic Daleks. Get one whilst you can!
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on 12 March 2015
It is charming to think that the most destructive and malevolent force in the universe is quintessentially British, and here it is in all its patriotic colours. Daleks were an amazing creation way back when even if they looked as though they had been made out of egg boxes and had a plunger for an arm. They have come a long way since then - now they can get up stairs - though still retaining their rasping voices and archetypal shape: the epitome of evil. They are the most recognisable alien ever imagined and a major lynchpin in the wonderfully eccentric series, Dr Who. Everyone should have one. I have three! A colossal black model twice the size of the others which runs bossily round the house and has a large and malevolent repertoire. I call her Marigold. Then their is my cute smaller gold one, Fluffy, To cap it off this little Dandy, aptly named, Arbuthnot. Call me crazy? Just you try. You will be exterminated.
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on 24 January 2014
Very pleased with this Dalek, but like many others have said it would have been good to have it in remote control, but for what you pay I think its well worth the money.
previous buyers have said that they had trouble fitting the eye, well in my case it came already attached, I just had to attach the plunger and gun.
The packageing is somewhat of a nightmare but then that's to protect the product and just a little patience is all that is needed.
The Dalek voice and lights all work very well and if you can remember watching Doctor Who 50 years ago then you will just love this, to us olduns the Daleks are what Darth Vader is to the newer generation, Enjoy.
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on 3 October 2013
First of all this is a fairly nice product, well produced, well assembled and nicely colored (pre-machine painted I might note) which frankly due me to it in the first place. The 50th Anniversary Dalek is a little too large to make a good desk display (unless you have a large desk that is) and is NOT a toy, but it is relatively painless to assemble - with both the gun and sink-plunger arm slotting in after it was taken out of the box. The eye-stalk was another matter altogether and the receiving end is shaped like a small wedge that slots into a corresponding slot on the eye-stalk base where the electrical contacts are. On my one at least the eye-stalk could be inserted with no force whatsoever. DO NOT use force to put it in place.

Getting the Dalek out of the box was another matter altogether. The box it comes in consists of a outer shipping container and an inner lining that has to be pulled or dropped out of it. Once you have the inner liner free, find a 3mm (or less) philips screwdriver and very carefully try the tiny screws which hold the Dalek to the base of the inner lining. If you use anything bigger the screw-heads will ruin and it will prove difficult to get rid of the support legs which are the attachment points. Now with the base free, the best way to go is to use a Stanley or sharp craft knife to carefully cut the adhesive tape along two of the upper edges (where the box parts overlap) and then using the remaining hinge fold it back. Then take a pair of wire clippers and cut the restraining wire in two places. This should free the main body of the Dalek from the box. The plastic hood that the Dalek is wearing should be removed by using the clippers once more to remove two wire-ties and then gently pull it open (removing more tape if you see it) until it comes free of the dome. The eye-stalk will come right along with it - now insert the eye-stalk into the dome. The arm and gun are located in a smaller plastic blister which sadly had to be cut open with the knife to remove them, thus ruining any possibility of putting the whole thing back in the box for storage or reselling (as some collectors do this).

A word of advice, once the eye-stalk is in place DO NOT attempt to move it by hand as it will easily detach from the dome and then prove to be tricky to replace.
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