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on 12 August 2013
Love Me (Keatyn Chronicles) by Jillian Dodd
5 - Aiden Must Be Moon Boy stars!!!!!

"Yes, one minute I think I should just choose Dawson. The next minute, I think I want to be with Aiden. It was bad enough when it was a sort of love triangle. Now that I'm talking to B again, I realise how much I miss him. Now I'm in a love rectangle. Or a rhombus. Whatever. And it's making me sick. I even have a sore throat."

This is one series that I am seriously addicted to, yes I may be approaching 40 (quicker than I would like to be) but I love high school romance stories, I get to relive those feelings of being a teenager, swooning over boys, the what if's the but's and the why's. It takes me back in time and I get to firmly implant myself into that point in time that should have been happy (as mine wasn't) I relive it vicariously through authors like Jillian Dodd.

Love Me is book 4 in the series, so you must have read Stalk Me, Kiss Me and Date Me first.

"When he opens them, the hunger I saw briefly in his room when he had me pinned against his wall is back. And, once again, it is So. effing. Sexy."

I must admit, Keatyn did annoy me in parts in this book, as much as I love her to bits sometimes I just want to throttle her. It is all part of the "growing up" phase though and I must say Keatyn did an awful lot of growing up in this book. As the blurb states, this was Keatyn learning to love herself before she could love others and it was great to see her evolve in this book. I loved the texting tooing and froing between her grandparents and her mum asking for advice on how you know when you have found "the one." I have been team Aiden from the time my eyes first read about the "god of all hotties" and my opinion was not even the tiniest bit swayed in this book. We all have our opinions on who Keatyn should end up with and no matter who it is in the end (if it is not Aiden I will be truly devastated) as long as Keatyn is happy, I will be happy (I think??? Lol)

Let's do our ABC's

A is for Aiden - the gold of all hotties, I must start with him as he is my number 1 contender!! He was absolutely brilliant in this book. He has the patience of a saint, he has amazing self-control, he knows what Keatyn wants and needs even before she does. Although Keatyn doesn't always see this and sees his behaviour as rejection, he does not want to make mistakes, he wants this to last, he wants to build the foundations of a forever and you cannot help but swoon during this book. I do believe that he truly Loves Her!! There are some amazing moments between Keatyn and Aiden in this and yes they do eventually kiss with tongues!!! That is all I am saying, I can't spoil anything for you, but it is A-MA-ZING!!!!

He moves closer to my face.
"I'd wait for you forever. You don't get it do you?"
"Get what?"
"We're going to be together for a long time. There is no need to rush things when you know that."

B is for Brooklyn, to be honest I feel that this is a two horse race, B hopefully being the runner up to Aiden (but of course that is my personal choice). He does make an appearance in this book, they cannot be together because of Vincent and all that (yes it is still going on) but he tries to stake his claim. He does try to convince us (and Keatyn of course) but I am not sold...but he is a dangerous contender...there are some heartfelt scenes when B does something that had me swooning, but not enough to toss Aiden off my pedestal.

"I'm glad we talked things out. We'll talk soon, Okay?"
"And Keats?"
"Promise me that when this is over, I'll get another chance."
"I promise, B," I say, mostly because I refuse to give up the dream that I'll get the perfect ending to my script.

C is for..........(I'm not telling!!) just read and make your own assumptions...but man he does sound awfully good!! But not good enough for our Keatyn...sorry!!

D is for Dawson....hmmmm Dawson....he tries to redeem himself in this book, but for me, he is not the guy for our Keatyn. He proves my point in this book and I feel that whilst he believes he loves Keatyn (which I think he does), he is not "in love" with her. The thing I love about all the Johnson boys is they are fiercely protective of Keatyn, she is more like a sister to them but Dawson has the benefits. But will he have those benefits by the end?? You will have to read and see!!

All the others are still at school, so we have all the fun and frivolity, the Greek Games takes place during this book and I badly wanted to go to this school, it is just sooooo cool, we never had this in my day!! Vincent is still there on the horizon trying to capture who we don't it Keatyn or Abby, will he use one to get the other, or will he go a totally different route altogether. He is one messed up man and is a law unto himself. I can't wait for the conclusion of this story line.

"When have I ever given you a friends vibe?"
"Um, when you said you wanted to be my friend after the stars."
"I do want to be your friend, Boots. I want to be your everything."
"Everything? Then why did you just stop?"
"Because we have to stop."

I just LOVE this series, seriously addictive, if you just want a fun read, high school romance, high school trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of being a teenager then this is definitely the series for you. I seriously cannot wait for the next one, we still don't know who our elusive moonboy is, Vincent is still on the loose, we are now in a love rhombus or rectangle thingy, killer ending as usual from Jillian Dodd and I am just arggghhh I want answers...I want Vincent dead or in jail, I want Aiden to be moonboy, I want, I want, I want, I I sound like a teenager!! Must be this books influence...just go and know you want too!!

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on 16 December 2013
These books are getting better and better. I must admit to being slightly addicted to them now. I do still find myself questioning why, being in my 40's, that I enjoy YA books so much but I do so I'm not going to apologise for it.

Keatyn's story continues in "Love Me" with her starting to appreciate the feelings Aiden has for her. Still unsure what true love is, Keatyn struggles to understand the contrasting emotions that her head and heart are demonstrating.

Still in the background is Dawson who is still as sexy as hell and who is drawing Keatyn back to him with promises based on their explosive sex life.

The characters in these stories are all so loveable and I love the relationship that Keatyn has with the other characters in the books.

Vincent is still lurking in the back ground and the threat of him dips in and out of the story. I must be a bit twisted though because I really want to hear more about him!!!

I must admit, I'm starting to re-think my previous 4* reviews as I would really like to go back and read this series again and again.

I just hope I can contain myself for the release of book 5, "Hate Me". I need more Aiden, now!!!!

"Life is not measured by the quantity of breaths we take, but rather by the moments that took our breath away."
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on 29 August 2013
I know I have said this many times before but WOW! I seriously loved this book. The whole series has been amazing and this one is equally as fab as the previous three :)

I don't have a kindle so had to wait a little longer for the paperback version to be realeased. I kept torturing myself by reading all the 5* reviews posted by the lucky people who had already got their hands on a copy. I even contemplated purchasing a kindle just so I could get my Keatyn fix quicker. I have to say though, it was defiantly worth the wait.

I tried to pace myself to make the book last longer but I just couldn't do it. I was up until stupid o'clock with the intention of reading 'just one more chapter' but of course, one more ended up being almost the whole book. I was completely sucked in right from the beginning and fell in love with the characters all over again. Some of Keatyn's decisions at the beginning of the book frustrated me but I guess if I had all those beautiful men after me I would be a bit torn as well.

Throughout the book I constantly swapped from team Dawson, to team Aiden and on the odd occasion, even to team B! How is Keatyn supposed to choose, she's spoilt for choice. I loved the introduction of Cooper Steele, Keatyn's gorgeous new bodyguard hired by Garrett to protect her from the awful Vincent. Again, he's another complete hottie for us girlies to dream about :)

I can't wait for the next book to come out. As usual, we are left on a 'cliff-hanger' and the thought of having to wait months for the next instalment is a killer! However, I was so pleased to hear Jillian Dodd is bringing a novella out to cover Keatyns thanksgiving break. Although she's gone away on her own, I have a sneaky suspicion it won't stay that way.

I cannot recommend these books highly enough. It's by far one of the best series I have EVER read. Thank you Jillian Dodd :)
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on 3 September 2014
Oh I need keatyns life all these hot men surrounding her and fighting for her attention enter cooper the under cover sports instructor.
Keatyn has to choose between Dawson and Aiden but things are never as straight forward as they seem
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on 14 August 2013
So Love me was out last week and what a roller coaster of a book it was, I was so annoyed at K in the beginning of the book, but then don't we all make mistakes, I couldn't put it down, I was so into the story, I am totally and utterly obsessed with Aiden :)(Team Aiden) he is the god of all Hotties!! So the ending is another cliff hanger whats gonna happen, we will find out in November :) Well Done Jillian another Fantastic read, I am recommending you to all my friends that read :)
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on 13 August 2013
Ok so I have read all the books in this series so far and This 4th one is the BEST.
It is just brilliant, there are twists and turns and shocks throughout that keep you glued until you finish.
I literally could not put this down!
All the characters are easy to relate to and it doesn't just revolve around the main characters, there arenother stories going on at the same time.
I would recommend anyone of any age to read this.
Once you have finished there is also a Facebook page that the author is involved with that you can join to chat and vent about the book because it really does leav you thinking about it even after you finish, and the best bit is there are still 3 more books in this series to come :)
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on 18 August 2013
Why oh why did it have to end there! I always hate when these books end. I absolutely love keatyn chronicle's and cannot wait for the next! Love Aiden but I have a huge soft spot for Cooper and I'm loving hearing about the new buff B! I could go on and on about who I love in these books but I would be here for ages! Highly recommend these books
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on 12 August 2013
Please dont make me wait!

Such a good follow up, I'm such a twoer and froer with Aiden & Dawson I change my mind alllll the time. Love this series can't get enough. I cannot wait for the next three books. Please write quickly ;)
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on 14 August 2013
So now Love Me is finished do I want to sob; sigh; scream; stamp my foot; rage at Jillian Dodd in an email or calmly close my kindle, take a breath and tell everyone how phenomenal the fourth book in the Keatyn Chronicles is??!
Love Me is the first of the series which I have not finished in one sitting, and this has nothing to do with the quality of the story or Jillian Dodd's writing.
I admit there are several of Keatyn's decisions near the beginning of the book which I disagree with and I may have growled at my Kindle occasionally, but despite this I felt that throughout the story Keatyn's emotions are maturing. Whilst she is in this period of development Love Me becomes a much more tangled web than its predecessors and for readers on any specific 'team' I can imagine the story was torture!
For me Love Me scored because Jillian Dodd found a place in the story for old characters like Damian, Grandma, Grandpa, Gracie (sob!), Garett and hell, we are scarily even reminded that Vincent is creeping around! Yet, I never feel that Jillian Dodd's books are overcrowded, even though her characters have big personalities and most like trouble!
Love Me showed The Keatyn Chronicles just keeps getting better and that Jillian Dodd has no plans to settle on a Moon Boy for her female protagonist just yet!
I thank Jillian Dodd for providing Love Me as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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on 12 August 2013
So Love me was released yesterday and I was not happy at all! Why was I unhappy? because thanks to my stupid computer needing a new charger I had to spen my book money *Cries* but luckily for me one of the very kind members from the KC Addicts group on facebook (Join if you love this series its great) gifted me a copy through Amazon so THANK YOU!!! so much Mandy you are amazing.

Anyway on to my review.

As usual with books written by Jillian Dodd (who happens to be one of the best authors EVER!) I was Crying, Laughing, Swooning, Drooling with some more Laughing, Crying and plenty more Drooling and Swooning. One minute i'd be shouting be with AIDEN you know he's perfect for you (which I was through most of the book) and then I was taken back to when I read Stalk Me and was wishing for B (just a little) then it was Dawson I wanted he to be with (which is funny because I have NEVER wanted her with Dawson before he just didn't do it for me until now) and now I don't know who she should choose because they are all right for her in some way and that not even getting into all the other hotties Keatyn spends her time with (Is it bad I want her life?).
Keatyn goes through quite a hard time but it really makes her grow and I think she really is learning to love herself and she is growing into a great young woman she has made a lot of mistakes and bad decisionsIn her life but she really is learning from them and I was so proud of her in the end.
I don't wan't to say anymore about the awesomeness of this book because I would end up spoiling it for the people who haven't had a chance to read it yet but I will say it is one of the best additions to the series yet and I really can not wait to read adore me in November.

November is so far away :(
I need to know what her reaction to that is!!!!

And if your wondering what i'm talking about then you really NEED to read Love Me right now. You HAVE to see that ending!
It's even better than the end of Date Me!!
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