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Though this installed fine on my system (Windows 7, SP1, 64-Bit), I did have problems installing the Office 365 trial (before I chose instead to buy the Home and Student 2013 download from Amazon). The problem for me seemed to be as it says you can start using office straight away (before the product has even been installed). I didn't try this, but after the introduction video (which starts playing whilst it is installing) there is an option to "learn more". After clicking this, the Office 365 trial opened a Powerpoint presentation, whilst Office was still installing, and Powerpoint promptly crashed. The installer also gave several "critical" errors, but continued installing eventually and despite the problems, everything seemed to work fine when it had finished.

I could understand how this may cause serious problems to your install--depending on whereabouts the installer had gotten to--so I'd recommend not trying to open any programs or clicking the "learn more" button. I didn't do anything with this download version (just let it install) and it installed without any problems for me.

The software itself is great. I prefer it to 2010 mainly as it seems to load a lot quicker (all programs load in a couple of seconds, whereas with Office 2010 it was an irritating 10-20 on my system). I also really like the new start screen--which looks beautiful and gives you easy access to all your recently used/pinned documents as well as the templates on (though you can turn it off in the options if you prefer to go straight to the program). I use templates a lot, so for me this was excellent. The other great thing (for me) is that the response time inside of the program is also much snappier (the ribbon switches instantly between "tabs", whereas in 2010, from a cold start, each of the tabs would into RAM as you used them). It is a small difference, but also means you can get working almost immediately without the program doddering about for a while initially.

The ability to automatically save to your Sky Drive folder is welcome (though you can easily change it to save to another folder if you prefer). It doesn't seem any slower to me: there is a noticeable pause once you save something for the first time, but saving with the button on the quick access toolbar afterwards is almost instant.

Of course, though, the main drawback is the new single-computer licensing restriction (for which reason I'm only giving it 3 stars (1 star licensing and 5 star software). As I only use one PC, it's not a problem for me, but I can totally understand anyone refusing to pay twice if they have a laptop also. There is the option, now, though, of buying this for your main PC, and installing Office 2010 starter (just search for "download Office 2010 starter", M$ have made it freely available now) to your secondary device. I know it has annoying adverts, but I used to use WordWeb--a downloadable dictionary and thesaurus which you can set to "stay on top"--to cover them. Though obviously not as good as the full Office (it only has cut-down editions of Excel and Word), this is a decent compromise if you do most of your work on one PC and just use your laptop for basic editing on the move.
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on 31 August 2013
Well after some hassle with Microsoft trying to purchase this in the first place, I was pleasantly surprised that as Windows 8 already had Office on my system that I actually didn't have to download the 1gb programme and it only took seconds to have it up and running. I've only had a quick limited use on excel etc but already like the way just hovering over font/type etc gives you an instant view of what it looks like [last word I used previously was circa 2003, so users of later versions probably already know this. Also like the paste/copy experience etc. This review is only really a heads- up to let people know that if they choose the download version one doesn't have to wait 30mins or so to download. Technical comment can be found on the hard copy version of this product on Amazon for a more detailed understanding of Office 2013 but first impressions are that I'm glad I stuck with this and avoided the open office/Libre versions.
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on 2 December 2013
Why can't Microsoft offer this on a CD-ROM? I bought this with a new PC, and have been unable to download it. I scratched off part of the 25-digit product code on the cheap little card that I paid nearly £100 for. I am not a moron; I do know how to use a coin to scratch off a bit of rubbery plastic. It wouldn't let me do it properly.
If that's how cheap they are at the simple end, what hope is there for a once great and essential product? Shame on you, Microsoft. Cheapskates.

I must add that PC World, where I bought this, were perfectly happy to exchange my card for another, no fuss. So I hold no gripe with them. This product would cost no more than a couple of quid to release on CD-ROM, and this is a sign of unnecessary corner-cutting.
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on 5 September 2014
Whilst I'm not giving an actual review of the Office 2013 here, I do wish to make potential buyers aware that this is a direct install, not an installation program download, and can it only be ONLY be installed by the purchaser with a Microsoft account on the purchasers PC. For the majority of buyers this is probably exactly what they want but we were expecting to obtain an activation number to activate the pre-installed version of Office on my sons new laptop. We only found out after completing the purchase that this is not possible. Amazon also informed me that software purchases are non-refundable. I had not downloaded the software so was eventually given a refund. My son does not have a Microsoft account nor does he have a credit card, and I could only buy this on my account an could not it install it with his details. This is a really retrograde step by MS. Bring back the CD version please. We were left with the only option of activating the pre-installed version at the full MS price. Amazon also need to make buyers aware they need a MS account and can only install to the purchasers account.
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on 18 February 2015
Dithered about buying this, but did so as I had been using Office 2000 and it could no longer deal with my requirements.
It downloaded and installed without any problems but I just could not get it to work. Every time I tried to use it my computer crashed.
At screaming point I contacted The Microsoft Tech Team. They were absolutely fantastic. A lovely lady took over my machine remotely and had the problem fixed in no time.
I had a program on my computer called Abby Fine Print that was preventing Office from working.
(I was not aware that this was on my computer, as I had not installed it. It had been a piggyback download with some other software that had been installed) Once that was removed everything worked just fine. I am so pleased I purchased it. It is so much better than any office I have used.
I had used Office 2010 and had been impressed, but this is fantastic and trying to compere it with Office 2000 is like trying to compere an old banger with a new Bentley Continental (there is just no comparison). it comes with One Drive which means I can now access my docs on my tablet, my mobile phone and anywhere in the world I wish to. How cool is that.
If you need to update your office software do not dither like I did. Get This Now. It is definitely the best office suite out there.
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on 28 October 2013
Had huge problems with this software. I am finding it very difficult to link with the Internet even though I have great broadband. I have tried contacting Microsoft and no help has arrived. It downloaded well and is now only half half working. Not pleased.
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on 5 October 2013
This is a download, hence no disc. Just a 25 digit product key. You then need to log on to Micro$oft web site to download the software onto your machine. With a 4MB connection this will take typically 20-30 minutes. Then you will have to run the install from the downloaded file. Install will take another 20-30 minutes as the M$ bloatware gradually invades your machine. Note that it will also, by default, download "trial" versions of Publisher, Outlook, and Access, even if you didn't want these.

Oh, yes, you will also need to open a "Microsoft Account" to download, even if you didn't want one.

Note: This will only install on ONE MACHINE, it is a single machine license. Do not waste your time installing to another machine unless you have purchased another license key!

The price: outrageous when you could buy a 3 computer verion of 2010 for less than this.

The software itself: Pretty horrible. Grey on grey with a grey background or blinding white are your interface colour options. No more colours at all. Looks as interesting and exciting as a bowl of cold porridge. Tab titles are NOW IN ALL CAPITALS why????? Pointless and very annoying. You also get an annoying start screen -- there is a deeply buried option to get rid of this. Note that the "white" option is blinding and just gave me eye strain, the grey option is low contrast and difficult to read.

If you disliked office 2007/10 then you will dislike this even more.

Document saving
When you save something you are primarily directed towards "THE CLOUD" where M$ want you to store all your docs - two issues with this, firstly it means that MS and anyone else they like can access your potentially private & confidential docs; secondly MS assumes that you have a fast internet connection all of the time. Now, if like me you DON'T have an eternal fast internet connection then you will either not be able to access your doument at all, or else it will take an age to download. Hunt around deep enough in the hundreds of pointless options and you will find another well hidden tick box to stop it defaulting to THE CLOUD.

When editing documents edited by someone else, it still defaults to "Final Showing Markup" - extremely annoying.

WARNING: Do not try to install on any operating system older than Win7 because it won't run! M$ now trying to kill XP, Vista etc off so you spend more money upgrading.

For tablet users, there is the option to make the icons larger. But still no option to get rid of the stupid ribbon and bring back the classic menus.

Is there a good reason to buy this version of office? None that I can see. Far better to download one of the free alternatives and save your sanity at the same time.

Time to ditch this overpriced, control freak, kludged, dull bloatware and move onto something infinitely preferable. This is the worst version of MS Office ever, and I have been a user since 1992. Try LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Kingsoft Office instead.
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on 27 January 2015
No problem with the downloading but I was unable to open. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. What I found maddening was this cheerful automated voice saying 'installing successful. You're all ready to go?" But then a smug little message pops up saying "Sorry there was an error. Couldn't install". When I tried Support they wanted some code which I didn't have. I couldn't help suspecting that this is done on purpose as they have no intention of supporting you at all. Their website makes it's your fault you couldn't contact them that if you couldn't find this mystery number - well help was not available for me. The message I think means - you're stuck. You need help? Too bad. No can do".

I'm sooo annoyed. It cost me £99 after all. If you have windows 8.1like me, don't waste your money. I expect works on Windows 7 and even Windows 8 - without the addition of .1. Perhaps Microsoft Office 2014 may work on Windows 8.1 when it comes out. I'm debating whether or not to gamble 100 quid or more to find out.
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on 16 November 2013
Still unable to install the download, never been so disappointed with a purchase, Amazon says I have to take it up with Microsoft, problem still unresolved.
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on 24 May 2014
brought this as the laptop my son had did not have these programs and he later needed these for his school work.
the instillation was simple and fairly quick and i am by far no computer wizz. the programs are pretty standard issue no notable extras really.
so all in all it does what its says.for me though it just seemed overpriced (though buying a new laptop would have been more pricey!).
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