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on 26 August 2013
Further proof that WWE does still care about wrestling,most of this event is impressive.
Kicking off with KANE vs BRAY WYATT in a ring of fire match and it's an interesting one. It's great to see the inferno match back,or a variation of,in this one you win by pin fall or submission. It does what it has to do to tell the story of KANE and the odd threesome headed by BRAY. A lot of the match is centred around Bray's mates trying to get into the flame engulfed ring to help out. The wrestling action is okay,but it really is more so about the storyline,which gets even more sinister after the match,so quite a way to start off the night of surprises and impactful moments.
Next up is CODY RHODES seeking a little revenge over DAMIEN SANDOW after the money in the bank incident. It's good enough for a filler without being anything great. Onto CHRISTIAN vs ALBERTO DEL RIO for the heavyweight title that RIO has a tight grasp on. This is a very impressive,fast paced match with plenty of action and moments to keep you guessing as to whether CHRISTIAN can win the big one. My one gripe is it could've done with going for another five minutes or so. But a lot did happen in the time given,so this one gets a thumbs up from me.
Finally NATALYA gets back in the ring in an event,taking on BRIE BELLA. Sadly,the match isn't up to much,but it's passable.
And now for the match of the night,every bit as good as i'd hoped it would be. C.M. PUNK takes on the girth and power of BROCK LESNAR in a no DQ match.
Once this gets going,it's one heck of a match,with the crowd really getting into it. It's fairly brutal,considering this is PG era and the wrestling action is very impressive from both sides,it tells a good story too. This really is a brilliant match.
Now DOLH ZIGGLER teams with KAITLYN to face BIG E LANGSTON and AJ. It's a so so match to tell the story this match is centred around and it works as a breather for the next match,the main event.
DANIEL BRYAN finally takes on JOHN CENA for the wwe title and it's a top main event,as it should be. Some really impressive action,with Bryan on top form,with things I've never seen him do before. Cena plays his part well,regardless of the hatred he receives from a fairly large percentage of the crowd. A fair bit happens in the match and an injured CENA works well with bryan. This a great match for showing what a mega talent DANIEL BRYAN is and the end,though fairly sudden works well. But don't leave the show there,something else takes place for some more shocks and impactful moments. This is something some loved,but others (myself included) felt a bit miffed by,but it does it's job of getting a reaction quite brilliantly.
So here we have a top event with a few not so good moments,an event well worth buying. So sit back and get ready for a hot night!
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on 26 June 2014
2013 was both a great time to be a WWE fan, but also a frustrating time to be one. Summerslam 2013 is an event that encapsulates that. There are 2 match of the year candidates, yet there is mis-use of talent and an unfortunate example of an anti-climax. However, it is alongside WWE Payback 2013 as the best events of the year.

Ring of Fire Match
Bray Wyatt vs Kane 4/10

The debut of the "Man of a Thousand Truths" Bray Wyatt. The vignettes that led to his debut where captivating and once he arrived it was evident that he was the future. Now, that being said, i don't know if it was a wise idea to have his first match be against Kane. Also, although the match type may seem exciting, i am not sure a Ring of Fire Match was the best option. This match was slow, uneventful and a bit of a let down. I didn't want to feel that way, but it was impossible not to; the hype that Wyatt carried couldn't possibly be matched with such a poor opponent and a monotonous stipulation.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow 3.5/10

A feud with massive potential and despite this being given vast amount of build in the weeks to the match. And despite it being a story that was easy to become invested in, this match was given no time to shine. It was criminal and Rhodes and Sandow just couldn't hide the fact they where disappointed at the lack of time they where allocated.

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Christian 6.5/10

I wasn't expecting anything special from this one. I had seen it many times before and felt it was lazy booking on WWE's behalf. I am not a fan of either wrestlers. Although they are very impressive in the squared circle, they just bore me. My own preference aside, they did execute a very good match. It was full of intensity and energy; a match worthy of having gold on the line.

Natalya vs Brie Bella 0.5/10


No Disqualification Match
CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar 10/10

Now with the lackluster start to the event, one would be forgiven for feeling slightly robbed of the purchase fee, but after this match....well it suddenly seems worth every penny. This bout is incredible, it is brutal. It has everything. Both guys brought their very best and in my opinion it was the best match of the year, i would go as far to say it was the best match i have seen since MITB 2011 where Punk fought Cena. The crowd are hooked from the first second and that only adds to the spectacle. Easily Lesnar's best outing since his return and will be hard for him to improve upon. As for Punk, well when he is involved in a great storyline, when he is opposite a fellow world class athlete, then he shines; he always does....or did :(. Amazing.

Mixed Tag Match
Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs Big E and AJ Lee 4.5/10

Now when i said in my intro: "mis-use of talent", well this is why. Dolph Ziggler, suffered a concussion in the lead up to Extreme Rules, causing him to miss the event. At Payback in his first defense, he lost his title to Alberto Del Rio. He then lost his rematch at MITB and inexplicably found himself in a pointless, throwaway match at the biggest event of the summer. This could have easily been a World Heavyweight Championship match between Ziggler and Big E if they had just kept the belt on Ziggler, but no, they whipped it off him and he has been stuck in irrelevance ever since; a travesty. The match was very short and all tried their best to make it the best they could, but time restrictions caused it to suffer.

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs Daniel Bryan 9.5/10

The main event is almost every bit as good as Punk vs Lesnar. The violence replaced with added technical brilliance...on Bryan's part of course. Cena always rises to the big occasions and here is in no way different. They both put on a masterclass. Bryan deserved this match, he really did. And he didn't disappoint.

2 outstanding matches
1 very good match
And the rest had its moments, but overall it was a brilliant event, and well worth the buy.

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on 21 September 2015
SummerSlam has been a hit and miss pay per view for WWE over the past decade, but the 2013 edition of SummerSlam stands out as the best SummerSlam since 2002. The show was headlined by 2 outstanding matches with CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar, in what was CM Punk's last great match before his sudden departure at the beginning of 2014 and John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship which would start Bryan's rise to the championship; even if it wasn't exactly what WWE wanted.
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on 21 August 2013
I was at this PPV live and it was incredible the atmosphere was indescribable

1st Match Ring Of Fire Kane vs Bray Wyatt 3/5 Good match and was awesome to see in person

2nd Match Cody Rhodes vs Damian Sandow 2/5 nice match but nothing great

3rd Match World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio vs Christian 4/5 Great match crowd was very into it very good technical skills on display from both wrestlers

4th Match Natalya vs Brie Bella 1/5 It is what it is

5th Match The Best vs The Beast No DQ CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar 5/5 Match of the night awesome match great mix of wrestling and hardcore styles The crowd was into this match the most and were chanting match of the night and that is exactly what it was

6th Match Mixed Tag Dolph Ziggler and Katelyn vs Big E Langston and AJ Lee 1/5 Dolph deserves more than this

Main Event WWE Championship John Cena vs Daniel Bryan 4/5 Awesome match and I am a huge Bryan fan and I loved this match great match and a great ending to this match but once the match is over another match happened which i did not like at all I wont spoil it if you have not seen this PPV but It put a damper on the main event
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on 5 February 2014
love it there are so many great matches including Daniel Bryan vs. john cena ill always remember this blue ray dvd
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on 3 September 2014
Son loves it and much cheaper than in the local shops or other retailers. Will buy more soon. Thank you,
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on 23 February 2015
good quality picture, I'm satisfied.
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