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on 5 May 2014
Really nice quality case, the leather finish gives it a premium feel. The clever use of magnets to secure the device and the case offers a secure casing while still allowing the device to be removed without fiddling or risk of damage. The origami idea is really clever, I've noticed a few other reviews complaining that it doesn't seem to hold together well, the design can be configured incorrectly - which gives a structure that appears to work but doesn't hold together as well, I can only assume that the complaints evolve from this. The instructions are clear in the pack though and after folding it a few times it's intuitive.

The soft lining gives a reassuring contact with the screen face, I'm not concerned about having to have additional screen protection.

The only design negative is that I'm not convinced that the case will protect well against drops. The cover, while secure doesn't really offer heavy impact protection, but it wasn't purchased with that in mind anyway, more for basic screen protection against spills and soft knocks and the utility of the cover-come-stand.

The price is also a tad expensive, reflecting on the materials it's probably worth around £10-£15 less than advertised. Not unhappy with the purchase though.
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on 20 November 2013
I just got this case for my Kindle first impressions are that its quite a robust case once on the Kindle Fire HDX.
The fact that it's an Origami style means the cover is floppy when you open it, but it attaches to itself magnetically either flat or in a stand position (works in either portrait or landscape) so this is not an issue.

1. This case is well made and looks stylish and expensive.
2. The Origami design looks nice and as a stand works well.
3. The cover has a magnet that turns off the display when closed.
4. The back of the case has plastic buttons that overlay the controls on the rear of the device, and they work perfectly.
5. The Kindle Fire HDX attaches to the case magnetically, so it clips on and off with ease, whilst still feeling securely held.
6. The cover folds over and attaches to the back of itself magnetically, both flat, and in a stand position.
7. The case directs the sound from the speakers towards you, as opposed to back and away from you.

1 . When the cover folds over and attaches to itself magnetically in the flat position, it can be uncomfortable to hold for extended periods, for fingers along the edges of the device (although the fact that is magnetically attached means it is easy to pry the case off in under two seconds if you want).

Typically I think more Men than Women will like this case.
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on 30 December 2014
I love my new Kindle Origami Case - it was my Christmas present to myself and saves all that "juggling" It means I can stand the kindle in front of me in the kitchen to watch downloaded programmes while I get on with preparing dinner, instead of having to prop it up on books or against the wall. If I am reading, it just sits in front of me.....what more can I say. Well worth it
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on 3 February 2014
The cover is very good, strong and looks good, very pleased with it, would recommend it, well worth the money.
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VINE VOICEon 5 September 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have to say, having been less than thrilled with the Red Kindle HDX Leather Origami case, I was thrilled with this one! It fits my Kindle HD like a glove, the spaces for the on/off button and recharge means you have complete control without having to remove the Kindle from the case. Whilst I thought the leather one looked "plasticky", this one looks very smart and the texture feels pleasant. The mineral black colour might not look much in the photogrpah, but is incredibly smart in reality - as black often is - and lives up to its "Mineral Black" description, in that it does look more like stone than plastic.

It is a little bit expensive, but sometimes it is worth forking out more for something you will be using, handling and carrying about in the long-term. I have a cheapo cover for my old PaperWhite Kindle which is perfectly OK, but the fitting isn't very good (have to move the fabric aside to insert the recharge cable) and the novelty value of its bright pink colour and chunkiness has worn off, somewhat. This cover, which is seven times as expensive, in terms of retail price, is well worth it for the quality, fit, looks and feel.

It is a clever design, so, rather than having an extra foldover flap like some standing cases, to make a triangular stand, this one has the one flap which you pinch in, to fold over backwards, to use as a stand (hence the name, Origami). Cool! When not in use, it covers and protects the screen; when in your bag, for example.
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on 25 September 2014
OK - where do we start here...? First things first I'll admist that I purchased this from a third party dealer online and not from Amazon direct - BUT it is an Amazon product with their logo enblazoned on the back and inside the front cover! The problem I have with it is my Fire keeps falling asleeo when attached to the case - it works perfectly out of the case but once in, it randomly goes to sleep.
Used the Mayday function and was told to keep the Kindle out of the case for 24 hours (after confirming that I had the screen sleep time set to Never) which I did and it hasn't fixed it...the particular person I spoke to on Mayday that day said that it was the first time he had heard of this problem...even though is flooded with this problem...however, the second Mayday assistant admitted that this was indeed a problem with this case and is caused by a defect in the magnet in the case - but as I hadn't purchased direct from amazon but instead had used some credit on a catalogue I run, they couldn't help me - instead I was advised to purchase a case with no magnet...well if I could get a refund on this one (the retailer refuses because it's 3 months old), I would purchase a new case sans magnet - however, as I am just a poor pathetically paid British soldier, my Kindle will just brave the elements along with me and once I finished my back catalogue of books, a Krobo will go to the top of Christmas list.
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on 7 January 2014
Poor protection - Sons new HDX in closed origami case dropped once from the height of an eight year olds hand - (days after Christmas). Screen broken, kindle not reacting - written off. And very expensive.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a quality Amazon-branded item, made of good quality leather, though I had to admit that empty, it was so light and flimsy that I initially thought I had the wrong type of cover for my KF.

It's so easy to use - just align the Kindle with the notches in the back cover and place it in - it's held securely by what feels like a magnet, and yes, I tried to shake it out, very vigorously, but it's sturdy and it holds the Kindle snugly. The on-off button is hidden, but this is deliberate as the origami cover turns the Kindle off automatically when it's closed. This is where my non-branded cover started going wrong, as I've needed to charge more and more often and the battery has flattened even when I thought the device was off.

I've not been able to find out the price of this cover, but I would think it'd be at least twenty-squid, which I would happily pay for the battery saving (meaning you save on your electricity bill, too), for the quality and for the looks and functionality. The origami cover is easy to bend into a stand for games and films, but it's not a feature I'll be using. Once ready to use as a cover again, it flattens quickly and lies totally flat.

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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have to say that in many respects this is an excellent and useful add on for our Kindle device. The Kindle clips into the case easily, there is a hard backing that protects the rear of the device, holes in all the right places to allow easy access to the buttons and the speakers, and a totally ingenious front flap that when opened switches the kindle on automatically, folds very simply to form a rock solid stand that can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation, and when closed switches the kindle off. If you wish to use it as a handheld device then the cover is magnetised and sticks in place folded around the back of the device so that it doesn't flap around. It's stylish, clever and works very well. There is however one small flaw, the weight of the cover. It is far heavier than a simple leather cover, and combined with the already heavy Kindle Fire, it makes for a very very heavy device that can be a bit of a wrist ache when reading in bed for a long time. It also makes it very heavy for playing games that require the device to be tilted.

All in all 4 stars for a generally excellent product that has the one small flaw of being a little too heavy.
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on 5 December 2013
This item works very well but I find that it's ability to bend and twist somewhat disconcerting and I really don't have need of a case which will act as a stand for my Kindle. If I had to replace it I would look for the type of case that I had on my 7" Kindle HD.
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