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on 22 July 2013
My first and probably last review on Amazon, but as a Tennis player of 40 years experience I thought I must comment on our Greek friends one star review and slating of Andy Murray.

Firstly, you can only beat what's in front of you, so not having to play Federer and Nadal is neither here or there. I'm a great Federer fan, but he's at the tail end of his career and I think Murray would have had the measure on him (Murray's leads Federer 11-9 in career head to heads anyway). You can't fluke getting to number 2 in the world rankings and reaching 7 (that's 7) Grand Slam finals (winning 2). He's done it through incredible hard work and determination, not to mention sheer natural ability. In the final game he also displayed tremendous guts by not letting the game go having lost three match points at 40-0 (can you imagine the pressure he must have felt then - a lesser player may have crumbled).

So this is not really a review of the DVD, just Andy Murray's performance - as deserving a champion as any previous winner.

Ta Ta
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 25 July 2013
I was in France for the last six days of Wimbedon. Big mistake! We were in a sports bar when the Wimbledon semi finals were on and they chose not to show the tennis, but preferred horse and cart racing. Plenty of Tour de France coverage on Sunday when the final was on, but no tennis. I guess if Tsonga had been in the final it may have been different. Although my daughter was texting me regularly throughout the match and point by point in the final game it really did not fully compensate for not seeing the match so this DVD was a must.

The DVD turned up yesterday and my feelings on seeing it were a bit mixed. Knowing what the outcome was it was a lot easier to appreciate the quality of the tennis, rather than being caught up in the emotion of the moment but obviously the tension for those who saw it live was missing. The DVD contains every minute of the match from the moment the players walk onto the court right through to the prize giving and speeches.

The quality of the tennis was very high and although the raw statistics show that Djokovic made a lot more unforced errors than Murray - about two and a half times as many - this was really due to the consistency of Murray's play, the long rallies and the constant pressure being exerted on Djokovic. This was not a match he lost but definitely one which Andy won. Certainly the emotion of the closing scenes came across as though it were live and the contrast between Andy being overwhelmed with the moment of his success contrasted totally with his total despair last year.

Even if, unlike me, you were able to view this live on the final Sunday of Wimbledon, you may find it worthwhile to revisit and to appreciate the quality of the tennis without being caught up in the occasion. I will certainly view it again, probably many times. Incidentally, this is one DVD which is not burdened with numerous additional features - there are none whatsoever.
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on 22 July 2013
It's history! Murray is champion at last.
We all sat down as a family to watch this - very nervous after the last four years. My husband was pacing up and down and I screamed every time Andy won a game. Then, as he was 40-0 in the last I started to relax - big mistake, as Murray made us wait just that little bit longer! When Djokovic drove into the net, I have to admit to crying! I have followed Andy Murray for a long time and admired his dedication and tenacity. He has improved each year and winning the US Open and the Olympic Gold was the rightful reward he deserved for his hard work. And then the Wimbledon Final! He has made history and, whatever he does going forward, he will always be the one who stepped in to Fred Perry's shoes after 77 years. Andy, our family is very, very proud of you! Well done. We can all sit down and watch it on DVD now and enjoy his win!

PS AMAZON - I think it's ridiculous that you allow 1 Star reviews because someone doesn't like Andy Murray or that this isn't on Blu-ray. I thought these were about the Wimbledon Final DVD...
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on 23 July 2013
I received the DVD yesterday & have just finished watching it. I will never tire of seeing the brilliant performance of Andy Murray under the most enormous pressure imaginable. Even the annoying commentary of Castle & Becker couldn't spoil the enjoyment. The pathetic members of the anti-Murray brigade are now such a small minority, their comments aren't worthy of reply.
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on 19 May 2015
I would award 5 stars for the tennis and the filming of this historic final. The visuals as produced by the BBC are as usual excellent.
However as other reviewers have observed, the sound balance on this double dvd version is appalling.
l can't comment on whether this applies to other formats or not.
The problem is that the crowd noise and other background noise is so loud that it often all but drowns out the commentary which conversely is set at a low volume. When you can hear planes flying overhead and fans in the crowd calling out better than you can hear the original BBC commentary, it makes one despair of the production values of IMG the production company. Whether or not you want to hear the Castle/Becker commentary the sound balance is irritating, and l suppose how much it affects your enjoyment of the tennis is a personal matter.
With regards to IMG, their documentary tournament reviews /official films are only about 52 minutes long and do not contain much in the way of actual match coverage. How these can be passed off as adequate coverage for a sports dvd baffles me. Individual purchasers will no doubt reach their own conclusions, and ultimately vote with their wallets if the products do not meet expectations.
However, whoever the people were who oversaw the sound production on this Murray v Djokovic match, and whoever was responsible for checking the quality of the final product, surely the Tennis Authorities must also take some of the blame for approving such poor quality products to be sold to the tennis public as the official record of their tournaments.
lf they are selling the rights of the footage of their tournaments to a dvd production company, do they not think that they have a duty to ensure that the end product meets basic quality criteria, and that the public are not being sold short?
Anyway all that aside, well done and congratulations to Andy Murray. As for negative comments about his victory, he dug in and played tennis which was good enough to beat the player who was ranked Number One in the world at the time.
Enough said.
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on 21 September 2013
Sound engineers and quality control should hang their heads in shame at the unacceptable standard of sound balance on what should have been a souvenir of historical magnitude. Instead we have an item which only succeeds in creating anger and frustration when trying to listen to the commentary of this superb match. What should be the background noise of the crowd frequently drowns out the voice of the commentator. The only way I can watch this without blowing a gasket is to have the volume OFF. Poor poor example of British workmanship. Oh, btw, the visuals are absolutely fine!!
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on 29 June 2014
Have watched a few times now since that wonderful summer day last year.At first it was to be able to fully enjoy the match without hiding behind the sofa !!!-but also now leading up to Final day 2014.You can really appreciate how brilliant Andy was-and that it was a final unlike some,that was not one sided,in spite of the straight set victory.As I consider this one of the greatest and historic sporting victories,its great to have and relive.
It is the bbc cover of the match,which is great however its true the commentary is difficult to hear at times.Also the ball isn't always as easy to see as its been on tv,so following rallies harder,would have liked a bit more of the build up to the match,the fans camping overnight,following the players onto court,prehaps shots of people watching around the country as Andy won.Want my cake and eat it I suppose anyway its good to watch and keep-hope I will be buying his 2014 successful defense of his title
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on 11 July 2013
It would be pointless waiting to review this when it finally gets released because I know it is one of the best matches I've ever seen at Wimbledon. Of course I've pre-ordered it. It's not only for the fact that the long wait for a new Male Singles Champ is finally over, it's because, through all the bad press and public back stabbing of this highly talented and motivated young man, I've been a loyal fan for 8 years and I always knew he would get there when he started believing in himself. The past year has proved I was right and Wimbledon was the icing on the cake. He will win more grandslams, but this is the piece of history I want to own, to enjoy over again and to leave for my grandchildren to appreciate. It's a must buy for any tennis fan who loves this sport as much as I do.
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on 26 August 2013
The sound quality was terrible you can hear more background noise than the actual commentaries,it really spoilt it for me it was like watching a very poor home video.Instead of something I could keep and treasure it will be going in the bin!!!!!!!!
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on 10 July 2013
Not a review of the Dvd itself as its on pre order. But this is a must own for Any Tennis and/or Andy Murray Fan. Will be Great to relive Andy Finally laying the ghost to rest of Britain waiting 77 years for a male Wimbledon champion. An Epic Final 2 Epic Tennis Players and a History Making Dvd make for Excellent Viewing. Once Again Andy Murray has done Great Britain proud as he Became The Olympic Champion,The U.S open Champion & Now The Wimbledon Champion all in the space of 12 Months.
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