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97 of 104 people found the following review helpful
on 1 September 2013
Firstly this little machine is great for what it does, battery lasts about 7 hours on wifi with low screen brightness (non-touch screen version) and does most of the stuff I want and it is very light. I'd heard all the bad points before I bought this, they didn't put me off too much, but as I see they are not listed here I will point them out.

This laptop feels like an enlarged netbook, it has all the memory of a laptop (4Gb), but the processor and graphics are lacking somewhat.

HD video is jittery and the screen is of a low quality, you can see the individual colored pixels from a distance away from the screen. I have a 6 year old 13.3" work laptop which cost the same, with the same resolution, but is far better quality screen.

The touchpad takes a while to get used to, it's rather large and the fact that the base of the pad is also the mouse click means that the touchpad feels loose and flimsy at the bottom. I heard other people complain about the sensitivity of the touchpad, but they clearly don't know this can be adjusted in the control panel.

Is this worth £500 (RRP non-touch screen version) I'm not so sure, I shopped around and got £100 cashback on mine.
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78 of 84 people found the following review helpful
on 24 December 2013
I wanted something to allow me to work while traveling, so I was looking for something with ultrabook-like attributes but as I already have a very high specification PC at home I didn't want to duplicate technology (or spend ultrabook money!). So this laptop fits the bill perfectly; it's pretty light, very thin, good build quality and just generally does the job.

It's had some negative reviews elsewhere due to the "white label" processor but these reviews do not make much sense as one is presumably buying this machine for budget and high-portability reasons. One thing I would recommend is to get rid of Windows 8, aside from Windows 8 being awful; Windows 7 runs much better, quicker and smoother. I've also dual booted Windows 7 with a linux distribution which works extremely well.

The machine boots very quickly, is very quiet, has a decent battery life (about 6-8 hours depending on what you are doing) has a good quality screen.

If you are after a budget ultrabook-like laptop then this is pretty much the best you will get for the price range.

Ideal for: work, mobile use, internet useage, programming, data analysis, basic media use (video, youtube etc.)
Not for: gaming, simulation, a lot of multitasking, graphic intensive work.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 13 January 2015
Great laptop, really fast start-up, actually pretty fast in general. The screen resolution is amazing! The webcam doesn't have such great resolution though, but if you don't really use the webcam so much its not really much of a problem.
It came with windows 8 but I upgraded to 8.1 for free in the app store, which was really great. It doesn't come with office though, so you'll need to purchase that separately if you want it.
My favourite thing about this laptop is that its light and really thin, so its really portable.
the touchscreen is also really smooth and fast, just like a Samsung tablet, but you don't even need to use it that much because the touchpad is also really smooth and easy to scroll with. Scrolling with the touchpad is similar to using a touchpad on an apple mac, not quite as good of course, but with the touchscreen I personally think that this laptop is better, and it was a really great price. Even though it was previously used, it works like new.
It came a little dusty and dirty in the post though, which was my only issue so far, but it made no difference to the laptop performance itself so it wasn't such a big deal.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 6 March 2014
Excellent value for a notebook computer. I live the quick start-up and thinness of it.

The downside of having the solid state drive is the reduced storage but with cheap external drives available it's an easy compromise to make.
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60 of 68 people found the following review helpful
on 19 November 2013
I did not expect much from this laptop... and was prepared to return it as unfortunately I had to return a Lenovo which looked very promising and an Asus. All three laptop are in the £500 range.

The Lenovo Ideapad U410 14 inch Ultrabook had great spec (Intel Core i5 3317U 2.6GHz, 6Gb RAM, 750Gb HDD + 32Gb SSD), was quite slim but the wifi was not simply working. Was really sad but had no choice but to return it.

The Asus VivoBook S400CA 14-inch Touchscreen had roughly the same spec (Intel Core i5 3317U 1.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD), though a bit bulkier, but the touch screen had a growing stain - really growing day after day, right in the center...

Actually this Samsung is just what I need. Ok, its processor is not an i5 and it only has 128Gb of storage. But first this storage is SSD - which is much more reliable (no chance to ruin this storage device if you drop the laptop) and incredibly faster than HDD. Obviously if you need to store a lot of media files this is not a laptop for you.

As for the processor performance for my usage it is just fine. I am not playing any game on it, nor running a data base. It it not for this usage and I am sure it would not cope with it. But I only need to work on my standard office applications, listen to music, watch movies and browse the internet. And it does all this really well.

Its graphic performance is also slightly below the Asus and the Lenovo both in terms of resolutions and processor. But I do not feel (see?) it when I watch a movie - let alone browse the net or work on my power point slides.

It is also very light and slim and quite stylish.

Actually on that same day we bought with my partner an Apple 13-inch MacBook Air (Intel Dual Core i5 1.3GHz, 4GB RAM, 256GB Flash Drive, Intel HD Graphics 5000, Mac OS X) which is more powerful, extremely reliable and has greater storage. The MacBook Air is also great value for money - we have also kept the Mac since we are delighted with it as well.

A nice way to put it would be that the Samsung has the same value for money as the Apple. It's just half the price.
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18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 27 December 2013
Quality laptop light in weight but with heavy performance. at a good price. Responsive and fast performance.A pleasure to take with me whrerever I go
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 14 March 2015
I love this laptop. its well built with a solid keyboard and great screen. It is responsive and lightning fast with the solid state drive. Battery liv=fe is good and it is very compact. I have been using it for a month now without a problem.

Negative reviews tend to relate to
Win 8 issues - These are hardly Samsungs fault and can easily b resolved if you cant get used to the interface
Trackpad issues - again not a fault as much as a new way of working. I now prefer the trackpad although some tasks still take some work.
Processor speed - I havent found any problem for web brousing, word processing, powerpoint etc. Video editing photoshop etc gets done in the desktop

I did a lot of research before getting this machine and think that it was the best available for £300.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 5 July 2014
I purchased this as needed a laptop in England in a hurry. I already have a Samsung Notebook (but left in my home in NZ), Tablet and S111 phone and love Samsung products. I expected this laptop would be as good as my other devices, however, a bit disappointed. The sound is not very good, Windows 8 is very frustrating, the touch keypad mouse is slow (even after adjustment) and it hasn't got a lot of memory compared to other laptops of similar price, although I knew this when purchased. Unfortunately I needed the laptop for a 12 week live-in course I was attending so I wasn't able and didn't have time to return it, which I would have done under other circumstances.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 5 June 2014
I was surprised that a laptop at this price offered SSD storage - this was probably the main factor drawing me to buy this laptop and it means that start-up/write times are incredibly fast in comparison to the standard of HDD [however, you do sacrifice storage so not ideal for those who are intensive downloaders]

Pros: +Good battery life (with standard use (web-browsing/word-processing/e-mail reading, the battery lasts 5-7 hours)
+Excellent flash storage means start-up times are very speedy
+Portability - whilst not as thin as its more expensive brother (ATIV Book 9 Pro) this laptop is still relatively light & thin.
+Keyboard/Track-pad are nice to use [I've started to take island/chiclet style keyboards for granted now]
+Good performance (provided you recognise the laptops limitations)
+If you have a Samsung smartphone, the SideSync function might appeal to you - personally I don't care much for it.
+Operating noise - after previously having a HP laptop with an annoyingly loud fan the silence of this one was a relief.

Cons: -Processor: All of the product description for the ATIV Book 9 Lite avoid mentioning the exact processor and shroud it in the 'quad-core' feature. In reality, the laptop has a low-level AMD processor which obviously can't handle usage for gaming
-Not many USB Ports, two will suffice for most people but for the lightness/portability you have to sacrifice the presence of a CD/DVD ROM and extra USB ports.
-Laptop battery is 'non-removable' (you could get it out if you undo all the screws, but that decreases the convenience of changing the battery if ever needed to do)

I mainly use this laptop for programming (Python memory usage isn't a big drain), web browsing, email, occasional video watching & word-processing and the performance is more than fine for me. However, if you're planning on gaming (anything more intensive than basic Flash games), heavy downloading (i.e. movies) & lots of video surfing then get a computer with a better processor (Intel Haswell i3, i5 & i7 will be better suited to you)
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on 25 September 2015
I purchased this device from a major high street chain and chose this model as I wanted a lightweight laptop for travelling + long battery life.

I have a decent desk top pc and use a company owned MacBook for work so the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite is used fairly lightly for writing word documents and internet access.

Within 23 months the hard drive has failed and the battery become unreliable. This has just cost me £200 (inc VAT) for the new parts. I would say that my actual time spent using this laptop has been less than six months since purchase.

While the Samsung looks nice and is light to carry around, I feel this level of poor quality is very much worth mentioning to anyone considering a purchase. It cost £500 new and to have to replace the major elements of the device at this stage is appalling.

My last laptop was an Acer: not showy, but lasted years - with the same intermittent use. I only changed as I wanted a lighter model. At the time I bought the Samsung I did so because buying my own MacBook Air was above my budget. I really wish I had either gone for a cheaper laptop or invested in the Mac: the one I used for work has not had a problem in 2.5 years, despite hours of work on it daily.

I don't know about other Samsung products but I'm afraid I will be steering clear of them just in case.
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