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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Flavour: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough|Change
Price:£18.92+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 9 November 2014
These bars are amazing from any other seller BUT this seller. I eat one every day as my 3pm meal. It's almost like eating a chocolate bar it tastes so good...but DO not order from this seller- the protein shop. I baught my last lot from them, they wernt eadable they were so hard. They are discoloured as if they are gone off or something has happened to them. I've contacted them a week ago and I still have no reply. Typically as they have got my money now, they don't care! I hope no one else wastes a penny with these!
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on 28 August 2014
Like many others - I purchased these after reading lots of reviews including one in which they were chosen as the best protein bar out of 50 for their taste, affordability and most importantly - NUTRITIONAL SPECS.

Having in the past eaten a wide variety of protein bars/cookies etc when I first tried the quest bar they are genuinely extremely delicious and tasty. They are, given the ingredients and amazing claim that there are 21G of Carbohydrate per bar of which 17g are dietary fibre and only 1g of which is sugars. This, if true, is nothing short of phenomenal given the truly amazing taste and texture (though a but stiff in admittance!) - if you compare this to competitor bars like maximuscle their bars have 16.5g of Carbs of which 10.2g are sugars! (Which as you should know are the worst kind as they have 0 nutritional value and cause a massive insulin spike)

******* The operative word here is "claim." Currently, the makers of Quest Bars are been sued in a class action law suit in California as the plaintiff asserts the claims are misleading with regards to the amount of "bad carbs" in the protein bar - and claim the amount of sugar actually present in the bar could be as much as 750% higher!! This is a very recent claim and the makers of Quest Bars have refuted all allegations but the plaintiff claims independent lab tests on the amount of dietary fibre have shown it has been massively exaggerated and therefore the nutritional specs are way off (making it really not that good for you! ****

I have already bought this box and yes they are delicious. The taste to me personally sugeests, in my opinion, that there is a hell of a lot more sugar in it than the nutritionals suggest. If you are a serious athlete and want to err on the side of caution it may be worth waiting this one out - if your an average Joe like me who lifts - give it a punt and decide for yourself.
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on 7 October 2014
This is the second one I've tried and I have to say I prefer the cookies and cream. It's still tasty but not as yummy. I love peanut butter and chocolate together but most of time I find the flavour too sweet or sickly. I think they've nailed it on the taste with the bar. It's pretty chocolish but with a hint of peanut butter so it's not too sweet. So if you're after a real sweet chocolate with a strong peanut butter treat you might be disappointed. Also, I'm not loving the texture of this that much. Chewy but slightly sticky. Heated up in the microwave and it's even tastier and better on the teeth. I would still order this again but compared to the other flavour this comes in second. A big issue I have is the price of these bars, which vary between flavours. I ordered these because they were cheaper then the cookies and cream (which went up more than what I paid. But, when I checked back a day later the price was lower (lower than original price I paid as well), also for these bars too. I was checking and the price just kept changing within hours and days for all of the flavours. So if you want to order the flavour you want I would wait around and in the meantime try a cheaper flavour until the price of the desired flavour goes down. I just find this really annoying since it changes so often so you need to keep an eye out for the best price.
Taste: 8/10
Texture: 5/10
Nutrition: 9/10
Speed of delivery: 6/10 (I got proem but delivered a day later)
Price: 4/10
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on 2 March 2015
Sadly all 3 boxes were full of bars which were rock hard and had gone off - as if they had been stored incorrectly -even though they were not past their sell by date!! Very disappointed as have had them in the past and should be soft and chewy.
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on 2 October 2015
These bars are the best tasting on the market according to all the reviews on various websites. I opted for this flavour as it was the most popular, other favourable flavours is the cookies n cream, strawberry Cheesecake and white chocolate and raspberry.

Although these are expensive I got them at a price of £1.58 per bar with RRP being £2.50 per bar. It's a fair amount of saving compared to GNC, H&B and other retailers.

The bar tastes OK, it's edible, more so than the MyProtein brand. This flavour is nice, the macros are decent.. I have to say it tastes sooo much better in the microwave!
It kept me full, it didn't have a bad aftertaste or chemical taste, there's reach chocolate chips, it's soft and chewy.

Overall a good bar, I will be trying more of the flavours I mentioned above once the price drops lol
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on 28 December 2014
Οκ it has good taste, but not the best i have ever tried. The big advantage for me is that these bars contain 0gr of sugar and also have lower quantity of carbohydrates. The negative is that they are expensive. I dont think i will take it again as other bars cost the half price. For example xl bars..
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VINE VOICEon 16 June 2015
I've had a fair few protein bars and in my experience most of them are horrible tasting and usually not that great for you. I read an amazing article here that made the comparison of various protein bars with a Snickers or Mars bar without the protein that showed to me how poor most of them are for you. Quest bars with low to zero carbs make the massive difference and prove that you can get a good protein boost on the go without having to eat rubbish too.

Taste wise I really enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter flavour, reminded me of a less sickly sweet reece's bar. The only issue I had was the initial bite was quite chewy but once you got eating it had a nice consistency that wasn't overly powdery or hard to swallow like some protein bars.
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on 21 July 2014
These bars have are great for helping me meet my macros for protein, but with reduced carbs - however they are very, very sweet - too much so for my taste. I will finish the box I received, but will stick to my promax lean dark chocolate mint bars for future orders - which taste richer and more satisfying.

Edited to update: I've now finished the box, and these have grown on me. I've become used to the sweet taste and really like them now - just goes to show that first impressions are not always right!
I'm just about to order another box :-)
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on 6 November 2014
Arrived fast and package was good. This product however was absolutely awful. I thought my workout was done when I went to eat my quest bar, I soon realised this was a lie, my workout was only just beginning. As my mandabals claimed down in fury, hoping to make a dent into my protein bar, however this never happened, instead this bar breaks the law of physics, this bar is the anti black hole, there is no possible entry into this bar. If you try to eat this bar and succeed, you're a crocodile from the river Nile with a jaw psi over 6000. I saw a man successfully eat this bar once, that day I stopped taking lsd. I realised that day that surely, I had potentially lost my mind. As this protein bar has the consistency of a tractor tyre. Great distributor though. My jaw mass training bar came very fast.
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on 27 April 2015
I bought 3 separate boxes of the these, one of each flavour plus a mixed box. The mixed box are by far my favourite. They are actually very nice, taste healthy and don't to me appear to be 'mimicking a real choc bar' which doesn't make me feel I am eating one. Yes, I really enjoy these after a work-out and now I am having one for my breakfast on way to work, far better nutritionally than Belvita.
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