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4.6 out of 5 stars443
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2015
If you like Mike Tyson you will love this book. If you don't like Mike Tyson you will love this book. There is something captivating and fascinating about Iron Mike , who you feel was born to be famous . The narrative is the the real voice of Iron Mike, his own words, telling a sad story, essentially about a boy and an old man who help fulfil one another's dreams. Though Mike tells us his ambition is to be World Heavyweight champion it turns out that this is Gus D'Amato's dream and young Tyson does everything to make that dream come true. Tyson's dream is to have someone believe in him. When D'Amato dies, young Mike goes on alone and wins the title, but soon afterwards begins to wonder what it all means. Never really in love with boxing, but incredibly talented at it, Mike makes his way back to Brownsville and his boyhood friends. Then lost in the unreality of stardom but addicted to the superstar lifestyle , Tyson tries to combine his present and past ending up somewhere in between, a lonely and unhappy but undoubtedly fascinating man.
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on 13 June 2014
I read his book briefly from one of ASDA book shelves and could not out it down. His book begins with his rape trial and how the court was in an area that was KKK racist so from the outset Mike Tyson books goes into how he did not stand a chance and the female judge was a feminist! He writes about how from rag to riches how he could not trust anyone whether women or men. Mike Tyson is a philosopher, thinker poetic this you will see in his book.

He is a gentle giant who the media has painted as a vicious black animal; (elements of racism is involved) Great read one of the best honest and gritty books. if you're rich blokes beware of scams Mike Tyson goes into the many scams that both men and women has tried to pull on him to dupe him from his money! Window cleaners pretending to fall off a ladder while cleaning his window to girls who his boxing trainers had to hand loads of money too as they were blackmailing him before his fight!

Welcome to the real world that we are all afraid to talk about. Mike Tyson is the man!
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on 26 June 2014
I am keeping this review short. This book is very much a commendable read. It explores times of hardship, many if not most of which were brought on by the man himself. Sympathy is not something that you may feel easily for Tyson. His decisions made time after time to enjoy vices rather than maintain discipline and adhere to what many of us would consider basic human decency in day to day like were ultimately what sculpted his storied life and left him where he is today. The acknowledgement and awareness of his past failings is what ensures this is a tale of,at least partial, redemption. A good read, though oddly despite his admittance to a seemingly regretted lifetime of drugs, women, abuse and ignorance I can't help but think he would walk the same path again given the chance. Celebrity life, drugs, rehabilitation and a life almost wasted; have little doubt that this is about a man's troubled journey from gang culture to being a husband and father, this is not a book about boxing.
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on 7 May 2014
The first half of this book is great, a fast paced and in your face tale of rags to riches, with a no holds barred account of his early days. There are some issues with the tone it is written in; you can tell its a ghost writer trying too hard to emulate Tyson's speech in places, however these aren't too annoying and on the whole its a gripping read.

HOWEVER. About half way through it becomes so monotonous - just tale after tale of drug crazed mishaps, often confined to a paragraph each. It makes for heavy reading because there is very little flow when there's lots of little fragmented and often pointless and repeated stories. Normally I read a biography every two weeks... this book took me three months, simply because the second half was poorly written.

I wish they had compressed the second half of the book into 50 pages, then this would have been a worthy 4/5, but as it stands I would not recommend it to anyone.
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on 27 August 2014
Other than an annoying graze to the back of the book from the seller, this is the best autobiography I have ever read, and I've read Muhammad Ali's, Sugar Ray Robinsons, Joe Louis', george foremans, joe fraziers, chris eubank, nigel benn, ricky hattons, joe calzaghes etc. This is by far the best and most revealing.
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on 22 December 2013
All sporting autobiographies I have read contain a certain amount of filler waffle and this is no exception although it is less prevalent than most.

I am giving it 5 stars because it is the most illuminating and candid autobiography I have read. It feels as though Mike is holding nothing back and really is revealing the undisputed truth about his personal life and the drug, alcohol and sex extremes that began while he was still an undefeated champion with the world at his feet. It does leave you wondering how good a boxer Tyson would have been if he'd kept his personal life in check, the slide apparently beginning with the death of his mentor D'Amato and exacerbated by that of his friend Jacobs. If those guys had been around longer to keep Mike on the straight and narrow I'm convinced we'd now be talking about him as the greatest heavyweight of all time rather than "one of the best".
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on 10 January 2015
Rather daunting read at 500+ pages, but once you start reading, it's phenomenal. It became rather like a research project for me, watching the fights on You Tube after reading about them in his book. Believe me, he doesn't embellish his life story at all, it's 100% accurate. I was a big fan of his in my teenage years and it reminded me what a devastating, driven fighter he was. We haven't seen any fighter that gets near him since he retired. Today's fighters lack the "killer instinct" Tyson had in the ring. Big men were visibly frightened by him and who can blame them. He recounts his personal life in an extremely pragmatic and honest way. Very self critical yet he has hopefully learned from his mistakes. Reading it,it makes you angry at the many leaches who took advantage of him and bled him of hundreds of millions of pounds. Don King, hang your head in shame!
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on 24 July 2014
I only read this book as Amazon suggested it, although said I am a big boxing and MMA fan. It was a fairly disappointing read and I've came away with a not very positive impression of Tyson. Although it is very honest, I would argue he doesn't do himself any favours to his audience by revealing his true nature.

The book details his early years in Catskill well. The book doesn't describe too much or too many of his fights and even the notorious ear biting fight only really got a page or two max. He mentions his run ins with the law or where there were court cases but you get the impression this is to reassure the audience he was innocent. Overall the structure is quick and doesn't stop too many times. It's worth a read for a couple of quid.

Lastly, I watched some of his fights on line as I read the book and this helped alot. Kings of boxing
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on 15 December 2014
I don't know a massive amount about boxing, I watch the big fights when they're on but I'm not a raving fan spending hours on YouTube trawling through footage (unlike my husband!)

I picked this book up as I had nothing better to do and it was sitting on the bookshelf staring at me.

Wow! I didn't put it down for over 3 hours. What an amazing story. It hooks you in right from the first page. Tyson in brutally honest throughout the entire book. It has darkness from the harsh reality of his up bringing whilst being massively inspiring at the same time. I knew he was a brilliant boxer but Iv found a lot of respect for him through reading this book. Right from the beginning its a roller coaster of emotions, events and different mind sets.

I 100% recommend anyone to read this it will keep you entertained throughout.
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on 10 November 2015
The focus of the book lies on the man behind the boxing curtain, his drug addictions, women and upbringing. It is an intimate read as Tyson documents his early years and darkest moments in gritty detail. However, if like me, you were hoping this book would shed light on his fights, you're probably better off purchasing a Tyson biography. There is a fair amount of time dedicated to his relationship with Cus, which was my favourite part of the book. However, once Cus passes, each of his fights are given little more than a paragraph or two, which disappointed me. His break-away from trainer Kevin Rooney is summed up in three lines.

Concluding, I think I went into this believing I would go into the psyche of Tyson through each battle when it was really his battles outside of the ring which dominated from cover to cover.
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