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4.1 out of 5 stars45
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2014
Having recently read Piers Morgan's Misadventures of a Big Mouth Brit, this diary was refreshing in that it reads better without the endless banter, blarney and endless self promotion. I know some enjoy the gossip and name dropping but I prefer this more subdued and reflective style.

I was expecting something of a diatribe about his war on the American Gun culture.Instead, Piers Morgan makes a few well made points that peaked my interest into thinking about a nation that sees safety in it's ability to defend itself with weapons. Statistics bely this belief, yet intelligent arguments are made either way, by himself and his interviewed protagonists.

I have read a few, if not all of the Piers Morgan diaries so far and without exception, found them entertaining and full of impressive achievements due to relentless passion and humour for life. He reveals more of himself in this book, regards his children's sporting success, his Mom's maternal exchanges with Gordon Brown and highlighting his son's hero worship of Oscar Pistorius (before the fateful Valentine tragedy)

I found it endearing to read, yet hardly surprising, that he struggled to be separated from his boys, that he found the endless flights and sleepless nights tough to deal with. He makes his feelings clear regards the Levison Inquiry and gets an apology from the Labour MP that accused him of boasting about phone hacking.

One thing Piers Morgan isn't, is boring. His writing is conversational and this helps when he reminds us of interviews he did with world leaders and made complex issues simple and easy to digest. He is family man and strongly believes in loyalty between friends,especially when they are in trouble. This is evident in this book, while at the same time he let's us understand the pressures and complexities of working in high profile media positions.

Personal anecdotes about colleagues and celebrities are handled diplomatically and entertainingly and at the same time enrich the tapestry of how complex and how pressurised his job at CNN really is. I found it endearing how Piers Morgan revered Larry King and that he mentions a few mistakes with some credible humility.

I have always found Piers Morgan to be a likeable and entertaining man with an uncanny understanding for seeing the 'big picture,' who despite a few feuds, stands his ground and forgives fairly easily. Interviewing is his gift, yet journalism is his passion so one can forgive him for wanting to land his perfect position to share his voice as an anchor on the mighty CNN stage.

He is a local lad made good. Good for him, especially since his sacrifices reaped rewards.I enjoyed this book and recommend it as a light and entertaining read.
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He’s like marmite is Piers Morgan, you tend to like him or loath him, not usually much middle ground. But either way, this is an interesting and informative read and one that gives an insight into the underbelly of the US.

This is in a diary format and picks up at the point that Morgan is about to join CNN as a talk show host taking over from the famous Larry King. We see the need to kick off the show with strong guests and the chase for ratings. As his tenure develops, we move away from celebrity interviews to some of the breaking news covered by Morgan, from the Presidential election, Katrina, and the many shootings that place. This allowed Morgan to find his voice as part of the lobby for improved gun controls but also exposed him to those who consider the right to own automatic weapons as their constitutional right.

Piers Morgan is a journalist and experienced interviewer, something many people chose to ignore or forget. I thought this was an honest and interesting glimpse into American culture and attitudes. This finishes well before he left CNN, covering the first year or so of the show. Be interested in the next volume to understand why he decided to move on.
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on 14 November 2013
That's it really, it follows the path Piers has taken since moving permanently to America. The main theme of the book being his strength of character in tackling the Gun Laws that have allowed any American to hold arms to defend themselves. His point being that you don't need automatic rifles and machine guns to do that.
It would be nice to think that Americans would buy this book and learn from reading it. Something tells me after reading the book, that that will not be the case. So yes it's okay but not gripping as we Brits are not as familiar with the people he interviews. The Diary format works very well, could he have picked this format up from The Honourable Tony Benn?
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on 24 January 2014
This crusade took up too much of the book & it became boring. The least readable of all his books
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on 12 February 2015
I do like reading Morgan's books. I don't necessarily warm to him, but I will say, he is not afraid to self deprecate. I have read all of his books and will no doubt read the next he pens.
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on 28 April 2014
Piers is smart,funny ,entertaining and ingenious! and is a master of self-deprecation,so I can't understand this passion for "Piers-bashing" that seems to govern some people.
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on 19 November 2014
Thoroughly enjoyed this book as much as the first. Made me laugh, cry, think....didn't realise he was doing so much for gun control. Well recommended.
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on 8 March 2014
Piers Morgan has a very engaging way with words and this book provides a fascinating and varied insight into the world of American News and Hollywood.
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on 2 November 2013
I have enjoyed the first three diaries of Mr Morgan. They have been informative- he does a good job of explaining the American electoral system and entertaining. In this one he seemed just a little to pleased with himself. While the gun control issue is an admirable cause and I am glad he has taken it on even if it won't go anywhere, there were too many tales of famous people telling him how wonderful he was in bringing the cause to the public's attention even if there was risk of deportation. George Clooney had a brief appearance- too brief to warrant a mention in the title. The American issues with gay rights and gay marriage are well depicted and God appears as the arc to bring them altogether. Having read the other books I can now see the pattern. Piers see trouble brewing and then shortly after the problem is revealed to the general public. It's as if he is the great seer and this is getting a little tired. His journey to replace Larry King is interesting and the right wing guests on his show are an eye opener. I can't watch CNN but I do check YouTube if I read about his more interesting confrontations in the Mail on Sunday (his weekly column). He briefly mentions his former colleagues at the News of the World who are currently standing trial for the phone hacking... I wonder if he can predict the outcome of that saga. While I am still a fan and the book is generally good it is not his best but still worth a read. Now I want to go back and read the first three again.
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on 31 March 2015
A very enjoyable read. I like his diary style. It is amazing how he has been involved in so many important situations.
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